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Thread: The bomb in the workshop
24/01/2021 08:09:59

A friend at my club sent out the following YouTube links as a 'head's-up' to all members.

*Air Compressor Warning*

*His View on What Went Wrong*

My compressor doesn't get a lot of use - mostly for a monthly car tyre pressure check, but it got me worried 'cos I haven't drained it for several years. I lowered the pressure to about 5psi and opened the drain plug - nothing came out! I removed the drain plug and managed to clean out some gooey stuff from it - rather like black poster paint. But still nothing came out of the tank. I then started to poke around the plug opening with a short bit of stiff wire and eventually some rusty coloured water came out. Not much, about 100ml I suppose. I've replaced the drain plug but haven't filled the tank yet.

What do you think?

Thread: Creating your own scale drawings
21/01/2021 11:00:10
Posted by JasonB on 21/01/2021 07:26:25:

I have recently started to use the "Trace" function in Alibre which allows you to import an image which could be a scanned drawing or photo and you can then draw your part over the top Have a look at this thread where I showed it in use, F360 may have similarI

Yes, Fusion 360 has a similar facility called Insert Canvas, which allows you to insert an image (scan, photo, whatever) onto any plane of your choice. The visibility of the image can be varied from almost transparent to fully opaque and can be switched on and off at will. It's size can be calibrated by specifying the actual length between any two chosen points on the image.

Thread: Gloves and machine tools - my stupidity.
10/01/2021 11:05:25

I have a friend who likes to fly a fairly large kite. He is usually accompanied by another friend because it's hard to control such a large kite alone, but on one occasion he decided to fly it alone. With the cord looped around the end of his thumb he had a happy time until a strong gust of wind gave a hefty tug on the cord - and cut the end of his thumb right off.

Thread: A not-so-new Pendulum formula
09/01/2021 07:56:02


Thread: Parting-off Tools for Small Lathe
17/12/2020 09:15:34


In my opinion, the Chipbreaker blade, as in my previous post, is superior to the usual flat topped blade.

16/12/2020 15:01:41

I use This Chronos Parting Tool in preference to the tipped type that I used to use. It has a groove along the top and works really well.

Thread: Useful MEW Table
08/12/2020 19:52:14
Posted by Georgineer on 08/12/2020 12:57:33:

Twenty-odd posts later and we have an impressive array of answers to questions that Michael didn't ask. Unfortunately I haven't got the chart he's looking for, so I can't put him out of his misery. Can't anybody help him?

George B.

We might have a fighting chance if we knew what the chart looked like.

08/12/2020 10:43:07
Posted by Michael Belfer on 08/12/2020 03:36:37:

This useful chart was an inclusion with MEW ( dont know when because it bears no date, but it has been a while because it bears a Nexus Specilist Publication logo, so it pre-dates MTM)

What useful chart? I don't see any chart at all. Can you post a picture?

Thread: Uses for useless things
05/12/2020 11:36:26

I once heard about a person who had a cardboard box labelled "Pieces of string too short to be of any use"

Thread: Tap and Die Puzzle
30/11/2020 12:18:48
Posted by Oily Rag on 30/11/2020 11:19:01:

Ahh! The beauty of metrication - it allows everone to have their own standard!

Check out P.A. Sidders "Guide to World Screw Threads" originally published as "Machinery Screw Thread Book" in the UK before being published by Industrial Press Inc. in the USA - it lists something in the order of 14 different variants of M6 for instance!

The great thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from.

Thread: Centre Finding Round Bar with Edge Finder - Big Deal?
30/11/2020 12:14:31

I always use an edgefinder to centrefind a cylinder but, mindful of the possible problem of spindle rotation having a lopsided effect on the moment the indicator 'fliicks', I always do it twice. I first determine the Y-axis centre by-eye and then get a first X-axis centre with the edgefinder. I then use this X-axis centre to get the initial Y-axis centre, and then use that position to get a possibly better X-axis centre, and then repeat to get the better Y-axis centre.

Even if it doesn't actually get a better result, it allows me to think it does.

Thread: Supporting Wikipedia
21/11/2020 12:05:35

I too make a small donation each year and consider it well spent.

Thread: Strange Word...
15/11/2020 12:06:49

Have you noticed that pgk pgk's puzzle sentence can be extended by 4 more hads to read

James, while John had had "had had", had had "had had had had"; "had had had had" had had a better effect on the teacher.

Thread: Plans for updating the archaic forum?
11/11/2020 09:11:08

I'm pretty satisfied with the way it is, but would like to be able to upload PDFs as well as JPGs.

