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Thread: New To CAD? No, but....
26/05/2022 14:08:18
Posted by Versaboss on 26/05/2022 12:17:06:
Posted by blowlamp on 20/05/2022 11:12:56:
Posted by Versaboss on 19/05/2022 16:28:50:

Now, Martin, can you please show us how to produce a workshop drawing with MOI (as that's what Nigel finally wants!)

Kind regards,

Well I could do, Hans, but it would be a complete waste of time.


Sorry, Martin, but I have to come back to that. What I didn't tell is that I have the three months free trial of MOI on my computer, and up to now I couldn't find out how to do what I asked above.

It is true that MOI can do things which are difficult to do with any other CAD program (e.g. that 'Sunburst' in the example video, ). But for an all-purpose mechanical CAD I think it's not the right choice. You may have another opinion, that's your right.

I will be very interested to hear what SOD (Dave) says when he gets the round tuit!

Kind regards,

I'm not sure what your definition of an all purpose mechanical CAD is, but although MoI doesn't have constraints such as in Alibre, Fusion 360 and SolidEdge, it is highly productive for me.

Here's a simple workshop drawing of a part I just made, drawn & dimensioned in MoI.

Give me an example of something you think might be unsuitable to be drawn in MoI and I'll check it out.



Thread: Reinventing The Real
22/05/2022 14:18:02
Posted by JasonB on 22/05/2022 07:32:33:

I don't think I would have got passed the design stage let alone making it if I had used Turdbocad!

Yes the pully has some crown to keep the belt tracking true and Andrew's engraving has hex fixings which I also used and although metric I did not use run of the mill mass produced ISO nuts they are all smaller hex, taller and only chamfered one side to more closely resemble earlier nuts.

It's looking good. Nice attention to detail. yes


21/05/2022 21:58:21

Jason. Did you draw that in TurboCAD? devil

Thread: New To CAD? No, but....
20/05/2022 13:19:07
Posted by Nigel Graham 2 on 20/05/2022 12:55:20:

I don't know if that's meant as a sneer, as it reads, but like the Spice Girls, I know what I want.

And that is to use the system I have effectively, be it TurboCAD or SolidEdge, not keep starting yet another! (I'd not even heard of MOI until someone mentioned it here.)

Because you have tried TurboCAD, SolidEdge and Alibre, with little success and have repeated that CAD in general is hard to learn, I ventured to show on multple occasions, that MoI might well help you on your way.

You have given zero feedback for that effort and casually state that you'd never heard of MoI until now.

As far as I'm concerned, that's a complete waste of time.


20/05/2022 11:12:56
Posted by Versaboss on 19/05/2022 16:28:50:

Now, Martin, can you please show us how to produce a workshop drawing with MOI (as that's what Nigel finally wants!)

Kind regards,

Well I could do, Hans, but it would be a complete waste of time.


19/05/2022 11:57:15

Nurbs modelling basic principles to get you started.


16/05/2022 10:33:25

So here we are on page 6 of this topic...

...Can anyone point me to any specific questions that have been asked, progress that has been made, or any advice that has been taken?


15/05/2022 11:50:10

I'm linking to a mini tutorial on the MoI forum that gives guidance to a member, on the construction of an open-ended spanner.

Whilst not the most challenging of projects for some on here, Michael Gibson (author of MoI) explains & illustrates some of the basic techniques in planning its construction.

It's a useful building block for many other parts that one might need to make in 3d CAD.


Thread: 3D Modeling Tutorial - A Basic Approach
13/05/2022 00:03:50

As Dave Smith shows, you can certainly make a hollow cylinder, as well as other shapes using the revolve function.


Thread: New To CAD? No, but....
10/05/2022 20:44:28

Using simple tools like Offset and Boolean Intersection I made a Crosshead model.

MoI isn't a Parametric modeller but it's still quite nifty.

Video here, including a very basic mistake. embarrassed


10/05/2022 10:40:16

It's plainly obvious that the reason for your difficulties is because TurboCAD is too difficult for you to learn. You are not getting help from other TurboCAD uses because there don't seem to be any here.

I tried TurboCAD quite some while ago and like you, found it heavy going, so I moved on. I've tried Fusion 360 as well as Solid Edge, but despite their greater capabilities in some respects I find them quite regimented in their model creation and find MoI more to my liking and for what I use it for, it is very 'fluid' in use.

You do seem to be stuck in the idea that because others can successfully use TurboCAD, then it must be a failing on your part, because you can't, but like all tools, software is there to enable to get the job done.

If a tool is blunt or broken then it should be sharpened or replaced and if a tool is poorly designed it should be exchanged for something better.

I think you are flogging a dead horse with TurboCAD and what you need to do is find some software you can work with.


09/05/2022 12:32:17

TurboCAD is dreadfully poor compared to more modern offerings

Did you check out the two videos I made on the previous page, of how straightforward 3d CAD (MoI) can be?

I did your bunkers and your chassis in about seven or eight minutes - only approximations of sizes, but just to show the principle.



