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Thread: Single point thread cutting
11/12/2018 23:12:38

Some threads you will need the indicator.

Whether imperial cutting imperial or metric and vice versa.
Have imperial lead screw cutting 19tpi all dialled in but need indicator on 1,3,5 or 7 says so on indicator. Dare say if disengaged and wound out would have to wait an eternity for the same number to come round before re engaging each time.
Metric can be anything 1-8 or in between left engaged.

Previous metric could wind out and re engage any where on 'some' metric threads but not all think 1.75 was one whereas 1 and 1.25 ok.

Thread: Chester Super Lux - Motor Failure
11/12/2018 22:58:50

4 screws out, 2 by your screwdriver.
If you can lift it 20 thou thats enough to get it going just prise it up 180 degrees apart. If cant get under prise off something else and use blocks.

Mine i had to line up shaft with woodruff key and position before lowering.

Thread: How o Remove Chester Super Lux Motor
11/12/2018 22:50:28

Took some lifting off its a good fit in top casting.
Simple just prise it up and lift off standing on a bench.

Sure mine has a woodruff key for cog attached, the whole lot came out each time had it off.

Thread: Sourcing
11/12/2018 22:40:50

Same here you want to know what you are using.

Then wonder why you cannot get a finish on a part or cannot machine it.

Avoid the metal centres they rip small users off.
I get a lot off ebay but build in the postage, oh and prices risen yet again.

Thread: Blackening steel parts
11/12/2018 22:36:56

Ron its not about whether it works, its about the finish and longetivity you will get from the off the shelf bottled or gel kits.
Dont confuse that with the proper 'cold blacking' that the parts have to be heated up to boiling at least 7 times and rusted each time.

Thread: Fine Thread in Aluminium
11/12/2018 22:32:07

Nothing to worry about i just love 1mm pitch its the best thread available, used daily for pretty much any application. Anyy thread can be created, easy to work out or produce have done it M29.6 X 0.75mm etc takes well over 4500 psi where your car tyres around 33 psi.

M16X1 = 15mm hole
1/4"BSP = 11.5 hole = 13.15 o/d
3/8"BSP = 15mm hole 16.66 o/d 19tpi = 1.33mm pitch

I wold just look for taps suitable and go from there.
Problem arises with undersize fittings and susceptability to stripping threads as theres less grab. Would think on 6082 would need 7mm of actual thread, that would take tinnes of pressure.

Thread: Cost of deliveries
11/12/2018 22:05:54

Simple just build it in to overall cost.

Pretty much daily buy and sell overseas worldwide anything from 20p to £4800+, weight grms to 5kg. Probably had 6000 odd transactions but check for extra transfer costs involved.
South Africa today paypal took £5.5 on a £90 job. Banks can charge for paying in cash £32 for £2340 and so on now found a better way to avoid.

US the worst the last 5 years, light weight jiffy bag item they may well want of the order £26 to 'ship'. For us thats £1.90 ish to £3.30 for 85gr.
Cheapest NL 5kg on a 3 day £18 ish.

To a non EU country ie Mexico, NZ etc you literally sign a CN22 declaration thats it, takes 1 minute.
Since were still in EU theres no vat payable to UK, it goes to seller in that country bought from usually at a lower hike and no import duty and extra charged again for customs etc.

Think its tough now wait till you start paying import duty, vat on existing products from EU next year.
We have to buy in as we sold everything off the last 2 decades even London buses and airports we have nothing.

Thread: Chester Super Lux - Motor Failure
09/12/2018 21:03:09

Same motor as mine Colin.

Seen similar endless times, what happens when you give the spindle a push start?

Thread: understanding lathe change gears
09/12/2018 20:55:32

If it will cut that thread it should be on the label, other producers do it.

What you will find is there can be a lot of common thread pitches missing on asian imports and no change wheels to suit off the shelf.

Thread: 3 phase vs single phase
09/12/2018 20:43:57
Posted by sean logie on 08/12/2018 12:05:41:
I tried to tell er indoors that the lathe isn't what's chewing the power it's the bloody condenser tumble dryer 😂🤣

Correct do a search for models with the lowest consumption.

Going back a few years when electric was cheaper and from the big 7 an AEG worked out at 23.5p/hr whereas next best the best Bosch at 25p/hr. Even other A rated ones came in at 36p/hr. The general low budget were of the order 40p+ p/hr.

Mrs has our AEG on for hours daily, annoys me when the suns out. 4hrs a day 6 or 7 times per week adds about £23 p/m. Budget A/B to run of the order £10 p/week.

Going back 8 years i did run a test on consumption with a 3hp 3ph 400v motor, from memory:-
Transawave 5.5hp convertor on standby no load used 39p/hr, powering a 2.2kw motor used 52 p/hr.
Digital 10hp invertor standby no load 12p/hr, powering 2.2kw motor 35 p/hr.

Thread: Fitting a Chuck to a Rotary Table
08/12/2018 21:17:18

Drill through the chuck and in to rotarty table and thread, job done.

Got a piccy on here you can make out two screws going through.

