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Thread: XD351
23/06/2019 07:24:46

Carbatec located at Auburn NSW IF they have stock don't go off their website nor phoning to see if in stock tried this 3 times went to pick items up and grrrrrrrrrrrrr watse of time.

You might be lucky in Penrith Gasweld store or Total tools also.

Still stop for a while at McJings

23/06/2019 07:05:18

Trend Timbers is a wonderous place full of exotic timbers and machines to work with such. Adrian Clark owner and Sam his better half as well as Andrew will look after you well. They open early close early.

McJings IS an Aldins cave parking is best round the back between pub and back of shop. Trun left at lights right into lane it is one way. Max and Jane are both very knowledgable engineers. You will spend more time there than you think being they have Machenist wears as well as woodwork. Don't be afraid to ask if you can't find what you are after.

23/06/2019 06:44:05

Damn I just checked H&F site and not there may have been a sale buy in some time back I recall them from. I did get mine at Trend.
McJings site has them listed

22/06/2019 23:40:26

Hi XD351
Ian Welford sent me pm saying you are looking for Forstner Bits in Penrith try Trend Timbers at Mulgrave near Windsor, OR Carbetc or Hare & Forbes further afeild is McJings at Yagoona.

Hope this helps.

Thread: What Did You Do Today 2019
22/06/2019 09:04:15

Mate who's into Blacksmith asked me to make some new handles for his selection of scored hammer heads.
His request was for handles to suit each head and his large hands typical handles fly across the floor as they are often to small.


Thread: mini overhead drive - opinions please
12/03/2019 02:05:10
Posted by Ady1 on 15/10/2012 00:48:04:

I've been goofing about and working most of the weekend but done a couple of things, getting bits and bobs

It's going to take a while

I've found a couple of rare photos of a proper Drummond setup

Getting the detail of these old units can give you ideas of your own

I know its an old thread/post but love the set up great work. How's it going? What have you used it for?

Thread: What Did You Do Today 2019
03/03/2019 02:22:38

Not today but a few months ago joined up with a local group QMAC

Effectively blacksmiths lots of knife makers with some more traditional fellows as well. I've done some very basic smithing as well as what i did during my apprenticeship days, making bin doors springs, bumper bars for buses 7 coaches. Yet to throw a hammer shoulder injury playing up effecting me a lot..

Just held a 2 day knife show which was brilliant to see the artistry some guys n gals go to.

Thread: Digital Subscriptions
03/03/2019 02:15:01
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 02/03/2019 21:28:37:
Posted by Paul Lousick on 28/02/2019 08:36:48:

We are supposed to be able to read Pocketmags while offline but I cannot find instructions on how to do it.


From Pocketmags FAQs:

By the way, anyone with a current digital subscription can view and print their subscription copies using pocketmags.


Is that a page by page or full magazine print?

I to have been having digital app woes AGAIN, crashing on starting, slow to load in Pocketmags, slow to locate in Pocketmags, then yep slow to load the mags I have in My Library. No matter if its on PC or tablet. When the crash box lol not synchro obviously gives me option to notify I type "Fix the bloody thing".

Now from what i have been informed in the past all 3 app's ME, MEW & P/Mags are all the same utter BS as they run sepperate and Pocketmags is full of add's for other mags on font page. Ok so background etc is/maybe. So if Pocketmags reader can read all magazine why can't we have one reader app for ME & MEW of the other verity?

On top of this my snail mail mags have all come within 2 weeks 4 ME and 2 MEW yep can blame local post, international post even distributors will never now for sure who's fault it is.


Thread: Ingenious Device
19/12/2018 11:29:14

The guy who designed it should have also installed cans of glue spray so the glitter stuck everywhere it landed.

Thread: More App Issues
31/08/2018 22:15:30

Thanks all for you input.

Neil thanks that was my next move.

Jason you once told me I could click the right corner of each magazine to download it and a number of them at a time, well during my download mania to retrieve them I tried that. At first hey all 4 at a time showed some form of download that soon came to a less than snails pace. I had to reduce it to 2 at a time and then single.

31/08/2018 09:16:18

After just having emailed all concerned that a recent App update for all 3 readers went through without having to delete and then install from scratch.

