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Thread: DIY Compression spring
12/08/2021 22:15:36

I had some custom springs made for me some years ago and had the opportunity to watch them being made. After winding and then grinding the ends flat they were heat treated and them tempered. I have no idea of the steel used though.

Thread: Inserts
12/08/2021 11:34:18

Much depends on what set you’ve bought. Some of these sets are aimed at hobbyists and seem to use non standard inserts so any commercial specifications may have little bearing. You may also be restricted to buying replacement inserts from the original vendor in whatever grade they deem suitable.

This catalogue gives a clear guide to what each different insert is used for. It also includes data on insert sizes and grades for cutting different materials etc.

Edited By Vic on 12/08/2021 12:01:07

Thread: 16mm Indexable tool holders
11/08/2021 17:13:25

TNMG don’t seem to be any more expensive than most other inserts but you get six cutting tips at a useful angle.

10/08/2021 19:46:18

My last couple of 16mm ones were cheap on the auction site and they work just fine. I wouldn’t have bothered with 16mm ones as I needed to trim them down a bit but I wanted to use TNMG’s. I needed to use a carbide mill so even the cheap tool holders seem to be made of tough steel.

Thread: GigaFactory
08/08/2021 11:47:53
Posted by Oven Man on 29/07/2021 21:43:01:

I've had my solar panels for 10 years now and with the original high feed in tariff payments it's been a very good investment. BUT, like pgk, when you do the sums now it's very difficult to make the numbers add up. With next to no FIT nowadays the payback time based on what you save on energy from the grid is going to be very long. I would love to have battery storage for the approximately 55% I feed back to the grid but current costs make it a non starter.

Using an electric vehicle as the storage part of a system could be an option, me being retired, the car spends most of its time on the drive during the day so would be available when the generation is at its highest. I can't see me getting an EV in the near future though so most of this is just wishful thinking.


Combining solar panels with this might be useful?


It seems there just isn’t enough investment in this type of thing at the moment. And letting energy companies get away with paying only a tiny fraction of of what they charge you when you’re putting energy back is scandalous.

Thread: Knurling tool
07/08/2021 11:17:51

Cut knurling seems to produce a better result.

Edited By Vic on 07/08/2021 11:18:08

Thread: EV Charging Hacks
05/08/2021 12:10:38
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 05/08/2021 09:54:57:

Nothing wrong with criticism, but I would like naysayers to come up with alternatives rather than assuming all is well. It's not, and engineers can only fix it if society lets them. I want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.


I completely agree, we actually need constructive criticism. Not some of the silly made up objections we so often hear. I hasten to add that I’m not an EV owner although I hope to be able to get one when the price comes down to a more affordable level.

05/08/2021 12:02:32
Posted by Paul Kemp on 04/08/2021 01:21:57:
Posted by Vic on 03/08/2021 20:03:41:

I can’t quite get the link between a government ban on the sales of New ICE Cars in 2030 and comments about military vehicles? I would have though the military would be keen to continue using Diesel, Petrol and Avgas?

This makes interesting reading. I knew 60% of motorists have their own drive. It’s a shame so many folks can’t understand the concept of destination charging.

No Driveway


Are you sure there is no bias in your link? I mean it is not as if they have anything to gain being a commercial organisation - I didn't see any reference to charitable status or not for profit entity? It doesn't say 60% of people have drives either - it actually says they have access to off street parking. There is a world of difference! Yes there are many people that do have access to off street parking but consider estates where that parking is remote from your house. A man I know has a wife that is a community midwife and the NHS has decreed she must be issued with an EV. He has off street parking - in the car park attached to the estate (which has no chargers) and is 100m from his house. How does she charge her car? She has no office or base, all she does it make house calls. What is she supposed to do when arriving at the patients house - ask if they would mind dreadfully if she plugs her car into one of their 3 pin sockets while she does her business?

The gent writing the article stated he parks his car at the railway station overnight to charge and enjoys the walk home and back in the morning. All fine and dandy when the sun shines but in the middle of winter? All I can say is he is very lucky, it costs around £8 to park for 12 hrs at our local station and it only has around 100 spaces......

Never mind my bags of empathy, apply some critical thinking to your references and use your empathy to understand the problems this will bring to many. TfL provides some very reasonably priced public transport in the city but do you think the passengers only pay? Just look at the millions that went into the Mayors cap last year to prop it up! Exactly the reason he wants to implement the charge for anyone without a resident postcode within the M25 to pay around £5 a day to drive inside it - the revenue to prop up TfL. That scheme has gone quiet at the moment but I am sure he will resurrect it as soon as he can. Like others on here I would like to think my children and grandchildren will have the freedom of movement I have enjoyed but somehow I doubt it. It's not as easy as the flag waving representatives of us all will have you believe. Green is not just a technology choice it's will be a complete lifestyle and cultural change and despite all the claims of cheap or free energy - nothing comes for free and it certainly won't be cheap. Just understand what you are wishing for. To properly address emissions is going to take a whole lot more than fixing transport.


Did you even read the first headline or not understand the concept of Destination Charging?
If we didn’t strive to overcome the challenges that come with new technology we’d all still be driving model T Fords.

Thread: 80mm milling vice
04/08/2021 12:43:12
Posted by Dave Halford on 04/08/2021 10:46:53:

More fun than making, Warco, and still stupid cheap, same price that they sell them at the shows. The stud / bolt is prevented from exiting the bottom.

