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Thread: centec 2a halfnuts
13/07/2020 22:44:39
Posted by Avon on 12/07/2020 19:33:26:

Hi DAG, I know this thread is quite old, but wonder whether that half but is still available (for a reasonable consideration 😊 I have a 2A which has a solid nut fitted and I’d like to get it back to the original state?

All the best.



I had quite forgotten that I had posted that photo , and yes I still have it ( somewhere) .

If you let me have your address , through a pm , I will get it to you ,

regards ,

David .

Thread: Homemade cutting fluid
09/06/2020 22:08:49

I don’t use a great deal , but what I find works exceedingly Weil is Angels Breath !

1 part genuine Turpentine

2 parts White spirits

3 parts Olive oil

Not only does it work well but it has a nice aroma.

Thread: Macc Models Updates ?
16/05/2020 22:32:10

Over the last couple of weeks I have had two orders completed within days of placing them , whatever the problem , I am sure you will get your goods , but as Mark said , give them a call , there is bound to be a reason for the delay !

With Macc models , I really don’t think you need to worry!

Thread: Description required
05/05/2020 22:21:13

Perhaps it’s meant to expand into a tube , such as a bobbin , from a weaving machine , either in the weaving process , or the loading of yarn onto the bobbin ?

Thread: End mill relief
11/04/2020 22:57:24

There is also a very illuminating article by “ George Pruitt “ about end mill sharpening , includes some photos which are most helpful.


11/04/2020 22:11:31

Bob ; Have a look at “ Brook Cutting Tools “ Milling cutter user guide , it will give you all the guidance you are looking for .



Thread: Torx Grub Screws?
22/01/2020 19:02:23
Posted by Vic on 22/01/2020 13:49:37:

I would like to use some Torx socket set (grub) screws for some projects but can’t seem to find a supplier. There


At the recent London MX , I noticed that one trader had a range of Torx screws being sold individually , from what I recall , it would have been MA Tooling 07973843142 , or possibly Peak Tools , Of Hope Valley , Derbyshire .

I am sorry I can’t be more definite as to which it was , but the image of the tray at the end of the stand is very clear in my recollection, and if it helps anyone else remember , the stands were close to the displays of boats .

Hope it’s of some help

Thread: Metric Flat brass bar
21/01/2020 22:16:05
Posted by Old School on 21/01/2020 16:24:12:

Where can I buy metric sized flat brass bar I need the following two sizes.

8mm x 2mm

10mm x 3mm

i need about 600mm of each.

i have tried milling brass plate to size but it ends up bent.

Old School ,

John Keatley in Birmingham carry stock of brass of the thicknesses you require , further , they frequently have off cuts from which they may well , if you ask nicely , shear these to the width and length you need .

If you ring and ask Lynley , he will help , I am sure 01212364300

Thread: Ally Pally Exhibition
20/01/2020 20:09:39

I was undecided about going , but in the end decided to treat myself to a day out , so , on Friday I got the train from Wolverhampton down to Euston and tube to Wood Greem , bus to the Show and at a return price of £35 all in , I thought that good value .

There was a queue back to the main entrance door when I got there ( on line ticket purchase not available due to my failure to make a decision about going until the last moment) but it was processed quickly, and I was in before I could think of a good grumble line , and the others in the queue were nice to chat to ! .

My first thoughts , on getting in to the main hall , was that there was much more space between stands than in previous years , clearly there were several traders not turning out this year , but those who did attend ( bless them all ) were worth visiting .

With the exception of RDG ( who clearly have something about them , that those traders who claim it impossible to attend due to disruption etc etc , do not ) and who have increased their presence, through Myford and now Proxxon equipment , many appear to have taken stands of reduced size ,possibly to reduce costs . The aerospace guy for instance , in my mind had a significantly smaller stand than he normally has , and compared to his stand at Doncaster ,which last time must have been upwards of ten times larger than at Alexandra Palace , would suggest costs continue to increase . He does some very good prices for really good products , I hope we don’t lose him , nor for that matter the likes of JB , Greenwood , Tracy , DRO , and others , the people who we should support in return for them keeping the shows going ! .

