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Thread: Thread heading looking weird
27/03/2020 21:29:02
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 27/03/2020 19:14:58:

Posted by Bandersnatch on 27/03/2020 15:52:23:

The lack of flashing of the M-Dro ad is interesting [...}


dont know Very interesting

... because the source image appears to be a 'native flasher' [so to speak]


I wish I could recall how I turned off flashing in the first place - before and independently of using ad blockers. It came out of a discussion here some years ago .... I think it concerned the way IE at the time was displaying the site (and the conventional wisdom was to use IE in an alternative, more basic/original mode). The subject of flashing ads came up and seemed to be despised by many and someone suggested a way to turn it off. In any browser as I recall.

If that's still working for me (and it seems to be) then I'll make an exception for this site in my blockers. The ads are fine - appropriate and useful. It's just the darned "in your face" stuff that I hate. (Does it really generate more business? - not from me, that's for sure)

27/03/2020 15:52:23

I just turned off Windscribe (Proxy, although I wasn't invoking it to hide my IP on this site) and that brought the Machine-DRO ad back - without flashing - and cleaned up the heading .... although there is still some text bleed-down from the "Model Engineer Magazine" section of the header.

Windscribe is described as a "proxy and ad-blocker" but as I say, I wasn't actually invoking it on this site.

The lack of flashing of the M-Dro ad is interesting since I recall from way back someone here had suggested a method of turning off the flashing (while still seeing the ad) before I used an ad-blocker. Can't recall now how it was done.

RD - you don't know what you're missingdevil

Edited By Bandersnatch on 27/03/2020 15:53:35

27/03/2020 15:25:18

RD I suspect you are referring to "AdBlock Plus" (rather than "Adblocker Plus"  )

My comment was related to AdBlock (no Plus). Perhaps that's where the difference lies?

Edited to remove phantom winkie .... got me again!

Edited By Bandersnatch on 27/03/2020 15:26:24

27/03/2020 14:56:06
Posted by An Other on 27/03/2020 14:36:17:

Do people only read the last post in these threads or what? Several people have noted that disabling Adblocker has no effect - the problem is still there, yet people make definitive statements that the problem is due to Adblocker.


+1 for disabling AdBlock has NO effect. Win-8.1 Firefox 68.6.0esr

Vivaldi (no ad blocking and no other ad-ons) works OK .... but then I get that flashing ad ... yuk, drives me nuts .... I way prefer the screwed up header.

Edited By Bandersnatch on 27/03/2020 15:00:23

Thread: EMI from electric shavers etc
26/03/2020 16:02:00
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 26/03/2020 09:53:36:
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 26/03/2020 06:48:48:.

No ... CRT is a little different.

Apologies, Bandersnatch ... I’ve just noticed that ^^^ seems rather abrupt blush

No apologies necessary, Michael - I wouldn't call it abrupt. "Unequivocal" perhaps (which is appreciated).


Edited By Bandersnatch on 26/03/2020 16:04:03

26/03/2020 00:43:39
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 25/03/2020 21:54:16:

Before the thread gets locked ...

It’s a 3-wire device, from St Jude, and does Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy.

That's where, if the heart is running too fast (arrhythmia etc) they speed it up to slow it down? Mine does that - though I never notice. They do test it at the pacemaker clinic and tell me its about to happen and i can feel it (just barely) then.

It's the thought of the big one (defib) that scares the bejeepers out of me.

[ I really can't see why the thread needs to be locked. Do we really all need protection from ourselves just because someone might (a very big might, in my opinion) be foolish enough act on medical advice he received in the Model Engineer Forums without checking a truly medical opinion first? ]

25/03/2020 17:47:46

Sam, your ICD/pacemaker Clinic should be able interrogate the device and see if it's been picking up significant interference and possibly even the timing of it. If they deem the interference is not an actual problem for the device in your case, they can turn down the sensitivity a notch.

That happened to me when using (wireless) headphones to watch TV. My hearing issues are such that I would deafen my wife if I watch normally with volume where I needed it. Once we determined what it was they turned the sensitivity down a little and it never shows up now.

Other than that, when i first got my ICD (2009), I was pretty nervous about this stuff. You learn to live with it and exercise due cation and it becomes part of life. I know I can never do (or be around) electric welding. I was nervous about larger motors (say 1HP and up) but none of mine are like that and don't seem to have been a problem. Ditto my VFD.

As Michael says, the limitations are real (if sometimes vague/exaggerated by manufacturers protecting their legal positions) but common sense does wonders. Millions live with these without problems. (Most were probably as nervous as you and I at first)

Thread: View Models
25/03/2020 14:47:19
Posted by Redsetter on 25/03/2020 06:59:29:

There is nothing "dodgy" about Robin West who runs View Models.

He is probably having difficulties at the moment like many of us.

Given the advanced age of many of us in this hobby, there could be other explanations of why a person is slow to respond - or ceases altogether. (At the best of times).

Thread: Positioning of workshop lights
24/03/2020 17:31:51

Thanks, ega. Then I agree you can mix them. I've done exactly that in the past.

