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Thread: I think I'm in love... with a metal bender :-)
17/03/2016 23:34:22
Posted by Spurry on 17/03/2016 23:09:18:

Very neat tool. I wonder how much it costs....?


The 650e was quoted at $3850AUD, about £2033. Gulp.


Thread: ME Subscription issues arriving in transparent wrappers?
17/03/2016 14:18:38

This is all a bit laughable.

The chances of people at your local sorting office operating a racket. Not much.

The chances of people at your local sorting office who are operating a racket and singling out your mail. Not much.

The chances of burglars casing your joint because they know you have models in there. Not much.

The chances of burglars casing your joint because you have a shed. Pretty high, so take security measures (which does not entail requesting all mail to arrive in brown paper packaging tied up with string).

The chances of a burglar knowing how to read the cover page and putting 2 and 2 together. Not much.

Don't get hung up over this, it will lead to time wasting paranoia.



Edited By Steven Vine on 17/03/2016 14:19:22

Thread: A new arrival to my workshop family.
16/03/2016 12:01:21

And now you have to keep her for the rest of her life. She'll need care and constant attention, and will call to you morning noon and night, She'll cost you a fortune, She'll want new things all the time. She won't clean up after herself (they never do). When she grows up and gets older, she will cost you even more. What have you done!

Kids eh, who'll have em.

That does look great.




Edited By Steven Vine on 16/03/2016 12:02:36

Thread: 2 ISP's and the printer only on one home network
14/03/2016 18:13:07
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 14/03/2016 17:05:42:
Posted by Steven Vine on 13/03/2016 19:14:28:

I use Teamviewer to access remote computers. You can control a remote computer using Teamviewer. You take control of the remote computer and run applications on it.

Don't know if Google or Teamviewer works in Linux (whatever that ischeeky).

Lots on radio four this morning warning people that scammers are using teamviewer to rip people off.

If someone you don't know tells you to download Teamviewer so they can 'fix your computer' or 'deal with people hacking your computer' etc. DON'T


Thanks for the heads up on that.

I've have been contacted by quite a few of our Asian friends, who, very considerately, were just giving me a call to offer to fix my computer problem (the one that I was totally unaware of).

On each occasion they have prompted me to download some remote control software LogMeIn, Windows Remote, PcAnyWhere, Teamviewer and the like.

I've had no security problems whatsoever using remote control software, just don't let someone else take control of it!

Oh, and if you are downloading any software, make sure you are downloading it from the official 'manufacturer' software site, and not some 3rd party provider who can offload god knows what on you via 'their' installer.


Edited By Steven Vine on 14/03/2016 18:18:37

Thread: Is this a ML7?
14/03/2016 16:09:50

It looks like a clone to me. Look at the green one a few pictures down on the page here **LINK**

There is no gap under the chuck, the double drive pulley, the oilers, etc. And that tailstock! Keep away, keep well away.


Thread: 2 ISP's and the printer only on one home network
13/03/2016 19:14:28

Hi John

Just a thought. Maybe bypass the hardware route and do it in software (if it is convenient to do for your application).

I use Teamviewer to access remote computers. You can control a remote computer using Teamviewer. You take control of the remote computer and run applications on it. There is a facility whereby you run an application on the remote computer, but get it to print to a printer local to your computer. It maybe inconvenient to use with your scenario though, as you have to log into the remote computer etc.

You can also print to a printer on the internet using google cloud print. I've never used it. I'm sure there are other bits of software.

Don't know if Google or Teamviewer works in Linux (whatever that ischeeky).

Maybe look into VPN, I think that does it.


Thread: Black 5 Boiler problems
13/03/2016 13:40:01

Hi Ron

Didn't GB give you a new certificate after doing the work in February? I'm curious to know if the boiler can be leaking and also get a certificate.


Thread: Long-term battery charging
13/03/2016 13:29:36

Posted by John Fielding on 13/03/2016 10:31:14:

The old wives tales that you should only ever store batteries in a fully charged state is total rubbish.

Hi John

What do you advise as the minimum voltage a car battery can drop to, before requiring a top up?



12/03/2016 16:09:10

Over the long years, I've tried many bog standard chargers on car batteries. Often I've ended up killing the battery due to overcharging. Often I have let the battery voltage drop below 12.5v which is a long way to a full discharge (which is around about 10v I think).

I recently bought the CTek MXS 5.0 via Amazon for about £60. It is an intelligent charger and will resurrect a deeply discharged battery. It recovered one of mine from 10v, and the battery is good again.

If the battery plates are 'sulphated' then you won't have enough capacity in there to crank over for long. The Ctek has a Desulphation phase, where it 'Detects sulphated batteries. Pulsing current and voltage, removes sulphate from lead plates of the battery, retsoring the battery capacity.'