Thread: Fixing a bronze bush in wood.
08/12/2018 21:09:28

Done quite a few things like this over the years where looks mean everything.

Only one way to do it swage the boss in, its self gripping.

Bare in mind wood expand and contract, even dry out over time.
Fractional taper acting as a lead and knock the bush in.
Failing that as above knurl the edge if holes oversize and knock it in.

Can also thread the part no need to thread the wood.

Thread: The demise of the High Street
06/12/2018 20:25:30
Posted by Gordon A on 04/12/2018 20:00:37:

Saw a busker in Solihull today with a sign "Cash or swipe". You can see where it's all going.

Hope you didnt swipe him.
All the same those pleading poverty having and contracting mobile phone usage.

Must admit i was early on the act 2000 anything can be delivered. Dare say last 5 years have given retailers another nail in the coffin as some people like to use them horrible mobile phones.
For the first time in years i visited an out of town retail site Sat, out of 9 there last time only 3 exist.

If i wanted a part local it would take me around 2hrs to do 16 mile return. Same with bank/s thats 1 3/4hr gone paying in but thats incompetance another story.

Thread: Warco v Chester.
06/12/2018 19:59:06
Posted by ronald walker 1 on 05/12/2018 23:06:46:Does anyone know how long an out of stock period could be? Thanks. Ronnie.

Could be as little as 5 months to 10 months dependant on what each seller has going through, same with parts.

To reduce this time certainly Chester break new machines down just to use as parts. Last few times been there Welsh one had 24ft containers stacked 3 high all side by side approx 36 of them full of machines broken down.

Warco dont waste your breath, i couldnt deal with my customers the way they do.

Probably find theres several other shops selling same rebranded products in a different colour and name.

Thread: Laser centre finder
06/12/2018 19:41:57

Its only as accurate as the lasers zeroed, plus theres way too much spread to pinpoint.

Theyre that good i imported a quality one from California when first came out 2002, initial trial twice and never used since. You will get a far more accuracy with mark 1 eye ball.

Thread: Blackening steel parts
30/11/2018 21:49:12

Depends how good or bad a job you want. If your sights are low use cold blacking, wont last if handled or used it goes on wafer thin and patchy. On a positive anyone can do it, to make it look good smear an oil residue on which masks the patchyness some what.

Theres dozens of legit UK companies that will hot black all over England, Wales and Scotland. Some will do proper cold blacking not the gel stuff in kits.

Another point is you wouldnt oil black a quality part, that best done by hot browning/blacking/blueing whatever you want to call it.

Dont get confused between the cheap cold blacking kits approx £5 a small bottle to the proper cold blacking that runs at 100 degrees. Ones quality the other just a make do for low esteem.

Thread: Colchester triumph 2000 driving me crazy
29/11/2018 13:45:16

Correct Martin the bed is one piece, dovetail carries on under the head like any decent well made machine. Theres adjustment for offset and swing of the head as well best done by sending a cutter down rather than a dti on a bit of 2" round checking for runout over the length.
We used to do loads up to 23 years ago but never seen a DSG or Smart and Brown.

Its likely the tailstocks off another lathe or the beds been redone without the tail stock.
If tailstocks tilted, off to one side, high or low theres inbuilt adjustment of the two parts and can be locked in place.
If tailstocks high two parts fully down without runout will need to remove metal out of the the V and opposite flat. Can go 1 to 1.6mm before you have to provide clearance at top of the V flat or it will bottom out.

Thread: Blackening steel parts
29/11/2018 13:17:18

The off the shelf blackening kits are ok for screws and threads thats about it. Goes on wafer thin and wont last 5 mins. its just meant as an immediate touch up.

The proper cold black you wont be able to obtain, its a closely guarded secret and would have to buy 20 gallon. Parts still need to be heated up to boiling and you paint the blacking on then wipe off building the layers up over 7 or 8 goes.

Hot blackings rather different around 150 - 155 degrees but no good for lead soldered parts. Easier to get hold of though would have to buy a bag of salts approxx £120 assuming they dont want to see your license.

Someone mentioned why buy cold black when oils free or words to that effect. Ones burnt on carbon the others chemical.

Other method to get colour in is just warm the part/s up from 230 to 285 degrees. OK for unhardened parts as it will do any tempering in ie whale oil burns around 150 degrees.

Thread: Workshop security - CCTV
29/11/2018 12:45:48

Get yourself a dog, nothings able to pass other side of road day or night.

Probably looking at a deterrent, lqst 16 years round here it took them 3 days to come out for a citizens arrest had to let them go. Any videos worthless ot dont do their job. Not to mention last time they came from 30 mile away and next job on 20 odd mile towards where they came from 2hrs travelling and wear and tare wasted of tax payers dosh how inefficient.

Expect i would get a good response now from two teams, theres a marker on the property.

Thread: Quick change tool post for Warco WM-290V
27/11/2018 21:21:14

202 with a V is same price as 201 and can hold boring bars and flat stuff.

I mill all mine out to accept much larger tooling so the V goes any way.

Point being when you want tool holders you can shop around for best price, if seller doesnt state in this instance 250/2.. walk away.

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