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Thread: Warco WM 250V power feed stuck/crash
05/06/2022 07:50:53

A good friend had the misfortune to drive the saddle in to the head stock on a Warco lathe. It was a bit of a struggle to "unjam" things but all seemed well until he tried to turn parallel.

On delivery of the lathe we set it up with a precision level. We checked with the level after the mishap and found the bed had twisted!

We eventually got it turning parallel again, difficult because the cabinet was somewhat less stiff than the bed, nothing to pull against. Eventually he had the bed reground to restore the original accuracy..

All this bother for a moments lapse in concentration.

Thread: The Correct Way To Sharpen Drill Bits Using A Picador Drill Sharpening Jig With Custom Base
01/06/2022 11:22:13

Great to see someone getting good results with a Picador drill grinding attachment. i acquired one many years ago and thought what a load of rubbish. Never the less I gave it a go and was surprised at just how good a job it did once I had sorted out the mounting of it on the grinder.

Two things I did with it, firstly I removed the drill clamping thing. Light finger pressure held the drill in place and made swapping the cutting edge over much easier, important as this needs to be done frequently to ensure perfectly mirrored edges.

Secondly, I made the end stop screw somewhat stiffer in operation, it had a tendency to move during use.

Not used the tool in a while now, I have a drill grinder that, if I'm honest, doesn't do a better job but is more versatile with regard to angles and point thinning.


Thread: fixing loose valve guide
27/05/2022 12:16:04
Posted by John Olsen on 27/05/2022 05:28:48:

Is bronze a suitable material? Some of the bronzes go hot short and will collapse a little and come loose in the head. Phil Irving says in his book that aluminium bronze for instance is not suitable for exhaust valve guides,

The late, great Phil Irving did not say that, just the opposite in fact, Al bronze is eminently suitable for valve guides, good wearing properties and a good conductor of heat.

What he did say was not to use phosphor bronze, as others have said, unsuitable for the application.

If the OP can get hold of some Colsibro (free cutting Al bronze), make an oversize guide. Don't forget to check the hole before making the quide. It may well be necessary to re-machine the hole if its damaged or worn, the set up for this needs to be done very carefully to keep seat and guide in alignment.

Thread: Tyres
13/05/2022 07:21:17

Does anyone check the calibration of there tyre pressure gauges? Could be that the OP's gauges are wrong and the tyre fitter is correct? Statistically unlikely but who knows.

I've tried to check my gauges by making up a device that I hoped would work like a dead weight tester for pressure gauges. Not successful because of friction from the O-ring seal.

Any ideas as to how a tyre pressure gauge could be checked?

Thread: Do they exist?
09/05/2022 15:40:58

I use my wigglers frequently. they live by my drilling that has an X-Y table with an old "Ortec" DRO. With this set up I rarely bother to mark out now, if I do then its with a pencil or fine felt tip pen so I know I'm in the right "ball park".

The two wigglers I use are a Starrett that has a1/4" ball and the other is a Vertex with a 4mm and 10mm cylinder. The ball and the 10mm cylinder are accurate to a thou with suitable care, the 4mm cylinder is not so good, no better then 3 - 4 thou.


Thread: Tools needed to build a 3 1/2in gauge Tich
06/05/2022 11:53:22

I began building a large boilered Tich when I was 15. Took about 8 years to build. I had an "Eclipse" lathe, 2.5" centre height and a selection of hand tools, basic marking out tools, a square, centre punch and dividers. A hacksaw and some files. A hand drill and a few drills. Threading equipment was acquired as needed. Back then there was very little low cost equipment from the far east, what there was was usually poor quality. Nowadays far eastern equipment makes model engineering on a very small budget so very much easier.

The Eclipse lathe was soon replaced by a round bed Drummond and most of the manufacture was done on that. The various construction articles in me at the time tended towards assuming milling would be done in the lathe so plenty of help there.

I would agree that joining an ME society would be a good, didn't work for me all those years ago but thats another story.......


Thread: Turning between centres on Super 7
22/02/2022 10:59:40

Nice tip from Neil L, I'll try to remember that.

Machining motorcycle brake drums, no point in doing that unless the hub is laced in to a rim. The spoke tension will distort the drum.

When I do that job I put the live centre in the lathe spindle and the dead centre in the tail-stock. This forces the (complete) wheel to revolve on its own bearings as it would in service. It is debatable if this is really necessary but it eliminates another possible source of error.


Thread: Motorbike gearbox fitted to a milling machine
08/02/2022 11:41:39

Early Velocette gearbox. Plenty of information on the net regarding dismantling the box. Some spares available, try Grove Classic motorcycles.

May have the same "innards" as the later velo gearboxes, if so then plenty of spare available, at a price!

No proper oil seals in those boxes, not even in the later versions but some owners of the bikes fit seals, seems to work well enough.


Thread: Ffestiniog locos
23/01/2022 08:06:36

Asking this for a friend who's grasp of the 'net is not good.

He wants to build his third loco and would like to build a Ffestiniog loco, something like "Prince" or similar, that is to say the type with the enveloping saddle tank.. Anyone know of any plans for this loco or similarly styled loco? Ideally 3.5" because he has a length of that gauge track laid in his garden.