24/03/2020 00:27:08

In this instance, does "mixing" mean mixing tube types within the exact same fixture or simply having some fixtures fluorescent and others LED?

If the former, I'm surprised though I've never tried it. If the latter, I don't see why it should make any difference except visually.

FWIW, I changed all my fluorescent tubes to LEDs a while back. (they didn't seem that expensive to me, have you looked around?). Then I changed them all back again because I found them hard on the eyes.

I was having some eye trouble at the time and thought they might be causing it. I don't really think so now and I may change back but use fewer of them.

Whatever ... you might want to proceed slowly and try out different colour temperatures and see how they suit you.

Edited By Bandersnatch on 24/03/2020 00:33:47

Thread: Record no 1 vice jaws seized - removal?
24/03/2020 00:13:56

Just a thought: would it be possible to counterbore the holes in the jaws and use shcs? .... and would such screws be any more obtainable? They would seem to be easier to work with in future.

Thread: Old model engineer magazines
23/03/2020 14:07:09

You're welcome, Makon. I used to get this magazine as a teenager in the 50s/60s and I'm having a ball with all of these. Still plenty of relevant construction articles too.

There are some indexes on the site as well. Have fun!

23/03/2020 00:56:30
Posted by Hopper on 12/03/2020 02:05:16:

As much as anything on the old mags, I like reading the ads and the letters to the editor etc. Gives a real glimpse into the history of the hobby and the attitudes of the day. My collection consists only of two book bound volumes from the 1970s and I have read and reread them many times over the years. Wouldn't part with them. But wouldn't want a whole garage roof full of them either!

Sorry for the delay ... I knew I'd seen your post but couldn't find it:

If you're not hung up on ME per se you might want to sample the Practical Mechanics mags at **LINK** and see if they suit you.

I find these intensely interesting. Published through the war years, they (surprisingly?) give all kinds of info on contemporary British and American warplanes. Plus lots on the up and coming new-fangled television including construction articles on flying-spot scanners; analyses of just how far into the 21st century it will be before we set foot on the moon (information provided by the "experts" of the day); steam and small gas engines etc etc.

The editor's (F.J. Camm) comments in each issue is worth a read each month too. All in pdf form so no problem with "bulk". Stick 'em on an iPad and take them with you to the waiting room (Oh, I forgot .....).

If you have a download manager such as IDM (Internet Download Manager) you can download everything currently on the page in one swell foop. (He's continually adding more issues).

Thread: Coronavirus
23/03/2020 00:06:14

CBC News is running an "investigative" story line to the effect that local supermarkets etc should be limiting quantities of, at least some, goods to prevent hoarding. The same as they do for items that are on-sale.

Strikes me that if they did that, you'd then have masses of people buying the limit in one store, then proceeding to the next for another load .... and so on.

Isn't that worse overall?

Thread: New storage space
22/03/2020 17:56:50
Posted by Bazyle on 22/03/2020 17:44:58:

Certainly a useful addition to the house, rather like the Americans who all seem to have big basements.

Certainly in the North. Same in Canada. You need the foundation deep enough to get below the frost line so you may as well go all the way and do a full basement.

Great for workshops (Winter and Summer).

Thread: Internet crash
19/03/2020 17:24:50
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 19/03/2020 13:33:34:

10 Mbps would be nice for downloading software and the like, but does anyone really need 200 Mbps at the current state of tech?

Per person using the connection? - probably not.

Thread: Drilling small holes in hardend steel
18/03/2020 21:36:52
Posted by Chris TickTock on 18/03/2020 09:12:09:

Hi jeff, plenty of attitude is needed when dealing with online rude, bullying types that you very clearly represent.

All you have to do is read posts in other threads by the people you are referring to and find they are not habitually as you describe.

Are you so sure that you, yourself, are not a large part of the problem, as several people tried to tell you?

[ If you respond (OK, but not required) PLEASE press the down-arrow a few times before starting your reply. Having to repeatedly do all the work to separate out your mixed-up quotes because you won't make a modicum of effort, probably doesn't set people up for good tempered responses. ]

Thread: Internet crash
18/03/2020 00:53:56
Posted by not done it yet on 17/03/2020 23:23:46:

SiL has not yet ’officially’ given up on visiting from Canada, but that is basically dead in the water now. Only issue is recovery of air-line ticket monies.

Since we're on Federal Government imposed lockdown here (no one in or out ... except USA), I wouldn't think getting the ticket money back ought to be a problem.

Thread: Chuck
17/03/2020 16:09:41

Nice going, Keith - nothing wrong with your eyesight! If you import the pic into a graphics program and increase the brightness by 50% and the contrast (a bit) it pops right out .... along with suggestions of the other two jaws.

Like this (somewhat over-sharpened):



Edited By Bandersnatch on 17/03/2020 16:15:12

17/03/2020 15:45:58

ndiy ... but I can only see 1 jaw in the large chuck (despite blowing up the image). Certainly can't see a another regular jaw 120 deg from the visible one.

Perhaps it's using fixed preset stops in two slots and using a single jaw to tighten?

Edited By Bandersnatch on 17/03/2020 15:47:01

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