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Thread: RR Merlin Scale Models
20/02/2021 09:46:28

Back in the 80’s my wife and I used to breed cats and attend cat shows, we were at a show in the midlands and for the life of me I can’t remember where it was, however another cat breeder who I was friendly with was also an engineer. On this particular day he said was I interested in model engines to which I replied definitely, so he said let’s go to my friends house and you will be amazed at his engines. We went to his friends house and in the back garden was a superb workshop excellently equipped but his latest project was the star attraction, there sat a fully working scale model of a Merlin Engine. I was in wonder of the degree of detail and the skill necessary to achieve the end result. He showed us the drawings that he had obtained and then scaled down to build the project. I understand that at that time he had demonstrated the engine running on local television. I am afraid I do not know the name of the builder but this took place in the mid 80’s so very possibly the one mentioned in this posting. Dave W

Thread: You think you have trouble starting your car on a cold morning?
19/02/2021 20:37:02

I remember, must have been 83, travelling up the A1 from Lincolnshire to Northumberland and back, during a spell of bitterly cold weather and really heavy snow, there was only single track all the way as the snow ploughs had only cleared enough for single track each side of the dual carriageway, there were numerous diesel lorries abandoned at the side of the road unable to move because the fuel waxed. Many of them had fires lit under the fuel tanks hoping to get the fuel moving, fortunately we had a petrol engined van. Remember sleeping in a Services wooden hut in Northumberland and that night temperature dropped to -18 C, that was cold, it was no wonder diesel vehicles couldn’t move. Dave W

Thread: Advice on benchtop milling machine
19/02/2021 16:08:45

I have a Champion V20 machine and I am very satisfied with it, I fitted digital readout on the X and Y axis, these I obtained from Allendale, were easy to fit and mean that you can forget backlash. I purchased the dedicated stand for the mill when I purchased it, not very stable a bit like being on a jelly , so I had to stiffen that up but you say you are mounting on a bench so no problem there. The only downside to the machine that I have found is that if you work the motor hard for prolonged periods in hot weather it gets very hot, I solved that by fitting two twelve volt computer fans in the motor shroud, this creates a steady through flow of cooling air and no more heat problems. If I had to buy another mill I wouldn’t hesitate to buy the same. Dave W

Thread: What Did You Do Today 2021
18/02/2021 18:42:39

Hi Frances

The phone in question is an IPhone SE and I was surprised at how readily available a replacement battery was. I was amazed at the inclusion in the kit of two screwdrivers, tweezers and various plastic tools for levering things apart. Having endured the frustration of doing the replacement myself I console myself that I must have saved a fair amount over paying for Apple to have done the job. Dave W

18/02/2021 17:03:21

What did I do today, well not model engineering but engineering of a kind. Wife has been complaining lately that her IPhone wouldn’t hold its charge and therefore the battery was suspect, I thought the easiest way out, bearing in mind the phone is over 3 years old, was to obtain a replacement battery and fit it myself, couldn’t be that difficult could it? I managed to find the right replacement on Amazon which with Prime would be here within 24 hours, it arrived here at lunchtime. I thought nice little job, wouldn’t take me long, little did I know. The replacement has the advantage of having 34% more capacity than the original that was fitted. When I unpacked the battery it came complete with all the tools necessary for the job and spare screws and a new screen protector as well. It wasn’t until I came to dismantle it that I realised how small and challenging the screws would be, they are Philips #000, and that is small especially when the screws are shorter in length than the diameter across the counter sinks. My eyesight is not what it used to be, especially with varifocals, so I really did struggle. It was not helped when reassembling I realised that 2 screws had gone walkabout, despite having lined the bench with tissue paper, I did find them when I trawled the bench with a magnet, I wouldn’t have found them without it. Removing the battery from the casing wasn’t easy as it is held in place with two adhesive strips, I resorted to the wife’s hairdryer to heat up the casing and the adhesive eventually let go. Eventually I managed to get it all back together again and much to my wife’s surprise the phone works again, just have to see how the battery performs. Replacing a phone battery is not something I would rush to do again, I found it a very stressful and frustrating 3 hours, I was so relieved when the last screw went in and the phone switched on ok, was pleased that the whole exercise only cost £21.99. Dave W

