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Thread: Gender neutral ships.
25/04/2019 10:42:30

The museum has a Director that goes by the name David Mann.

Thread: Notre Dame
17/04/2019 00:40:14

I remember the Biafra Appeal charity box being passed around at school. I found out many years later that our government was, at the same time, actively promoting & funding the war over there and that's what is happening now with Yemen.

16/04/2019 23:36:37
Posted by ronan walsh on 16/04/2019 23:21:20:

I am from Ireland, and while yes a tiny minority of the catholic church did horrific things, a huge amount of them did hard and good work in working class areas, often for very little thanks or recognition, and was one of the glues that bound society together. But as usual the majority pays for the sins/crimes of the minority. Is the bbc a paedophile organisation because of savile, harris etc ? They were getting huge salaries from the taxpayers, to produce rubbish programmes and rape youngsters.

Nearly any group who have been around for a long time has questHomeions to answer, no more than the royal family, look back a bit at the dreadful way people who displeased them were treated during the last thousand years. The bloody tower, hanging drawing and quartering, pitch capping, the rack etc. The royals under Henry the eighth, profited hugely from the catholic church when he seized their lands and property.

No group should be free from criticism, but if you are going to sling muck, please sling it equally.

As for the cathedral, what a terrible thing to happen to such a historic and wonderful building, terrible, just as it would be if St.Pauls were to have burned during the blitz. Notre dame is owned by the republic of France, So it is their property and they are responsible for the damage repairs.

A good question about the BBC.

I believe they have some of Eric Gill's work in and around BBC property - read a little about his personal life and decide for yourself.

16/04/2019 22:17:36

Perhaps a grant from the EU will be forthcoming?

The 'Yellow Vest' protestors will be happy if the money comes from the tax payer, I'm sure. thinking

16/04/2019 21:42:19

I'd rebuild it open-plan and with a glass roof to make it light & airy. I'd also have bi-fold doors at one end to 'connect' with the outside space along with a separate area for the kids to play in.

Fund the rebuild by selling off the 'Holy Ash' from the fire.

Thread: Folding Bike design & build
09/04/2019 18:42:49

Call it the 'Jackson 5x2'.

Thread: Axis orientation (or, where is zero?)
03/04/2019 22:27:06

Z: spindle moving away from table is the plus (+) direction.

X: spindle moving over to the right of the table is the plus direction - table travels to the left.

Y: spindle moving over to the back of the table (or top when viewed from above) is the plus direction - table travels to the front/down.

These need to be correct for the various DRO functions to work predictably. smiley


Zero can be wherever you want it.

Edited By blowlamp on 03/04/2019 22:29:20

Edited By blowlamp on 03/04/2019 22:33:48

Thread: Resurfacing a Cast Iron Enamelled Bath.
30/03/2019 19:16:38

I'd like some advice from forum members on refinishing a bath tub please.

I did this job about 4 years ago and it lasted very well until quite recently.

When I first did this job, an area of the original enamel had eroded by about 2 - 3mm around the plughole, so to prevent pooling I filled it with Chemical Metal and I now think this may be what has caused the failure.

What has happened is that the Chemical Metal filler has parted (very cleanly) from the original enamel by a process that looks like the fresh enamel has bonded (perfectly!) to this filler and then slighly shrunk over time thus pulling the filler off the bath. It basically curls up and breaks off.

From what I can see, wherever the new enamel covers the original enamel, then the bond appears excellent and is without any sign of failing.

I suppose I need advice regarding a suitable filler that sticks really well to the original enamel, along with hints & tips about anything else I should take into account.

I used the Rustoleum refinishing kit, if that is important to know.



Thread: Stiff Quill Travel on Myford VMC Milling-machine
25/03/2019 21:25:19
Posted by Nigel Graham 2 on 25/03/2019 20:37:49:

Thank you all for these various suggestions.

I'll work from the easiest and safest first of course, but studying the machine and the manual suggests I may need go as far as removing the head..

What for? I'd have thought the most you'd need to do is tilt it or swing it to one side.

Thread: emco pc turn 55 conversion to mach3
25/03/2019 11:16:27

If you want true spindle-synchronised lathe threading, there are three reasonably priced options that I know of.

1/ LinuxCNC.

2/ Centroid Atom.

3/ PlanetCNC TNG.


Thread: Stiff Quill Travel on Myford VMC Milling-machine
24/03/2019 22:59:08

They're simple to dismantle.