Edited By blowlamp on 09/05/2022 12:34:59

08/05/2022 23:28:51

I've also had a go at your bunkers. Started with a rectangle and shaped it to suit. Extruded, then Shelled to leave an open top container. Finally Mirrored to make a pair.


08/05/2022 23:06:17

I made a video using rectangles to create a simple symetric version of a chassis similar to yours, without needing to mirror anything.

It uses the sweep tool that you haven't tried yet.




Edited By blowlamp on 08/05/2022 23:08:11

07/05/2022 13:14:56
Posted by Nigel Graham 2 on 07/05/2022 08:38:36:

There is a lot point-missing going on....

Martin ('Blowlamp' ) -

" I don't think this thread is anything about wanting to learn about 3d CAD. "

That's how it seems to have gone but -

- I have always said I did want to learn it..

The 3D function was partly why I bought it in the first place; naively thinking I could learn it.


Peter -

I am NOT stuck on 2D drawings and thinking in 2D as you and others allege!

I have to be realistic about what I can learn, and therefore how to use this model-engineering assistant to suit me - and you still need orthographic drawings in the workshop!

I do not believe CAD drawing makes you any better a designer than if you use manual drawing, because you still have to understand the engineering and its craft techniques.

CAD makes life easier by handling lots of very awkward calculations, removing some of the drudgery and risk of numerical mistakes. I know the highest-grade packages include things like stress and mass functions, and animation routines - but those are advanced features well beyond me.

CAD is still as much a tool as the lathe or milling-machine. Just as having a shiny new high-grade machine-tool and its operating-manual does not itself make you a first-rate machinist, no amount of drawing skill in any medium makes you a brilliant designer. I have even seen professional CAD drawings of parts details easy to draw but needlessly hard to make.


Some seem to think it impossible to draw a complicated machine in orthographic views only.

That is manifestly wrong. Many of us enjoy making models of highly-complex machines like main-line steam-locomotives and radial aero-engines. Their originals were designed and drawn almost all, even entirely, in 2D, orthographic form! Look at some of the old GA drawings for locomotives or power-stations: extremely highly-detailed layouts, from which the components and sub-assemblies were derived; and all by hand.

The fact if this being now feasible in 3D CAD does NOT mean no other way exists. The computer makes 3D images feasible, and in a far faster way, that is all.


Derek -

Hooray! You see the point about justification.

If I have to use only orthographic drawings it is simply because I cannot learn the 3D CAD I have spent so many hours trying to learn. All hours wasted.

And you are right. The only CAD course available publicly, are sold by the software publishers; dedicated to their programmes; and aimed at professionals so over several days at least, at industrial costs and probably a long way from one's home. I do not know if they offer Internet courses, but I expect they'd be still be pricey and nowadays assume a lot of prior knowledge anyway (professional conversion-courses).

Paul Tracy was selling TurboCAD courses. I don't know if he still does, but again probably for trade users.

Community college course? No. Those here in Dorset teach no engineering or science outside of any full-time trade courses.

Edited By Nigel Graham 2 on 07/05/2022 08:38:54

Edited By Nigel Graham 2 on 07/05/2022 08:39:26

I'm not seeing any intention of you wanting to learn. I think you want to make the point that 3d CAD is too hard for you to grasp.

I've suggested MoI and you have offered no feedback one way or the other.

What is the point of this thread you have started?


06/05/2022 19:10:35

I don't think this thread is anything about wanting to learn about 3d CAD.


06/05/2022 18:15:42
Posted by derek hall 1 on 06/05/2022 17:46:47:

There does seem a huge investment in time not only to learn how to use cad but also to produce drawings. Most of the examples shown on here by Jason and others, look fantastic but how long did it take to produce these drawings?

I think I would sooner use the time left to me and what £ I have in making stuff in the workshop....

But horses for courses and all that

Hopper your drawings look like mine!

Regards to all


Give us an example of something you've made that you think would take too long to draw in CAD.

The advantages are way beyond nice pictures. The CAD system helps to pick up errors in design before they progress too far and it can help to find 'hidden' dimensions of parts under construction.

I use my CAD almost every day for one thing or another - a complete ground floor redesign is the latest project and CAD let me see what would and what wouldn't work. It's saved hours of wasted effort.


06/05/2022 14:58:27


Are you sure you really do want to learn 3d CAD?

You're not coming across (to me) as being very enthusiastic about any of the suggested software.

If you are serious, then tell us what you want to draw and I, for one, will do a (slow) short video in MoI of a way to do it, provided it's not too involved, of course.


06/05/2022 11:29:29


Have you ever tried MoI? If you haven't, you've missed one of the easiest CAD systems to learn.


Thread: Emergency Radio Format
04/05/2022 16:11:26
Posted by pgk pgk on 04/05/2022 12:39:49:
Posted by blowlamp on 04/05/2022 11:22:55:
Posted by John Haine on 04/05/2022 09:12:00:

200 kph underwater eh?

Yes, it's possible. I recently watched an episode of Stingray and I think they mentioned travelling at a speed of 600 knots whilst submerged, so anything is possible. face 1


A cording to Wikipedia the barracuda anti-torpedo missile can do 800kph 430knots. Stingray needs a turbo.

Does Troy Tempest know about this?

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