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Thread: Cheap surface plate ?
24/12/2012 11:40:10

Hi Folks

I also got a piece of polished black granite from a worktop manufacturers (sink cutout) 20" x18" x 1" free gratis.. ran my digital DTI over it & like Andyf it showed maximum deviation at one corner of half a thou'.. I aint arguing over that, more than good enough for model engineering needs.

Merry Xmas folks


Thread: Choice of lathe
24/12/2012 11:30:57

Hi Richard,

I have a Warco WM 250 V-F that was bought at the Harrogate exhib' together with a WM 16 mill, I have only just started using both in anger & so far both have done what I have asked of them.I have the metric versions and am in the process of making a rear toolpost from a kit..measurements in imperial :0 so have to do simple conversions. If you go down the Chinese route check what the dials tell you as mine are marked off in 0.02mm increments (digitally checked) but take off .04mm off the diameter but it states that on the dial.. i.e. // = (dia sign) .04mm (If you get my drift), I have been taking off 0.020"-030" cuts (1/2mm + = to 1mm off dia.) at 600 rpm with coarsest feed rate as set up at manufacturers & motor didn't show any signs of undue in essence it's a sturdy machine that suit's my needs for now. Have a merry Xmas folks. George

Thread: Machine DRO Installation Service
10/12/2012 06:30:26

Hi Chris J

I also have a Warco lathe..WM250-VF, would also like to see pics if anyone has fitted DRO to similar lathe, what DRO system do you have?


Thread: workshop heating
10/12/2012 05:53:16

I have insulated my garage conversion (attached, single block, with roller door) with celotex aluminium backed sheeting on all walls followed by 12mm OSB, the ceiling is plasterboarded & 6" `space blanket ` .loft insulation on top of that.During the recent freezing snap it has kept the temp` around 8 - 10 deg C when the outside was down to - 2,

I have now added two electric oil filled radiators bought from my local supermarket at a cost of £19.90 ea, one placed at ea. end of the garage (17ft long), I switch them on approx 1 hr before I intend going in there & boy do they work! its usually up to approx` 18 - 20 deg.. very cosy.. when I get in. The good thing about these are that they are thermostatically controlled(as most are) so switch off when desired temp is reached, or I turn them down to suit.

I have used space heaters during my working life & although good for localised heating they will make you drowsy(CO) which is not good when you are working on machinery, therefore you will need a free flow of fresh air, or at least decent ventilation, so in some respects conversely defeats the object? so this method really needs consideration.. plus the cost of propane/diesel.

Thread: Subscription gifts
27/11/2012 10:12:04

Hi Dave

PS, has the latest 'gift offer' changed from digi calipers to the digi angle gauge as shown? this would be of better benefit to myself.

As with DMB's comment, I like the toolrest too & would like to know where you got it from.



27/11/2012 10:02:28

I have just renewed my subscription on line via e-mail reminder; does the present 'free gift' offer of digital vernier calipers also apply to my renewal or or is it only for new subscribers?



Thread: Which WARCO LATHE any opinions ?
17/11/2012 15:43:03

I have had the WM250V-F for a short while,this has the power X feed which is one factor that influenced my choice , others were parking space & budget, I also got a WM16 mill, both from the Harrogate exhibition.I would have liked to have bought the bigger machine but with budgetary constraints & space I at least ended up with two machines which was a bonus, I originally set out to get a Super7B with power cross feed but your'e talking silly money..two were for sale at the exhib, with usual accessories & some tooling...but £££££££'s above my finances

So far I have not machined anything in anger other than some small stuff for future use as material supply was limited, so far it seems ok & has done what I asked of it. If I had the finances & space I would have gone for a Colchester 1600 / Harrison 250 / 300 but these would not have had DRO's, then there's tooling to consider...

I can concur with Bazyle & JasonB comments, I can only suggest go for the biggest you need to suit your projects / budget.

Happy hunting.


Thread: Please assist with my fist mill choice
12/11/2012 03:02:10


I applaud your loyalty to your Co & have no qualms with Arc Euro, in fact I have had a very good service from said co. re tools etc previously purchased, & will use them again as I find your prices very competative & delivery is v.good so no probs on that context. Re. my previous comment 'not bothered' I inferred that this was the case because at the exhibition there was a distinct lack of staff i.e only 'yourself' available, &, judging from visitor comments at the time, IIRC, 'where are the reps? I can only state my opinions as noted at that time, whilst I noted at the time the SX3 seemed a sturdy machine & I was of the intention of seriously looking to purchase one, the percentage of visitor comments & lack of 'availability' of your 'sales staff', & who it seems, by your own admission,'that you were the only one' were more inclined toward the CNC products on display & was very apparent.