Lock the quill in its retracted position. Slowly loosen the hexagon screw that locks the return spring drum whilst carefully releasing the spring tension. Slide the drum out of its bore complete with spring.

If I remember correctly, it's necessary to knock out a roll-pin to remove the downfeed handle, which allows for the removal of the 3 or 4 cap-head screws that hold the pinion in position. Once these are out, the pinion can be slid out of mesh from the rack.

Unlocking the quill lets it drop down & out of the head - beware that it's quite heavy and possibly longer than you might have thought.

Lube the quill with oil (not grease) to reduce lethargic return movement.


Thread: Why do we do it?
22/03/2019 23:21:38

Remember to set your onions 2 to 4 inches apart, in rows 10 to 12 inches apart.


Thread: KX1 CNC Mill Clearance Offer
22/03/2019 11:17:21

Is the stand going to be braced?

Once the milling table starts jigging about with rapid X & Y moves, things can move about a bit if not rigid enough.


18/03/2019 21:06:09
Posted by Ian Hewson on 18/03/2019 20:23:27:

More cnc wouldn’t tempt me back to MEW, that was one of the reasons I cancelled my subscription in the first place. Long lines of g code as Blowlamps above leave me cold.

Each to there own though.

Me too, that's why it would be nice to have the gcode uploaded here to accompany the magazine article.

It would help those with CNC equipment, but maybe not the CAD/CAM, or let's say, adequate CAD/CAM or skills, for a particular machining job.


Thread: Microsoft Word
18/03/2019 13:33:01

LibreOffice is free and is increasingly being used by authorities, schools etc.


Thread: For discussing the merits of alternative 3D CAD programs.
16/03/2019 11:10:45

Anyone looking for easy to use CAD should give MoI a try.


Thread: New Toy
10/03/2019 12:34:00

Looks like a Syil X7 CNC mill.


Thread: Can opener - the holy grail in engineering?
04/03/2019 11:05:59
Posted by not done it yet on 04/03/2019 10:55:43:
Posted by John Haine on 04/03/2019 07:44:55:

I'm surprised at all these complaints! Just slap the tin in the 4 jaw and part it off!

Not a lot of good if it is a can of soup!

