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Thread: 2040 deadline for Diesel and Petrol cars.
26/07/2017 18:16:30

We will never be able to produce enough electricity to charge the projected number of vehicles that will rely on re charging, especially as the greater volume of recharging will take place at the end of the day during the hours of darkness. During the winter months now the National Grid gets very nervous of having insufficient capacity to deal with the demand when everybody gets up to put the kettle on when Coronation Street and other popular programmes finish. We seem to be unable to plan from day to day let alone plan for 2040, I will be in my nineties by then so probably not be worried about driving.


Thread: Isopropyl Alcohol as a Fuel
21/07/2017 20:14:18

My apologies to Brian Oldford and to Neil Wyatt I shouldn't have made a political comment on this website, I will ensure that in future I only discuss model engineering and relevant issues, No Politics !!! Apologies to anyone else who I may have offended I should keep my views on other issues to myself.

A suitably humbled Dave.

21/07/2017 14:09:11

The more I read about the problems with Ethanol I begin to wonder if the headlong rush to put more of it into our road fuel ( the EU want us to up the amount from 5 percent to 10 percent ) , I fear we will be suffering more and more problems, it already dissolves certain polymers used in older vehicles.


Edited By JasonB on 21/07/2017 18:20:02

20/07/2017 17:39:28

Maurice, I realise that lubricating oil is an essential component when running an engine, I think neat 3in1 did not make it to my list of fuels for obvious reasons, my recollections of dabbling with aero engines when a teenager were of many bruised fingers, surprising how many times it happened before I was able to successfully programme my fingers to keep out of the arc of the prop!!


20/07/2017 16:27:41

Jon, Thanks for the info about Aspen, good to know it doesn't go off like ordinary gasoline, have had problems with my two stroke generator when only used infrequently, can be a pain to start if left for a couple of months, I know what to use in it from now on. Many thanks.


20/07/2017 13:46:33

Many Thanks "Silly Old Duffer" aka Dave, for the data from 1922, it reinforces my thoughts on Isopropyl Alcohol requiring pre-heating as per kerosine fuelled engines and with the problem of alcohol washing away lubricants, probably not the way to go.Vic thanks for the info on "industrial" meths, it would also work as a fuel but there is the problem of dissolved water content which if left for long periods between running could encourage corrosion, so again probably not the way to go. Jason glad to hear that you have used "Colemans" long term and are happy with it, there appears to be positive results with this choice of fuel and it is fairly easy to purchase, I know that "Millets" used to sell it, can"t envisage ever needing to Bulk purchase it, and it seems as in your case a little goes a long way. Many Thanks.


20/07/2017 10:32:03

Hi Guys

Many thanks for your prompt and enlightening replies, it would seem that Isopropyl alcohol is probably not good to use because of the way it washes the bores and hence would dilute or remove any lubricant in the bore. Nick, the you tube video was brilliant and being able to watch the combustion of different fuels was really useful, having seen the video it really shows how aceteleyne can be very dangerous if not used correctly. I recommend anyone interested in engines to view the video featured above. I had considered Coleman fuel as an alternative to gasoline but was wary because of price but thanks to Adrian I now know that there is Aspen which is the same but considerably cheaper. Thanks again Guys, amazing how much knowledge and information is readily available with this site.


19/07/2017 17:19:48

Is Isopropyl Alcohol suitable for use as a fuel to power model internal combustion engines. My thoughts initially are that it would produce less residues and these may well be less toxic or irritant. I am unsure whether it would have the correct properties to burn efficiently when mixed with air as in a conventional carburettor. Isopropyl Alcohol appears to be readily available at a reasonable price from many suppliers on the well known Internet website, would appreciate any views on the subject.


Thread: Aircraft General Discussion
11/07/2017 12:44:58


Aerobatics should only be carried out over designated low flying areas, they used to be strictly enforced as I remember from my Air Force days, great treat as ground crew to go for a jolly and be indulged with really hair raising aerobatics. It seems that nowadays with cutbacks in manpower etc. standards have become very sloppy, a sign of the unfortunate detiorioration of society's values and standards. It's not until there is a horrendous accident such as Shoreham or a civil disaster as in the Grenfell tower that the establishment is woken up and refocuses on what the focus really should be.


Thread: NDT of thin wall tubing
11/07/2017 09:32:23


couplant you are using is ok, inserting a sleeve will not work as you will get a return from the interface between inner and outer thickness, as suggested the readings you are getting I.e. double the anticipated reading you expect is almost certainly a double bounce because the calibrated range isn't suitable for the thickness of the tube. Is the purpose of the examinination to verify the integrity of the tube and determine wether there is any loss of thickness due to corrosion? If so examination of total surface area will be a mind numbing experience!


