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Thread: Boiler Formers
27/10/2021 11:25:37

Nigel, I have sent you a PM. Dave W

27/10/2021 10:04:59

Just seen Nigel’s post which popped up as I posted the above, so Aluminium plate is also a contender. Dave W

27/10/2021 10:03:07

Digressing slightly, I am about to commence, with some trepidation, to construct the boiler for the Allchin 1 1/2” scale Royal Chester that I am making and I am following this article with interest. I would prefer to purchase flanging plates ready made rather than have to reinvent the wheel so to speak, but I don’t think that they are available, failing that perhaps someone has some that they would be prepared to lend or even sell. I see Peter had his made from 12 mm steel, is this the optimum thickness to use and I am thinking perhaps using M-Machine to fabricate as he did, there aren’t as many engineering facilities here in the South East as there are in the Midlands and the North so choice of suppliers very limited. Dave W

Thread: Rust Protection
25/10/2021 08:39:16

NDIY, I agree location is an important factor, I am fortunate to live in the South East corner of the country where the climate is vastly different to that of Northern England and Scotland, it’s also the best location for maximum output from P V Solar panels. Eldest daughter lives north of Wigan, we don’t visit her in the winter !!! Dave W

Thread: Saving the Planet or is it ?
24/10/2021 18:30:30

My granddaughter lives in a cottage attached to a large farmhouse, both buildings are fed heat from a ground source heat pump, plenty of land in which to locate it. The radiators in the cottage are never more than lukewarm and definitely are insufficient to heat the cottage during winter so they have a large inglenook fireplace with a woodburner which at least keeps their lounge warm. We have solar PV panels and batteries at our house and I researched a heat pump installation, ours is only a moderate size house but we would need a fairly large capacity heat pump and even though our house has good insulation we would struggle to achieve a reasonable heat. The installation costs would be considerable and for less benefit that we currently enjoy with our gas boiler, I think the establishment will have a hard job selling heat pumps instead of gas boilers, how long till this pipe dream crashes and burns and we continue with gas boilers. Dave W

Thread: Rust Protection
24/10/2021 17:07:45

A dehumidifier and oil filled radiator on economy seven and 100 mm of Celotex insulation in the walls and 50 mm Celotex between the roof joists, insulation definitely works. Dave W

Thread: Sewage dumping
24/10/2021 12:31:07

I live in the Southern Water area and they were recently fined £90 million for illegally dumping raw sewage into rivers and the sea over many years, this practice was carried out because basically Southern Water instead of allocating funds to extend and improve their infrastructure over the years as the demand grew, they fed the cash to the shareholders. Complicit in this it appears was the Environment Agency because they should have been monitoring and prosecuting the offenders. If there are occasions when your system will be overwhelmed by abnormal rainfall etc. then it is common sense to provide storage so that the excess can be retained and processed when the event has passed this will be a not infrequent event as our climate changes, It would appear that other water companies are also guilty of inadequate provision of storage, Thames Water is one but has recently embarked on a programme that will go some way towards solving their problems. As for surface water being fed into the foul water system in the past the regulations allowed this so there are many older properties who are legally entitled to discharge rainwater into the foul system because of the legislation that existed at the time the properties were built. This practice is now illegal for new developments. I was born in Eastbourne and now live just outside of it, when I was a youngster, a long time ago now, you could stand on the seafront and somedays see that the colour of the sea close to the beach was a different colour, this was because in those days, the 50’s, the sewage was not treated but discharged through a very short outfall pipe direct into the sea. Nowadays the outfall pipe discharges some 3 kilometres out to sea and the discharge has been partially treated, they run it through screens to remove solids then blast it with uv light to minimise the bacteria content that is discharged. Recent housing developments in our area had no access to mains sewers, Southern Water were slow to invest in the necessary infrastructure, the houses were connected to communal septic tanks on the developments and these were serviced periodically. In the last two years Southern Water were forced to lay a new foul water sewer to service these new houses, the new drain is about 2 kilometres long and had to be laid trough the High Street of our village at a depth of about three metres, causing much disruption, and is adjacent to another foul water sewer that desperately needs to be replaced because of problems with frequent collapses, but there isn’t much prospect of that occurring due to Southern Waters abysmal investment policy. One can only surmise that the fact that the amendment in Parliament was defeated was due to pressure from the Water Industry, says it all really they are protecting their profits. Dave W

Thread: RML Cannon of 7"
18/10/2021 09:19:04

Rod, the gun at fort Rinella in Malta is very impressive, I saw it a few years ago when they opened the fort as an attraction, since then the re-enactment society concerned with preserving the gun now fire it on occasions using a black powder charge which I am told is well worth witnessing. Malta is full of historical venues and worth visiting but you need to remember the island is unique and has its own ethos, only understood by those who have been there, I first went to Malta in the 70’s when serving in the Air Force, been back many times on holiday and love the place, the people are great. Dave W

Thread: Cleaning glass.
15/10/2021 20:34:33

I blame the deposited film on the cars ventilation system drawing in road fumes which have microscopic particles of oil and rubber from the cars travelling in front which then adhere to the glass, and yes the bottom of the windscreen must be one of the most difficult areas to reach without dislocating something very painful. Dave W

Thread: Workshop lighting / energy costs
14/10/2021 18:46:48

Bazyle, pays to have batteries to store your solar energy when produced but of course that adds to the capital costs, we have 7.4 kWh storage capacity which works very well with our panels which on a sunny summers day can produce >25 kWh. Dave W

Thread: SKY abandoning their satellite customers
12/10/2021 09:48:21

Old Mart, our small close of houses was built mid 60’s and when the telephone cables were laid they were put under the 6 inch reinforced concrete paths, no trunking or conduit used, when we get a fault on the lines they dig up the concrete to get to the cables. If a cable company ventures out to our village then they could cause mayhem in our close, however all the concrete paths throughout the close are privately owned by each property so without the house owners permission they cannot dig up the paths anywhere in the close, look forward to that happening. Dave W

