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Thread: Metric micrometer what t buy?
14/11/2019 15:52:56

Best mod I made was putting DRO’s on my mill, metric or inches at the press of a button.
Dave W

Thread: Lathe chuck guards - how many folk use them?
31/10/2019 10:16:16

On my lathe I have retained the chuck guard the reason being that when I was at tech college, don’t ask how many years ago but the Beatles were in their prime, I left the chuck key in one day and it travelled the full length of the workshop and made an almighty noise when it hit the wall. I still cringe when I think of the verbal lashing that I sustained from the instructor, luckily no one was injured but the thought of the possible consequences then make me glad that I can not start my lathe unless the guard is down and that won’t make the micro switch if the chuck key hasn’t been removed. On my mill I found it nigh on impossible to use it with the factory supplied Perspex guard in place so I removed the Perspex element and left the micro switch permanently made. I place suitable deflectors to cater for flying swarf and keep myself mentally aware for any dangers.
Dave W

Thread: Anyone know about buying freehold to a house in the north
16/10/2019 15:13:57

There has been much in the press about the selling of new houses by developers as leasehold properties and then selling the leases on to companies whose only purpose in life is to acquire leases and then jack up the charges to as high as they can “legally”. If I found myself in your position then I wouldn’t hesitate for to acquire the lease, you never know who could end up with it in the future and how much financial grief that could cause for you. In the end only you can make the decision once you aware of all the circumstances, good luck.
Dave W

Thread: Tingling from Myford Super 7
10/10/2019 17:40:02

The mention of parallel earths brought to mind an accident which happened in the Air Force many years ago, I can’t remember the details but parallel earths had been configured which led to a lethal potential occurring and a fatality. Can’t be too careful with earths they seem innocuous but need to be regarded with respect.

Dave W

Thread: Caravan Insurance
06/10/2019 13:01:48

I have come to regard all insurance companies with caution, I have four cats who have all been insured with the same insurer, in the case of two of them the premiums were jacked up by 50% so I decided to stand the costs of any future issues myself, I am likewise in my 70’s and not cash starved so not a problem, when the other two come up for renewal I will cancel their insurances. In respect of motor insurance I spent 22 years in the Air Force and drove service vehicles on public roads and the services had no insurance in force as the State paid any claims made against them. Unfortunately one winters morning I managed to collide with a civilian vehicle whilst driving a service Chevette estate car, there was black ice and I simply lost control, the vehicle was recovered to my unit and declared a write off and I was summoned before the officer in charge of the transport section to explain what had happened. During my explanations he accused me of being not on a service designated route and therefore not covered with “insurance” via service resources and also I would be charged with stealing service petrol. I omitted to tell the somewhat irate officer that within three days I would be travelling south to the Falklands for a period of four months. On my return it had all been forgotten and I didn’t have to pay for any of the costs he threatened me with. in some cases insurance is necessary but you need to be aware that in most cases the customer is just an income generating unit.

Dave W

Thread: Battery charger problem
03/10/2019 19:32:19

Just to digress but still batteries, but Nicads, back in the seventies I was using ultrasound equipment that used rechargeable Nicad battery packs. When we returned from an inspection we would remove the metal clad Nicad pack and place it onto a bench equipped with chargers, one day returned and placed the used battery on charge as usual and left the workshop in search of a very welcome cup of coffee. Quite soon became aware of a crackling sound accompanied by acrid, probably highly toxic, smoke emanating from the equipment room, inside the battery that had just been put on charge was spitting flames and smoking furiously. Power was disconnected and said battery unceremoniously dumped outside, once it had cooled it was retrieved and a post-mortem carried out. The metal case was opened and the cause of the fire was a short circuit with one of the connecting links of the Nicaad cells that had chafed and the insulation failed and the connecting link core made contact with the metal casing of the battery pack, giving an instant fire. I was quite disturbed by this incident because we regularly carried our test equipment with us on aircraft flights, the thought of such a re-occurrence whilst airborne with the equipment stowed in the freight hold didn’t bear thinking about. I am glad that airlines today have at last realised the possible problems of batteries, nicad or li-ion, if carried in aircraft.

