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Thread: Halstead
13/07/2016 12:11:45

Fig 3 does indeed show the wheels having different diameters and that is an error that I should have picked up on and didn't. I hold my hands up to that one. Yes, poor editing but does it matter to a builder? It is a drawing that is essentially describing the frames. The wheels are not dimensioned and are irrelevant on this drawing - they would be better not there at all. I cannot see an instance where any place is referenced form the wheel. More importantly, the axlebox 'cut-outs' are identical and any vertical references are only give from the leading axlebox.
Correct me if I'm wrong.


Thread: Sentinel S6 Steam Lorry
09/07/2016 16:44:19

Private Message, Robert. If you click on the poster's name (white name in a green box) it links to a place where you can click another link to send them a Private Message.

My apoloiges, I kind of assumed you would have ssumed I meant Model Engineer as we are on the Model Engineer forum. Sorry ...

I've got a vague notion that 9084 was also single drive but I'm not so sure about that. 8928 definitely is though.

I believe you now have my number?


09/07/2016 00:01:09

Hello Robert

My understanding is that the S6 waggon presently owned by Richard Hazell (8928 - UJT 333) of Berkshire is also a single drive rear - it was always renowned as a great perfomer - much quicker than ours. It was in the same stable as ours when we bought 8821 from Brian Richmond-Dodd (who had the S8 and an S4 also, at the time) and it had previously been owned by Dr Dyke, I think.

Give me a call some time if you like (number in the mag).


Thread: Peter Langridge
08/07/2016 10:00:53

I have just heard that our friend, Peter Langridge, founder of the LittleLEC Competition, met with an accident at home earlier this week and is presently recovering in hospital after suffering fractures and a brain haemorrhage.

We send him our very best wishes and hope he will be up and about soon.


Thread: Early Bird ticktes MEX
13/06/2016 14:44:08

Hi Kevin

No, they are not queue jumper tickets and are not advertised as such. The advantage of purchasing in advance is the discount so I would urge everyone to take that up.

This venue is used to hosting events that attract over ten thousand visitors a day so I do not expect entry to be a big problem.
I would like to think anyone needing assistance with mobility will be offered extra help if needed.

The link to the advance purchase tickets is on our home page.


Thread: Meet Up at Doncaster!
22/05/2016 12:20:18
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 21/05/2016 08:41:48:

So has anyone got a report on the show yet?


Competition results and first photos in ME4536



Edited By Diane Carney on 22/05/2016 12:20:36

Edited By Diane Carney on 22/05/2016 12:21:10

Thread: Flying Scotsman's schedule to be kept secret
11/05/2016 10:08:06

Ref the OP - who did they think they were trying to kid? As of yesterday it's all on Facebook. (So I'm told)


(p.s. 'they' being the NRM - not the OP!)

Edited By Diane Carney on 11/05/2016 10:11:42

Thread: Pollit & Wigzell Mill Engine Model "Agnes"
07/04/2016 14:42:09

Hi Phil

No, this isn't to be a series about the model, it's about the original engine.

I have put out a few 'feelers' regarding the 'other' engine.


04/04/2016 23:26:03
Posted by Marcus Bowman on 04/04/2016 23:03:54:

Didn't BSA own Triumph at that time, which would technically make both engines BSA.

It was a great programme, although stretched out a bit. But it held the interest of myself and my 25 year old daughter who still remembers, vividly, being taken to a real Wall of Death when she was around 5 years old (at Flook airfield, at the Cumbria Steam rally). I recall being taken to a Wall of Death at a visiting fair, by my Dad when I was in my early teens. Unforgettable.

And yes; the cyclist's performance was most impressive.


They still come to Flookburgh rally (and one or two others) but it's always on the 'to do' list at Flookburgh. Saturday night....


04/04/2016 23:24:19
Posted by Cyril Bonnett on 04/04/2016 22:22:35:

I had both a yamaha XS 750

I covered many a happy mile on one - no, actually two ... of those also!


Thread: Pollit & Wigzell Mill Engine Model "Agnes"
04/04/2016 23:19:54

Have you tried Bob Potter? If anyone knows it's likely to be Bob. I will drop him a line and see if he would like to view this thread.