Thread: Guiness world record?
16/02/2021 17:54:42

Having worked on aircraft, when you drop a screw or a bolt you develop a sixth sense that is able to track where it’s gone, very embarrassing if you can’t find the missing item in the aircraft structure. Loose nuts bolts and screws have a habit of finding areas like controls where they can jam items, definitely not desirable if it’s flying controls etc. Dave W

Thread: Covid test
13/02/2021 20:45:31

Wife had her Oxford jab on Monday, following two days had banging headaches, Thursday, Friday and today has been really under the weather with flu like symptoms but beginning to ease off now. Kept telling her it was better than a respirator in ICU, she didn’t appreciate my comments. Dave W

Thread: Roller skate bearings.
13/02/2021 10:28:38

If I was looking for bearings for roller skates then I would look at a supplier such as Simply Bearings, they have a range of bearing grades available, have used them for different bearings and found their product to be good and prices are sensible. Dave W

Thread: Mist Coolant (Fogbuster)
06/02/2021 20:55:22

If using mist coolants isn’t there a problem with bacteria buildup, legionella springs to mind, it is more prevalent than we imagine. I know some will argue that the chemical makeup of the liquids will combat bacteria buildup, the problem is that bacteria can thrive in most extreme conditions, the water circulating in central heating systems for instance and bacteria also thrive in the fuel inside aircraft fuel systems. In respect of legionella they thrive in liquid systems that are used infrequently and kept at a steady temperature. Ordinary Suds coolant is prone to bacteria build up if not changed frequently. Generating an aerosol form of the liquid when misting will spread any bacteria build up very quickly. I can see that using misting in a production environment would appear to be much safer as in all probability the solution would be used fairly quickly and presumably the environment would be monitored by the dreaded Health and Safety in respect of adequate ventilation, we might not be so fastidious in our own workshop environment. Dave W

Thread: Coffee machine project
02/02/2021 19:23:17

Ian I have exactly the same problem, sounds like we have the same coffee machine. Our previous machine, same maker, had a much bigger water tank therefore would do more cups before needing refill, the only problem we had was that the lid for the water tank was accessible from the top of the machine, problem was one of our cats learnt how to take the lid off and get himself a nice drink of clean water. We had to adopt a procedure whereby when the machine was refilled we then draped a tea towel over it so that out of sight was out of mind and our cat didn’t see it as a drinking fountain. Dave W

Thread: Covoid jabs
02/02/2021 14:53:16

Had my vaccination this morning, was expecting perhaps a long queue when I got there but was pleasantly surprised when I walked straight in and after booking in didnt even manage to sit down before I was called in for the jab. The jab I had was Pfizer, the girl on the computer in the room where the jabs were being conducted, nearly fell of her chair laughing when I asked whether it was the vaccine with the microchips in so the government could track us all. They were very strict on the 15 min resting time after the jab, we were directed to a room with chairs, suitably distanced, where we had to sit until the time stated on the post-it note stuck on our vaccination card then we were allowed to leave. My jab was organised by our GP practice, they had banded together with other practices and were using the largest premises for the vaccination station. My only reservation was the location was in Eastbourne, unfortunately one of the towns with the highest incidence of COVID infection on the South Coast, it meant travelling in from our rural village located in one of lowest infection rate areas, a bit daunting because wife and I have maintained a strict lockdown of our own since last March. Wife gets her jab next Monday, she has to have the Oxford/AstraZeneca version as she had an anaphylactic reaction to radio opaque dye used with x-rays, now has to avoid iodine and any variety of shellfish, gets me out of having to fork out for expensive lobster meals. Dave W

Thread: Bronze balls in place of steel balls in a Land Rover
31/01/2021 13:10:30

When contemplating any modification to a vehicle always best to run it past your insurers, they can turn nasty if they find modifications when and if you make a claim. A couple of years ago I had a hoist fitted in the boot of our car to lift my wife’s disability scooter in and out, was fitted by the makers, best add on extra I have ever had saves an awful lot of backache, ran it past my insurers and they were happy with it and declared it of no consequence, but I had informed them so I was in the clear if any problems in the future. In respect of a steering box I would be cautious about fitting non standard items, it is a major component as far as insurers are concerned. Dave W

