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Thread: Macro-photography
13/07/2022 09:22:27

Hi MichaelG, had to look up about global shutter cameras as it's the first time I've heard of them and yes I can understand the difference that they may make, but I think the price of one let alone two, may be outside my budget that I would want to pay right now. I did wonder if my experiment would even be successful, given the nature of the speed of things, but I was very pleased with the result. I guess such cameras could diminish the artistic effect as you say and may make the pictures look too clean, but probably would be good for a serious study of the events.

Regards Nick.

13/07/2022 08:12:53

Hi Sam, thanks for your comment. I didn't know if these would work given how fast the plasma streams move and dance around and yes the corona is blurry when you watch it in action. You are correct, in that a synchronised exposure is essential, but although this was a first attempt at making a stereo pair with this plasma light, I took three shoots, the first shoot the cameras were not close enough and the second shoot only the right hand camera fired. I used the self timers on the cameras and pressed both buttons at the same time, which eliminates any movement on the cameras that my figure actions may impose, but it does show how good the timers in the cameras are, and the serial numbers of both being a difference of 4219. The shutter count on the second hand camera is currently 6098 higher than my own original camera.

Regards Nick.

Thread: Centrifugal switch bakelite broken problem.
12/07/2022 16:30:34

Hi Duncan, I like that idea, reminds me about the old star/delta starters with the lever for start and then run.

Regards Nick.

12/07/2022 16:01:10

Hi Darren H, just tried my android 7 mobile and didn't get any error or unsafe messages, so looks to be OK.

Regards Nick.

Thread: Electric plug identification
11/07/2022 14:37:44

Hi, I think these types of socket are common, below is of one called Wanderer and manufactured by Laurina.

ac & dc sockets.jpg

The AC lead won't go in the 12V DC one, unless you do what oldiron did with his lead.

Regards Nick.

Thread: turning small square stock
10/07/2022 20:55:05
Posted by old mart on 10/07/2022 15:45:48:

It is not uncommon to use a large chuck to hold a smaller one directly to hold small stock. 80 or 100mm four jaws are not expensive to buy, and the loss of bed lenght is not often a problem with small work. If the large four jaw you have is mounted to a backplate, that plate could also accomodate a smaller chuck with only some extra drilled holes.

Hi, I did this with a 2" chuck and backplate in my three jaw on my mini lathe a couple of years ago.

Hi, I made a couple of bespoke nuts from plastic with a 6mm thread, these will be fitted into a round wooden block and the flat part will sit in a recess to prevent them turning, the blocks will then be glued on the inside of a wooden cabinet.

bespoke nuts.jpg


I wondering if anybody thinks I'm cheating with my set-up for machining.


Truth is, I was too lazy to change the 3 jaw for a 4 jaw, just to do two items and then having to change them back again.

Regards Nick.

Thread: What's Is The Angle
10/07/2022 17:03:50

Hi, I know it's been answered, but just to confirm Duncan Webster's answer; 1.5/3 equals 0.5, which is 30 in the Natural Sine table, or on your calculator with Trig function, 1.5 / Sin 30 = 3, or 3 x Sin 30 = 1.5

Regards Nick.

06/07/2022 19:04:22

Hi, after buying a couple of volumes of Model Engineer from a car boot sale, I thought to look in W. H. Smiths to see if the Model Engineer was still on sale and of course it was, however that's when MEW No.13 caught my eye.


Now I've got no qualms about the No.13 in fact I quite like it, but that was the one that started me to keep buying it and had it and ME saved in W. H. Smiths until I took out a subscription for them both, I then got a few of the previous issues at one of the exhibitions and the rest off ebay.

Regards Nick.

06/07/2022 12:45:17

Hi, well no disrespects to anyone, but the shaping machine has more interest than the guy holding the handle, sorry! and I agree with JasonB's comments about 317 and about the yellow headings rather than the ones at the bottom. I also don't think the chainsaw heading should be before the magazines name and was better with the slogan about the magazine being for hobby engineers etc. I'm like Peter G. Shaw and think the issue number should remain the same size as it has been for a long time, there was an outcry about that not being there once and also just being a little number.

Regards Nick.