I purchased lots of bits , many of which were extra to the list I went with , spoke to many exhibitors, saw some great models and products and eventually got home mid evening tired but having enjoyed myself no end. It was a most enjoyable day , thanks to those who organised it , who exhibited and who got me there and back Safely.

Thread: rolling brass strip in the lathe
15/01/2020 22:31:15

In May last year , I needed to roll some “T” section brass to support the roof of a loco cab.

Not wishing to purchase gear specifically for the job , I made a set up similar to that detailed by Jason , and it worked very well indeed .

As will be seen , a roller with a groove in it was mounted in the milling machine spindle , and a number of roller bearings mounted on the table , slowest speed and reverse at each end .



Thread: Brass sheet
05/11/2019 22:16:10
Posted by John Hilton on 05/11/2019 09:35:30:

Just to update this post.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions.

Eventually I went with John Keatley metals. (Thanks D A Godley).

Well recommended, and they even answer the phone!


John ;

So very pleased you found what you required and that they saved you a few pence , it always helps . I had absolutely no doubt that they would be able to satisfy you .

regards ,


24/10/2019 15:32:46

I am sure you will find what you require if you talk to ; John Keatley (Metals ) Ltd , Shadwell St , Birmingham ,

B4 6HD 0121 236 4300. .

I have no connection other than that of a satisfied customer .

21/10/2019 20:12:05

Neil , I quite understand you defending , what apparently is a major advertiser , and with the MMEE being organised by a competitor of the magazines , and thus the forum , to be expected , however , to claim that Arc took massive bits of kit to the shows , does not ring true with me .

At the shows where I met and talked with Ketan, I found him pleasant and knowledgeable, I have absolutely nothing against him personally, but I don’t agree with his absence at the shows ,the very place he gained such standing from, begining with just a couple of tables , and my beef is not just Arc but all others who rely on other traders to stimulate interest , from which the absentee benefits .

Your argument about cost , disturbance etc etc , holds no weight , since those who do attend have just the same , or proportional effects to contend with, yet manage to overcome these . The service levels of most of the recognised suppliers is equivalent, none significantly better or worse than the rest , and it would be misleading to suggest otherwise , and lastly, their prices are comparable.

Whats at risk here is the future of Exhibitions, and as Martin Perman says , the presence of the major players, who those attending can meet and discuss past , present and future issues with in addition to buying items .

Tracy Tools have a vast range of goods , but they don’t bring them all ! , they bring what they know their customers will want to buy at the show , who will then go home and order more at a later date . It really is about being there , keeping in touch , helping to keep our pleasure in going to a show a few times a year , alive , and that’s why I say we should make every effort to support this type of trader by making our purchases with them , and not those who can’t be bothered, whoever they are .

20/10/2019 15:28:15

Jason ;

Moan , Me moan ? But thank you for pointing out the subliminal influence on purchasing , brought about by Arcs involvement with the forum , however , I really do think that it’s too much to claim that the forum might fold should they not continue to take advertising space , Nor do I consider it necessary for them to increase prices in order to be present at the Shows , and the suggestion that disturbance , logistics , etc , cause them , and not just them , such financial discomfort that it’s impossible to attend, seems a bit weak when you consider Tracy’s situation , or RDG , who I believe also have interests to satisfy outside of the modelling fraternity.

Rather than shrink away , this year , RDG actually increased their stand area by introducing their proxxon range . I have no connection with RDG , or any of the others , but I respect them for attending shows with goods relevant to my needs .

Circlip : sorry but I would have to pay with the old silver threepenny piece , I have already ditched my euros , by the way , What is CNC ? 🧐.

19/10/2019 20:26:25

Like many who have posted above , I really enjoyed this years Exhibition, which was contra to my expectations.

Due to an accident I had suffered a fortnight ago ,I travelled by Train to Leamington and used the shuttle bus to the show ground , it worked well and I was overly pleased that my OAP travel concession gave me a free ride , with the exception of the shuttle bus . I arrived at 11:30 and was astounded at how many cars were on the parking field , I can’t remember the last time , in many years , that I have seen it so full .

What really struck me is the rate at which we are loosing our regular and high quality traders , yes replacements of a sort are turning up , but they don’t hold a candle in many ways , to those we have lost .

