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Thread: water supply
16/06/2019 15:01:30

As a historical point, in the Middle Ages when Valletta the capital of Malta was constructed, I think it was the first city laid out on a grid the fore runner of city planning, every dwelling had to be built on a cistern which collected the rainfall that fell on the dwelling. This was essential for survival when the city was under siege, the practice carried on and many properties even those built recently have cisterns under the property, the contents are used for toilet flushing and clothes laundering. We could learn a lot from this practice, if every new house built in UK had a rainwater harvesting system we could survive our frequent dry spells without the threat of water restrictions. Not sure how the utilities would view reduced sales/profits.

Dave W

Thread: Carbide inserts tool holders.
16/06/2019 11:56:27

I tried with a Sandvick holder, gave up in the end it was so tough. I am sure the cheaper holders would machine ok because I doubt they are as tough.

Dave W

Thread: water supply
16/06/2019 11:50:28

Desalinated water is far from palatable, I remember in my youth when we travelled to and from the Far East the ships used to take on desalinated water from Port Suez and Aden, it tasted foul. Nowadays in Malta, where we have friends, there is a small amount of water extracted from boreholes and the greater proportion of mains water comes from a huge desalination plant, the local Maltese rarely drink mains they have imported bottled water which they get delivered to their houses much like our milkmen used to do house deliveries. For me desalinated water is not an option but the way our country is going we will soon have to invest in it.

Dave W

16/06/2019 08:29:06

Anthony has highlighted an issue with our privately owned utilities, there is a need to invest in a lot more infrastructure, more reservoirs etc. but because their allegiance is to shareholders they pay dividends rather than invest back into the business, yes they do make some investment but not nearly enough bearing in mind the “drought” problems that continually threaten. Our electricity industry is in the same position, there is nowhere near enough investment going forward. Our society is so focussed on making a quick buck, we disregard the future. One solution to our water shortages in the South East corner of the country would be a transfer system to bring water from areas such as the Lake District or Scotland where there is always a surplus, this could be achieved using a series of canals and aquaducts, it was good enough for the Romans and other civilisations. A system like this could benefit all regions of the country.

Dave W

Thread: How to machine Acetal
14/06/2019 20:05:20

I have had variable results with carbide on plastic, I now use HSS but make sure it’s sharp, I always cut at a reasonably slow speed, too much speed generates heat which you don’t want.

Dave W

Thread: Chinese carbide inserts.
14/06/2019 20:00:03

When you buy from sites like Banggood, you deal with basically an agency that co-ordinates sales from thousands of small suppliers, just like Amazon does, therefore the quality of products will vary on a scale from crap to brilliant. I have had inserts from Banggood, they came from Thailand and were equally as good as on sale locally here in UK, the price was about £6.00 including postage for ten carbide inserts, l had no complaints but you have to expect that the quality may vary considerably depending on which supplier you get, it is a lottery but at a cost of only £6.00 I thought it worth a go.

Dave W

Thread: Thomas from Hornby
14/06/2019 11:18:26

Is this a new system for posting questions? We put the answers first then get round to posting the question. 🤪. Dave W

Thread: Electricity Supply
13/06/2019 16:06:54

Andrew, we as a household are big energy users, previously our combined electricity and gas was costing us a direct debit of £135 a month. Need to explain that I have two large ponds in our garden, both using power for circulating pumps, air pumps, and UV sterilisers, these are working 24 hours a day so approx 8kw per day, a lot of energy. The install of solar PV has meant a big reduction in energy usage from the grid, we also now observe the rules of using the washer, dryer and dishwasher whenever the sun is shining, that means free electric, I am sure my wife will also cotton on to restricting use of lathe and mills to only when the sun is shining. The install of solar PV has certainly made us very aware of our energy usage.

Dave W

Thread: Material storage fpr Lathe/other machines
13/06/2019 11:50:00

Needing to keep my welding rods in a dry environment they are kept in the bottom of a built in cupboard in the corner of our bedroom, the cupboard has a small tubular heater to keep the environment stable, wife was not too pleased but accepts it now. I despair when I see photos of immaculate workshops, there’s no chance mine will ever look like that.

Dave W

Thread: Electricity Supply
13/06/2019 11:00:51

NDIY, the improvements that you list having carried out to your house almost mirror the improvements to mine, cavity insulation, loft insulation, replacement doors and windows, we haven’t sealed our flue in the living room but have installed an inset wood burner which generates a large amount of heat that circulates throughout the house meaning the condensing gas boiler only needs to provide some background heating, meaning low gas bills. Recently had solar PV panels fitted on the roof, so far this last winter we reduced our electricity bills by £50 a month and we also get a payment for all solar electricity that is generated so a win win situation. Next project will be a battery to store solar generated electricity but not till the prices come down to a sensible level. I keep threatening the wife I would like to erect a wind turbine in the side garden to make use of the wind, we live in a coastal area so no shortage of wind, she is not keen on the turbine idea. In respect of modern houses I personally wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole, there are currently 5 estates of new houses being built in or around our village, watching them go up I shudder at how tacky they are, even down to a fake fibreglass chimney perched on the roofs. They may be a more thermally efficient building than mine was when built but will they last, I think the jury is still out on that.