We shall be starting publication of Peter's article about the original engine in Model Engineer shortly.

Are you building to the same scale, Phil?


Thread: Guinness Tram Loco
22/03/2016 11:14:09

Hello Henner

This series was initially published by my predecessor but the series was not completed by the author before it was started in the magazine. The author had various problems in terms of the design that he seemed unable to overcome and for a while instalments were submitted very sporadically. In the end the author decided to tie up any loose ends and leave it in the hope that he would be able to return to it at some point in the future. I have not heard form him for many months now so I cannot give you a progress report. I will try to contact him and he might consider coming onto the forum to give an update.


Thread: Model Engineer Editorial direction
16/03/2016 13:23:44
  • Diane, From the outset I would like to state that my comments were not intended to hurt, nor were they intended as a personal attack in any form, nevertheless I do appreciate that you may find them upsetting. I had hoped that my comments would be seen as constructive, but of course perceptions differ depending on which side of the table one sits.

I was neither hurt nor upset, Clive and the post was not taken as a personal attack. I only replied because I didn't agree with some of the comments and thought they were unfounded. If the magazine is no longer satisfying your requirements then that's the way it is.


  • The one point however that I do feel very strongly about, and I am sure that I am not alone, is the publication of construction series without drawings.

The Garrett 4CD and the Mastiff, which are the two main series articles I take it you are referring to, both exist as published desgins in their own right, where full sets of drawings are avaialble. The writer in each case is taking the reader through his own methods of construction with reference, where necessary, to those available drawings. There would be very little point in taking up scores of pages in repeating what can already be purchsed elsewhere. In this they differ from the traditional construction series where the writer is describing his design for the first time - as, for example, Ray McMahon was. If a reader wishes to undertake the build he will purchase the drawings; if he does not he may simply read the text from an observer's point of view in the hope, perhpas, of picking up something useful for whatever he is building or considering.

Thread: ME Subscription issues arriving in transparent wrappers?
16/03/2016 09:17:20

Morning chaps

I am assured the transparent cover was for one issue only and for admin reasons. Normal opaque will return next issue.


Thread: Model Engineer Editorial direction
15/03/2016 17:50:07
Posted by Lambton on 15/03/2016 07:48:00:

Diane tells us that she produces the ME single handed and I quite accept this .

In this case what are all the other people listed on the first page of every ME doing?

I refer to people with titles such as such as Technical Assistant, Production Designer, Illustrator, Retouching Manager, Ad Production, Head of Design and Production, etc.

Technical Assistant: Stewart checks drawings and checks for obvious 'impossibilites' and dangerous practices that I might miss.
Production Designer: Yvette lays out the pages and prepares them for print. Neil and I share Yvette.
Illustrator: Grahame Chambers prepares drawings and diagrams for print. Grahame works on numerous titles.
Retouching Manager: Brian weaves his magic on your photos and makes them publishable. Brian works on every title.
Ad production: Artwork for advertisers.
Head of Deisgn: Oversees everything that MyTimeMedia sends to print from the design perspective.

There is only one person responsible for compiling the magazine and editing its content.

15/03/2016 02:29:41

As it's 2.30am and I have just about finished for the day (that's yesterday) I am only going to post a very brief reply here.

  • it is too easy to say that if you don't like what you read in the magazines you should write an article yourself

It would be easy - very easy indeed - to say "I can only print what I get" - you've heard it all before which is why I have never trotted out those lines.

  • [picture frames] ... but as almost the sole representative of practical engineering in that issue ...

Issue 4526 included horology (okay, not practical engineering), making a loco ragulator (fairly practical engineering), making lifting link by CNC with detailed description (I'd say that was practical engineering), fitting the cylinder onto a 6 inch T/E (not practical engineering?), a study in engine test calculations (theory - yes, but pracitcal too) and news of some practical engineering courses (!).

Sorry, but sweeping statements annoy me, especially when not well founded.

