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Thread: No 6207 A Study in Steel 1935
25/07/2022 08:50:00

Hi Sam, I'm guessing that 1935 was your birth year. Nice to watch the old skills in action, some hot and dirty jobs there, but someone had to do them.

Regards Nick.

Thread: Do you "still" enjoy driving?
25/07/2022 07:13:13

Hi Bill, all one can say is the definition of accident is; 1, "an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury"

2, "an event that happens by chance or that is without apparent or deliberate cause"

It also needs to be remembered that there is no one who is infallible.

This of course excludes those that are reckless and have no regard for others.

But you can have your vehicle maintained to the highest degree and a fault can still occur with it at any time through no ones fault, that can cause a collision, i.e. an accident.

Regards Nick.

Thread: Which grade of steel do I need?
24/07/2022 19:09:07

Hi Chris, the thing is it's not just the steel that counts, you will need the facilities and the skill to do the correct heat treatment also and I believe you have been told the diameter to length ratio makes it all the more difficult. Even good long screwdrivers will bend using them in a chisel fashion.

Regards Nick.

Thread: Do you "still" enjoy driving?
24/07/2022 16:18:28

Hi, like Martin Perman, I have a rear facing dash cam and it's quite surprising the number that come racing up behind tailgate for a moment or two and then I guess they notice the camera and drop back a good bit, but otherwise I'll just slow down and down until they get the hint, many I see now-a-days are young girls rather than boys years ago.

Regards Nick.

Thread: Building a lathe stand ?
24/07/2022 15:08:59

Hi Rich2602, if you wish to use a hollow section or a channel, rather than just mill where the the feet go, it would be better to weld on four squares or two strips of say 6mm thick plate where the feet go and then mill the plates, that way you won't be milling a hollow into, or the reducing the thickness of your beam, two strips would only need a U shape weld around each end.

Regards Nick.

Thread: Simple way to bend 10mmØ x 1mm stainless tube
24/07/2022 14:16:04

Hi, well you can use 0.8. pi x0.8 sq /4x600= 301.59cc

Regards Nick.

Thread: Which grade of steel do I need?
24/07/2022 08:18:55
Posted by Mike Poole on 23/07/2022 10:20:06:

Hi Nick, you could probably pound that all day with a 14lb sledgehammer without a problem, the chisel I had in mind was about 2ft long and 1/2 diameter, it was my grandfather’s who was a plumber by trade. Faced with some concrete chiselling for some new fence posts I bought a Screwfix cheapy SDS drill/ breaker, it did the job in style and if it never comes out of it’s box again it was worth every penny. Cast steel used to be the material of choice for cold chisels and was what my apprentice made chisel was made from, CrV seems to have become popular nowadays.


Hi Mike, I can understand that the 2ft x1/2" one would bend as the dia/length ratio as JasonB mentioned earlier, makes it prone to bending with heavy blows, most good chisels are not made of round material in my experience and are very often octagonal, hexagonal and flat. I have a 11 - 1/2" x 1/2" AF hexagonal unbranded one which is pretty good, but I wouldn't slog that with a heavy hammer, but my first 18" x 1" one did get some hitting with a 14lb sledge a few times without bending. The best cold chisel that I do have is Gedore 95-200 flat one Gedore 95-200 which is made from Chrome-molybdenum-vanadium air hardening steel and it holds a really good edge and are nice to use.

gedore 95-200.jpg

Regards Nick.

23/07/2022 09:20:07

Hi Mike Poole, I don't know what length you consider as long commercial cold chisels are, but I have this 18" x 1" octagonal cast steel one manufactured to BS3066 and has had plenty of heavy thrashing with a 4 lb lump hammer and has shown no sign on bending. This is the second one of these that I've had and the first one had loads more thrashing without bending, but that one got nicked when the firm I was working for had a break in. However I do agree that a long slender one like Chris wants won't stand up to a lot of hammering and only the cutting end should need heat treating.

long cold chisel.jpg

Regards Nick.

Edited By Nicholas Farr on 23/07/2022 09:25:00

Thread: What would you ban and why? (Definitely tearoom!)
23/07/2022 08:03:59

Hi, I agree that sports of all types should not take over primetime TV and I also think they should have dedicated channels for all sports. The one thing I would really like to see banned is photos and videos (usually taken on mobiles by people who don't know how to use a camera properly) where the photo or video is split either side of the main photo/video and is blurry of various degrees, whoever thought of that should be put in clink for a year and made to write out all day and every day, "I must not make blurred photos and videos" These frustrate my vision and you get no warning of them like you do when flashing images are shown.

Regards Nick.

Thread: Bridge load calculations (for the inept)
21/07/2022 09:57:31
Posted by Nigel McBurney 1 on 21/07/2022 08:38:42:

8in by 12 inch I beams are massive and they would easily carry a 4x4 and trailer over a 20 foot gap,

never drill I beam flanges.

Hi Nigel, I've never heard that you should never drill I beam flanges and in my industrial fabrication jobs, I've had to drill them as per the drawings and have seen many structures where the flanges have been drilled and even tapped for fixing hand rails and such.

Regards Nick.

