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Thread: Rounded Torx Screw Removal
16/07/2019 01:46:18

I had a damaged torx screw a few weeks ago on the underside tray of my VW golf. the correct size key was too small and the next std. size key was too big. My initial thought was to drill it out and fit a larger screw ., But I thought one idea was worth a try. I used a small ball pein hammer to spread the metal around the torx insert and then hammered the correct size key in. This worked a treat.

Thread: Tungsten Alloy
22/12/2018 23:38:11

I used to work for a company that made cancer radiotheropy treatment M/Cs( Linear accelerators) they used tairly large pieces of tungsten in their focusing tungsten autocollimators. A work colleague had two pieces of metal about 300mm x 150mm x 80mm . One piece was aluminium alloy and the other pure tungsten.. He would throw the alum. piece in the air & catch it and then hide it in in his desk drawer . He would then bring out the tungsten piece and place it on his desk top without any body noticing the switch. Sometimes visitors who saw the al. piece throwing and then seeing the machined tungsten piece on his desk would idly try to lift it up. Their reaction was often hilarious. When the visitor was leaving. the trick would be repeated whilst the visitor could still seeing the throwing action - all good fun ! The tungsten piece was allbut impossible to pick up vertically from the top of the desk, it had to slid to overlap the disk edge to get a grip. The M/CS were tested in lead lined (Much cheaper than lead) shelters and left for a period for any small radation levels to dissipate. Happy days.

Thread: How would this lathe tool be used?
21/10/2018 11:06:50

A chaser is very useful for rounding BSW crests . If measuring the O.D. or "try to fit" BSW threads with sharp crests at nominal O.D. the result will be very loose fitting threads. Better to have the recommended alternative flat crest than sharp crests.

Thread: loctite
02/10/2018 17:03:37

Unless Loctite is now made in China , where would the Chinese get it from ?

Thread: The size and shape of drill holes
04/09/2018 17:46:28

The problem of removing dowels/pins from blind holes was solved many years ago by having a thread tapped in the end of the dowel/pin. This tapped hole was used with an extractor so that the body of the extractor bottomed out before the thread part when the extractor was turned thus causing the dowel/pin to be pulled out. Dowels and taper pins are commercially available with the tapped holes . I’m not sure about the extractors through hobby shop suppliers but am sure some large toolroom part suppliers will have them but it’s not difficult to make your own. The extractor is a piece of steel with a threaded end protruding at one end . the shank can round , hex or square. The hex shank is best as it can be used with a standard wrench.

Thread: Nickel Plating
01/05/2018 03:07:27

The problem in plating copper as a base layer is that copper will adhere to" rusty" steel wheras nickel won't. Therefore its particulary important to make sure that the article to be plated is clean.

Thread: Tool grinding woes
25/01/2018 03:12:31

A piece of small round HSS is often used for large lead threads as the tool can be turned around to the helix angle.

Thread: HMS Queen Elizabeth: Leak found on new aircraft carrier
20/12/2017 22:26:52
..ePosted by not done it yet on 20/12/2017 14:23:45:

Does this mean that only VSTOL aircraft can land & take off from this vessel ? Or that they do not need catapult assistance when taking off with a full weapons & fuel load . Surely the carrier has catapults ( which need testing) which would allow non VSTOL to use the carrier. Why hasn't this been done? The point I was trying to make. is that to come up with a quality product a thorough step by step testing & inspection programme is required before the product is put into service or field trials. It should not be beyond the wit of man to test the design.,manufacture and function of the seal assemblies in question before the prop shaft & propeller were even fitted to the vessel.This would reduce the final test time as well as the cost of any repairs. Leaving critical testing late in the product. introduction can cause horrendous problems. e.g. Pressure/ fatigue testing of the De-Havilland Comet fuselage On a £ 3 billion carrier nothing should be left to chance Testing to "see if it works" is simply not good enough. Comparing a house snagging list ( built by questionable "skilled " people) to that of quality control of an aircraft carrier is a bit over simplistic . Many aircraft carriers have been built in the past so it's not "rocket" science Things like lighting should be checked before the carrier left the dry dock or indeed as soon as the light was fitted.

I wonder how they tested the .landing gear & sif only one actually thinks about it.eam catapults without any aircraft !

(Sigh!) Let me inform you, just a little. F35 aeroplanes are VSTOL type. They are vertical or short take off and landing. No catapaults required.smiley The other comments are rather self evident, I think, if only you gave them a little thought.

20/12/2017 14:00:12

I wonder how they tested the .landing gear & steam catapults without any aircraft ! Could they not have borrowed an F35. The vessel has been commissioned. Why couldn't they have tested the prop.. shafts for leaks before the propellors were fitted.

Posted by not done it yet on 20/12/2017 01:11:08:

i.e. check it doesn' leak when in sevice !

Do you honestly think that? It is on sea trials, not in service. Not a full complement of crew, civilian testers, checkers, etc and likely no armaments and only enough of anything to prove the systems.