He has a Blackgates catalogue, they have a design for a Ffestiniog loco (Charles etc) but the appearance doesn't appeal to him.


Thread: Anyone here got Amazon Echo Plus, Alexa?
19/01/2022 11:36:55

Thanks to this forum I have recently bought an Echo Dot. I use it mostly as a radio, so far reliable reception compared with DAB and FM. I do enjoy the convenience of the device and really not bothered by the "eavesdropping", no evidence of that happening.

I've had the recent email about Alexa's ability to fart, amused me. Also mischief to be had when my partners somewhat "straight laced" friend visits, Alexa can be made to swear.


Thread: DAB radio
03/01/2022 12:21:37

Thanks for the replies. Seems I have two choices, an external aerial or go down the smart speaker route.

I like the aerial option but that would need some work to conceal the cable. Also my understanding of aerial location is that it should, more or less, point at the transmitter. That might be a bit tricky.

I have decided to try a smart speaker, it would seem to be the neatest arrangement.

Again, thanks for the information.


30/12/2021 11:04:30

I'm sure many in here have a radio on in the background while working in the workshop or doing DIY in the house. My workshop radio and "office" radio are near windows and outside walls. DAB reception is okay. If I move the radios in to a more central position within the house reception becomes bad to the point of no reception, switching to FM sorts that.

We have a Panasonic CD player/DAB radio that we want to stand in an area of poor reception. It has a flexible wire aerial. Is there anything I can do to improve DAB reception other than site it somewhere with good reception?


Thread: Speed Camera Flashes?
27/12/2021 12:16:04
Posted by vic newey on 27/12/2021 11:52:44:

Why would you deliberately set the cruise control to break the law?

I was wondering the same, presumably because of the "10% +2" rule? (May or may not be a motoring myth).

Seems odd to deliberately set the cruise control (well) over the speed limit unless one knows the accuracy of your cars system, That is to say cars speedo vs actual speed, to squeeze out a few, doubtfully legal extra mph.

My previous car would hold the speed set on the cruise control, using the brakes if it exceeded the set limit by what it considered too much, there was some hysteresis in the system so that the brakes were not constantly on/off.


Thread: Drilling brass.
15/12/2021 07:32:58

I'm with Jason B on this one, when drilling brass I nip up the quill lock lightly, drill, mill or lathe, for any size hole other than the smallest sizes.

Saves he need to blunt (sort of) a drill.


Thread: show us your workshop.
24/11/2021 16:33:48

I've just been having a look at the photos I have in my album in this forum, couldn't find any information that would giveaway my location. looked in other members albums, same lack of info. I assume that the metadata is removed when the photo is uploaded to an album?

Perhaps someone with the necessary computing knowledge could verity this to be so.


Thread: Best way to make valve guides
23/11/2021 08:27:30

I think Mick B is doing it exactly right, a bit of a faff making a mandrel, but concentricity is important and thats the way to do it.

Incidentally, phosphor bronze is not the best material for valve guides, it doesn't like the heat, especially around the exhaust. Aluminium bronze is much better, better still is Colsibro, a free cutting version of aluminium bronze. Cast iron is also worth considering in preference to PB.


Thread: How much is a life worth
22/11/2021 08:27:11

A different take on the "How much is a life worth" subject. Some 10 years ago a colleague and I were asked to look at the costs of buying defibrillators, the training to use and ongoing maintenance for my workplace. The site is big, some four square miles and, being a rural site, somewhat remote from medical assistance so it was thought to be a good idea.

I looked at the costs, the business was awash with money at the time so no problem there. Things got tricky when I looked at the statistics, the effectiveness of the equipment. I don't recall the figures but had this been an industrial process there was no way it would ever happen. Wished I had ignored that. The argument went right to the top and was passed by one vote.

We were made aware of how the voting went and the comment from the senior guy who proposed the idea was that those who voted against were likely to be those who would use a phone while driving!

Seven defibs were installed across the site and none have been used as of a couple of months ago other than being brought to the site of a medial emergency, just in case.

Thread: Cycle speedometer
04/11/2021 09:11:24

I lent my cycling GPS (Wahoo Elemnt) to a friend to record his lap of the local track. The information recorded was interesting, he said, but, perhaps, not that useful!

I uploaded the information to Strava. From that lap speeds, times and elevation could be seen. Also a map of the route.

It generated some interest at his club the afternoon he was using it, he phoned me to ask how to reset the device to record someone else's journey, ended up recording several other loco journeys and my friends drive from the track to my home!

Strava (other GPS apps available) can be uploaded to a phone to do exactly the same as I described for zero cost for the basic and entirely adequate version. It will give real time info, more or less, during the journey. I have noticed that these GPS devices don't quite have the transient response of the old school cycling "computers". The GPS devices are processing a lot more data I guess?

Thread: Aircraft General Discussion
22/10/2021 16:37:48

We've had the B1 bombers based at Fairford fly over a couple of times. Impressive looking planes, more so when they came over so low!


Thread: Valve seat cutters?
15/10/2021 09:00:21

Stueeee, no, I didn't know about the interchangeability between Wolf and B&D. Useful to know.

I buy my replacement stones from Goodson in America. They do a very wide range of stones, both grade and size, pre-dressed or not. Interestingly with several different sizes of threads, I find that useful for smaller diameter seats.


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