10/07/2017 22:41:36

Obviously the range of your ultrasonic thickness test equipment is for thickness of 1.2 MM or greater, you quote that the lowest thickness that it can check is 1.2 MM. If it correctly identifies a test piece of 1.2 MM but you say it records a value of 1.6 MM when checking a thickness of 0.8 MM this is probably because the test is out of its operating range. Difficult to comment further without knowing the model of test equipment that you are using but the results that you are getting could well be accurate, variables that could affect the test are what couplant are you using under the probe and is the frequency of the probe suitable for the specification of material being tested. You say that you rule out eddy current testing on grounds of cost, eddy current is suited to finding cracks or other such anomalies not usually used for thickness testing except in very specialised applications. If you want to test a specific thickness of material i.e. Thinner than the 1.2 MM that you have calibrated on then you need the appropriate equipment.

Dave (Retired NDT Technician)

Thread: New in from Northumberland
10/07/2017 21:18:00

I predict that your two year timescale may well drift, we all set out with what appears to be a reasoned timescale for our projects, the objective is that however long your project takes to complete just enjoy all the time spent on it, I find time in the workshop so satisfying.


Thread: Chinese Electric Cars
10/07/2017 19:11:42

Very sceptical of the benefits of electric vehicles, particularly the high costs involved; have bad memories of when I spent a few months as a milkman, we had electric milk floats which when we returned to the depot every evening we had to plug in to recharge the huge lead acid batteries. One day half way round my round I noticed that the float was getting slower and slower, realisation dawned that I had forgotten to plug in and recharge after the previous day's outing. This required a grovelling phone call to the depot for a tow back to the depot, they duly despatched a transit van to assist. Those of us who had to request a tow were treated to perhaps the most horrendous journey home to the depot with the transit taking off as if in a formula one Grand Prix and the milk float being propelled at breakneck speed with the occupant clutching the steering wheel and fighting to keep the vehicle on the road. Milk floats are not known for good road holding, they were never intended to go faster than about 7 mph so doing 40 mph is truly frightening. If you have ever done that speed in a milk float you do not want to repeat the experience, the moral of the story is recharging is everything with an electric vehicle.


Thread: Deep Cycle 12V Batteries
03/07/2017 12:30:46

Perhaps Halfords calculated that once a car had reached the point where a replacement battery was fitted then the vehicle in question would either not survive until a next replacement was required or that it would have changed ownership and guarantee was not transferable to new owner and hence no further expenditure. Probably this product guarantee was dropped after a few years so that their liabilities were reduced and the sales ploy had served its purpose.


Thread: Electrifying a distant garage
29/06/2017 14:21:48

Circlip, unfortunately the panels that you refer to as available for soundproofing probably have the problem of being somewhat inflammable, therefore I would suggest not a good idea!!!


Thread: Shop vac recommendations please
28/06/2017 13:27:46

Have used a Karcher for the past twelve months, phenomenal suction, easily obtainable bags and brilliant for swarf on the machines. We use the same model for many tasks in cleaning our village hall, excellent for cobwebs and spiders.


Thread: Crap vee blocks and "Oxford Precision"?
26/06/2017 13:37:30

We all love to buy wisely and hope to get a bargain price wise, but it eventually becomes apparent that no matter how we scour the marketplace we will usually only get a level of quality commensurate with the price that we pay, unfortunately "inspection grade" is not available unless we pay the right price for it.


Thread: Transformer temperature
23/06/2017 17:43:42

I have "messed about" with ponds of all sizes for at least forty years and my past experiences tell me that Mick's problem with the transformer will be the load experienced by the pump. At this time of year all ponds will be loaded with small pieces of vegetable matter free floating in the water, when this vegetable matter passes through the pump it will gradually clog the impeller and therefore increase the consumption from the transformer and hence cause the temperature to rise. As well as the vegetable matter accumulating in the pump housing, at this time of year there will be minute water snails that have hatched and probably lodged in the impeller housing, the only way to guarantee reducing the loading on the pump is to regularly dismantle the impeller housing and clean it out, unfortunately at this time of year with a small pump which it appears Mick's is, this may need to be done daily to keep the pump free flowing, and the temperature at an acceptable level. There are pumps that will give better performance with accumulated solids but without knowing which pump we are discussing difficult to comment further.


Thread: Was in Penrith and this pulled up.
15/06/2017 20:27:32

In 1960 I lived on a farm in Devon for six months, as a thirteen year old I was in heaven, what a great life, used to help the farmer with milking there were a dozen cows which we milked by hand. During my stay there the farmer acquired a new car which was a 1920's Rolls Royce saloon, it was not in concours condition but because the boot lid opened and formed a level platform he found it ideal for carrying his milk churns on the opened lid. Every day he drove up the lane with the churns to leave them for the dairy Lorry to collect. He was regarded by his peers as somewhat eccentric before he acquired his Roller but more so afterwards.


Thread: How do I adjust the quill?
15/06/2017 12:02:29

Your Chester Micro Mill appears to be similar to the Arceurotrade Micro Mill, probably same manufacturer, if you go on the Arc website, look under milling machines and at the Micro Mill, there is an exploded view available which should show all you need.


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