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Thread: Eletronic Prescriptions
27/11/2021 22:50:32

If I send a request for a repeat prescription and it takes 5 working days exluding weekends, to get to the surgery, we don't have the pleasure of it being posted directly to us.

So I put in a request for medication first thing in the morning, write at the bottom " paper prescription please" pick it up in the afternoon, jump on a bus to town, Lloyds takes less than 10 minutes to process, walk off down the high street to my favourite cafe' and have a decafe coffee and a giant slice of chocolate cake, yummy, time taken 2.5 hours, free bus pass only costs are a fiver for cake and coffee, What a wonderful world we live in.

Thread: Motorcycle General Discussion
29/12/2020 16:35:18

The Honda 750F2 that replaced the commando which no one in Edinburgh or Glasgow wanted took me to West Berlin in the winter of 1975 travelling through East Germany, other UK personal were forced to use the train to take their bikes. West Berlin was an amazing 'bikers' world, big Germans on small 50cc Italian motorbikes were a sight to seen.

The Honda was driven all year round and went on to do 120,000 with only tyres, oil filters and plugs replaced, I must admit that one thing did go wrong, the gear indication switch that screwed into bottom of the gear box needed to be replaced, cost about £10 and one socket and no more neutrals at 100 down the autobahn. It ended up with a Rickman full fairing and a set of their panniers.

One night in Richmond we went through a rotten farm gate into a very boggy field, hit a pheasant at 70+mph and it still started first thing in the winter after standing outside all night.

Edgar Brothers sold me a 'topper' which took me thousands of happy miles the Honda was sold and I started long association with shaft drive Yamaha's, even their 650 Turbo that used to take us to the Alps from Scotland.

Age catches up and todays traffic could ruin a life long love of motorbike so I gave them up.

I once drove over Blackmount on my XS850 on a freezing January morning, coming towards me the police 4x4 waved so waved back, later I was asked why I didn't stop! would you stop on rutted Frozen snow.

5 Yamaha and the only fault with any of them was the bolt on the end of the gearbox main shaft, it sheared on the way to a 24 hour meeting in the South of France, I discovered that leaning the bike to the right the bolt head and washer moved out of the way of the gear selector, it took us back home over two Alpine passes and Yamaha UK gave me a new bolt a workshop manual and wished me the best of luck fixing it, the broke piece of the bolt screwed out by finger, new bolt installed and bike back on the road in less than two hours. Fault Japanese, No, fault NVT certainly, a name doesn't mean the goods are superior in anyway, 45 years on and with modern material the Norton Commando MK3 Interstate would be an amazing bike, the acceleration was amazing, it handled really well, it was nice to ride, but the taxi driver sitting along side me at the traffic lights on Lothian road couldn't stop laughing, pointing at the engine he waved his hand up and down. I got off the Honda and walked across to a motor cycle police rider to ask him about his Norton rotary, "what's the Norton like?" with a growl he told me to * off. Says it all.

28/12/2020 20:06:53

Glad to see that the Norton Commando MK3 interstate is alive and kicking, I purchased one of the first one's from Ernie Page In Edinburgh, it epitomised all that was wrong with British motorcycles, they promised no more oil leaks or exhaust pipes coming loose, disc brakes, electric starter (Prestolite), cost me around £1300 and two weeks later they reduced it to £1100!

But what they didn't tell me was don't ride it!

Delivered by NVT van with two mechanics, factory prepared ready to ride. Throttle cable too short, the first left hand turn was interesting.120 miles to show 'mum' my new bike, as if she really wanted to see it but that's mums and motorbikes. The 'fixed' exhaust clamps came loose, lump of wood at side of the road tighten them, on the way back it started miss firing, Victor Devine and a new plug sorted it.  In the cold mornings the Prestolite starter was a joke it need the kick starter for assistance!  Fixed rev cable? too short and covered right boot with oil. Discs were chromed, in the wet????? but sorted themselves when the chrome started to flake. Fork lowers were porus and to cap it all the right exhaust spring took a permanent set two weeks after the 6 month warranty expired (Japanese sourced) "on ya bike" I paid for the parts and Ernie fixed it, 7 months old it was sold to Edgar Brothers, Leith walk in exchange for a Honda 750F2, Road it to Berlin three weeks later, 120,000 miles it still started like new, when sold it had no oil leaks and no problems. The other day I saw  Commando MK£ interstate  for sale nearly £13000.,


