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Thread: Flange Radius for Copper Boilers
22/04/2016 10:19:20

For the curious. You can download a 1976 PDF copy of Zeus. Google Zeus PDF.

For copper sheet, is the radius something like 1.5 to twice the thickness?


Thread: MEW 241 Mods to a drill press
21/04/2016 17:51:38
Posted by Lambton on 21/04/2016 16:51:27:

The article is very good but the point I am making is that it concerns a brand NEW drill press, not an old one or a truck gearbox, or grinder spindle.....

I was looking around for a bigger drill press in January. I went to a couple of the well known machine stores and had a look and a feel. A lovely looking £300 DP in one of the machine stores had noticeable play in the quill. I pointed this out and the shop assistant showed me that I could take that play up by tightening the screw that bears in the quill slot, the one that stops the quill rotating (did I miss the point there?). Anyway, I walked away and ended up buying a second hand Meddings for twice the price.

The fit and finish of the Clark stuff seems a cut above others (but I still reckon the electrical bits they put on the machines are cr#p).

Damn, I'm going to have to buy issue 241. How did he fix it?


21/04/2016 13:34:08
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 21/04/2016 12:49:46:One day I will take the quill out., make a few slits in the main casting and fit a pinch bolt. One day...


And the day you do, you will kick yourself for not having done it years ago!


Thread: Bridges electric drill refurb- thread issue
18/04/2016 20:04:09

bsc 32tpi 3/16th 0.0312 pitch?

Thread: Thread cutting....what went wrong...?
10/04/2016 14:14:33

Been there. As you say, lesson learnt.

I've even turned a rod down to tapping size, and confused the hell out of myself.

The mind does wander.


Thread: What Did You Do Today (2016)
03/04/2016 19:01:36


Wow. Well spotted. It's amazing that did not end in tears. It's incredible how these things hold together sometimes.

I had the whole assembly off the 306 a few days ago. I think I'll go out and check the job again!


Thread: Inverter Tripping RCD
03/04/2016 15:22:56

Here are a few cheap suggestions.

I read this on another forum somewhere. Guy had problems RCD trips. Tried various things. Ended up having a look see inside the inverter, saw nothing wrong, but wiggled a lot of internal wires. Hey presto, his problem was cured.

I had an inverter running on the upstairs ring main, controlled on and off via a switched fused spur, which was wired to a 3 pin domestic plug. I had no problems with that set up. A little while ago, I temporarily used the inverter downstairs, and plugged it directly into the mains via a normal 3 pin plug. When I pull the plug, the RCD trips. One time, I pulled the plug out and touched the pins; I got quite a big shock, so there is a fair voltage laying around on the inputs to the VFD when the power supply is removed.

Maybe pull the VFD apart and have a gentle fiddle inside, just to move a few things about (careful of capacitance). Give it a hoover out and a clean. Then try disconnecting all wiring and reconnecting. Maybe try using a different isolation hardware, or a different wiring arrangement (i.e. change something). You never know your luck.

I think the forum also mentioned replacing the RCD as an electrician suggested they wear if they trip frequently.

If you can, try connecting a borrowed good known motor to the VFD and see what happens.

Temporarily move the VFD into the house, plug it in to another circuit, try it out, and see what happens.


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Thread: Windows 10 - A Warning
31/03/2016 10:46:00
Posted by Sam Longley 1 on 31/03/2016 07:19:17:

Why do people insist on rubbishing windows. It is an operating system used by the world. It has been marketed in the most expert way. It does what most people want it to do. In the first instance as a shallow operating system it is not that difficult to use. It will do a lot more, if people actually learned how to use it fully.- One could go on but I think you get the drift

Or is it that people are just jealous of success?

Totally agree. I have been behind the scenes in thousands upon thousands of retail outlets during my working life. Every single one was running Micrososoft software in their back offices (accounts, management etc) and in their Epos till systems. That tells you how rubbish it is!

I think people are just 'conditioned' to slag off Windows. They then come across as knowledgeable. Sadly it is a bad habit people pick up.


Thread: Turntable truck bearing
26/03/2016 22:36:49

Make up a 'plank', long enough and wide enough to support the machine(s). You could construct it out of 4 by 4 etc..

In the middle of the 'plank', construct an axle tree, and put 2 strong wheels on it. Keep the whole thing as low to the ground as you can

Balance the lathe on the contraption so the centre of gravity is over the axle. It should manouver ok.


Edited By Steven Vine on 26/03/2016 22:37:22

Thread: Model engineer on adventure
24/03/2016 23:50:57
Posted by John Stevenson on 23/03/2016 21:55:40:

Neville Shutes books are in the public domain in Canada and can be found here.

Slide Rule

Trustee from the Toolroom

Hi John

Thanks for pointing that out (I do like a free download, to say the least).

The Trustee, What a good read! I could not put it down, and read it over the last couple of days.

Well, I had to read it quickly, as everyone was starting to give the game away.


Thread: Grinding wheel ..balancing hole?
24/03/2016 22:00:26
Posted by David Colwill on 24/03/2016 18:21:05:

See my earlier post. There is no doubt that these holes are not for balancing but to test the wheel. They are put in post manufacture and do not affect the integrity of the wheel. At least this is what I heard in a telephone conversation with a chap called Simon Peel who works for Saint Gobain / Norton. This has put this matter to bed as far as I'm concerned.