Obviously in that instance you would use your vertical turret lathe. smile

Thread: KX1 CNC Mill Clearance Offer
03/03/2019 13:33:37

Cont >>>

G1 X-8.4991 Y11.4895 Z-0.4588
G1 X-8.6 Y11.5772 Z-0.4705
G1 Y11.0531 Z-0.5164
G1 X-8.4991 Y11.4895 Z-0.5555
G1 X-8.6 Y11.5772 Z-0.5672
G1 Y11.0531 Z-0.6131
G1 X-8.4991 Y11.4895 Z-0.6523
G1 X-8.6 Y11.5772 Z-0.664
G1 Y11.0531 Z-0.7098
G1 X-8.4991 Y11.4895 Z-0.749
G1 X-8.6 Y11.5772 Z-0.7607
G1 Y11.0531 Z-0.8065
G1 X-8.4991 Y11.4895 Z-0.8457
G1 X-8.6 Y11.5772 Z-0.8574
G1 Y11.0531 Z-0.9033
G1 X-8.4991 Y11.4895 Z-0.9425
G1 X-8.6 Y11.5772 Z-0.9542
G1 Y11.0531 Z-1.0
G1 F150.0 X-8.4991 Y11.4895
G1 X-8.6 Y11.5772
G1 Y11.0531
G0 Z5.0
G0 X-7.7151 Y21.2664
G0 Z1.0
G1 F100.0 Z0.0
G1 F130.0 X-5.2527 Y21.4808 Z-0.2162
G1 X-4.3542 Y23.6 Z-0.4176
G1 X-8.6 Z-0.7891
G1 Y21.1893 Z-1.0
G1 F150.0 X-5.2527 Y21.4808
G1 X-4.3542 Y23.6
G1 X-8.6
G1 Y21.1893
G1 F100.0 X-8.4959 Y19.9938
G1 F150.0 X-4.4296 Y20.3479
G1 X-2.542 Y24.8
G1 X-9.8
G1 Y19.8491
G2 X-9.3962 Y19.9154 I0.6378 J-2.6211
G1 X-8.4959 Y19.9938
G0 Z5.0
G0 X4.7009 Y22.7822
G0 Z1.0
G1 F100.0 Z0.0
G1 F130.0 X5.2527 Y21.4808 Z-0.1237
G1 X8.6 Y21.1893 Z-0.4176
G1 Y23.6 Z-0.6285
G1 X4.3542 Z-1.0
G1 F150.0 X5.2527 Y21.4808
G1 X8.6 Y21.1893
G1 Y23.6
G1 X4.3542
G1 F100.0 X3.2494 Y23.1316
G1 F150.0 X4.4296 Y20.3479
G1 X9.3962 Y19.9154
G2 X9.8 Y19.8491 I-0.234 J-2.6874
G1 Y24.8
G1 X2.542
G1 X3.2494 Y23.1316
G0 Z5.0
G0 X8.6 Y11.2031
G0 Z1.0
G1 F100.0 Z0.0
G1 F130.0 Y11.5772 Z-0.0327
G1 X8.4991 Y11.4895 Z-0.0444
G1 X8.6 Y11.0531 Z-0.0836
G1 Y11.5772 Z-0.1295
G1 X8.4991 Y11.4895 Z-0.1411
G1 X8.6 Y11.0531 Z-0.1803
G1 Y11.5772 Z-0.2262
G1 X8.4991 Y11.4895 Z-0.2379
G1 X8.6 Y11.0531 Z-0.2771
G1 Y11.5772 Z-0.3229
G1 X8.4991 Y11.4895 Z-0.3346
G1 X8.6 Y11.0531 Z-0.3738
G1 Y11.5772 Z-0.4196
G1 X8.4991 Y11.4895 Z-0.4313
G1 X8.6 Y11.0531 Z-0.4705
G1 Y11.5772 Z-0.5164
G1 X8.4991 Y11.4895 Z-0.5281
G1 X8.6 Y11.0531 Z-0.5672
G1 Y11.5772 Z-0.6131
G1 X8.4991 Y11.4895 Z-0.6248
G1 X8.6 Y11.0531 Z-0.664
G1 Y11.5772 Z-0.7098
G1 X8.4991 Y11.4895 Z-0.7215
G1 X8.6 Y11.0531 Z-0.7607
G1 Y11.5772 Z-0.8065
G1 X8.4991 Y11.4895 Z-0.8182
G1 X8.6 Y11.0531 Z-0.8574
G1 Y11.5772 Z-0.9033
G1 X8.4991 Y11.4895 Z-0.915
G1 X8.6 Y11.0531 Z-0.9542
G1 Y11.5772 Z-1.0
G1 F150.0 X8.4991 Y11.4895
G1 X8.6 Y11.0531
G1 Y11.5772
G1 F100.0 X7.8131 Y12.4831
G1 F150.0 X7.1673 Y11.9222
G1 X8.2908 Y7.0651
G2 X4.2722 Y4.1455 I-2.6282 J-0.6079
G1 X0.0 Y6.7149
G1 X-4.2722 Y4.1455
G2 X-8.2908 Y7.0651 I-1.3903 J2.3117
G1 X-7.1673 Y11.9222
G1 X-9.8 Y14.2089
G1 Y-3.7865
G2 X-8.3707 Y-3.3767 I1.4293 J-2.2878
G1 X8.6293
G2 X9.8 Y-3.644 I0.0 J-2.6976
G1 Y14.2089
G1 X7.8131 Y12.4831
G0 Z5.0
G0 X11.0 Y1.0531
G0 Z1.0
G1 F100.0 Z0.0
G1 F130.0 Y12.4831 Z-1.0
G1 F150.0 Y26.0
G1 X-11.0
G1 Y-26.0
G1 X11.0
G1 Y12.4831
G0 Z5.0
G0 X3.4165 Y19.6695
G0 Z1.0
G1 F100.0 Z0.0
G1 F130.0 X3.6082 Y19.2173 Z-0.043
G1 X9.2923 Y18.7223 Z-0.5421
G2 X10.1458 Y16.0955 Z-0.8492 I-0.1301 J-1.4943
G1 X8.8443 Y14.9651 Z-1.0
G1 F150.0 X5.8382 Y12.3541
G1 X7.124 Y6.7952
G2 X4.8895 Y5.1718 I-1.4614 J-0.338
G1 X0.0 Y8.1124
G1 X-4.8895 Y5.1718
G2 X-7.124 Y6.7952 I-0.7731 J1.2854
G1 X-5.8382 Y12.3541
G1 X-10.1458 Y16.0955
G2 X-9.2923 Y18.7223 I0.9836 J1.1325
G1 X-3.6082 Y19.2173
G1 X-1.381 Y24.4702
G2 X1.381 I1.381 J-0.5855
G1 X3.6082 Y19.2173
G1 X9.2923 Y18.7223
G2 X10.1458 Y16.0955 I-0.1301 J-1.4943
G1 X8.8443 Y14.9651
G0 Z5.0