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Thread: Windows 10 latest offering
27/11/2020 21:21:44

My wife never got on with windows or with Microsoft Office which she uses or her work so I installed Ubuntu on a Dell Inspirion 1525, £70 used off Ebay, with an Intel Pentium Dual-Core cpu, 350GB hard drive and 16gb ram. She now uses LibreOffice which is compatible with Office 365 for what she wants and Thunderbird mail, along with Firefox browser and best of all doesn't shout at it! The small HP notebook went to one of our sons. Linux has a program called Wine that you can run some windows programs but is very limited.

As for the 32gb emmc storage on these small notebooks! the manufacturers knew that Microsoft windows 10 operating system was coming close to 30GB, install a couple of 'apps' and windows update then cripples the notebook by constantly looking for space.

A way around it is an external SSD hard drive, you can have windows operating system on the machines 32GB drive but move the program files, documents, photo etc. onto the external drive. There are many sites telling you how move the files.

Windows latest update has also killed my HP laptop's webcam, card reader and sound, took me ages to get the first two to work but the sound has so far eluded my efforts. Microsoft? useless, reinstall the operating system, then any programs you have installed yourself. Who needs sounds anyway.

Thread: Non-renewable energy
27/11/2020 20:26:49

Biggest danger to life on this planet, all life, is human population growth, India is coming close to having a population the size of China's and both need to be fed.

China is now the biggest buyer of American corn and has been allowed to up the amount it is buying this year which will have a knock on effect on world food prices.

Have you noticed how small wagon wheels have become.

Thread: High Temperature Air Source Heat Pumps for Domestic Heating
09/10/2020 15:41:49

We've had a Nibe f2015 for 9 years, it was installed in two days, outside unit, piping, eight radiators and controls, 250lter tank, warms the house, costs around a grand a year, we use calor for cooking, one large bottle a year.

The COP was stated as 2.5 but they reduced that and I think they now claim its around 1.5/2.

Heats the house, but we have never used the two immersion heaters, 5 degrees and below they kick in and turn the heating system into a very expensive hot water system.

Had no problems at all, it's a bit noisy and huge, produces hot water at around 55 degrees, the new ones are smaller, quieter and some produce water at around 80 degrees some it's claimed down to -6 degrees.

The house has exterior insulation which helps a lot in the winter but does have a down side, it keeps the house cool in the summer, sometimes too cool.

Recommend it yes, the annual service/insurance is quick and cheap as well.

Thread: Aircraft General Discussion
01/08/2020 23:40:11

The Antonov-225 Mriya is heading for Prestwick, landing around 2.30pm and leaving at 4.30pm.

Thread: cutting upholstery foam
01/08/2020 22:51:01

I worked for years as an upholsterer/ furniture restorer/ part time fisherman and radio controlled aircraft flyer, just two of us.

We cut foam of all sizes with a Russell Hobbs electric carving knife and a 14 inch long thin butchers carving knife, one that was used for slicing cooked meat.

To do what you want to do we would cut all around the block with the electric knife and then reach in to finish cutting with the long knife.

We tried using an hot wire but found it quicker for us using the knives.

If the sun was shining and the mates wife was out working we stopped work and went flying or fishing, great life.

Thread: Brush motor repair
14/06/2020 14:08:51

You now know why Mr Dyson is a billionaire.

I have in my shed a vax multicleaner still going strong and all original, one of the very first models it doesn't seem to mind what it suck up, oily swarf, loads of sawdust even sucked up the sand that my neighbours young children filled a drain up with, since that first one we have had two more of them , the second one lasted just over 5 years and was used nearly every day, we have always had really hairy dogs! the second one's motor started crackling and smoking, so we are now onto our third one, two weeks old and cost just £129 delivered, less than the first one all those years ago.

In between the first and second we tried dyson, a smaller Vax, Electrolux and hoover, all professing to deal with pet hairs but none have the capacity of the Vax.

