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Thread: Calling all Apple Experts....
28/08/2020 17:18:37
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 28/08/2020 06:57:18:

I don’t know if this is any help, but mine has been ultra-reliable ... only failing to read if my hand is damp.

Perhaps you have "gentle" fingers/thumbs. Mine certainly aren't.

It's a while since I tried but if your ipad is sleeping (i.e. not turned off, but screen dark). You press the home button to bring the screen up - can you use fingerprint login at that point or do you need to press the home button again to get to the login screen?

28/08/2020 01:52:54
Posted by V8Eng on 27/08/2020 19:12:18:

Depending which iPad/phone you have fingerprint recognition seems a good way to get around multiple button pressing.

It never worked reliably for me - more trouble than it was worth. Just about any manufacturer who's tried it, including Microsoft (using specialised hardware rather than re-purposing an existing screen), has ultimately dumped it because of reliability problems. I actually have the Microsoft hardware/software but but it simply isn't ready for prime time.

(I tried it on one iPad and it was a very hit and miss affair. I turned it off but the sting in the tail was that it left an error message on that machine that comes up every time I log on, that the touch ID isn't working. No way can I get rid of that message - apparently nor can a lot of other people).

Pity really because fingerprint recognition would seem the ideal (and ultimate) solution to the password problem. I certainly think it's well worth the various manufacturers pursuing but it would need to be an order of magnitude more reliable.

27/08/2020 18:52:42
Posted by Jouke van der Veen on 27/08/2020 10:38:10:

I think you can still switch off the log-in function but I may be wrong.

Oh, you can, and that would be an option if I were only using it from home. But taking it along to public places?

27/08/2020 01:07:54
Posted by Martin Kyte on 26/08/2020 22:48:38:

They are very reliable electronically and software wise


True for their electronics as with any other (decently manufactured) electronic device.

Software .... mmmm

Why are the mechanicals always ignored?. They are the weak link reliability-wise in any electronic device (switches etc).

With their excessive use of the switches **, Home-Button particularly, Apple goes out of its way to ensure a limited device lifetime. By also making it difficult/impossible to dismantle and repair, they guarantee follow-on sales within a reasonable (as defined by Apple) period of use.


** an example .... why, when I pickup my sleeping iPad and press the home button, do I have to press it again to log in? What does Apple think I want to do at that point? Come to that, what else could I do at that point (other than change my mind about using the device which probably does happen in a vanishingly small percent of cases). (I could be wrong but I don't think that earlier versions of iOS did this but Apple changed it at some point).

Edited By Bandersnatch on 27/08/2020 01:10:30

Thread: Bows and arrows
26/08/2020 18:43:08
Posted by Mick B1 on 26/08/2020 18:37:17:

Aye, there's the rub.

The bow's first manifestation might well have been as a rotary diver for drilling holes or making fire - any user with an experimental turn of mind might've come across the idea of launching a stick.


Ah, I get what you're saying. They then needed to reduce the rubbing of the arrow on the bow when launched. Could be.

Edited By Bandersnatch on 26/08/2020 18:45:05

Thread: Loading Solid Edge 2D and Community Edition on Same Computer
26/08/2020 17:39:32

Sandboxie is a 3rd part sandbox that will work on other versions of windows. I don't know (either way) if has application in this situation though.

Thread: Bows and arrows
26/08/2020 17:32:59
Posted by Danny M2Z on 26/08/2020 16:58:36:

My point is that one day, thousands of years ago, somebody had the creative thought to devise and make the very first bow and arrow.

It was some company call "Outrageous Fortune" I think....

Thread: How to stop scam phone calls for good?
26/08/2020 17:30:36

Sounds like an interesting device, Stuart. I wonder if anything similar is available on this side of the (big) pond.

Of course it will cost money which still leaves me in the annoying position of paying for a telephone service and then paying again to make it work (over 90% of my calls are nuisance/scam and I have an other-half who cannot not-answer a ringing phone) ... but I would pay.