03/03/2019 13:32:46

Some Mach3 gcode of Jason's Star & Square pocket. I estimated the overall size @ 25mm x 55mm.

Feedrates & spindle speed are modest with just one pass at 1mm cutting depth (to keep gcode size down), using a 3mm diameter cutter.

( Made using CamBam - )
( starsquare 3/3/2019 1:15:49 PM )
( T0 : 3.0 )
G21 G90 G91.1 G64 G40
G0 Z5.0
( T0 : 3.0 )
T0 M6
( Pocket1 )
M3 S2500
G0 X1.9612 Y-24.5743
G0 Z1.0
G1 F100.0 Z0.0
G1 F130.0 X-8.3707 Z-0.9039
G2 X-9.3734 Y-24.19 Z-1.0 I0.0 J1.5
G2 F150.0 X-9.8707 Y-23.0743 I1.0026 J1.1157
G1 Y-6.0743
G2 X-8.3707 Y-4.5743 I1.5 J0.0
G1 X8.6293
G2 X10.1293 Y-6.0743 I0.0 J-1.5
G1 Y-23.0743
G2 X8.6293 Y-24.5743 I-1.5 J0.0
G1 X-8.3707
G2 X-9.3734 Y-24.19 I0.0 J1.5
G0 Z5.0
G0 X-0.1482 Y-14.6885
G0 Z1.0
G1 F100.0 Z0.0
G3 F130.0 X-0.0816 Y-14.7877 Z-0.0105 I0.2774 J0.1141
G3 X-0.0207 Y-14.8341 Z-0.0172 I0.2109 J0.2134
G3 X0.4293 Y-14.5743 Z-0.0722 I0.15 J0.2598
G3 X-0.0207 Y-14.3145 Z-0.1272 I-0.3 J0.0
G3 X-0.0816 Y-14.7877 Z-0.1754 I0.15 J-0.2598
G3 X-0.0207 Y-14.8341 Z-0.1822 I0.2109 J0.2134
G3 X0.4293 Y-14.5743 Z-0.2371 I0.15 J0.2598
G3 X-0.0207 Y-14.3145 Z-0.2921 I-0.3 J0.0
G3 X-0.0816 Y-14.7877 Z-0.3404 I0.15 J-0.2598
G3 X-0.0207 Y-14.8341 Z-0.3471 I0.2109 J0.2134
G3 X0.4293 Y-14.5743 Z-0.402 I0.15 J0.2598
G3 X-0.0207 Y-14.3145 Z-0.457 I-0.3 J0.0
G3 X-0.0816 Y-14.7877 Z-0.5053 I0.15 J-0.2598
G3 X-0.0207 Y-14.8341 Z-0.512 I0.2109 J0.2134
G3 X0.4293 Y-14.5743 Z-0.567 I0.15 J0.2598
G3 X-0.0207 Y-14.3145 Z-0.6219 I-0.3 J0.0
G3 X-0.0816 Y-14.7877 Z-0.6702 I0.15 J-0.2598
G3 X-0.0207 Y-14.8341 Z-0.6769 I0.2109 J0.2134
G3 X0.4293 Y-14.5743 Z-0.7319 I0.15 J0.2598
G3 X-0.0207 Y-14.3145 Z-0.7868 I-0.3 J0.0
G3 X-0.0816 Y-14.7877 Z-0.8351 I0.15 J-0.2598
G3 X-0.0207 Y-14.8341 Z-0.8418 I0.2109 J0.2134
G3 X0.4293 Y-14.5743 Z-0.8968 I0.15 J0.2598
G3 X-0.0207 Y-14.3145 Z-0.9517 I-0.3 J0.0
G3 X-0.0816 Y-14.7877 Z-1.0 I0.15 J-0.2598
G3 F150.0 X-0.0207 Y-14.8341 I0.2109 J0.2134
G3 X0.4293 Y-14.5743 I0.15 J0.2598
G3 X-0.0207 Y-14.3145 I-0.3 J0.0
G3 X-0.0816 Y-14.7877 I0.15 J-0.2598