  • Dianne really ought to keep track of developments mentioned on here and other forums and follow them up IMHO

The magazine is largely, in my view, a victim of its owner's policy insasmuch as there is absolutely no space in the working week for the editor to be in the least way creative, by which I mean by the time I have produced the 96 pages of editorial copy this month, single handed, for your delectation - plus dealt with all the daily correspondence - I have to start producing the next 96 pages of editorial copy. There is no break, no space, no holidays, no opportunity to think about change of direction nor time to research the other things that are going on to which Julian refers. I know it's there but I can't access it because I have no time. This is not a moan or a complaint but a statement of fact. The editor is simply that - an editor. I spend at least one day per issue not editing but planning the content of the next issue. At least one whole day and I believe this pays dividends. The one thing i do believe goes down well with the majority of readers is the variety of content and this is probably what brings most comments from long standing subscribers - how there is always something of interest in each issue.

  • Magazines need those new subscribers just to survive. But it does mean there is an unceasing demand for articles for beginners.

Of course it does! But I would argue that there is never an imbalance - it just seems like there is when you are not a beginner. Converseley, if you are a novice you might sometimes perceive the mag as being completely over your head. I believe it is well balanced in this respect.

  • Regrettably current editorial policy seems to be moving away from the practical formula that has made ME a success for almost 120 years. Whether this is due to a change in editorial direction, or whether it is more a factor of the kind of articles being submitted to the editor, or a mix of both, is irrelevant. The simple fact is that I no longer enjoy the magazine.

I am sorry to hear that the magazine is such a disappointment to those who have posted here. The only editorial policy in operation here is to make the magazine broadly appealing to all readers. That includes the master craftsmen who could write the book, beginners who yet have no workshop, lifelong mechanical engineers, prolific builders and armchair dreamers. If I was to say "you can please some of the people..." you would think "oh, here we go..." but really - you CANNOT please everyone ALL the time and there are pobably more beginners than there are career engineers reading the magazine these days. I do not agree that the magazine is moving away from the 'practical formula' of the past. It does, however, include a broader range of subjects than it once did but model making and its associated subjects still are, and always will be, the core. Currently Mick Knights, Chris Gunn, Chris Walter, Frank Cruickshank and (soon) Martin Ranson are providing detailed descriptions of methods and techniques on an issue by issue basis. I fail to see how anyone can criticise the magazine for being 'not practical' when there is so much descriptive content.

  • the long running Mastiff and the even longer running Garett 4CD series have all been published sans drawings, making them all but useless except to the very small percentage of readers who are actually intending to purchase the drawings and build these projects.

Regarding the non publication of drawings for the Garrett; had we published every drawing the series would have been several times as long as it is and I do not accept that not publishing drawings renders the article useless. Chris describes set-ups etc. that will be of interest to anyone building a T/E particularly in large scales.

I was feeling quite upbeat today - until now. I have had about five emails over the weekend from readers who have commented on the high standard of editorial content recently and how it has improved over recent years. Still ... that's what happens when you almost let things go to your head. There's always plenty queuing up to bring you back down to earth.

Thread: 16mm Idris- tender
11/03/2016 15:17:27

Hello John

It is planned into issue No. 4532 which I am about to start on today

Hope this helps


Thread: Models stolen, Lancashire
09/03/2016 11:23:41

A second contact for the above:

Rod Hartley on 01706 367640 or email him at:



09/03/2016 11:17:36

I have received the following notice from Rochdale SME:-

I have, unfortunately, to report that a member of Rochdale Model Engineers has had a model stolen from his garage on Saturday night /Sunday morning

The details are as follows:-

Model Butch
Gauge 5 inch
Colour Midland Red
Boiler Number 625/759

The crime has been reported to Greater Manchester Police and the Crime number is 041488T/16

At the same time an unfinished tender for Virginia was also stolen. This was awaiting painting and was in bare brass.

Please be vigilant. If you would prefer not to contact the police please contact the editor in the first instance.

Thank you for your help.


Thread: R Jarvis model of Robt. Davidson's 'Galvani'
08/02/2016 17:40:45

It is Michael - and isn't it an interesting piece of history?

Thanks for that but it was more the model by Mr. Jarvis I am interested in finding.


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