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Thread: Cura Roll-Overs
06/09/2020 18:51:36

Neil, when you get back from MEW-297 you might want to look and see if the following interests you too - it lets you change the font/size settings:

Download this file: **LINK**

Put it in %APPDATA%\cura\4.5\themes\larger-text\theme.json

Restart Cura

In the general preferences, select the theme Ultimaker Larger

Restart Cura again

You can edit the theme.json file to make size/font changes.

Thread: ME Digital Access
06/09/2020 17:24:06
Posted by JasonB on 06/09/2020 06:58:37:

John, Pocketmags has been the preferred method for both magazines for almost 6 years.

... and yet John's post is over 7 years old devil

Thread: Logging in to MyBT
06/09/2020 16:38:46

Thanks, Michael - got there. That is indeed scary.

About as scary as the fact that, on this side of the (big) pond, the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency - aka The Tax Man) got hacked about a week ago.


Edited By Bandersnatch on 06/09/2020 16:39:15

05/09/2020 23:19:03
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 05/09/2020 22:38:51:

No ... Just the fact of it happening, and scale of the damage done

I thought it was interesting, and perhaps relevant in the context of the need to always be vigilent.

... evidently not.

Sorry .... didn't see the link at the top. Distracted by the splash screen immediately under it and was looking for the link there. Duh.

However ....real-time response .... the link still doesn't go anywhere for me. Just brings me back to the same page. Maybe I should get some sleep?

05/09/2020 18:59:02
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 05/09/2020 17:57:16:

[…] I thought you were simply assuming that they were the same.. […]


That’s something that I try very hard to avoid doing with anything potentially capable of ruining my day life.


I still use Eudora (yep). It becomes very vocal if links don't match the underlying strings.



P.S. ___ Check this out : **LINK**

Ouch !!


Was there something specific at that link?


(Apparently we can do inline responses now. When did that happen?).


Edited By Bandersnatch on 05/09/2020 19:00:01

Thread: Henry Fords 1896 Quadricycle Model
05/09/2020 18:51:41

Incredibly good, Brian. (From one who knows that design intimately).

Thread: Logging in to MyBT
05/09/2020 17:06:59
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 05/09/2020 06:00:28:

... The iPad had already shown me that the displayed address and the actual hyperlink were the same.

What don’t you get ?

Ah ... that was the bit that didn't come across to me. I thought you were simply assuming that they were the same..

Sorry ..... I'll go fall on my #49 drill. sad

04/09/2020 22:46:12
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 04/09/2020 07:24:00:

I have just typed [not clicked] the address in the eMail

it takes me here :

which suggests that it may be real ... just [typically] badly managed dont know

I don't get that. Seems to me that just proves that the displayed url is valid ..... not that the underlying connecting link is. That could go anywhere>

Thread: Cura Roll-Overs
04/09/2020 15:01:28

I would imagine it would work for other 4.x versions, Gerard .... they seem to be structured much the same. The only thing is that there's no guarantee that the parameters are located at the same line number of the file (SettingItem.qml) in other versions so you may have to dig for it. Searching for "hover" should locate it.

Just make sure to back up the original file so you have a fall-back position.

Incidentally - others may know but I have learned - that the qml files are part of a "mark-up" language designed to be used in just this way. So that you don't have to change a parameter in source code and recompile as you would in a C-based program.

Thread: An interesting consequence of Moore’s Law
04/09/2020 01:29:02
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 03/09/2020 13:02:36:

I still have some 5 1/4" and 3 1/2" floppy disks and drives for my BBC computers.

I remember my first floppy disk drive that I bought for my Altair in the mid-late 70's that cost me just short of $1000 (mid 70's dollars) when they first came out. Disk(ettes) were $20 -25 each as I recall.

Must have been mad .... or single .... or both.

Thread: Cura Roll-Overs
03/09/2020 21:59:35

I tried editing the file and it was quite straightforward. About as easy as editing a config.sys - easier perhaps since this is Windows wink

- back-up original Cura4.7/resources/qml/Settings/SettingItem.qml

- edit with notepad++ (or, presumably, notepad but not wordpad) ... need to run as administrator.

- change line 126 to whatever and save.

I changed mine to 2000 ms and I was much happier. I may back that off to 1500 ms in fact.

I think part of my issue comes from the fact that, on the <Print Settings> window, which is rather small, the scroll-slider has a relatively short travel and is difficult (for me) to use with precision. Because of that I prefer to have the mouse-pointer over the settings and use the mouse scroll-wheel .... i prefer that generally anyway. That means that I get a lot of pop-ups with the original hover setting.

There are other settings in this file (and perhaps the many other qml files in the same sub-directory?) that might bear looking at. I wonder if there's one that sizes the <Print Settings> window .....

(All this done on my workshop Win-7 machine. presumably the same on later Windows versions.)

03/09/2020 18:25:16

Thanks, Neil. I did post the following to the Ultimaker Forum and got the response shown:

---------------------- (snip) ----------------------

Is there a plugin or whatever for Cura 4.7 that will allow changes to the screen interface?