Dave W

Thread: What Did You Do Today 2019
29/09/2019 19:31:07

Went Clay pigeon shooting this morning, it wasn’t raining when I left home, it waited till we were ready to go out on the range. It rained persistently while we were out there, the wind was quite blustery which made sure we got thoroughly soaked, the irony was that the sun came out when we made our way back to the clubhouse. Although my wife doesn’t say anything I am sure that she is of the opinion that I have more than one screw loose, still what else would you do on wet Sunday morning ? It wasn’t as if my scores were worth the soaking that I got, still room for improvement next time when fingers crossed it might not be raining.

Dave W

Thread: Aero Fuel
29/09/2019 19:13:19

With turboprop engined aircraft they carried tanks of water mixed with methanol (in stainless tanks not aluminium) to be used when taking off from airfields that were high up and hot where the air was less dense, the water/methanol mix cooled the incoming charge making it more dense meaning it was more productive when combusted with fuel=more power.

Dave W

Thread: Water in fuel
27/09/2019 10:00:24

Older cars that used leaded fuels used to run ok on Avgas, add a little kerosene to the fuel to bring down the octane rating, not good for continuous use though, intersperse with tank fulls of normal pump fuel. Zeolite is also used in the filter systems of koi ponds to remove ammonia, can be recharged and used again.

Dave W

Thread: Shell Petrol Can Puzzle
25/09/2019 20:47:50

Back in the sixties I had an Ariel Leader two stroke, I used to mix my own fuel, didn’t trust garage dispensers, I used Filtrate two stroke oil which contained colloidal graphite and the recommendation was to halve the oil content of the mixture which I did and the bike ran very successfully on this product, much less oil smoke generated.

Dave W

Thread: Water in fuel
25/09/2019 20:00:11

Back in the seventies I had a car which unfortunately picked up a lot of water in fuel that had more than the permitted water content, it travelled to the carburettor and was in the float chamber and the jets in tiny little globules, enough to stop the car dead. Only solution was to open the drain cock on the fuel tank and drain out the water. After having drained the tank and cleared the jets the car ran fine, if that amount of water was introduced into a modern car then in all probability it would be held in suspension by the ethanol so in some respects a percentage of ethanol is good. The problems encountered with corrosion in tanks and fittings in today’s cars could be because the ethanol is dissolving the lacquer surface finishes of steel components which is there to combat the effects of water in fuel. Ethanol is very active against lacquers and plastics, one hopes that the vehicle manufacturers take account of its aggressive properties when specifying components and surface protective finishes. To digress back to aircraft, I spent 8 years working on Britannia’s which carried 50 litres of water methanol mixture per engine, to give added boost to the turboprop engines when operating off airfields that were high and hot, where the air was less dense.

Dave W

Thread: Scissors
13/09/2019 14:15:08

Wife served an apprenticeship as a tailoress, worked in a court tailors, says she has never seen scissors like the illustrated ones for buttonholes, they always used scissors that were short with very thin blades for buttonholes.

Dave W

Thread: Sky good service
10/09/2019 20:36:42

Had problems recently with my Sky email, couldn’t send or download on my IPhone, IPad or IMac, their website indicated that yet again some passwords had been compromised and there was problems with some customers accessing their emails. Eventually I got through on the phone and was passed from dept to dept and was told that the service would resume but be patient. Surprisingly a few minutes after my call everything returned to normal, I am usually very cynical and obviously thought there was a connection with my conversation with them but it seems to be becoming a habit with Sky, the same scenario occurred only a few weeks previously. It would seem that they are currently suffering cyber attacks which are affecting customers accounts.

Dave W

Thread: Equity release!
31/08/2019 11:14:21

Equity release definitely not for me, I have three daughters, one of which constantly reminds me when I spend anything that it is “her” inheritance, the other two are quite happy for me and the wife to spend whatever we want. Fortunately I was a member of two very good final salary based pension schemes which give us a comfortable existence. I know that my daughters will be well looked after if they share the proceeds of the sale of the family home that of course is if we can avoid nursing home scenarios later on. I have always been both curious and suspicious of how Equity Release worked and how it was obviously profitable for corporates to be involved with.