Thread: 123 Blocks
20/07/2022 11:54:17

Hi Greensands, the 1-2-3 is the ratio, they don't have to have an exact measurement of 1 2 & 3 in either metric or imperial and they don't have to have any holes in them at all, let alone be threaded, but it does help. I guess your blocks have a use for something all the same though.

Regards Nick.

Edited By Nicholas Farr on 20/07/2022 12:00:01

20/07/2022 11:45:23

Hi, I made these January 2017, I had never seen or heard of them before, but needed to fix a Stevenson's block to an imperial one, so just used a bit of BMS, used a transfer punch in the holes and drilled and tapped them for M5 threaded rod. Although I hadn't thought of making blank dowels to allow socket head set bolts to be used, I didn't need to for my application.

threaded dowels.jpg

This is the use I did them for.


Regards Nick.

Thread: British Homes Have Air Conditioning ?
20/07/2022 07:58:00

Hi PatJ, the only air con I have is to open windows and off hand I don't know anyone who has it in their homes. My current car has air con and so did my previous one and I have driven a few works vehicles that had it, but that was a few years ago now.

Regards Nick.

Thread: Scorchio!
19/07/2022 21:57:08

Hi, it was definitely hotter in my porch today, however this morning I reconfigured an old aluminium lamp shade that's been hiding in my attic forever. I made a sun screen, loosely based on the Stevenson's Screen, to shade an industrial temperature gauge with an integral probe and stood it on a steel camera lens hood I made years ago, this was then placed on an record player platen which fitted nicely on the top of an old chimney pot which was on a couple of breeze blocks and a plastic pipe flange just below the bottom section of the lamp shade to help stop any whimsical draugths at the bottom of the probe.

industrial probe temperature guage.jpg

tempeter guage screen.jpg

OK, it isn't very scientific I guess, but it seemed to work just fine. The highest temperature I photographed for this and my thermometer was at 14:35 and I think the industrial gauge was closer to the real temperature as that was comparable to a GALLENKAMP GRIFRFIN mercury thermometer that I have.

hottest day 1.jpg

hottest day 2.jpg

I didn't take any readings outside the porch, but it was noticeably slightly higher, just like yesterday.

Regards Nick.

Edited By Nicholas Farr on 19/07/2022 22:02:07

18/07/2022 17:03:36

Hi, cool in my workroom indoors, but the walls in my pad are about 406mm thick in that part of the house, so takes a long time for the heat to get through. Below is a thermometer that I normally have in the kitchen but hung it in my 1100mm deep by 2000mm wide open fronted porch for a good while and took the first photo at about 16:10 Hrs then moved it out of the porch and hung it on the outside tap and took the second photo at about 16:30.

outside temperature 1.jpg

outside temperature 2.jpg

Slightly cooler in the porch but the difference was noticeable when stepping out of it, this part of the house is in the shade at this time of the day and the sun being to the left and behind the house.

Regards Nick.

Thread: Yet another scam
18/07/2022 10:43:43

Hi, it's easy to check your car tax and MOT and you can check your own insurance as well

Regards Nick.

18/07/2022 10:40:36


Edited By Nicholas Farr on 18/07/2022 10:51:36

Thread: Brand Names
17/07/2022 09:06:24

Hi. while I respect peoples political decisions as from where their purchases are made, when buying goods that contain electronics and despite which part of the world they may be made in, it is likely that one or many more of the components inside would have been made in China. The thing is, most places in the world have their political objections including the UK.

Regards Nick.

Thread: What Did you do Today 2022
15/07/2022 22:41:44

Hi, today I went to the Weeting Steam Engine Rally, saw lots of interesting things, had a chat with a workmate from many years ago, who had his full size traction engine as he has been attending it for more years than I can remember but it's the first show in three years. Took a few photos of stationary engines and thought I'd share them for those who are interested, the first one shows how to run an old Rapidor power saw in the field without any electrical supply.

power saw.jpg

Next a Ruston engine running very sweetly.


Then a small Lister driving a cutaway section engine


and a Fowler engine driving a Petter A2 cutaway section engine.


I also spent a few pennies on some unused wooden file handles with very good ferrules for £1.00 each

file handles.jpg

a couple of off cuts of aluminium, 1" x 1" square bar x 15 - 1/2" long and a piece of 5/8" 6" x 7" for £6.00 each

aluminium off cuts.jpg

and for a few pennies more, a piece of Brass Hexagon 2 - 5/8" AF x 2 - 11/16" long for £16.00, which just took my fancy.

brass hex.jpg

Then on my way out, had another look at one of the pitches and spotted a couple of weights trying to hide up under some other second hand tools, only to reveal 5 in all from 4 lb to 4 oz and got the lot for a fiver. (don't tell Neil Wyatt though, as he might be envious)


Regards Nick.

Edited By Nicholas Farr on 15/07/2022 22:46:09

Thread: Wi Fi router
15/07/2022 10:45:29

Hi, I don't know about newer routers, but older ones came with default passwords, which apparently hackers can find out what they are and remotely change them so they have control, so it is best to change the password on your router if the installation instructions don't tell you to do so.

Regards Nick.

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