G1 F100.0 X-0.5033 Y-15.2145
G3 F150.0 X-0.3207 Y-15.3538 I0.6326 J0.6401
G3 X1.0293 Y-14.5743 I0.45 J0.7794
G3 X-0.3207 Y-13.7949 I-0.9 J0.0
G3 X-0.5033 Y-15.2145 I0.45 J-0.7794
G1 F100.0 X-1.3468 Y-16.068
G3 F150.0 X-0.9207 Y-16.393 I1.4761 J1.4937
G3 X2.2293 Y-14.5743 I1.05 J1.8187
G3 X-0.9207 Y-12.7557 I-2.1 J0.0
G3 X-1.3468 Y-16.068 I1.05 J-1.8187
G1 F100.0 X-2.1903 Y-16.9215
G3 F150.0 X-1.5207 Y-17.4322 I2.3196 J2.3472
G3 X3.4293 Y-14.5743 I1.65 J2.8579
G3 X-1.5207 Y-11.7164 I-3.3 J0.0
G3 X-2.1903 Y-16.9215 I1.65 J-2.8579
G1 F100.0 X-3.0338 Y-17.7751
G3 F150.0 X-2.1207 Y-18.4714 I3.1631 J3.2007
G3 X4.6293 Y-14.5743 I2.25 J3.8971
G3 X-2.1207 Y-10.6772 I-4.5 J0.0
G3 X-3.0338 Y-17.7751 I2.25 J-3.8971
G0 Z5.0
G0 X1.1986 Y0.8233
G0 Z1.0
G1 F100.0 Z0.0
G1 F130.0 X1.647 Z-0.0392
G1 X0.0 Y1.8138 Z-0.2074
G1 X-1.647 Y0.8233 Z-0.3755
G1 X1.647 Z-0.6637
G1 X0.0 Y1.8138 Z-0.8319
G1 X-1.647 Y0.8233 Z-1.0
G1 F150.0 X1.647
G1 X0.0 Y1.8138
G1 X-1.647 Y0.8233
G1 F100.0 X-1.9562 Y1.3374
G1 F150.0 X-2.4168 Y1.0604
G2 X-4.7693 Y0.2233 I-3.2457 J5.3968
G1 X4.7693
G2 X2.4168 Y1.0604 I0.8933 J6.2339
G1 X0.0 Y2.514
G1 X-1.9562 Y1.3374
G1 F100.0 X-2.5747 Y2.3658
G1 F150.0 X-3.0353 Y2.0888
G2 X-7.4 Y1.6648 I-2.6273 J4.3684
G1 Y-0.9767
G1 X7.4
G1 Y1.6648
G2 X3.0353 Y2.0888 I-1.7375 J4.7924
G1 X0.0 Y3.9143
G1 X-2.5747 Y2.3658
G1 F100.0 X-3.1932 Y3.3941
G1 F150.0 X-3.6538 Y3.1171
G2 X-8.6 Y3.8954 I-2.0088 J3.3401
G1 Y-2.1835
G2 X-8.3707 Y-2.1767 I0.2293 J-3.8909
G1 X8.6
G1 Y3.8954
G2 X3.6538 Y3.1171 I-2.9375 J2.5618
G1 X0.0 Y5.3146
G1 X-3.1932 Y3.3941
G0 Z5.0
G0 X-8.6 Y11.4272
G0 Z1.0
G1 F100.0 Z0.0
G1 F130.0 Y11.0531 Z-0.0327
G1 X-8.4991 Y11.4895 Z-0.0719
G1 X-8.6 Y11.5772 Z-0.0836
G1 Y11.0531 Z-0.1295
G1 X-8.4991 Y11.4895 Z-0.1686
G1 X-8.6 Y11.5772 Z-0.1803
G1 Y11.0531 Z-0.2262
G1 X-8.4991 Y11.4895 Z-0.2654
G1 X-8.6 Y11.5772 Z-0.2771
G1 Y11.0531 Z-0.3229
G1 X-8.4991 Y11.4895 Z-0.3621
G1 X-8.6 Y11.5772 Z-0.3738
G1 Y11.0531 Z-0.4196

Cont >>>

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