Hi David

That was good of you to go to that trouble. I visited the Saint Gobian site (amongst others) and read the literature in my efforts to deduce what the holes were for. That expert verbal opinion you obtained works for me, and allays any of my fears.


24/03/2016 10:37:15

Posted by Ian Parkin on 23/03/2016 09:14:10:

Just had this in from Chronos

Thank you for the email, the hole is a result of the manufacturing process and it won't affect the performance.

Hi Ian

Would it be possible to take the matter one step further with Chronos.

Could you ask Matt if he could explain what specific part of the manufacturing process has necessitated the inclusion of the holes.

Can Matt ask the manufacturer to give their reason for the holes being there.


23/03/2016 16:46:15

Thanks for posting the response from Chronos. Even though they give assurance I'm not yet totally convinced, though I should be as they know their products. I'm almost tempted to buy one and see if it has the same holes, which would confirm a dliberate act. Or, if anyone is going down there, perhaps they could cop a feel. I've seen it mentioned in a few places that grooves are sometimes introduced during manufacture to be used with flanges to assist mounting. I've look all over the internet, but all the wheels I see are plain, sans holes. This could do with an expert second opinion, is there one around?

And I don't recall ever seeing an unbranded wheel.


Edited By Steven Vine on 23/03/2016 16:52:20

Edited By Steven Vine on 23/03/2016 16:59:46

23/03/2016 01:21:47

Hi Ian

Well done for spotting that, and for bringing it to light. It was lucky you were paying attention and noticed the label flapping out. Wow.

Would it be possible to let us know the wheel manufacturer (though it looks unbranded to me)? And, can you tell us the manufacturuers code on the label? Best not mention the supplier as that would be unfair I think (unless it was a no name ebay seller).

I did read that the resin bonded type of wheels have a 2 year shelf life. Mind you, I don't think any shelf life deterioration has caused those holes, else the bits would still be there under the label.



Thread: Potts Drill Grinding Jig
21/03/2016 09:03:48
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 21/03/2016 07:27:48:
Posted by Clive Foster on 20/03/2016 22:50:52:

I seem to recall a mention by Hemingway, possibly in one of their catalogues, that the geometry of the sharpener produced from their castings had been verified by Professor Hugel.



Hi Michael

I have the set of PDFs by J Hugel. Only one of the files mentions the Potts The file set appear to be still available over on the Quorn users group, but there is one or two missing there (they are in the Files section). I don't know if they are copyrighted at all, else I would place them here.


Thread: What Did You Do Today (2016)
20/03/2016 13:41:15
Posted by KWIL on 20/03/2016 12:51:40:

Surely it would have said "made by GHT" rather as it does VDH (designed) by GHT. ??

I agree with Kwil. If it was in fact a device made by the man himself I would be shouting it from the highest roof top, and making it absolutely clear that 'here' we have a valuable piece of history.

Where the writer states Maker:GHT, well he's just got it wrong there.


20/03/2016 10:32:28
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 20/03/2016 08:45:29:

I don't think this warrants a new thread ... but would be interested if someone can explain.

Browsing the PennyFarthingTools website, I found this "trademarked" statement:

Made in Britain Built to Last™

Which seems a little out of context, here


Edited By Michael Gilligan on 20/03/2016 08:46:56

Hi Michael

I'm not too sure of the question, but I did a quick search in the Trade Mark register. It seems that the TM was applied for in 2014. The TM has been Withdrawn ( I think, maybe, the Start fee of £100 was paid, but the second fee was not paid, leading to cancellation). It is not a R registered TM as I understand it. More information if you follow the links on the page below.


What was the question?


Thread: Trouble at mill
20/03/2016 02:34:01

I see a lot of questionable advice and methods from the 'teachers' on You Tube. This one took the biscuit tonight.

See if you can predict the outcome. I did, and hid behind the sofa as I watched.


And his use of the ruler just grinds my gears. Its so so wrong, in so many ways.


Thread: What Did You Do Today (2016)
18/03/2016 17:08:48
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 18/03/2016 15:50:52:
Posted by Steven Vine on 18/03/2016 14:54:43:

Not today but a few days ago. I hydrolocked the engine on one of my Peugeot 306 Hdi's. I drove slowly through a ford of water, water got sucked up through the air filter ducting, entered the combustion chamber, and because water does not compress, it locked the engine solid. After getting relayed home, I've removed the lock, it turns over, but it just won't start. I'm still testing things out, but I think it is a write off.

>ouch< If it's bent con rod(s), it may not be irreparable Use a stick in the spark plug hole and see if all the pistons rise up to the same point.


Neil. The stick is a good idea, thanks. Its diesel, so ill see if I can rig something up to detect through the glow plug holes. I don't fancy taking the engine apart, but I'll see what the diagnosis is first.

Howard. Its puzzling me that I don't get any ignition whatsoever. I guess all 4 could be bent. Those Land Rovers with the air intake towering above the windscreen have always attracted my eye. Now I know why they do that! I never knew.


18/03/2016 14:54:43

Not today but a few days ago. I hydrolocked the engine on one of my Peugeot 306 Hdi's. I drove slowly through a ford of water, water got sucked up through the air filter ducting, entered the combustion chamber, and because water does not compress, it locked the engine solid. After getting relayed home, I've removed the lock, it turns over, but it just won't start. I'm still testing things out, but I think it is a write off.

Never in all these years of motoring have I heard this type of thing mentioned. Now I know, when it's too late.

So, just a heads up. Avoid deep pools of water!


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