That’s ok if you’re happy with the stud size. For my machine those T nuts take a 12mm stud which is way over the top for what I do. I made my T nuts with M10 threads but also use M8 clamping elements as well.

04/08/2021 09:31:56
Posted by Sam Longley 1 on 04/08/2021 08:19:16:

When Mike follows the suggestions & machines these items to hold his vice , will he need to hold them in a vice?

Because "there is a hole in my bucket dear Lisa, a hole" smiley

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 04/08/2021 08:19:46

Mine were made on the Lathe. When I needed to make some T nuts though I found some ordinary ones to temporarily hold the vice.

03/08/2021 23:13:03

I made two press fit collars for the holes in my vice that are a snug fit in the T slots. It’s within a thou or two just fitting the vice on the table but I normally clock it as well as it’s pretty quick. The holes through the collars still allow me to use M10 studs.

Thread: EV Charging Hacks
03/08/2021 20:03:41

I can’t quite get the link between a government ban on the sales of New ICE Cars in 2030 and comments about military vehicles? I would have though the military would be keen to continue using Diesel, Petrol and Avgas?

This makes interesting reading. I knew 60% of motorists have their own drive. It’s a shame so many folks can’t understand the concept of destination charging.

No Driveway

Thread: Tapping Drill sizes
03/08/2021 19:00:53

Thanks for the feedback folks. I can do a test run on some scrap so that’s probably the way to go.

03/08/2021 15:36:58

I’ve got various charts out in the shed but normally just Google it if I’m indoors. The problem is which source to trust? I have a project coming up in which I’m going to be using fasteners I don’t normally use, M4.5 coarse. I did a quick Google and the size quoted was 3.75mm. Looking in the shed I found I had a couple of 3.7mm drill bits. I did another Google and found both 3.7mm and 3.8mm quoted as being the correct size. Is there a definitive source of information for tapping drills etc? I seem to remember there was a chart that had several sizes for each thread and quoted a percentage thread engagement? Anyone have a link?

Thread: EV Charging Hacks
03/08/2021 11:30:15

EV’s may or may not be a long term answer. From what I’ve read recently though I think they might. Given the number of peoples lives cut short by Diesel fumes though and the finite supplies of crude oil we need to get them off the roads as soon as possible.
I read some time back that you can only truly be classed as intelligent if you have empathy and imagination as well. Clearly quite a few on here don’t have any empathy or imagination given the ridiculous comments they make about EV’s.

EV Myths

Cost, range, lack of infrastructure etc were all problems for Petrol cars that took far longer to address than EV’s are likely to take but they still caught on.

01/08/2021 13:58:40

I saw something about smart meter use in the USA a while back. You can get a discount from the energy supplier if you allow them to remotely turn off certain items during high usage periods. I knew there was a reason for the push for smart meters. Eventually everyone will have them and non essential devices may be turned off as needed by energy suppliers. EV’s of course have the potential not only to store energy for its own use but also to put it back into the grid if it’s needed. All fine if it works as intended and there is enough investment in energy production and supply. I would expect “teething” troubles though. I don’t expect many of us on here will be around to see it though so nothing to worry about unless you just like moaning about new technology.

EV Storage Trial

Thread: ACME taps and Dies
01/08/2021 12:21:43

I watched a video yesterday of someone cutting a female ACME thread in a brass part with a tap and it looked to need some force but doable. There seem to be some very long ACME taps out there which surely reduces the effort. Sadly they are also very expensive!

31/07/2021 14:50:53

Revisiting an old thread (pun intended) the question popped into my mind for a different project. It seems there are at least three types of ACME thread taps available. What looks like a fairly ordinary tap apart from the thread form, is no doubt intended just to clean up existing threads due to the very short lead. I have seen two other types though. One, as suggested earlier is cut as two taps in one tool. The first part has a gradual taper and cuts what appears to be a conventional looking thread. After a short gap the tap then gradually cuts the noticeable ACME form. Another type is very long and clearly removes a very small amount of material as it gradually cuts a full ACME thread. So it seems it is possible, albeit at a very high price! I won’t post links but do a Google image search if you’re interested. I shall be single point cutting if the project goes ahead but out of interest I’d like to see one of these taps in action!

Thread: is a belt sander any good for hss tooling
30/07/2021 13:00:12
Posted by Andy Thompson 3 on 30/07/2021 11:22:49:

Good point about the negative rake. I was going to add a 50mm wide steel plate for the belt to run on, them add a notched platform (but needs to slide in and out to get close to the belt when angle changes). Is there any way to grind a curve on the top of a parting tool? Thought about adding an extra small roller at the top.

My belt sander takes 150 x 1220 belts but I have a 50mm wide supplementary platen made from O1 steel that is easily fitted as required. I have both straight and notched tables to use both sizes of belt. Splitting down 150mm wide belts into three 50mm ones is straightforward. One thing I also did early on with my machine was to remove the soft graphite pad and replace it with a piece of 3mm thick steel. The graphite pad was too soft and deformed causing slightly rounded grinds in steel sometimes.

Thread: Machining D2 Steel?
29/07/2021 12:56:07

I’m contemplating making an item that would be very much easier if I used ground steel stock. I did originally think of using O1 as it’s readily available and I’ve machined it before. Ideally though I’d prefer to use something more rust resistant and I noticed that D2 is available as annealed ground stock. I was just wondering how this stuff is for milling, drilling and threading?

Alternatively are there any other rust resistant steels commonly available as ground stock? TIA.

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