Thread: SDS. What is it?
07/11/2020 13:10:32

Years ago I needed to install secondary double glazing on a large picture window.Since I had a powerful Bosch hammer drill I didn't expect any problems in drilling 30 odd holes in quarry tiles and concrete. Was I wrong! After spending more than 5 minutes on the first hole I decided to see what the local hire-shop could offer. They showed me a Bosch SDS drill, which looked exactly like my hammer drill with a strange chuck. They told me to try it and, if it didn't do the job, they would refund my money.

It did the job. It was like chalk and cheese. It was so easy. I was so impressed I bought one for myself and never regretted it. At one time I had to make a hole into concrete, holding the drill in one hand, at arm's length, with the drill at right angles to my arm, whilst standing on a ladder. Try that with a hammer drill.

Thread: Bending metal
22/10/2020 11:00:42
Posted by Paul Lousick on 21/10/2020 23:45:12:

Some of the better 3D CAD systems (I use Solidworks) have a sheet metal function that calculates the position of the bend line of the metal sheet in the flat position prior to bending.

Edited By Paul Lousick on 21/10/2020 23:49:10

Fusion 360 (even the personal version) has a very powerful sheet metal facility.

22/10/2020 10:57:32
Posted by Paul Lousick on 21/10/2020 23:45:12:

Some of the better 3D CAD systems (I use Solidworks) have a sheet metal function that calculates the position of the bend line of the metal sheet in the flat position prior to bending.

Edited By Paul Lousick on 21/10/2020 23:49:10

Fusion 360 (even the personal version) has a very powerful sheet metal facility.

Thread: TurboCAD Layers & Dimensions - Help Please
22/10/2020 10:02:58

If you select one or more dimensions that you have already drawn and then right-click and choose properties, the properties you choose will be applied to those particular dimension, but no others. They will not affect any new dimensions you draw. On the other hand, if you choose a particular dimension tool and right-click and choose properties before actually drawing a dimension, the properties you choose will be applied to all new dimensions you draw with that particular tool.

Properties of layers work in a slightly hidden manner. If you set a layer property to red and dashed line, say, and then choose the line tool and select a particular layer, the layer properties will only take effect if the required properties of the line tool are set to By layer. Just to confuse the issue, sometimes it's denoted as the words By Layer, and sometimes it's denoted by a little symbol that looks a little bit like 3 little sheets of paper one above the other. If you change the properties of a layer, the changes will affect everything that has been drawn with the properties of that layer.

For example. I've set up a layer called Dims, with a colour of blue. I've set all my dimension tools (diameter, angle, orthogonal) etc. to have line style and colour to be by layer. Then, when I want to insert a dimension, I select the Dims layer, choose the appropriate dimension tool, draw the required dimension and it comes out blue. If I change my mind later, and want all my dimensions to be red, then I just change the colour of the dims layer and all existing and new dimensions will become red.

I should mention that I'm using Tcad Pro Plat V21, but I don't think that that makes any difference.

17/10/2020 12:36:52

To pre-set a dimension property just select the dimension tool whose properties you want to set, then right-click and choose Properties. Don't draw a dimension at that time. You can then choose the property you want to set, eg. Pen to set line type/width/colour, Format to set text size and font, arrow size and colour. Etc. After you press OK, that particular dimension type will have those properties until you change them.

For Layers, bring up the Layer window which lists all the layers you have created, then choose the properties you want each layer to have. When you create a layer, just set the properties you want it to have.

When you want to draw something, eg. a line, select the line tool than choose the layer name in the little window near the top of the screen (if you haven't chosen a layer before then it will be 0 (layer 0)). You can choose the colour, line style, or set them to 'by layer' which will pick up the settings for the layer you've chosen.

Thread: Tanking slurry
15/10/2020 17:20:51

I installed a chemical injection damp course about 30 years ago. Two holes halfway into each external long brick, record the time to saturation, then drill right through and halfway through the internal brick for the same length of time. Trouble was that the old Leamington bricks were very variable, with some saturating in about 20 secs, and some taking more than 5 mins. All except the wall that is now giving me problems were accessible via the old original cellars, so I lifted the floorboards of the room that is now above the workshop, and injected from inside. That's when I realized I could walk around in the void, and so decided to cut a doorway to gain access. 10 years later I did just that. I removed the earth floor, which was deeper than expected and, since there was no proper brick floor as per the old cellars, laid a membrane and poured a 6" thick concrete floor. I then repointed all the walls and applied the cellar paint. I wish I'd known about tanking slurry then, 'cos it's a big job to move the mill, work benches and and storage cupboards now.

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