Within a few days I went in to download and browse/read the latest issue of ME. No sooner did the app open up and on my Tablet and I get it opening the "Download latest App" but must uninstall first. In months gone by this has uninstalled every issue.

Is anyone else having this problem?

Just to make it clear I did not Uninstall and reload the new update as i had just spent 3 days downloading both ME & MEW for all my subscriptions yet again. ME is well over 3.5gig worth thats just 2 years worth.

Thread: Jig Borer
15/08/2018 06:19:35
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 04/08/2018 13:40:31:
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 04/08/2018 12:09:17:

Nice machine, but that's some serious chuck abuse!


Kinda goes with the innovative modification to the main spindle arrangement.

... looks like all the important bits are there though; so hopefully, Raymond can restore it to something like its former glory.


Thanks Michael. I hope to and with some assistance from an neighbour who's ex-machinist from Port Kembla who's eyes opened wide when I showed him it. Then when i asked if he'd be prepared to assist in it's restoration they opened even wider I took it as a yes LOL.

I had a scar when I was running it as smoke emitted from the motor seems it was over oiled as it has two oil cups 2nd start a few days latter no smoke thank goodness.

It now sits out of the way where temptation isn't so strong to make a start, I have a number of woodworking commission jobs to complete first as well as a few "Get er Done" things.

I will have to contact Tony from as I can not find any other material manuals etc on the machines.


Thread: What Is The Most Beautiful 'Thing' In The World?
09/08/2018 11:28:38
Posted by Ian Welford on 05/08/2018 20:08:29:

the birth of both my sons.

Followed very closely by the pure , trusting gaze of my faithful dog.

The view from the White Horse above Thirsk on summers morning through the mist takes some beating too.


Why nothing about the wife ??

Thread: Jig Borer
03/08/2018 23:19:49

As of Friday the Jig Borer is in it new home rushed out to buy a new cabinet trolley earlier in the week that came with drama as they didn't have at the firsts store what I was after other than one which had parts missing. So opted for one with doors not draws. On opening that up foud the carton had been dropped and to many panels damaged so it went back. Sourced another store and found the one with draws, all bits n pieces (ow you got the song going through your head too) are stored handy to the machine.

The additional tools and tooling which can also be used on the ML7 much of it needs a good clean up and surface rust removed.











03/08/2018 23:10:44
Posted by Mark Rand on 09/05/2018 22:46:48:
Posted by Raymond Sanderson 2 on 22/04/2018 05:00:31:

Mark do you have any manual etc?

I've only got some 'recent' advertising stuff that relates to the BCA MkIII. But Tony's website has some more information, plus manuals.

Mark sorry only just saw this reply thanks I've seen the links on Tony's site. Did you buy the manual's etc?


Thread: And no-one noticed...
25/07/2018 00:32:20

So what you are saying Neil prior that under Chrome the forum wasn't secure but was elsewhere?? Gone the days of just creating a web page and it would work across all browsers then again they were the days we only had Microsoft & Netscape.

Thread: No Archive Access
14/07/2018 23:46:47
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 14/07/2018 17:20:41:
Posted by Raymond Sanderson 2 on 14/07/2018 03:31:35:

I freaked out when I saw my daughter down in Sydney is getting 1000mbps and she's in a rural area I wish is all i can say. In the whole are top speed here is 100mbps and were are a city with in 40 mins of Brisbane.

OK, no more sympathy from me.

I have to cope with 2.7 MB/Sclipboard02.jpg

Sorry Neil I didn' t know i was getting sympathy at all LOL

this mornings speed test as being on ADSL2 its far slower than what the new NBN will be.

14/07/2018 03:31:35
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 13/07/2018 12:29:59:
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 13/07/2018 11:33:24:


If it works under edge and not Firefox, I think we can safely assume it's a setting somewhere in Firefox causing the issue.


Not quite a safe assumption, I think it's more likely the Firefox cache is corrupt than a user setting is misconfigured. (Apologies if you meant 'setting' in the broadest sense, which would include cached system settings.)

Four possibilities:

  • the browser itself is responsible (very unlikely);
  • a browser configuration setting is wrong (unlikely);
  • the browsers cache of remembered working parameters, cookies etc, is corrupt, accidentally or by malware (possible);
  • or it's something completely different, like a Router fault, (also possible).

