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Thread: Fake or real
26/03/2021 09:35:44

No way it’s real Mitutoyo at that price ! Dave W

Thread: Tea Spoons
25/03/2021 20:03:17

I must agree with Peter that perhaps the chemicals in the dishwasher tablets could be significant in the staining problem. Dave W

Thread: There may be a delay in some deliveries ...
25/03/2021 19:33:00

In respect of a parallel canal, yes there is one but it doesn’t cover the full length of the canal at the moment, the section with the affected grounding is only single, the parallel section to it has yet to be built, so traffic is definitely halted.

Been through the Suez a number of times and every ship transiting has to take on a pilot before entering the canal, so responsibility for the mishap could be joint between the pilot and helmsman.

The canal was closed for a considerable time in 1957 when it was nationalised by Egypt and we went to war over it. I was on one of the first ships to transit when it reopened, there were quite a number of ships that had been blown up and were pulled to the side of the canal to allow ships to start reusing it.

In 1967 as a result of the June 67 war with Israel, the canal was again closed for a considerable time, unfortunately a number of ships were trapped in there. I was in Trucial Oman at the time and a number of parcels that I was waiting for were trapped as well on board ships carrying mail, I never did receive the parcels so who knows where they ended up. Dave W

Thread: Is RSJ Steel machinable?
24/03/2021 14:19:33

When we refurbished our bathroom there was an RSJ spanning the bathroom under the floorboards and we needed to route some pipes through it so used a standard hole saw in an electric drill, with a bit of oil to aid cutting, and it was no problem it cut easily. I wouldn’t hesitate to use it for projects. Dave W

Thread: Mail Scam
23/03/2021 20:28:30

Wife received the Royal Mail scam asking for £2.99 and accused me of buying items online without her knowledge, she was reluctant to accept that it was a scam and I was not guilty, well this time anyway. Dave W

Thread: Tea Spoons
23/03/2021 20:20:28

Would like to stress that the discolouration of the spoons in question is not tea stains and all reasonable methods have been tried for their removal, Jif, washing powder etc, the problem appears to be a metallurgical problem. Haven’t tried buffing on a wheel yet, reluctant to use any harsh or mechanical method to remove the discolouration. Hoping someone on here with metallurgy knowledge could explain the reason why they have discoloured, probably due to dodgy material specifications, it seems that a lot of industries nowadays go for the very cheapest options when manufacturing, profits are paramount. Dave W

23/03/2021 13:28:14

Have a similar problem with stainless table spoons used for cooking, the bowls of the spoons have turned black, this is not a deposit but a colour change in the metal itself. The spoons are always washed in the dishwasher and I wonder is there anything in the chemical makeup of the dishwasher tablets that is the cause, all other stainless cutlery, knives, forks, dessert spoons and teaspoons are unaffected and remain bright as when new. Is it possible that because they are exposed to many different substances when used for cooking processes that chemicals within the washer tablets causes a chemical change to the surface of the spoons, it is only the bowl of the spoons that suffer this blackening, would appreciate any thoughts as to why there is a colour change and if there is a process that could restore them to bright as new condition. Dave W

Thread: High speed grease!!!!
22/03/2021 10:12:21

Old Mart, your warning about molybdenum disulphide additives is very relevant, in my uninformed youth there was a fashion to use greases with moly added or to add moly additives to various oils for “superior performance “. I followed the trend and added the relevant moly to the gearbox oil on my car, the car had relatively low mileage, certainly less than 30,000 miles: within a couple of thousand miles there was a catastrophic failure of the gearbox. When dismantled it was evident that the bearing where the output shaft ran inside the input shaft had failed, this bearing was a needle roller with very fine rollers, the moly had affected the surface of the rollers leading to complete collapse of the bearing with rollers exiting their cage and ending up jammed between the teeth of the gears. Needless to say now very wary of the claims made concerning any “miracle” potions. Dave W

Thread: Gravity and Weightlessnes
18/03/2021 10:51:27

Jim in respect of fooling the senses, I visited the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago many years ago whilst working near Chicago. They had an excellent exhibit of coal mining, access to this exhibit was via a lift located on the top floor of the building, when the lift descended there were what appeared to be “windows” in the lift and on the outside of these “windows” were scenes scrolling past that gave the illusion that you were in a pit cage descending hundreds of feet into the bowels of the earth. When you arrived and stepped out you were for all intents and purposes in a working coal mine, a brilliantly constructed exhibit, and the elevator really tricked the mind. Dave W

Thread: That little elf under the workbench again
18/03/2021 10:37:49

Recently was replacing the battery in my wife’s IPhone, an extremely taxing job as the screws were microscopic, anyway during the process I found that two screws had gone walkabout even though I lined the bench with tissue they were nowhere to be seen. These screws were Philips #000 size, and that is small, the only way I found them was to trawl the bench with a magnet, thankfully they were steel screws and not brass. A magnet or different sizes of magnets always useful in a workshop. Dave W