I keep 2 car batteries constantly topped up. The Ctek is on continuously providing a floating charge. I swap from one car to the other every week or so. All looks good so far. I'm more confident about this 'intelligent charger' than the standard chargers because it does not wreck the battery.

It charged my deeply discharged 60Ah battery in about 12 hours. It does a SOFT START 5A until 12.6v is reached, then a BULK CHARGE increasing the voltage to 14.4v, then an ABSORPTION phase declining the current at 14.4v, then ANALYSIS phase to check if voltage drops below 12v, then it FLOATS a charge at 13.6v, then PULSES a charge to keep the battery topped up and conditioned. 







Edited By Steven Vine on 12/03/2016 16:17:54

Thread: correct way to feed when milling
29/02/2016 21:08:34

Loads of pictures here


Thread: Appraising an electric motor
28/02/2016 17:08:42

Hi Phil, that's interesting, thanks. I had an over-greased motor on the Myford I picked up a few years ago. The motor ran hot and I could see the grease blocking the vents. I stripped it down and found the grease was packed into every nook and cranny. I cleaned it out and have had no problems since. It makes me wonder about the greasing affair on these motors. If you pump a little grease in every now and then, where does the grease go. Eventually the motor must fill up with grease, which will then be doing more harm than good, or am I missing something here? How often, or when, do you have to pump grease in do you know?


Thread: Jan Ridders Horizontal Stirling 'Bas'
28/02/2016 16:52:49

Yes, well done. It goes like the clappers. I admire your tenacity, and glad you saw it through. Anotheryes


Thread: Useless light bulbs.
28/02/2016 16:44:09

Now you got me going. I bought a fair few Osram Classic Eco Superstar halogen bulbs from a reputable supplier a few months ago. The bulbs are only lasting a couple of weeks. If anyone walks heavily on the upstairs floor, the bulb shakes and then destroys itself. I used one in a lead lamp a few weeks ago. I moved the lead lamp and the bulb blew immediately. I have brushed against the bulbs while they are on and they have blown. I have since read bad things about these particular bulbs (google it). If you see them, they will be cheap. Don't buy them.

I've got a million 40w Edison screw old type bulbs left over from a previous life. I have just bought some bayonet to screw adapters and am working my way through the box.

When I was on the tools, an electrician mentioned that light bulbs blow if the lamp fittings are old and loose. Makes sense.

Dirty electric! Oh my.


Thread: Lathes : Weak-Points
19/02/2016 17:10:14

I can confirm a serious issue with the ML7 cross slide. On a lot of occasions, when I use the controls, my work ends up either undersized or oversized (depending on what I am doing). There is just nothing there to prevent a c**k up. I am appalled that they can let a machine leave the factory in this stateblush


Thread: What type of collet is this?
13/02/2016 20:32:34

Have you got more pictures? Chuck? Collets?


13/02/2016 16:03:46

Hi Hollowpoint

I have no idea. I did a search in google images and a few other pages. I see what you mean about the autolock collets. I found some similar looking 'tap' collets, but no match at all. I'm sure one of the experts must know.


Thread: Right mouse clicking in the posting text editor
10/02/2016 21:59:29

At the risk of labouring on. I think the context menu may have some dependency on the toolbar being used in the browser.

Glad it works for you Paul.smiley


10/02/2016 20:21:08

Hi Muzzer

I have FireFox and IE11. It is not FireFox specific. Type some text in the editor, position the cursor amongst the text, then ctrl-rightclick.

On my machine, IE11 can show two context menus, depending on where the cursor is when I Ctrl-RightClick.

If I ctrl-rightclick in the text I get a context menu (cut,copy,paste,delete,send to one note, etc)

If I ctrl-rightclick over a word that has got the squiggly line underneath, which is indicating a mistake, I get a different context menu. The content of this context menu relates to handling the mistake (suggested new spelling, ignore, add to dictionary, undo etc).

I'll post some screen shots if I get time.

Suffice to say, the Ctrl appears to override the editors context menu, which is what the OP was requesting.


Edited By Steven Vine on 10/02/2016 20:21:51

Edited By Steven Vine on 10/02/2016 20:24:51

10/02/2016 16:17:34

If you do 'Ctrl-RIGHTCLICK' then a different context menu appears. In Firefox it has a Spell Checker on it.

This only appears to work if you Ctrl-RightClick over some text in the post/reply editor.

Where did lepricorns come from??!!


10/02/2016 14:22:28

Thanks Graeme. I just had a very quick look at the ckeditor. Apparently if you press CTRL before you right click then a different context menu appears.

So, who configures the ckeditor. Can the moderators do it or is that a job for the site programmers?


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