Dave W

Thread: Mill DRO
30/08/2019 11:22:08

I have a Chester 20 V mill and a few years ago I fitted Allendale glass scale DRO’s to it, it was a simple process, mine came with some very useful alloy brackets which can be tailored to fit the components, these were very useful. The preferred option for the X axis scale is to fit on the rear of the table but that would have restricted travel on the Y axis so I opted for the easy way out and fitted it across the front of the table, it means that you lose the table stops or you need to configure them in a different position, not a problem for me I just removed them as I didn’t need them, the table has very long travel so probably never need them anyway. I had no problems it was very straightforward.

Dave W

Thread: Ultrasonic toothbrushes
29/08/2019 16:57:26

When this toothpaste is used I presume that the dog doesn’t, like humans, spit out the paste after use, but swallows it. Reading the list of ingredients there is one substance, Sorbitol, mentioned at the beginning of the list, implying that it is a fairly major constituent of the canine toothpaste. In humans Sorbitol has a laxative effect on the bowels, one assumes that it is probably the same in canines, so your canine friend will enjoy shining white, plaque free teeth but probably very loose bowels. Does the literature for the toothpaste forewarn owners of this possible outcome.

Dave W

Thread: Just for fun what’s this stuck in my tyre?
28/08/2019 14:43:00

I am amazed at how many nails and screws litter our highways; when I was young screws and nails were relatively expensive and money was tight, you didn’t scatter them around like nowadays. People obviously have too much money if they can afford to waste materials as they do, nothing more annoying than getting a puncture that wrecks your tyre. I collected my car after a bodywork repair, not my fault guv, and when I got home realised that one tyre had a puncture, when the offending item was removed by a tyre fitter it turned out to be a bodywork fastening which had obviously got into the tyre at the repairers, so annoying , cost a new tyre not recoverable with vulcanised repair.

Dave W

Thread: What Did You Do Today 2019
28/08/2019 10:00:58

Michael, I bought the 29.99 version at my local Screwfix, the cheaper 12.99 version was purchased from Amazon, I realise that neither are regarded as high end retailers but I felt that they could be trusted, I never purchase anything electrical from EBay as I have seen too many horror stories on tv programmes about the possible consequences.

Dave, I hear what you say and realise that I have to be more cynical in my regard to those who are vying to take my hard earned cash. I am now very wary of the CE marking on any product, it would appear to be worthless because too many products that appear in our marketplace do not meet any standards.

NDIY, I can see how easily companies in China would use common components, such as cast cases and fixing brackets, but the quality of internals could vary widely.

Many thanks for your responses.

Dave W

27/08/2019 19:31:01

Today I replaced our outside light in the garden, it is an LED unit of 10 watts with a motion sensor, the one it replaced has been up for about 6 months. When I bought the previous one I thought perhaps if I pay a reasonable amount then it might last a fair while, it cost me £29.99 which I thought got me out of the bargain basement area where reliability might be an issue. Well six months it lasted so I wasn’t impressed, the replacement that I put up today cost me £12.99, I thought what the heck it can’t be any worse than the one it was replacing. When I got around to taking the old one down I realised that it was the same as the new one, the only difference was in the name and the actual LEDs other than that it was identical, same cast body and mounting bracket. My thoughts are now more reinforced as to what a rip off Chinese merchandise can be.

Dave W

Thread: be careful out there people!
26/08/2019 17:51:00

Had an electric experience last year, I was changing over two light fittings on the upstairs lighting circuit at home, I switched the circuit off at the distribution board and removed both fittings and swopped them from room to room and fitted the first unit. Went to distribution board and switched the circuit on and checked the lights came on, great that one worked. So now to tackle fitting the second fitting in the other bedroom, pulled down the exposed cables prior to fitting the new light and Oh B———r got a fair belt up my right arm, as the current started to flow I remembered that I hadn’t isolated the circuit after checking the previous light. Easy done, not the first belt I have had and probably not the last I shall get. Thoroughly endorse the one hand in pocket especially when working on open live distribution board, particularly as the latest revision calls for metal enclosures on boards now, probably more forgiving when the enclosures were plastic.

Dave W

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