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Thread: Lathe chuck key material advice needed
27/02/2014 09:06:10

It sounds like the same sort of size chuck as I have on my Cowells. So options:

1, Make a really hard key, that way you can apply more pressure to the adjusters, to get the jaws really tight against the work and possibly damage the adjusters or the work.

2, Make the key out of something softer than the adjuster and accept that if you try to over stress the key the end of key might bend.

On my Cowells I opted for the later, 303 stainless. And don't forget to make yourself two as it makes centrering a 4 jaw so much easier wink 2.


Thread: Sir William Armstrong problems
20/02/2014 15:54:49

So far I have invested in the set A castings for the Sir William Armstrong horizontal hydraulic engine.

Has anyone built this engine using "set B" the lost wax castings? I have heard rumours that some of them might be too small and you cannot make the parts to the drawing dimensions. Can anyone confirm if any of the castings have any such problems? Thanks


Thread: Inverter Remote Stop button.
19/02/2014 15:11:55

Roger, all you need to do is to put another "push to break" switch in series with the stop switch that is already there. Pressing either button will break the circuit and the inverter will be commanded to stop.


18/02/2014 14:44:07

Mine just has a twist lock stop switch in the power line that are about £5 on Fleabay.

An inverter should never start up immediatley that mains power is applied to it under any conditions: it should have internal contactors to prevent this and any power loss will force you to hit the start button again.


18/02/2014 11:53:34

My emergency stop button is on the mains power line into my inverter. Works a treat, no need to mess around with the inverter programming.

But after you have hit it don't forget to unlock it again afterwards wink 2 .


Thread: Advertising for paid work
14/02/2014 20:13:27

I remain concerned... I accept that Mark should not have been soliciting an income, which is very clearly unacceptable and against the rules of this and most other forums, but should a single individual (moderator) be able censor free speech, without the opportunity of peer review by other moderators?


14/02/2014 18:45:27


Most forum software will allow you, as a moderator, to read all deleted posts. This allows all Mods to be able to see that another's Mods actions was fair and reasonable. I would be very concerned if this forum's software did not allow for that.

No doubt you guys have your own Mods area where such things are discussed and it is important that the evidence (deleted posts) is available for such discussions to avoid individual moderators being seen as "heavy handed", I would also assume that other mods can re-instate posts that they saw as being unreasonably deleted.

In addition the forum software should be able to show all actions of Admins/mods/members so that if someone decided to delete something from the "deleted item area" to hide their actions, then the evidence of their actions still existed wink 2.


Mark: send the guy a PM rather than doing it on the open forum.


(Admin MEM)

Thread: Announcement re: Model Engineers' Workshop
12/02/2014 17:34:50
Posted by David Clark 1 on 12/02/2014 17:23:16:

Hi There

That is exclusive publication rights to the article as edited by MyHobbyStore.

Nothing to do with removing copyright from the contributor.

regards David

That is not what the legal agreement states, which clearly states "contributed by the Author to MyTimeMedia", the edited copy is not mentioned.

Yes the author "owns" the copyright but MTM claim exclusive publication rights to do anything with it on any media existing now or in the future and then go on to claim all reproduction rights. I would say your "copyright" at that point is absolutely worthless.


12/02/2014 17:17:21

Found it, within the guidance notes area, a couple of key snipits, you can read it all if you wind down to the home page and look under contributors guidance:


1.1 "Contribution" means a copyright work or works contributed or to be contributed by the Author to MyTimeMedia for publication in “the Magazines”. All or part of the article may be published in any magazine or on any MyHobbyStore or MyTimeMedia website.

1.2 “Offered Contribution” means a contribution that the Author has offered to MyTimeMedia for publication in the magazines. "Fee" means the fee payable for a Contribution and the licences granted in Clause 4 below.

4. Subject to MyTimeMedia meeting the requirements for payment, as specified in Clause 3, the Author hereby grants MyTimeMedia a perpetual, irrevocable, exclusive royalty paid licence to use the Contributions (whether now in existence or created in the future) on the basis specified in Schedule 1, For the avoidance of doubt the licence and other rights and obligations under this Agreement shall be deemed to apply to all Contributions, whatever date they were provided by the author, that are published by MyTimeMedia after the date of this agreement.

6.2 The Author has not and shall not enter into any agreement or arrangement which might conflict with the licences granted to MyTimeMedia under Clause 4 or MyYTimeMedia's other rights under this Agreement or which might interfere with the performance by the Author of the Author's obligations under this Agreement.

1. “Exclusive publication rights” - an exclusive right to use the Contribution or part(s) thereof in a Magazine and on the internet or any digital media, media library or media not yet developed. For the purpose of this right, "Exclusive publication rights" means the initial print run of the Magazine, any subsequent print runs of the magazine, any print runs of magazines or special edition magazines in the future and the publication via any electronic medium of a facsimile representation of the printed version of the magazine,.