(I still feel this nuisance call problem could easily be solved with action by politicians and the phone companies but there's no will on either side).

Thread: Loading Solid Edge 2D and Community Edition on Same Computer
26/08/2020 01:43:27

Posted by Clive Foster on 26/08/2020 00:19:04:

Which assumes the installer won't go looking for the "Seimens" folder other places preventing the second installation.

I would expect it to do just that, aided and abetted by entries in the registry. The repair part of the program can't guarantee that the user installed in the default location and so would have to locate it.

Thread: KITS
25/08/2020 16:25:24

Just curious .... are there any legal ramifications involved in stopping an auction once bids are under way?

Thread: Computer Disaster! Help needed!
24/08/2020 14:35:18
Posted by Donovan Kaardal on 24/08/2020 12:02:00:

but if you can't get into it by using the keyboard during the boot process (and with FastBoot enabled, you really can't),

He should be able to as long as he does a reboot (and not a shutdown) since then the fastboot doesn't operate. See above.

23/08/2020 22:57:17

Just an observation fwiw that with recent versions of Windows (V8 and up) "Shutdown" and "Restart" are not the same thing.

Shutdown saves/reloads the windows kernel allowing Windows fast boot to operate.

Restart doesn't save the kernel and starts Windows from scratch

In the case of a flakey system it would be best to use Restart.

Thread: Who trains these ideots?
21/08/2020 01:30:35
Posted by Howard Lewis on 20/08/2020 19:13:44:

What was said about walking a mile in the other man's shoes?

You mean:

" Before criticising someone, walk a mile in his shoes. That way when you criticise him you're a mile away. And you have his shoes. "

18/08/2020 14:48:05
Posted by fizzy on 18/08/2020 11:23:14:

Calls qualidied, experienced plumber who diagnoses issue before hes even been to see the boiler.

Is it worth asking at this point whether he will guarantee that his proposed solution will actually fix the problem before going ahead and spending (your) money? In any case it might be interesting to hear his response.

Thread: App "Improvements"
16/08/2020 16:43:27

Am I the only one who thinks that the constant barrage of updates to "Improve" the apps on our devices, ultimately succeeds in making them progressively useless?

I was using my banking app to deposit a small ($37) cheque today - a few weeks since I used it.

First, I noticed that when taking pictures of the cheque, the screen is now overlaid with a mine of "useful" information, obscuring the view and making picture taking difficult. Possibly there was some way to turn it off but I couldn't easily find it.

Having got past that and entered the amount of the deposit, it then came back to me and said that, although I had entered $37, their scanning software had determined that the cheque was actually for some $59,000-odd. Which amount did I want to go with?

Don't believe I wasn't sorely tempted.

Thread: Height Gauge
15/08/2020 22:50:22
Posted by DC31k on 15/08/2020 18:54:05:

Range: 0-150mm
Reading: 0.02mm

might be slightly at odds with his requirement for an imperial one.

Is the eBay one imperial?

Ah ... missed the "Imperial" (sorry Alan). The eBay one is the same (Metric).

15/08/2020 18:38:51

I managed to ferret this out for a UK source. The same company has them on eBay UK too (lower price on eBay for some reason)..

Edited By Bandersnatch on 15/08/2020 18:40:31

15/08/2020 17:36:29

Alan, that was the international site that I posted. I believe they ship to the UK. Since I'm in Canada, I don't have detailed knowledge of any UK-located sources.

Perhaps someone else will now that they know exactly what you are looking for.

(I have one of these btw ..... wouldn't be without it).

Edited By Bandersnatch on 15/08/2020 17:38:11

Thread: Macro-photography
15/08/2020 16:55:41

Brilliant, Raphael !

He (she?) almost looks friendly .... sort of.

Edited By Bandersnatch on 15/08/2020 17:01:17

Thread: Height Gauge
15/08/2020 16:51:26

These are available from a few sources. What size do you need?

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