In this present 'economic climate' everybody is looking toward making savings .. 'profit margins' as best they can, & as a 'MEW afficianado' I understand this aspect, but at the end of the day we are "amateurs" most of us cannot or do not look to 'production line technology' & can only afford 'manual machinery or second hand equipment, most of us look to constructing a 'Stuart 10' as a marvellous achievement, myself predominantly. My choice of other machinery was based on the aspect that there were 'more staff' who gave me more 'informative information' & could offer a better 'show deal that of Arc Euro..'at the time' other 'agents at the show provided at least 3 (IIRC)members of staff on hand at any point in time for customers queries..& they were inundated, myself included, in fact It was difficult to get close to a 'rep' to ask a question. Whlist I appreciate that Arc Euro purchase their machinery from the same companies albeit under a different colour dressing it would be appreciated , from my point of view, that more of your staff should have been on hand to offer advice & answers from prospective clients,if you do not have more staff available at these exhibitions (a major selling opportunity) again, that can only lead to the queston of 'are you bothered' May I quote..

"Regarding your question about 'negotiable' prices at shows, this is usually up to the seller. George mentioned earlier that he managed to get a package deal from Warco at the Harrogate show. On the other hand, we did not have a package deal for similar sized machines at that show, but it did not mean that I was 'not bothered', as per my earlier reply.

The position on price and deals changes from time to time. The deal that Clive may be referring to for an X3, was probably in September this year. There was another deal in October for various machines. There are no special deals or packages at present for the Super X3s. It is uncertain if and when price/package deals will be released for any machines from ARC.

ARC is not attending the show at Alexandra Palace next year. We are also uncertain if we will be attending the Harrogate show. However, you may be able to find deals at the show depending on which seller wishes to do what ever deal they want. Apart from ARC, at the Harrogate show you will probably find at least four dealers who you can talk to and review their range for your requirement".

'The above comment to me seems to 'infer' that.. ' if you don't like it you can lump it' !!!. ... Could I be wrong?

Whilst I have/had no intention of besmirching Ketan or Arc Euro per se, if they want to maintain their standing in this competetive market then they should look at establising a higher profile at these high profile lucrative exhibitions & establish a more relevant & progressive marketing approach to todays clients... 'we the 'amateurs'.. not hi tech sales targets.

The above comments were made without malice or forethought of any intent whatsover to the aforementioned co.or personel,purely on the basis of personal observations at the time.. & I look forward to future dealings with Arc Euro trading Co.

Mmmmh... maybe OTT?

With respect


Thread: soluble cutting fluid
11/11/2012 23:52:32

I have some 'Cetus' cutting fluid from years ago, dilution ratio 25:1, never had to use it yet..try dry cutting with indexible carbide tips .. tip radius 0.04-0.8mm on a reasonable high speed for MS .. 600 - 700 RPM.. thereabouts, dependant on machine & material ? .. flood set up on a MS7 seems OTT to me, more for a cnc/production setup? I envisage you would have more on the walls & floor than collected back in your system? try drip feed with white spirits & clean engine oil (SAE 20 - 40) mix, .. just a thought?



Thread: Why can I 'paste' but not 'Cut' in the stupid MEW text editor?
11/11/2012 23:34:43

Highlite text.. Ctrl + c = copy... Ctrl + V = paste ..simples smiley


Thread: Workshop insurance and compresses gasses
11/11/2012 23:28:16

On converting my attached garage to a workshop I informed my house insurance co of the changes, they then conferred with their underwriters as to the requirements boiled down to this.. as long as no cylinders were stored inside the garage /workshop, &, there was no prospect of my carrying out any form of heat application i.e flame cutting, welding, building of live steam models ..apart from static display models, then I was covered under my normal contents insurance with the appropriate amendment to my policy..but caveat emptor as the saying goes ..check with your insurance co to far, as mentioned, &, as I can ascertain.. don't store any flammable gas cylinders inside any attached building! so in future I will be storing any propane / plumbers type cylinder torch/ equipment outside in the shed. Hope this helps..


