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Thread: Motorcycle General Discussion
14/04/2020 16:42:47

Nigel B.

I had forgotten about the Himalayan, bit of a disaster that one and a good example of an overweight motorcycle, I stand corrected.

I'm told there is a European company making big bore conversions for the twin (and Himalayan), RE are sure to know about. Still think 650 to 850 is a step to far.

The "problem" if it can be called that, with the early Hinckley Triumphs was that the engines were designed by guys whose experience was with car engines. They did not realise just how compact a motorcycle engine is and it showed. They soon realised and set about correcting along with the mechanical noise problem. The overbuilt reputation was probably nurtured to cover this up.

On the subject of weight saving and the new unitised RE Bullet engine. The RE stylists decided to take their styling Cues from an existing popular brand of motorcycle. In doing this the cylinder head gained some 1.5kg in weight just to make it look like they wanted. Other parts suffered the same. Attempts were made to dissuade them from doing this. Unsuccessfully as it turns out.


Thread: Not sure what tomakeof this ?
14/04/2020 13:02:04

Surely just a poor choice of words? Did they mean they are going to sedate the patient so as to put them on a ventilator?


Thread: It would happen now!
14/04/2020 12:58:52

The price quoted to the OP is in ground source heat pump territory, price seems to be dropping steadily as the system becomes more popular. Although not in the market for a replacement at the moment it will be my next heating system, probably won't get a choice!

I presently use solid fuel, fed up with unreliable gas boilers.


Thread: Motorcycle General Discussion
13/04/2020 18:10:14
Posted by mgnbuk on 13/04/2020 11:05:44:

I really hope that future development of the Interceptor involves some significant weight reduction, it has been mentioned....

I don't see that there is much scope to reduce the weight - it is the sum of it's parts. Items such as mudguards, (minimalist) chain guard, airbox & side panels are plastic. Wire wheels can be heavier than cast - but not always - the RE does at least have (anodised) aluminium rims. Tyre sizes are pretty minimalist for a modern bike, likewise the single front disc arrangement. The engine/gearbox unit may be "overbuilt" - but the bottom end was apparently designed to allow it to be taken out to around 850cc & double the power output of the current 650, but that is unlikely to be reworked to loose weight as a 650. The silencers are noticably weighty items, but current noise & emission requirements tend to drive that. Where do you see that weight could be removed and current legislation still complied with ?

If the rumour is true (I would doubt it) about the engine, that it is capable of being stretched to 850cc and double the power then no wonder its so heavy!

There is always scope to reduce weight. The Interceptor is the RE companies first effort at designing a bike from scratch. A good effort I think that bodes well for the future. Triumph's (Hinkley) first efforts were some rather heavy and mechanically noisy bikes, they worked steadily to address these problems to become successful.


12/04/2020 18:01:17
Posted by mgnbuk on 12/04/2020 13:10:02:

Compare that to the traditional Brit bike with both the primary and final drive on the left.

But the typical traditional British gearbox was a 3 speed reduction + direct drive top gear to give 4 speeds overall. They had concentric input & output shafts so that when in top gear, the gearbox input shaft was locked to the output shaft directly & had to rotate in the same direction as the input. Road tests of the time often mention how the transmissions quietened when engaging direct drive & not using the reduction ratios.

The main reason was to reduce the load induced by the chain pull on the gearbox bearings. The Japanese used the indirect type so they could use a forward rotating engine and geared primary drive. Ducati, on their early V-twins (1970's-80's) with a backward rotating engine, gear primary drive, used a combination of the two, bit of a mess really, still used 6 "dog" (3 full height/3 half height) gears when the Brits had given up on that idea in the 1950's.