Thread: What Did you do Today 2022
05/07/2022 19:49:48

small clamps.jpg

Hi, I've had these clamps since the 70's, the top and bottom set don't have any manufacturer on them, the two in the middle have "Futter London Limited" stamped on them, but I seem to have lost or mislaid the middle size one. While the top five are steel, the bottom set is an aluminium alloy. They were not very expensive but the quality shows that but they are useful at times and I use the little ones quite often, but never seem to have enough and the larger ones get in the way. So! I decided to make some little ones early last week and having found a short piece of rusty 25 X 6mm black flat bar and cleaned it up in some washing soda solution and a bit of elec-trickery from my car battery charger, I milled the edges flat and marked out for eight to be made and using my DRO on my mini mill, drilled and tapped eight holes about 10mm deep for M4 socket head set bolts.

drilling & tapping holes.jpg

When these were all done, the bar was then put in the vice with the flat sides and holes for making a gap were marked with a centre drill, again using the DRO to get them in the right place.

marking out holes.jpg

These were then drilled 7/16" on a drilling machine.

holes drilled.jpg

This was then mounted back in the vice with the tapped holes downward and with the first gap to be cut sticking out of the right hand side and with a couple of slitting saws ganged up, cut the gap.cutting the gap.jpg

Once cut the bar was taken out and the first clamp hacksawed off and the bar was put back in the milling machine vice for the next gap to be cut, but some wally put the wrong end facing the cutters, oh! that must have been myself blush big mistake.

big mistake.jpg

I left the mistake on so that I didn't do it again and just carried on cutting the next gap. After cutting two or three more I though to go and look for another shortish bit to make up eight, but found a bit of scrap off cut of angle iron and cut a piece out that would make two more.

scrap piece.jpg

I trimmed the new piece up as before and drilled and taped it as before, but did them opposite hands.

new piece.jpg

Then when I only had one more gap to cut, I wondered if I could save the one that I cut wrong and so turning to that scrap piece I trimmed a bit more off it and milled a couple of channels on each side, a quarter of the metal thickness deep.

cutting channels.jpg

I then slotted the bad end half the thickness in the middle position

cutting slots.jpg

These two fitted together very nicely and I drilled and pinned the two slotted sections and and after cutting the last good one off, I silver soldered the joints, this was then cleaned and trimmed and the gap cut.

fits nicely.jpg

Today I finished filing a small radius to the inside corners of all the clamps and put all the bolts in.

group of clamps.jpg

This is the one I silver soldered a repair and all the bolts had a slight dome filed on the end of their threads.

repaired clamp.jpg

OK, they are not exactly show pieces, but they work and will do the jobs.

Regards Nick.

Thread: Can this small motor be reversed?
05/07/2022 11:36:31

Hi, the fact that this motor has a blue, brown and a grey wires, suggests to me that it is not like a Parvalux motor, which I always though their AC motors have black and white wires only on a three wire one. You need to check the resistance as John Fletcher 1 has said and I would think the blue wire will be common, meaning the resistance between blue and brown, and blue and grey would be the same, however if any of the other two wires are common you will still need two pairs that are the same resistance, but you will need to remove those top three wires to be sure to get true resistance readings and if the resistance readings are significantly different, it probably means it can't be reversible by just swapping the A and B wires.

Regards Nick.

Thread: Simple Quiz... Missing Weight
04/07/2022 12:56:39

Hi, I've dragged this counter scale form its hiding place, which I got off ebay several years ago, which looks very much like this 1964 B&H catalogue one.

counter scales.jpg

It came with a rubbish pan that wasn't an original and five weights and although four of the weights have the same name on them, I doubt that the 1 oz belongs to the same set.



This one weighs to 7 LB, which according to the catalogue would've had weights from 4 LB to 1/2 oz and from 2 to 1/2 oz would've been brass. I haven't ever really used these scales, but the weights have been an addition to those that I got with this Avery scale that I guess would have maybe been used in a butchers or fishmongers shop and even then were not enough to use for full capacity but the 2 Kg lifting weight helps bring them closer, but I don't think the rusty ones were originally for the Avery anyway. I do have a 5 Kg electronic Salter scale with a stainless steel platform for the kitchen and none of the weights that I have, weigh exactly what they say on them, but I also have a fairly populated box of L. Oertling weights bought from a car boot sale 20 years plus ago and had them all checked for weight by a lady in the Lab where I worked years ago, on their highly accurate electronic scales that were checked regularly for accuracy by a company like Lloyds British, and all of them were quite a few milligrams underweight, which I checked yesterday on my Sartorius Research R 200 D electronic semi-microbalance and are pretty much the same as they were when checked before, although the 1 gram one was missing, so I made that one and had to take it back to work a few times to get it checked before I was satisfied it was close enough.

avery 20 lb.jpg

l. oertling (london).jpg

sartorus research r 200 d.jpg

Making other size weights from one known weight is OK, but of course you need to know what your known weight actually is and what accuracy you want to achieve. The calibration weight on my Sartorius is one that came with a PS-200B pocket scale (1 to 200g) bought from Maplins a long time ago, is very accurate for a budget scale, the Sartorius has its own internal calibration and the machine can be set on four different stability conditions from very stable, stable, unstable and very unstable, I have it set on stable as I don't have a place currently where it can be considered to be very stable. The paper on the Avery scales has to be in place to bring it into the level position before anything can be weighed, which is what shops did with their bags or wrapping paper, butchers and fishmongers never put their products directly on the weighing platform in the shops that I've been in years ago, but I don't know if they do that now as I don't go in such places now.