In particular I'd like to turn off the explanatory pop-ups whenever I hover over a setting.
In fact, in my case, the hover time is considerably less than a second (around half at a guess)
which means it acts more like a roll-over than a hover and I find the resultant, continual
pop-ups very annoying.

Come to think of it, wide control of the hover time would be even better than the ability
to turn off the pop-ups completely.


There is no plugin that disables the popups, or that lets you control the hover time. If you want to change the hover time, it is hardcoded at 500 ms here:

resources/qml/Settings/SettingItem.qml (line 126)

---------------------- (snip) ----------------------

At first, I thought that meant I'd have to change some source code and recompile but my programming experience is a fair way in the past and even then limited to machine-code, 8080/Z80 assembler and the simpler higher level languages. Definitely not the C-varieties.

However, having briefly looked at it, I now think that means I simply edit (notepad++) the version of SettingItem.qml that I already have in my Cura/Resources/qml/settings directory and change line 126

If that's so it will be great and give me (and anyone else who wants to try) full control. I'll try it this afternoon.

Edited By Bandersnatch on 03/09/2020 18:26:01

Thread: Meaning of numbers
02/09/2020 22:51:50

Be careful of those 3018 Gantry Machines. Many/most/all have no means to directly level the bed. You have to resort to tweaking mounting screws, in their clearance holes, all over the place. Most of the time you're chasing your own tail.

Unless you can do this levelling - or modify the machine so that direct levelling is possible (another job I have on the shelf) you won't get much accuracy. And forget any fine-line engraving.

Edited By Bandersnatch on 02/09/2020 22:53:20

Thread: Cura Roll-Overs
02/09/2020 17:12:04
Posted by Bandersnatch on 02/09/2020 16:07:36:

Sorry, Gerard loose terminology on my part .... I should have said "hovering" rather than roll over.

Hmm - just to add that the hover-time is extremely short on my setup - less than 1/2-sec I would judge. When does "hover" stop and "roll-over" begin? surprise

02/09/2020 16:07:36

Sorry, Gerard loose terminology on my part .... I should have said "hovering" rather than roll over.

In any event, it's that which I want to turn off.

I do have a menu item for "Settings" but it deals only with printing settings (not interface settings) allowing you to hide some of the more esoteric printing parameters.


Thread: varifocals
01/09/2020 22:49:45

I agree that a lot depends on the supplier.

I've been going to a small Optician's run by an Oriental gentleman (and I mean "gentleman"  ) for the best part of 40 years and he's always been most thorough and attentive. Not the cheapest place on the block but I decided years ago not to skimp where my eyes are concerned - if they aren't worth spending the money on, I don't know what is. I've always been most satisfied.

He retired some months ago and his son took over the business. Gone are all the custom fittings and adjustment - except one time when Dad showed up just as the son was (not) fitting a new pair of glasses for me .... and gave him heck to put it politely. Didn't stick though.


(phantom winkie edit)

Edited By Bandersnatch on 01/09/2020 22:50:28

Thread: Cura Roll-Overs
01/09/2020 22:35:20

Cura 4.x has annoying (to me) explanatory pop-ups every time I roll the mouse over one of the setup parameters. Not mitigated by the fact that it's a harsh black box on a white basic screen background.

Surely there's a configuration option to turn those off for those of us who dislike the "Go-Daddy website wannabe"? I can't find it.

Can anyone advise?

Edited By Bandersnatch on 01/09/2020 22:36:06

Thread: New Moderators
31/08/2020 22:35:07

Just for the sake of full disclosure, does this mean there are now 4 (5?) moderators who have access to our personal data by logging on as any one of us?

Thread: varifocals
31/08/2020 17:16:50

Like others .... varifocals for years. In my case however I have recently swapped back to (tear-drop) bifocals. I did this because my eyesight has started changing rapidly (cataracts) and I have to get new glasses frequently. I didn't want the extra cost of varifocals each time.

and ..... I want my varifocals back - distortions and all !

(That said, I've always purchased cheap, online, single vision glasses both distance (TV) and reading to supplement the varifocals. I also use the plain distance ones under "difficult" driving conditions).


Edited By Bandersnatch on 31/08/2020 17:23:42

Thread: Calling all Apple Experts....
28/08/2020 19:20:08
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 28/08/2020 17:36:03:

When I press the home button with my ‘fingerprint’ it logs me straight in [nothing else to do]

Pressing the home button with anything other than my ‘fingerprint’ directs the user to press home button again ... which then opens the login screen.

Ah, I perceive a difficulty. You presumably don't have a timer set to log you out after a period of inactivity (which I consider mandatory if you are taking the device along to public places). Mine would act the same in this case - one press of the home button would get you back.

If you do have the logoff timer set, it needs one press of the home button to wake up the device which then tells you to press it again to log on - by pin code in my case; presumably fingerprint in yours.

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