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Thread: Bureaucracy with a tinge of Madness
23/06/2021 20:23:44

An Other, I second that. Dave W

23/06/2021 19:36:14

Ady 1 Strange that you should mention about Passports, I renew my driving licence every three years, old and decrepit, last time I renewed it my passport had run out but I still quoted my passport and still got my driving licence with my old passport photo on it. In respect of the HMRC website to register for access to my personal tax account, I see that the website is labelled BETA which indicates still under development, there is a questionnaire attached to it which allows you to report problems, which I have now done, wonder if anything will get done. Dave W

23/06/2021 19:09:12

Just as an exercise I tried using the Government Gateway link in Dave’s posting above and ended up with the same three proof of identity choices I encountered before including NI driving licence. I am most careful in avoiding scams and will always use direct access to gov.UK sites, you can’t mistake when you are using the government portal. I have given up in frustration at trying to deal with the idiot choices available, reluctantly will await the refund in six weeks. Dave W

23/06/2021 18:28:07

I notice that the proof of identity list highlighted above in Dave’s posting is the proofs accepted by the “Bona Vacantia” site which is an entirely separate department dealing with unclaimed legacies so not relevant. Dave W

23/06/2021 18:23:23

Definitely not a scam because the letter that announced the refund had a full breakdown of my tax and all the pensions that make it up, also I accessed the relevant .gov.UK sites through the correct government portal. I am at a loss as to why others have been asked to use a UK driving licence instead of a NI one that the website asked me for. I will be writing a letter of complaint to the HMRC to explain the bizarre choice of NI driving licence. Dave W

23/06/2021 17:18:55

I believe that Northern Ireland issue their own Driving Licences, why I have no idea because when we belonged to the European Club we were all supposed to have the same format licences issued by our own member state which meant that all the regions of the UK should have had a common licence but obviously not, perhaps NI perceived that they were separate from the rest of UK, they are now, they are not allowed to eat our sausages now. Dave W

23/06/2021 16:51:17

Today I received a letter from HMRC, it was informing me that I was entitled to a refund of Income Tax, albeit just over £100, but as a certain grocer says “every little helps”, and yes it was genuine not a scam. The letter informed me that if I set up online access to my Personal Tax Account then it would be paid to me within 5 days, otherwise I would have to wait 6 weeks to receive it. I could certainly do with it now rather than in 6 weeks time so I set about creating the access to my HMRC Personal Tax Account. I followed the instructions to the relevant .gov.UK site where I elected to set up access. One step that I was directed to was to verify my identity, there were choices of items that you could use and you were required to use two out of the three choices given. The verification choices given were

A. Passport.

B. Credit reference.

C. Northern Ireland Driving Licence

As I am in my mid seventies my days of wandering the globe are over so my Passport has expired a couple of years ago, so that was out of contention for verifying my identity.

Item B the credit reference would be no problem, they just wanted your permission to consult a credit reference agency, we are all on credit agencies lists.

Item C they required details of your Northern Ireland Driving Licence. I live in mainland UK, have never been to Northern Ireland much less had a Driving Licence issued there. Why does the HMRC expect residents of mainland UK to have a Northern Ireland Driving Licence, I would expect it to be probably less than 2 % of UK residents who have such.

So out of three means of verifying my identity I could only supply one but two were required, the website said that if I could not verify my identity online then there was a telephone number to ring, this I did and after the obligatory 30 mins hanging on waiting I got to speak with someone. The suggested solution to verify my identity was to go to the Post Office website and set up a Post Office account and I was told this would be the key to unlocking access to my Personal Tax Account. I went on the site and there were numerous questions that I could answer but we came to verification of identity again; it seems the Post Office will accept a UK Driving Licence so I was able to meet that criteria, the only other criteria that I could meet was “do you have a mobile phone agreement” and yes I have only recently taken out another mobile agreement on a new phone as my old phone had expired, a long story. I supplied the necessary information but the website said I didn’t have an agreement so once again my identity could not be verified, so back to square one.
So the Establishment has a Personal Tax account in my name, containing all my tax details but they refuse me access because primarily I am not in possession of a Northern Ireland Driving Licence or a current Passport, what committee of Civil Servants decided on such an obscure criteria of identity qualifications to use for verification. Is the choice of Northern Ireland Driving Licence an aberration on their part, why not choose a UK Driving Licence ? There was the obligatory customer service questionnaire to fill in at the end of the abortive process, I do hope they read the comments that I left, perhaps they will get an idea of how frustrated customers can get when faced with stupidity.
Is it just me that finds government departments are becoming more and more inaccessible despite the World Wide Web, especially when they give impossible hurdles to overcome. Dave W

Thread: Barbeque Time
18/06/2021 09:15:10

I think the most civilised method of barbequing that I came across was in a restaurant in Madison in the US, in the centre of the restaurant was a raised pit full of glowing charcoal and nearby was a bank of chiller cabinets that contained various generous sized cuts of steak. The customer chose his steak and then took it to the charcoal and grilled it to his choice, when cooked he helped himself to the accompaniments that were ranged on a serverey alongside and then consumed at his leisure. The restaurant was a welcome refuge to the weather outside which was approaching 20 degrees below, I never thought that I would be having barbecued food when the weather was so cold outside. Dave W