Regards Nick.

P.S. For anyone interested

Edited By Nicholas Farr on 04/07/2022 13:15:10

Thread: Casting copper hammer heads ?
01/07/2022 10:01:13

Hi, I made the tools as per Thor's instructions for swaging the hammer for fitting new hide's, but when trying to open the rim big enough to get a new hide in, the rim fractured and some of it broke away.

tools for copper#hide hammer.jpg

I did though, acquire a second hand hammer that had a loose dried out hide, which actually broke up and fell out after many uses and the rim just happened to be just wide enough to squeeze my new hide in the above photo and it was successfully crimped in using the closing tool without any fracturing. To be honest though, the hassle of replacing these is more trouble than they are worth, in my opinion.

Regards Nick.

Thread: Boxford Model C lathe change gear cover
29/06/2022 20:05:30

Hi, my Boxford CUD just has a piano hinge.

boxford change gear door hinge.jpg

Regards Nick.

Thread: I may be stupid but
24/06/2022 12:37:22

Hi, this argument has been going on for many years, even in industry, with both drill and lathe chucks. My father (who worked for a well known bearing manufacturer) taught me the way he was taught in his apprenticeship, that the correct way was to slightly tighten each of the three holes and then go round again to give each hole a final tighten. When others that I have worked with, just use one hole on a pistol drill chuck and they get a hole that the drill snags in (which was quite often) the drill would stop and the chuck would spin, eventually resulting with chewed drill shanks, I never got that happening, unless I was forced to use a drill that was already chewed up. I have always adopted tightening the chucks the way my father taught at work and at home.

Regards Nick.

Thread: There are locomotives.... and there are locomotives.
24/06/2022 11:53:45

Hi, apart from anything else, the one thing I would really have a concern about, is that hose that runs from one end to the other with the supply coming from the cylinder connected to it. This is just hanging in mid air and if by some misfortune, any of the connecting points blew apart or the hose snapped off, you would have a hose flying about like an uncontrollable whip, even at 30 psi, let alone 100 psi, which could cause severe injury or even be fatal if the end should hit anyone and more especially if it had part of a fitting on the end of it. One of the most important safety aspects that was stated in my pneumatic courses that I did, was that flexible hoses and pipelines should be adequately secured to framework or on properly designed trays, in the event of them coming apart and releasing compressed air. It's bad enough even when a short length is whipping about under pressure.

Regards Nick.

23/06/2022 18:37:20

Hi, I also noticed the downtime and the red background M icon was missing from my favourites list and got that error message.

Regards Nick.

Thread: A TOPICAL point, FANS.
17/06/2022 16:27:18

Hi, well their technical data sheet says it lubricates WD40 Technical Data

Regards Nick.

Thread: What Did you do Today 2022
16/06/2022 14:11:50

Hi Derek, that is just to blank the hole off, as the piece of ally channel is a piece from a roller conveyor that I had to make new frames for many years ago, so I didn't want the cork to accidentally get pushed through and split. As it happens, it came in handy for holding that piece while spray painting, so it did get a use.

Regards Nick.

Thread: DIN3113? - permitted max. jaw opening for 19mm
16/06/2022 14:01:09

Hi Bill, just had a measure of the open end of a few metric ones, Britool Std. combo 19.42, but this has had over 30 years of daily use plus another 15 years of not so daily use. Halfords Professional combo 19.25, about six years on and off home use. Draper Stubby combo 19.23 infrequent home use. Rolson Stubby combo with ratchet 19.26, infrequent home use. Toolzone Flexy-head combo 19.41, nearly new very infrequent home use and a Britool Long reach 19.34, 30 plus years of low moderate use. I've also measured three 3/4" ones in mm's. A Taiwan combo 19.44, unknown usage. 3/4" Torq combo 19.36, about six years old but very little usage. A Gordon Tools double open ended 19.36, moderate home use many years ago but not so much now. Personally, I wouldn't worry about using yours myself, but I would only ever put a very heavy loading on an open ended spanner of any make with a good degree of caution and like Mike Poole has suggested, I've used nuts that are smaller than others although they are designated to be of the same size. It's a pain on the other hand, when you have to fight to get a spanner on of off a nut.

Regards Nick.

Edited By Nicholas Farr on 16/06/2022 14:02:29

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