As for modern bikes being heavier and the excuses for that, electric starting, higher power outputs, balance shafts, ABS and so, the design challenge with a motorcycle is to keep the weight down. Technology has moved on since the last mass produced British motorcycle (Triumph accepted). The aim should be to include all the modern stuff in a package no heavier than the equivalent bike of, say, 50 years ago. Clearly a point missed by Triumph (Hinkley) with the present Bonneville model that I found disappointing. Having said that, they have done a pretty good job weight wise with the Street Triple. In fact many manufacturers have done remarkable things with bikes, Bikes that weigh similar to a 1970's Norton with 3 times the power

Suzuki Burgman scooters, I bought a 400cc model last year. two reasons, one being curiosity as to how well the CVT system works. And work it does, very well for what is a very unsophisticated system by modern standards.

The other reason for buying it was to get Mrs MC back on a bike, as a passenger. not got around to doing that yet and not in the immediate future due to C-19.


Thread: Arceurotrade milling cutter sharpening machine
12/04/2020 13:00:56

I considered buying one of these. First impression was that its a triumph of styling over design, not a good starting point! Having said that reports at that time suggested it did a good job on the ends of the cutter. But what about the sides of the cutter? This machine only does half a job. I was hoping it would replace my Clarkson T&C grinder but, as I mentioned, it doesn't do the complete job.

I've stuck with the Clarkson, its a real pain to use, probably because I have a sharpening session once or twice a year and need to re-learn the machine each time.


Thread: Motorcycle General Discussion
12/04/2020 12:51:24

I was rather disappointed by the new RE Interceptor. My local RE dealer was most insistent that I ride their demo bike knowing my connection with the Indian RE company. My impression was exactly the same as it was and is for the (Hinckley) Triumph Bonneville, a very average motorcycle. The one thing that stood out is the weight, much too heavy for what it is. I really hope that future development of the Interceptor involves some significant weight reduction, it has been mentioned....


Thread: The Workshop Progress Thread 2020
05/04/2020 16:44:09

Magnesium and Aluminium look similar and melt at about the same temperature (650C vs 660C). The easiest way to tell them apart is to measure their density; Magnesium at 2.7g per cc is heavier than Aluminium at 1.7g per cc.

You have that the wrong way around, Mg is lighter than Al.


Thread: Agent million considered essantial travel by N S & I.
01/04/2020 15:59:56

A long time ago someone at work set up a premium bond syndicate rather than with the more common football pools. The advantage(?) being that we would always have our stake money, accepting inflation would reduce its worth. Still an advantage over the lotteries.

When it was time to disband came we were pleasantly surprised with what we had accumulated. We won £25 now and again, hardly seemed worth it at the time.

On disbandment I kept my share as bonds and added to it regularly to the point where I had to start buying in my partners name. The frequency of wins was such that the return averaged out at ~8% over a 25 year period. The return reduced significantly during the last recession but has recovered somewhat, the last few years has seen an ~2.5% return. Not going to complain about that.

I suppose I really should have looked for better investments, not to sure of the risks.


Thread: Mot grace
29/03/2020 12:58:23

Woohoo I thought when the MOT news was announced, I won't need to get the motorbike MOT'd in May. Then reality kicked, MOT or not, when am I going to use it?


Thread: Coronavirus
26/03/2020 12:33:43

Interesting article in a newspaper recently that suggested the virus has been in the UK for a while, possibly since early January. Got me thinking about how many may have been ill already with C-19 without realising it, and now presumably immune?

Late February I felt a little unwell for a couple of days, lingering dry cough, basically the symptoms of C-19. Could I have already had it?


Thread: What are you reading?
20/03/2020 06:50:04

Recently finished Sir Miles Thomas's biography, BOAC chairman along with many other jobs, a good read remembering that he has written it himself.

Now reading "John Wilkinson, King of the Ironmasters". Disappointing so far. Nothing to say why he was the "King of the Ironmasters". I'm hoping there will be some explanation later in the book otherwise its going to be a very dull read.