I feel that we should , in fact aught to , support the hardcore traders, who essentially keep these shows on the go , particularly the likes of RDG , CUP , Chester , JB cutting College , Noggin ,Polly ,etc . We should , in my view support them with our business , as they support our show , Yes they are a business , but they are businesses that show the integrity to not turn their back on us for the sake of cost savings or profits .

Arc May write nice words , but having used the shows ,starting at Donnington , to establish themselves with us , shew nothing but contempt by expecting continued business from us while not being there for us at Exhibitions, this now goes for the likes of Chronos , Warco , EKP and several others .

i purchase as much as I can from businesses that support our Model Engineering Exhibitions , and only when they can’t supply me with what I want , i buy from other sources , and finally from those who have turned their Back on us , but that is a last resort move .

As far as the content of the show goes , I thought it was very good , in terms of the range , the quality and the chance to get up close if you needed . Like minded ,stand minders , were a mine of information and also a good chat , which increased the days pleasure and filled the odd moment or two , it was a surprisingly good day , and I look forward to the next show , London , I think ? .

Thread: centec 2a halfnuts
26/03/2019 16:37:17



John ,

Is this of interest ? I believe it’s from a 2a , it is certainly not from my 2b .




Edited By D.A.G. on 26/03/2019 16:58:41

Edited By D.A.G. on 26/03/2019 17:00:18

Edited By D.A.G. on 26/03/2019 17:02:35

Thread: Thick walled copper tube
11/02/2019 22:18:33

Would suggest you try John Keatley Metals Ltd , Birmingham, 0121 236 4300

They are most helpful , and I am sure will be able to supply this .

Thread: Woes of My Digimatic
13/01/2019 22:37:29

Simon ,

Some while ago , I had exactly the same experience with my 10+ year old Mitutoyo , which was most upsetting, I removed the battery and consigned it to a vacant spot on a shelf , resorting to using a cheapo in its place .

Always wanting to have the Mitutoyo back in service I considered sending it away for an overhaul, however , to my surprise some months later , when I got it out and put new batteries in , it functioned perfectly , and has done for almost a year now .

Hang on to it for a while , give it a rest having removed the battery, hopefully yours also will rejuvenate itself as did mine . I do hope so .

Thread: Oxy propane guidance
25/12/2018 17:28:11

As stated in my opening post , I am looking for advice, from those with experience, in the set up and use of OXY-PROPANE . Not ACETYLENE, NOR MIG , TIG , or any other method , Nor , as I stated , to do any cutting with the set up .

I most certainly do not wish to be rude or ungrateful , and I am extremely aware that those contributing have been most helpful and have given good guidance in other threads , but please , could we stick to the purpose of this thread and restrict it to Oxy Propane equipment and its use for Silver Soldering and brazing of boilers etc up to 1/8 “ thick by about 16” long .

Dave : so far as judging gas flow and mix , I am sure , given time with the new set up , I will be able to select the pressures necessary, however , initially, I am sure that gauges of the suitable kind will put me in the right place to make such adjustments . I am fine with pure propane , but I have no knowledge of Oxy Propane , and whilst there is a plethora of advice for Oxy Acetylene, not so for the detail for Oxy Propane kit , unless you just want to buy an assembled kit at a greater cost than I am comfortable with .

Regards and have great Christmas Day ,

David .

24/12/2018 19:59:36

Posted by Martin Johnson 1 on 24/12/2018 16:22:14:

I have just been to the workshop to check and Brian has reported pretty much what I found. My Oxy propane set up is as follows:

HobbyWeld cylinder supplying a 2 stage regulator with up to 6.3 Bar outlet.

Martin, thanks for your response , and for taking time to go and check your equipment.

I understand that a 2 Stage Oxygen regulator gives a much finer control of the oxygen supply than the single stage one , do you have any experience of the different types ? . Looking at some of the articles on the web , it appears that the rate of Oxygen flow to propane is between 150% to 200% , do you concur with this , or in practice do you find its different , or is it all dependent on the work being done .

In my album you will see the Sievert propane regulator which I currently have . In your opinion , is it worth changing this for one with gauges , bearing in mind it was quite expensive new and has a hose fail device incorporated in it .

As you mentioned , flame arrest units are desirable and I will fit these to my kit when I get it together.

I do appreciate you , as an experienced user of this type of equipment, proffering your assistance, it’s just what I need .

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