17/06/2021 08:44:38

Joseph’s Cobb certainly looks the business, I gave up barbequeing a while ago but the Cobb could easily tempt me back, it certainly looks a lot easier, most impressed. Dave W

Thread: Yet another scam
15/06/2021 11:08:00

I regularly get calls from a number starting 0843, the last part of the number is always different every time it calls. It rings for about 3 rings then disconnects, this has been going on for about 18 months, first few times I answered but the call was disconnected, now I ignore any calls that start with 0843, the annoying part is because the number changes every time it calls it is not possible to block it, only calls on my mobile. I now ignore any calls on my landline and only use my mobile, deafness means I can’t hear on the landline only on my mobile, all those who need to know don’t use my landline only the mobile. Dave W

Thread: Which was the better design of Airship: R100 or the R101?
12/06/2021 11:51:12

I joined the Air Force in the early 60’s and the service was gearing up to the arrival of the TSR2 with its groundbreaking technology when compared to contemporary aircraft that were in service, when the decision to scrap it came there were a lot of disappointed personnel. I for one could not understand the logic of the politicians but as I became older and perhaps wiser I realised that politicians made serious decisions about subjects that they knew relatively little about and squandering huge amounts of money was commonplace. In the end we had to await the Tornado as the aircraft to fulfil some of the roles of the TSR2, but by that time I was at the end of my career in the Air Force. Dave W

Thread: Mancave insulation
11/06/2021 15:51:48

I used an aluminised plastic bubble foil to insulate one of my beehives last winter, I used one layer around the side walls, on the outside, when we had frosts it was covered in frost except for a large circle which coincided with where the bees were clustered inside, obviously radiated heat from the cluster which can be quite warm. Other beekeepers locally lost a few hives due to the winter weather but my bees survived well, so the bubble wrap type insulation’s are effective but of course you need to be wary of flammability. Dave W

Thread: Lack of material and prices
11/06/2021 09:25:22

I think the majority of supply problems are down to there being an inability to manufacture and process due to the COVID restrictions on manpower, it is very convenient to blame Brexit but Brexit certainly wouldn’t be having an effect on supply problems throughout the world. Recently had a pergola built in our garden and the tradesman said getting hold of decent treated timber is not easy and the price has shot up. I need a few sheets of 50mm insulation to line out a new shed that I have built, the price per sheet has rocketed, there was a 30% increase in price in two months. Dave W

Thread: Which was the better design of Airship: R100 or the R101?
10/06/2021 09:53:19

It’s not only Airships that can give you a hefty static shock, helicopters are renowned for it too, when you see videos of helicopter rescues the static earthing line is always dangling below the crewman on the end of the winch line. When we worked with helicopters we always wore heavy rubber gloves if we were reaching for a dangling hook or static line under an airborne chopper. Dave W

Thread: Hinckley C
09/06/2021 14:19:14

I think a relevant factor of nuclear electricity is the fact that it cannot be switched on line at the click of a switch, it takes a long period to run up from a standstill compared to Gas, Solar, Wind or Hydro and the National grid needs sources of electricity that can be instant to meet surges in demand. Consequently Nuclear electricity is used as a base of supply, always running at full output and there 24 hours a day, a bonus is that when running the costs of producing Nuclear Electricity are more or less constant over the life of the reactor. Dave W

Thread: Scalped on my doorstep - it left an unpleasant taste in my mouth.
06/06/2021 12:28:53

John Fletcher 1

I agree with you as regards the definition of Competent Person , I have researched many areas and there is nothing other than the vague statement must be a Competent Person , nowhere is it clearly defined. I think the vagueness is deliberate for the problems of legal repercussions, who is to define whether a persons many years of experience classifies them as Competent? I think that it is the individual who ultimately defines whether they are a Competent Person in the absence of a clear definition. Dave W

Thread: Aircraft General Discussion
06/06/2021 12:15:07

Just seen two Spitfires fly over our house, checked Flightradar24 and it gave their registrations and one was at 1600 feet the other at 2000 feet but as a pair. Just lately we seem to be seeing Spitfires overflying on a regular basis, sometimes weekly. We are not that far from Biggin Hill as the crow flies or a Spitfire even, it seems that they probably come this way for the views at Beachy Head and the South Downs, we are located just outside Eastbourne. It’s lovely to sit in our conservatory and listen to the very distinctive sound of a Merlin engine, brings back memories of my time in the Air Force. Dave W

Thread: Scalped on my doorstep - it left an unpleasant taste in my mouth.
06/06/2021 08:25:33

I have no problem with supporting our local air ambulance, as I am getting older there is more chance of an occurrence when I may need them, wife says I am getting more dangerous in the workshop as I get older. As regards doorstep callers I don’t deal with any of them. Dave W

Thread: R8 Help me please!
26/05/2021 13:46:23

Keyway depths appear different, if the ER32 was same depth I doubt there would be a problem. Dave W

Thread: Secrets of the transport museum
26/05/2021 13:41:49

Look identical to the Fireflys depicted in Wikipedia. Dave W

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