Thread: Coronavirus
15/03/2020 07:59:06

My local radio presenter was, frankly, boasting about his panic buying, 5 of this, 6 of that and so on. Then said most of it will sit in a cupboard, not used or eaten and get thrown away. That had me shouting at the radio!

What was nice though was a young couple who recently moved in to to a nearby house knocking on the door and letting us know if we needed any help in the C-19 crisis, give them a call. I, naturally, offered to reciprocate.

Brought back to earth by Mrs JohnMC, they must think you look old......


Thread: Solar panel surprise
13/03/2020 11:35:51

I use an "Immersun", think thats how its spelt, to divert power to the immersion heater. Two attempts to get one that worked properly, couldn't set the time on the first one, otherwise its been good.

Tesla's Powerwall, is it worth it?


12/03/2020 10:11:30
Posted by Martin King 2 on 11/03/2020 22:38:22:

Hi all,

We have had ours for a few years now and get the full index linked tariff, currently 54p.

Just had our worst of the year quarterly payment on a 4kW array, came to £250; best quarter was £825 this year.

The yearly average since we got it is approx £2400- £2700 pa which is great for an initial outlay of £11k and 25 year contract.

The actual savings in our electric bill are harder to compute as the energy cost have gone up quite a lot.

Real no brainer though!

Cheers, Martin

Crikey, thats an impressive return! Where do you live to get output like that? We get less than half that per year. Having said that our installation costs were considerably lower that yours. We've had the panels for about 7 years and pay back is on course to be late in the 8th year, assuming no break downs. You say a 25 year contract, do you mean an expected 25 year life of the panels?


Thread: Amadeal Lathe failed - customer service appalling!
07/03/2020 07:56:35
Posted by Adam Hebbard on 07/03/2020 06:50:36:
Posted by Alan Waddington 2 on 07/03/2020 00:06:00:
Posted by Hollowpoint on 06/03/2020 22:53:07:

Im sorry but you've gone through 3 lathes in 12 months? Sounds like user error to me.

“2 faulty out of the box”........what did he do, unpack them incorrectly?

I had 2 clarke latches that were faulty. They were cl500m lathe mill combos. The first one had knackered lathe bearings and didnt cut smoothly, rattled and ran like a locomotive. Second they replaced came with no key in the mill so it didnt turn, then eventually fixed that and then it turned out the mill bearing were shot. Same rattling and deafness of the first lathe bearings. So no, that wasnt user error. And I've been extremely careful with this machine also. I consider this very bad luck Im afraid. Still? Their service has been awful.

Worn out bearings straight out of the box? A friend bought one of those Clarke combo machines, same sort of problem. Not worn, it was brand new! Problem was adjustment, soon sorted, much easier than the hassle of returning it. The worse thing about this machine was the gearing to get the drive up in to the milling head, noisy, but my friend soon learned to live with it.


Thread: Speedometer Ratios
05/03/2020 08:28:40

That looks like a chronometric rather than a magnetic instrument, could be wrong. Have a look at Gaggs speedo website, might help.


Thread: Mystery forging
25/02/2020 10:42:52

Looks like an investment casting to me. Also looks like a Brompton hinge but looking at the picture of the unmachined hinge, they look like sand castings. As for material, my money is on malleable iron.


Thread: 15/64x48 tap
14/02/2020 16:23:39

Metric? M6 x 0.5 possibly.


Thread: What a sad day for the British motorcycle industry.
12/02/2020 15:25:59

It is a sad but inevitable that Norton should be finishing again. I think it was the most successful (long lasting?) attempt at resurrecting the name.

I say inevitable because what did the bikes have to offer at the selling price? Plenty of other bikes as good as and often better are available at considerably less cost.

No doubt the Administrators will sell the Norton name. Who will buy it? Seems to me that the name has become tainted by repeated and unsuccessful attempts to resurrect the brand.

I can see the new Brough Superior going the same way, if it does I hope its in an honest way.

Best wishes for the future to employees and customers who have been affected by this sad business.


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