Thread: Childhood diseases
26/05/2019 22:43:32

I had measles along with my brorthers and sisters when I was about 6. Years later when I was in my late twenties and in the army I set off to see my mother one Friday lunch time, feeling a bit rough I stopped in Southwaite motorway services and ordered a meal I sat down and work up nearly two hours later with a young lady tapping my shoulder asking if I was okay, feeling a lot better I said she went and got me a coffee.

Arriving home in the late afternoon I was still feeling rough so went off to my bed and was left sleeping till the following evening, nothing unusual for my frantic army lifestyle.

Monday arrived still feeling rough and now with a rash so I rang my bararcks to tell them I was ill and off to see a doc. Visit to my doctor and a quick examination and he smiled. ever had measles? yes, well you have measles again.

Rang the Barracks, told them I had measles and got the curt reply, don't come near us for a fortnight.

Later when we had our first boy and were invited to take him for his MMR jab my wife asked the doctor is he would sign a letter saying he would accept all responsibility for any after effects. Certainly not madam.

None of our children, four in all, had the 'jab' and all are now adults and flown the nest, they never have colds or flu and live very healthy lives.

Should we vaccinate away our future immunity? Questionable. the overuse of antibiotics has shown that we human don't always get it right.

Thread: Recommendations for rust prevention?
25/08/2018 21:10:07

Large wooden shed, no insulation, 5 litres of wd40, no rust, no mess. Giant spiders though.

Thread: Beware the dreaded GOUT
15/07/2018 22:41:36

So we were talking about my big toe and it's gout and younger brother said it was crystals forming in joint so a quick smack with a rubber mallet and hey presto two years on no gout, do I recommend it NO it hurt.

Thread: Hot rail tracks
27/06/2018 23:02:20

With the state of our railways today it could only be the sun that makes our rails hot nothing moves fast enough to generate heat.

Thread: 'What LatheXXXXX sorry 3D Printer should I buy'
12/06/2018 09:04:01

Take a look at Gina's blog on 3d printing in Stargazers lounge, fascinating stuff.


Thread: Clean hands?
28/05/2018 18:49:23


When I started working for a local newspaper we used a hand cleaner that had some sort of abrasive in it, always remember it as my first few weeks working there gave me sore hands.

Thread: Another what's this?
09/05/2018 21:07:23
Posted by duncan webster on 09/05/2018 19:11:27:
Posted by Bill Pudney on 09/05/2018 03:43:53:

I used to ride motorcycles. One time I was approaching the outskirts of Southampton, doing about 60/70mph. As it was late Spring, early Summer I had the collar of my jacket undone. Suddenly I heard a whirr, saw something about 40mm long (ish, it happened VERY quickly!!) and it hit my adams apple. I thought I was going to die, the shock and pain was something else. Pulled over to the side of the road and tried to get my breath back, which took about 5 minutes. After some thought and talking about it with friends, I came to the conclusion that I had collided with a Maybug. From then on I wore a scarf to seal the gap between jacket and helmet, even in Australia when it was over 40 degrees!!



I got a hornet on my top lip whilst going quite quickly down a French Autoroute, now that did hurt. Swelled up spectacularly, but didn't last long.

I drove the mates Lambretta Li 200 to Glencoe for a weekend's climbing as he only had a provisional. Flying up Loch Lomondside I spotted something black heading for my head and ducked, a blackbird hit the mate in the throat and he didn't speak again to me all weekend, bliss, he was none the worse for my ducking though.

Thread: Department of Work and Pensions
20/04/2018 21:01:08

Just think of all those people that you are keeping in gainful employment by reaching 80.

Thread: Bennie Railplane
13/04/2018 13:57:52

The sewing machine has always amazed me, ever since I watched my mother using one to latter in life actually using one. Dangerous as well, especially when you put the needle through you finger nail.

Singer Sewing Machine Co. Ltd, Clydebank




13/04/2018 13:49:07

National Library of Scotland, 20 minute video.


Thread: Wind turbines get bigger and bigger
03/04/2018 20:18:10

Generating energy from turbines relies on our carbon based industries, can anyone point to any turbine that has been planted around or on the British Isles that hasn't relied on the massive amounts of carbon based energy from planning to commissioning?

Then comes decommissioning, who pays the consumer and taxpayer.

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