You seriously don't think they run the screws at full speed while in port, do you?

Of course they return to port - to remedy any faults found during the trials. That is what the trials are for - to find any faults. They will have tested all they can before doing the sea trials.

The ship was built to a specification. It will not be accepted as fully functional until commissioned properly - ie checked carefully to prove it is to the specification provided to the shipbuilder.

Finally, do you know how aircraft are tested before they first fly? They are not just rolled out of the hangar and flown off the runway!!

20/12/2017 00:46:25

Surely the navy could have tested the prop.shaft seal in the dry dock. Car manufactures use a gas test to check for windscreen leaks .Maybe the leak could have been found after the vessel was 1st floated . The cost of changing the seal must be quite high. The size of the leak must be seen as significant or they wouldn't return to port. Maybe the leak could get worse ? It's just as well the aircraft manufacturers don't adopt the same test procedures i.e. check it doesn' leak when in sevice !

Thread: New Lathe Problems advice needed
20/11/2017 16:25:22

I too had the same experience of ISO 9000 - It would appear that the ISO Q.A. guys need some experienced real world engineers. Paperwork alone does not guarantee quality.

Posted by OuBallie on 20/11/2017 11:14:08:

When the company I worked for in the '80s went down the ISO 9000 route, I was aghast to discover the system was nothing more than a glorified paper chase, and nothing to do with quality of product.

We spent all our time modifying our paperwork to comply, and absolutely nothing at all on quality of product, as that was not part of being ISO accredited.

Since then I have taken ISO with a pinch of salt.

Geoff - Am I missing something?

Thread: HSS Straight Shank Counterbore
29/10/2017 19:31:41

The relatively large clearance around the capscrew assumes the cap screw head can be at top tolerance size and if an accurate location is required dowels would be used. The aesthetics of the counter bore is not normally an engineering consideration.

Thread: Weird triple flute drills
21/10/2017 14:52:53

Have used 3 flute carbide in the past - they produce straight holes to reamer limits.

Thread: a rat in the house!
26/09/2017 00:46:45

An old remedy for mice & rats is slices of lemon . Apparently they don't like the smell and will keep clear of the odour.

Thread: Raw black rubber
31/08/2017 21:13:01

I doubt if it's made from rubber. Rubber has largely been superceded by neoprene as rubber is now quite expensive..

Thread: Looking for 3/32" SQUARE silver steel
31/08/2017 21:09:36

ground flat stock is a more refined steel than silver steel. G.F.S. has the additions of elements such as vanadium which gives a tougher and less distorting ( during heat treatment) steel than silver steel . This allows gauges and other thin section hardened components to be made from GFS that couldn't be made from S.S.

Thread: Why is everything you buy such rubbish!!
29/08/2017 21:16:53
Posted by Circlip on 26/08/2017 10:11:58:

" None of the shops today seem to allow you to buy new lenses for your old glasses, you have to buy the whole frame and lens package. "

Need to change your Optician Hopper, SWTSMBO's is only too happy to change lenses in her frames but Styles change. Wonder what Harrison would make of todays throw away accurate timepieces.

Regards Ian.

ASDA opticians will supply lens to suit your frames and a very good fit they are !

Thread: Bubbles in engineering combination squares!
23/08/2017 22:11:38
Posted by Andrew Tinsley on 23/08/2017 10:37:00:

Hi Dinosaur Engineer,

Thanks for the tip about Starrett and the phials (vials?) for their 12 " spirit levels. I will email them to see what the diameter is, who knows it may well fit!

The 12" level in question is a Rabone (predating Rabone and Chesterman). The end caps (as is the whole body) is chrome plated. They won't shift with tugging on them! Maybe pressed on? I doubt they have been soldered on, as the chrome is unlikely to take solder, maybe just glued on? But this is unlikely considering the date of manufacture (pre war or just post war).

I suppose press fit is the answer, unless I am weaker than I think!


Try holding one end cap in a vice & twisting the other with a close fitting spanner and "wiggling" off. This worked on my Starrett.. FYI The Starrett vial cost was less than £8 incl. postage quite a few years ago

22/08/2017 01:27:44

Vials for the Starrett 12" levels can be obtained from Starrett Jedburgh ( spelling ?) Scotland These may fit. The ends of the Vial cylinder are a press fit on my Starrett level. M/W may be the same.. They were easily removed when I fitted a new vial.

Thread: Swarf Trivia
31/07/2017 17:59:50

As an apprentice in the late 50's we had a competition between ourselves to see who could cut /make the longest piece of lathe swarf. The record was about 30 metres down the isle between the large lathes in the large machine shop.The M/C shop foreman found out and we apprentices were all gathered together and given a very firm warning- dismissal if done again). I suppose it was a stupid thing to do but at the time we thought it was fun. I'm sure that had it been just one guilty apprentice he would haven sacked but firing all the apprentices would have been a step too far.

Happy days !

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