Thread: Plumbing - 'polarity' of tails.
14/03/2021 09:57:32

If removing a rad and leaving a thermostatic rad valve it is best to use the decorating cap, that comes with it, to seal it while the rad is off, the problem is you can never remember where you put it because it was so long ago that you last saw it. I keep mine, have a selection of them because there are different thermostatic rad valves all round the house, in a plastic bag in our cupboard that houses our elec distribution board, only because it is convenient and has space. Also best not to trust lock shield valves as they can leak when rad is removed, learnt the hard way, so have made up a blank Union to screw on the valve outlet to seal it off. Dave W

Thread: Capsule Cameras
11/03/2021 10:08:30

Probably just become cost effective for the NHS to start using them, when new technology first appears it is invariably very expensive until volume production brings down the cost: I think this innovation will undoubtedly save many lives, and save the embarrassment of being subjected to colonoscopies, don’t ask how I know they can be embarrassing. Dave W

Thread: What is running-in oil?
09/03/2021 16:44:19

Back in the 60’s when oil technology was a lot different to today I used to run in both car and bike engines using colloidal graphite, never experienced any problems, in fact oil consumption when using it was very meagre. Not sure what if any products containing are available nowadays, I seem to remember one oil that I used was called Filtrate. Dave W

Thread: Motor control board
09/03/2021 16:33:32

Just as an aside, to prevent the motor on my Champion 20 mill from overheating when pushing it hard, I have fitted two small 12 volt computer type fans in the motor shroud because air wasn’t circulating around the motor and it was getting very hot. The computer fans are driven by a small transformer used for driving led lights which gives the required 12 volts. No overheating problems since. Dave W

Thread: Compressor questions
07/03/2021 11:40:12

Name says super silent, how silent is that? Items 1 and 2 appear to be pressure regulating valves of some kind. Item 3 looks like an oil and water trap. Dave W

Thread: What Did You Do Today 2021
01/03/2021 16:44:21

What did I do today, the weather was absolutely glorious, very cold first thing if you were out of the sun but as the day progressed it warmed up beautifully, such a shame to hide indoors so it was outside jobs today. Two pressing jobs to be done before the weather breaks again, one was finish painting the outside of the workshop and advancing age and increasingly becoming unsteady on her feet means that there needs to be some sort of restraint system to prevent my wife falling into my large koi pond, 6 feet deep, when she is in the garden and near the pond. She maintains it is needed for me but I have only fallen in once, that’s another story though. It was an ideal day for my grandson, who is quite autistic, to assist me, suitably socially distanced of course, he normally spends all his time closeted in his bedroom so a well needed change to his routine. Between us we constructed a post and chain fence along the two sides of the pond that needed the restraints. The posts are 80 cms high and located in the ground with metpost spikes and the galvanised chains hung on rings fixed either side of the posts. Painting the workshop meant one side was completed by lunchtime and that leaves one side to paint tomorrow morning. It was refreshing to see how my grandson interacted with me and he was engaging in meaningful conversation, a rarity as he is usually withdrawn into his autistic world, a really therapeutic morning for him and he is keen to repeat the experience tomorrow, his mother was really surprised at how much he had interacted. Anyway a number of brownie points gained from my wife for the completed chain fence along the pond and a good day out in the fresh air. Dave W

27/02/2021 19:25:26

Hi Nigel

Have had the exact same problem with a commercially made slitting saw arbour, very annoying at the time.

Thread: Quality kit supplies in the UK?
27/02/2021 18:08:39

Hemingway models supply kits if you are feeling ambitious and want a variety, they supply engine kits and also kits for some basic tooling which may be of help to someone starting out in modelling. Dave W

Thread: You think you have trouble starting your car on a cold morning?
27/02/2021 17:53:35

Back in the 70’s a friend had a Moskvich , I think that’s how it was spelt, and being Russian the engineering was “agricultural” but extremely robust and practical. He showed me how the car coped with the Russian winters of -30 degrees C, under the bonnet on the side of the engine block was a hand wheel, this was a dump valve and when operated it dumped all the coolant from the engine block, so no problems with freezing and cracked blocks. In the morning all you did was fill the engine up with boiling water and off you go.

In the 60’s I was in the Middle East and the Indian Air Force used to stage their aircraft through our airfield when travelling to Russia to have major overhauls on their Russian built aircraft. One of their Antonov aircraft suffered an engine failure on approach to our airfield and was grounded while it underwent an engine change. Being nosey I went to observe what the engineering was like, I was surprised at how basic and heavy duty the engine appeared, they were regarded as a usually very reliable unit if on the heavy engineered side. Dave W

Thread: RR Merlin Scale Models
20/02/2021 10:46:11

Hi Hopper

We used to breed and show Birmans, in our first year of breeding bred the best male kitten in the breed club, so quite chuffed with that. We haven’t been without cats since and currently have a Siamese, an Abyssinian and two Turkish Angoras, the Turkish are brother and sister and deaf, consequence of white cats with blue eyes. We gave up breeding years ago but couldn’t be without any cats, I get along much better with cats than people. In respect of what happened to the Model Merlin Engine it was quite a large model, as far as I can remember about three feet in length with the prop, and my assessment was easily of museum quality so who knows where it is now. Dave W

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