Thread: Please assist with my fist mill choice
29/10/2012 14:48:59

Hi Mick

I bought a Warco WM16 at this years Harrogate exhibition, along with a WM250-VF lathe I plumbed for the WM 16 on the basis of getting a reasonable discount as a package deal (inc stands) & it came with the longer table & free delivery.I would have got the WM18 but it would have stretched my budget & there were other items that I wanted to get so I settled for the next size down plus it fits better in the space I have for it. I haven't used it in anger yet as have been diverted to houshold decorating duties & completing my garage conversion.The down side is that this machine only came with MT2 spindle taper, the WM 18 has an MT3 & my other tools were MT3 to suit my previous combi mill/lathe but that was easily overcome.

I did look at the Seig SuperX3L but the rep (only 1) was nowhere to be seen for a long time & when he did turn up I got the impression that he wasn't bothered about selling the manual machines, only in flogging the CNC stuff, a few other customers were of the same opinion from overhearing a few comments, & the price was over budget too.

I can only reiterate what other members have said, set your budget & go for the biggest you can, that will fit into the space you have & will cover what you plan to do.

Happy hunting



Edited By mechman48 on 29/10/2012 14:51:41

Thread: Print out complete thread (WITH pix)?
20/10/2012 12:13:02


Try using 'Gadwin print screen' or Zap Grab software, I got them for free from 'Computer Active, downloads'..I prefer Zap Grab as it allows you to select customised areas using a rectangle similar to 'crop' in any photo editing programme, clik on 'grab' then paste it to word doc. it copies everything within selected square, including pics, without having to alter text etc.Hope this helps


Thread: Cutting oil
09/09/2012 20:17:44

Machine Mart

Cutting fluid - Ref order code 059930400 - 1 ltr - £ 8.39p cheers George

Thread: Advice on grinder selection
08/09/2012 12:21:24
Posted by NJH on 07/09/2012 13:03:23:

Hi All

Harold says of white wheels :-

| "However, they will have large central holes and need adaptors."

Largely true, however it is possible to get at least one HERE with a smaller hole - though at a premium price. I have one on my bench grinder.



This Site also sells wheel reducing bushes for a nominal £2.60 'per pair I assume' although in the past I have made my own from Nylon/plastic/hard wood/Alu.Just don't make them too tight a fit otherwise you will create stresses in the centre,a decent push fit is all that is needed.


Thread: Anybody in Chard, Ilminster, Honiton area
05/09/2012 19:51:12


Same question; I live in Marton Middlesbrough & am completing garage conversion to ME. Looking to concentrate on small scale steam engines. Anyone in the area that has similar setup & interests would like to pal up for bouncing ideas.PM me if interested.


Thread: Jason's Firefly .46 Build
28/07/2012 20:51:52

Hi Jason

Fantastic job!

The question I would like to ask is.. looking at your machining photos I assume that the machine you are using is a Warco 280V-F with varispeed drive(it looks like it to me from the colouring & leadscrew knobs), as I am awaiting a 250V-F I am wondering what size Dickson type QC toolpost you have fitted on your machine. I have a 0 size clone (Bison) from a previous machine, that I intend to use instead of the 4 way post as supplied with machine (together with a total of 10 toolholders), & with it being hardened, therfore unable to machine counterbore on the underside to fit, it looks like I will need to make a new toolpost spindle, you wouldn't happen to have a drawing/sketch of the post/spindle dimensions,or suggest a suitable tool to enable boring out the QC block (which I am loath to do at the best of times).'solid carbide' perhaps?

Hope you can understand my question. perhaps other members can help?



Edited By mechman48 on 28/07/2012 20:53:16

Thread: Warco Super - Major Vario inaccuracy
27/07/2012 17:50:39

Oooops ..Should read 'tramming'..I think, grey matter's a bit slow today!


27/07/2012 17:27:13

Hi Geof, & all

Fortunate enough to see this write up,having just received my WM16 2 weeks ago I was wondering about checking quill set up & trammeling the head so the comments are very informative.I have not put it in its final place as have yet to get my WM 250V-F delivered & placed,hopefully early next week so have not done anything with it other than remove from packaging & put onto its stand.I have tested it out as far as motor running & speed range & all seem far.

Did receive my WM250V-F at the same time but on checking there was a major fault with the assembly (turned out to be manufacturing fault) so a phone call to Warco with an explanation (long story..& photos!) has resulted in Warco sending me a replacement from their next batch, due in this week.I must add that Warco after sales have been very apologetic & have taken on board my comments from an e-mail I sent stating my concerns & initial disappointment of the quality of the lathe, having commented that this is the first time this type of defect has been encountered Warco are reassuring me that a thorough pre-delivery inspection will be carried out on the replacement.Will keep you all posted.



Thread: Subscription Expiry
29/06/2012 07:22:29

Hi David

Mine shows up ok, for MEW only though.



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