Edge, Chrome and Firefox etc. each have their own cache so using a different Browser also uses a different configuration and memory. Depending on the cause, especially if malware is the root, they may become corrupted too.

One example how a bad cache causes this sort of problem. When a Browser connects to a server it sends a mass of information about the client, like the browser name, operating system, available plugins and versions thereof. The server uses the information to adapt web pages to the user device, which could be a Mac, or a SmartPhone, or a PC. Either the server or the client can bail out when an inconsistency is found, or results are undefined. (In computer-speak an 'undefined result' can be anything between apparently normal operation and a crash - all bets are off.)

Frequently used information is often cached to improve performance. It can be remembered between sessions and reboots. If an upgrade is applied and the cache isn't updated correctly, then the resulting mismatch between client and server is liable to cause peculiar errors. Completely emptying the cache forces the Browser to repopulate it from scratch, with luck fixing the weirdness. In the other thread I provided a link to a site explaining how to clear Firefox's cache. It's worth trying. As is powering off the router for at least 20 minutes, which should force it to refresh as well.

Raymond has hinted he may not have a fast Internet Service with no-download limit. As I know to my cost upgrades that misfire due to network problems cause havoc.


Dave all cache are set to clear out on shut down and I had done a full clear out not long ago myself. This leads me to consider if the cach has been cleared at my end the serve is not then recognising what it needs to? Or the updates of all and sundry have caused a hick up as so often happens in one week Microsoft, Firefox, Adobe Reader (Not Flash) a couple of other products.

Thanks Dave re browser cache.

One thing I have considered in all this is in our area atm is the instal of whats known here as NBN the latest greatest, fast internet cabeling RRFLMAO. This is to the Node I am furthest house away still using copper not fibre optic and still on ADSL2. Those who do have NBN are complaining about drop outs, speed as slow as snails race and more.

Dave the fact server cache also become corrupt I have found in the past also causes major problem anything from sign in to being able to view uploaded files by individuals. Server updates, server Re-sets, server memory faults, server router faults.
Add to that software updates across the world poorly written software, app's etc etc and I do include Firefox which I have been using since it was originally Netscape.

ISP speed check during these last few days resulted in 13mbps tops download far worse for upload. The new NBN I should get top of 50mbps.

I freaked out when I saw my daughter down in Sydney is getting 1000mbps and she's in a rural area I wish is all i can say. In the whole are top speed here is 100mbps and were are a city with in 40 mins of Brisbane.

14/07/2018 03:15:19
Posted by Bandersnatch on 14/07/2018 01:52:05:
Posted by Raymond Sanderson 2 on 13/07/2018 07:28:46:

If you mean the forum digital archive of bot ME & MEW accessible only via the forum yes thats the one. Yes and we pay via the Digital subscription to access that only with the digital subscription the main reason for taking that form of subscription as well as printed. You do not get access to he forums archive digital section under Print Only.

Yes thats right no Flash Player and I was gaining access to the forum only archives of both magazines no hassles.

In that case, Raymond I'm totally lost. As far as I was aware, the online viewer for the archives was/is a Flash application and needed a Flash viewer to open them. If you've been looking at them for two years without using Flash, then that must be wrong. So why are you trying (unsuccessfully) to use Flash now?

In seeing the pop up in Edge and in Chrome advising I required to download it. Mind you it was not there the first time I tried I was getting the same error message as Firefox.

14/07/2018 03:12:55
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 13/07/2018 11:33:24:

So are you sorted or not?

If it works under edge and not Firefox, I think we can safely assume it's a setting somewhere in Firefox causing the issue.


Neil NOT in Firefox which is preferred browser. I now agree Firefox MAY be part of the issue but not altogether as all other browsers used insisted the latest Flash Player is used therefore the server is demanding an upgrade refusing to use earlier versions. But as stated I haven't had Flash on my machines for some time and still been able to view the mags in the past.
Can't figure that one out either. BUT I could open Jason's link which is suppose to use Flash? I had not installed Flash at that stage either and I can read all other materials via apps which I am told also uses Flash.

I'd like to say thanks for all the advice and hints etc some of which I had tried prior 1st post and although I am reluctant to use any other browser including Chrome which I have found to be the worst yet for security.

I suppose when the background operating system is born from the waste bin of IBM what can one expect. i wish I had continued using Lunix when it first came out Mandrake was so cool back then.

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