Thread: Help with Tilley Lamps
25/01/2021 20:17:47

Various grades of paraffin are available on Amazon, I have used EBay before it isn’t listed anymore. Dave W

Thread: Flooding
23/01/2021 11:07:10

On the estate that I live on prior to the estate being built a spring fed stream fed the local horse pond. When the plans were approved for the estate in the mid 60’s the developer was required to culvert the stream and feed it into the surface water drain under a road that was built to serve the houses, this culvert runs under a number of gardens on the lowest part of the estate. Recently the properties where the culvert runs have experienced flooded gardens during the winter months when obviously any spring fed watercourse will have an increased flow. During the intervening years from when the estate was built, many house owners have planted trees, some of which like conifers have extremely extensive root systems that seek out any underground water, it appears that the roots of all these trees have penetrated the culvert in numerous places and blocked it so solidly that the flow no longer happens, resulting in the flooding of the gardens. There is now a bitter argument as to who is responsible for the work to remedy the situation, they will eventually have to accept that under ancient common law, ie. Riparian Rights, then keeping a watercourse free flowing rests with each freeholder, whose land the watercourse flows over or under. The moral of this story is that there can be consequences to building on low lying land particularly when it is an established watercourse. Dave W

Thread: Cheap 4.5" grinding discs
22/01/2021 21:20:52

PGK, if your 15 miles from Oswestry does the sun shine that far up the country in winter? 😜

Dave W

Thread: Motorcycle General Discussion
18/01/2021 11:46:47

Clive, you mentioned the front suspension set up of the Ariel Leader/Arrow, I owned a Leader for some time and found it had very good road handling and was comfortable on long distance rides, I was in the services and commuted long distances on weekends. I did have one very disconcerting episode with the front suspension, the front brakeplate had a bush where the front spindle passed through, unbeknown to me the bush on my front brakeplate had worn and it was enough that when I applied the brakes one time, the front wheel locked solid as the brakeplate had moved on the spindle, only slightly but enough to lock the brake solid. The result was that even though the bike was two up, the whole bike pivoted around the front brake spindle, depositing myself and passenger in a heap on the road, both fortunately relatively unscathed. The necessary repairs entailed a new front wheel assembly and complete front forks, despite this unfortunate episode I regarded the bike as a brilliant piece of engineering and well ahead of its time, pity that Ariel never managed to put the four cylinder variant that they prototyped into production.
Dave W

Edited By Samsaranda on 18/01/2021 11:47:09

Thread: Where do the parcels go ?
09/01/2021 10:25:42

It’s very worrying that increasingly parcels from Amazon are now being delivered by Hermes, my experiences of Hermes in my local area are not good with lost and misdelivered parcels, definitely proportionally more problems with Hermes than other carriers.
Dave W

Thread: Christmas Disasters!
31/12/2020 09:57:53

Hi Noel

I stand corrected, was under the impression the battery was Li ion, checked the vacuum cleaner and it is Nimh, doesn’t change the price they are asking though, will pm you.

Dave W

30/12/2020 18:53:51

Xmas was quiet just the two of us, wife and I, because we are now in Tier 4. Today I was being a good boy and doing some housework, went to use the handheld battery operated Dyson vacuum cleaner and it ran for 30 seconds and then ran out of battery, I knew it should have been fully charged as I had just taken it off it’s charging platform, and yes the charger had been connected and switched on, in fairness the battery had been rapidly declining of late, provisional enquiries on pricing a replacement battery are about £60. To compound our vacuum cleaner woes we also have a Bosch upright battery cleaner and that is showing signs of battery distress, enquiries on the price of a replacement battery are that because it is a super duper 20.5 volt battery then price is £140, I consider that a staggering price for a clutch of lithium ion cells taped together and stuffed in a plastic enclosure, most likely made in China and sold wholesale for a pittance. So if we go into lockdown someday soon I will have some repairs to keep me occupied.
Dave W


Thread: Aircraft General Discussion
22/12/2020 19:36:09

Martin C

My time on Hawks was at Chivenor but also worked on Hunters at Brawdy, I was NDT at the time.
Dave W

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