Dave W

12/06/2019 22:17:21

NDIY, you say houses are poorly insulated and better building techniques will be needed, there are currently a series of quality problems with houses that are being built by some of this countries major house builders, they need to seriously up their game to build houses that are compliant to current standards, are we going to have to rely on market forces to ensure future houses meet improved standards. I fear that the profit greed will mean we will always get houses basically not fit for purpose, I am glad my house is now nearly 60 years old and wearing well for its age and thankfully I have gas heating which works for me.

Dave W

Thread: Noise Cameras
12/06/2019 18:46:24

The picture in the link given by Michael above shows a car being driven towards the monitoring equipment, that configuration wouldn’t work with motorcycles as the camera will not record the registration number as this is mounted only on the rear of motorcycles, is this another well thought and researched government initiative?

Dave W

Thread: Which varnish?
11/06/2019 17:24:16

After much deliberation about what varnish to use on a brass cased barometer that I recently refurbished I chose to use the aerosol lacquer that you get in the paint section of Halfords, it is meant to be used to seal the aerosol metallic paints once applied. I gave the brasswork two coats and it looks great, time will tell how it fares long term.

Dave W

Thread: Electricity Supply
11/06/2019 17:12:46

Bazyle, I shall go and sit on the naughty step, I have three daughters.

Dave W

Thread: A Very Nice Freebie
11/06/2019 17:07:20

The quest to maximise profit is insatiable.

Dave W

11/06/2019 12:33:54

Throwing away items of value reminded me of an engineering company that I worked at and the power of accountants. The company was established in about 1910 and produced many variants of its main product through the years but because of upgrades and redesigns there were requirements to supply customers with a multitude of different spare parts. The product was rotary lobe pumps and when a customer had a breakdown he needed his spares pdq. To cater for this service to the customer we made and held a number of spares for each variant of the product, the lead time for some items to be manufactured could be six to eight weeks so keeping finished items ready for dispatch was how we serviced the customer. We were taken over by a large engineering group and their accounting policy could not get its head round how we serviced the customers requirements for spares, their directive was that we had to move to just in time supply and that we had to drastically reduce the value of materials and components held on our balance sheet. The end result was that racks full of completed spares in our stock area were transferred to skips and dumped and the service we gave our customers who required spares for obsolete products went through the floor. The company was then taken over again a few years later and very quickly ceased to exist. I am afraid that I regard accountants as the enemy of engineers.

Dave W

Thread: Electricity Supply
11/06/2019 12:02:01

It seems the consensus is that electric cars will replace ice vehicles eventually but will take some time to complete, I believe that the total number of vehicles will end up being considerably smaller for reasons already argued, this will impact on a sector of the population who will by circumstance and finance be excluded from EV ownership, this will accentuate social division and we just need to look at our society to see that real poverty is increasing and importantly not being tackled. I think our future society will not be as harmonious as we would wish it to be.

Dave W

09/06/2019 11:46:38

Another issue that will be significant if and when the transport system goes all electric will be how will these vehicles be taxed, currently a colleague of mine who has just bought a new Range Rover, pays £1200 a year road tax whereas a significant number of similarly ice powered vehicles pay £140 per year. One would expect the taxation levels to be equalised which means that we should expect to pay similar amounts, the current system charges the owner according to how polluting their vehicle is, all electric will have to have a differently based taxation scheme. I think we can expect the levels of taxation to go only one way, that is up. Taxation could therefore be used as means of regulating who has access to transport, that would be a form of social regulation because those at the lower end of the social scale would struggle to afford access to vehicles. It will be interesting to see how those in charge “sell” their ideas to us the consumers.

Dave W

09/06/2019 08:31:46

The preceding discussions illustrate some impracticalities with total electric, would not the way forward be hybrid vehicles using hydrogen and electric, arguably as pollution free as all electric. Problem is our political leaders have put their money on all electric, probably not a well informed decision.

Dave W

08/06/2019 21:21:05

Colin, I understand where you are coming from, I think it is going to cause huge social upheaval, our politicians seem to be oblivious to the situation I suppose because when it all begins to bite then they will have passed from office and it will be someone else’s problems. I think there are turbulent times ahead.

Dave W

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