2. Exclusive rights to provide copies - The exclusive right to publish, sell, rent, distribute or otherwise supply copies of the Contribution in whole or in part to any third party in the form of photocopies, images, digital copies and digital images.


1.1 & 1.2: refers to the contribution by the author not the edited magazine copy.

Schedule 1: MTM has exclusive publication rights, you might own the copyright but they are of absolutely no use to you as you have signed over all rights for reproduction. So if Dave Fenner or Harold Hall had signed this agreement and published their works with another publisher then they would be in breach of schedule 1 and have acted in violation of 6.2, unless it was published with MTM.

The way schedule 1 para 2 is worded implies you would be in breach of this legal agreement if you give someone a photocopy of your original work or sent them a jpeg of any of the images in what you sent the magazine irrespective of if it was part of the published article.

It would be nice to see this contract revert to first publication rights only.


12/02/2014 16:29:36


Could you provide us a link to where to find the magazine contributors agreement, it is not at all obvious. Thank you.


12/02/2014 12:55:20

MichaelG: That was how it used to be... it has changed but the payments didn't increase to reflect it.

It should be of no concern to most writers who just knock together the odd article for some pin money but, if like Anthony Mount, it provides your living then you are likely to publish elsewhere.

Andrew: Copyright doesn't work like that. But be careful if you post your drawings if they formed part of the article.... But nothing stops you doing prior publication on forums like Stuart Hart does with some of his material before it is published in ME wink 2.


12/02/2014 10:33:05

I can only wish you well Neil, you have an uphill challenge.

Talking to a much respected past Model Engineer Editor at the Alley Pally show he identified that one of your major challenges to getting real quality input is the copyright demanded by Myhobbystore in comparison with the amount being paid per page. The likes of GHT, Chaddock, Hughes, LBSC, Evans etc, all made additional money by publishing their excellent work later as books, with today's MHS copyright you have lost that opportunity, other publishers are still more reasonable.


Thread: Open thoughts
06/02/2014 20:38:54

Intelligence tests are a joke, at 16 I was measured wth an IQ of over 200 which was a totally meaningless number: My brain just worked in a way that found their tests easy.

We all have our own unique contribution that we can make, some through practical skill, others through thought and reflectivity. When the two have the opportunity of coming and working together great things can be achieved.


Thread: 3Phase Supply, cheap as chips.
04/02/2014 14:18:55

That is cheap they tried quoting me £11K. Plus the extra quarterly charge..

Three phase converters are great! If you have only one machine with only one motor then inverters are cheaper but personally I prefer the converters as they will also power all the other motors on the machine (powerfeed & suds pump) at the same time


Thread: What did you do today? (2014)
02/02/2014 19:37:33
Posted by JasonB on 02/02/2014 16:01:00:

PS its not the number of toys that count, its what you do with the ones you have gotwink 2

True, yesterday whilst the Colchester was on a slow power cross feed, the Harrison was busy using its power feed to do a spot of facing, I was setting up/doing the next jobs on another couple of my lathes smile p.


02/02/2014 13:19:10
Posted by Andrew Johnston on 29/01/2014 21:57:43:

It was necessary to buy the lathe to even things up; it's now three lathes and three mills.



Just a beginner then, give it time wink 2


Thread: Open thoughts
29/01/2014 08:02:05
Posted by Andrew Johnston on 28/01/2014 22:10:47:

Well, this has been a pretty dispiriting thread. It would be interesting to know how many forum members have a degree, and of those how many are engineering degrees. I also wonder how many forum members, if any, have a Ph.D?



Andrew, I have a PhD in Computer Science, but I never "went" to University, I am an ex-apprentice who did it the hard way: all part-time study.

If you look at the membership at my ME club you will find that there are is remarkable percentage of members with PhDs, we even have a Professor and these members are by far the most productive model makers in the entire club.


Thread: Threads
28/01/2014 17:30:19

A 4BA tapping drill is 3.1mm. Unless you use a very sharp taper tap you will not get it to go in the 5BA threaded hole to be able to start the thread.


Thread: TOS Chucks
25/01/2014 08:34:46

Strangely enough I was looking at the prices of TOS chucks in an old Chronus (paper) catalogue the other day: 80mm 4 jaw CS chuck = £69, set of soft jaws for it = £25. Which is why I never brought any. (Your 125mm chuck was £80 and £28 for the jaws)

Allowing that the chuck prices have doubled over the years £38 is cheaper than they used to be. Still not buying any..


Thread: Ally Pally show
20/01/2014 13:54:34

Both the Model Engineering Ex and the Ally Pally shows are no longer well attended by Model Engineering traders because of the vast costs for them to attend the shows and the fact that most of their trade these days comes from the internet.

As for models in the old days there were loads more, but then I recall that the shows used to encourage us to send our models by providing a free collection and return service. I for one am discouraged from entering any of my models as I don't want the hassle of the queues trying to get your model in early on the first day and get it back late on the last day.

All in all it is a vicious circle: Less models/traders = less reason to go, less people go, less reason for the doesn't make enough money = no more shows


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