Thread: Hermes. A Company in Total Confusion!
12/10/2021 09:15:28

Had a parcel delivered by Hermes last week, it was fish food for my Koi purchased from Amazon Prime, the food is contained in a stout plastic drum and the weight is 10 kilos. When it arrived it was the drum just wrapped in grey plastic, on opening the plastic wrapping I found that the drum had been crushed and the lid had burst open, must have take a fair force to achieve that amount of damage, and the fish food pellets were spilling out of the drum and through tears in the plastic wrapping. I emailed Amazon and asked them to tell their carriers to take more care of items that customers have paid good money for, their response was immediate and apologetic and they refunded the total cost of the fish food which amounted to £68.85, so full marks to Amazon on that score but I wish they wouldn’t use cowboy carrier firms. Dave W

Thread: SKY abandoning their satellite customers
11/10/2021 09:56:53

Live in a village outside of Eastbourne, a cable company are installing cable throughout Eastbourne, I think the company is called Lightning, however there have been a constant stream of complaints about their work. The cable layers have dug up roads and pavements leaving behind an awful mess and the trenches are all topped of with lumpy tarmac, the trenches they have dug in the roads have left newly surfaced roads with uneven surfaces which will get worse with traffic and deteriorate further. It’s bad enough to get roads resurfaced these days with Councils so strapped for cash but to get a company come along and in my view vandalise the highway in such a way is totally unnecessary when BT have a network of cables already laid in ducting that could be shared. My personal view is that tv should remain on satellites and internet utilise the current infrastructure with upgrading where necessary. My view of Sky’s new tv project is like all Sky enterprises it is geared to massive profit for their shareholders and customer consideration is very low on their agenda, as always. Hopefully our village will be deemed too insignificant for them to vandalise with their cables. Dave W

Thread: Paint stripper
08/10/2021 09:35:17

Be extremely careful when making a concentrated mix of sodium hydroxide and water as it gives off choking fumes which can burn your airways, don’t ask how I know. Dave W

Thread: Workshop lighting / energy costs
06/10/2021 09:49:38

I was really shocked a few years ago when I worked out our average electricity consumption over a year and it came out to around 20 kWh per day, my first thought was that my machines in the workshop were power greedy. Analysis of our consumption illustrated that relatively large amount of consumption was down to my two large ponds with filtration pumps that were not very eco friendly, air pumps and uv lights burning away 24 hours a day. I had been trying to persuade the wife of the advantages of PV solar, the realisation that we could reduce the cost of our electricity substantially with generating our own convinced her. We now have panels that can generate 4kwh and batteries that can store 7.4kwh and on a good day in the summer we generate 25 + kWh. We have adjusted our living style so that if the sun is shining then we use the dishwasher or washing machine and tumble dryer and the impact is virtually nil on our electricity bill. I now do not feel guilty using my machines in the workshop during the day because in reality I am using “free” electricity, however I did change all the workshop lights for LEDs and they use considerably less power than the old fluorescents that were in there and the bonus for me is a much brighter more user friendly light, I didn’t realise that as we got older better lighting makes so much difference to our deteriorating eyesight. Dave W

Thread: Gday from Queensland
05/10/2021 20:31:17

Tom, would love to see pictures of your A7 as you restore it, love old British bikes but unfortunately cannot ride anymore due to health reasons, anyway welcome to the forum, whereabouts are you in Oz ? Dave W

Thread: Hermes. A Company in Total Confusion!
05/10/2021 17:31:20

I know it’s not always possible but when purchasing from a distant merchant I try to ascertain which carrier they are contracted with, if it’s Hermes or Yodel then I don’t purchase, having had problems with both. Recently purchased a wheelbarrow from Amazon, it arrived in a flimsy cardboard box which was torn open and all the pieces of the wheelbarrow were rattling around inside and damaged, carrier was Yodel and their performance was about par for the course in our area, again didn’t realise that Amazon used them, my experience is that they are as useless as Hermes. Dave W

05/10/2021 13:44:45

My sympathies, I have in the past had problems with Hermes, the worrying thing is that in our area Amazon use Hermes for some of their deliveries. Dave W

Thread: Workshop lighting / energy costs
05/10/2021 09:59:09

+ 1 for painting with emulsion, your fluorescents seem to be arranged centrally down the centre of the workshop which will mean that at times you have the light unit behind you, I would take the plunge and arrange the light units to the side of the workshop, staggered with half on each side, I would take the plunge and go for LED, my workshop is so much brighter since I changed to LED. I supplement my lighting by using a rechargeable LED head torch, it’s surprising how much easier it is to see fine details at the tool when it’s illuminated adequately. Dave W

Thread: Hardening gauge plate (O1)
04/10/2021 09:23:04

All the tales of heat treatment reminded me of a story once told to me about the heat treatment area in an engineering concern making reasonably small items. A new manager had been appointed and he toured his new domain to inspect what and how was being produced. When he came to the heat treat area he found it was the domain of a long-standing employee and he was not impressed by the cleanliness or lack of in this area, he was particularly unimpressed by the state of the quenching tank which contained water that had not been changed or refreshed for a considerable time, he ordered that it be drained and refilled with fresh water. Subsequent to this water change the product was not achieving the hardness levels that had been the norm prior to the water change, when questioned as to why this was so the long-standing resident of this work area imparted the information that every morning before starting work he would relieve himself in the quenching tank, one can only assume that the build up of salts from his daily urination had a significant effect on the way in which the quenching medium affected the achieved hardness. Dave W

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