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Thread: drill chuck recommendations for a bridgeport
05/05/2021 16:54:54

I use a Vertex keyless chuck with an integral R8 shank, used a lot over the last 10 years and still as good as new, very accurate and grips well. Not cheap but very good, came from Rotagrip.


Thread: Oofle Dust
03/05/2021 15:15:05

Someone please put me out of my misery, was it Sooty? Google failed me just bought up festivals and twaddle.



I think lockdown is getting to me a little!


Problem solved how come it comes up when the wife googles it with the same keywords, she says its man looking again.

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Thread: Drilled Hole Tolerances
24/04/2021 16:51:57

I'm in your club Larry, had no end of lessons by exasperated co workers when I was an apprentice, even had some from the toolroom manager ( who I believe could walk on water) but have never been able to sharpen a decent drill without using a jig . Lathe tools no problem but a mental block with drills I even had a little help from a tutor on my end of college test.

Can't really explain it although a few years ago after a small eye operation followed by some vision tests which showed that I have little or no 3D vision, which might explain why I've never been able to catch anything or play ball games. Had a lazy eye when a kid ( heard all the jokes about spread to the rest of me thank you!) and evidently the brain misses the 3D bit, more common than you might think.

Well thats my excuse anyway!!!!


Thread: Just picked up my first mill
24/04/2021 16:25:48

Congratulations thats a very good find, nice little rotary table included, an almost ready to go set up, there's been lots of very good work carried out on the smaller round column machines. As Old Mart rightly says just needs a little planning. I imagine you'll have lots of fun with that little lot.


Thread: Myford 254 Plus toolpost type
24/04/2021 07:06:56

Just some feedback on toolposts and the new to me 254 plus, I've used it now for a few days with the T00 sized Dixon toolpost and holders from the ML7-R ( this is a combination of Bison and A&R Precision). Despite my reservations about the size of the toolholders for the size of the lathe it has coped extremely well with some fairly chunky backplate turning and another job involving some horrible intermittent cutting.

I've decided to stick with the Dixon post, a decision partly made because I notice R.D.Barret tools are having a sale on genuine Bison toolholders at present, so will stock up on a few more of those. Still think the toolpost looks too small for a big lathe, and this applies also to the only suitable Multifix clone the AS size, but as it works ok I think I'll leave it as it is. Whatever toolpost is fitted the small distance between centre height and top of cross slide limits tool size when used in a toolholder. I do have a T1 size post and a couple of holders somewhere, and in the future might make a solid block to replace the top slide

One of the next things to make for the lathe is a saddle stop I feel lost without one, but I do find the graduated saddle handwheel very useful. Thanks for the useful replies to my original question, they did help in making a decision.


22/04/2021 14:21:53

Thank you for posting that George, it is extremely useful, particularly the shot with the rule included! I can now make a decent judgement on whether it would suit my lathe. I'm a little concerned that a rear toolpost may get in the way for normal turning, the cross slide is shorter than on my previous Bantam, the post I made for that overhung the back of the cross slide slightly. Even so one always had to be mindful of not running one or other of the lathe tools into the chuck or work.

I never envisaged just a change of lathe would bring up so many dilemma's, seemed such a good idea at the time!


22/04/2021 10:21:14

Thanks DIY Addict ( I'm more of a home DIY Avoider!)

I'm using the Dixon toolpost from my ML7-R at present, which works ok but does seem a little small for a fairly chunky lathe, I'm going to go for the Pewe AS option, they seem to have the best selection of toolholders to suit the machine. I've used the Multifix type at work and have always been impressed with the rigidity.

Will have to wait until next month, My spending on new tooling for the new lathe has appeared on the domestic radar, which I fear will mean catching up on some outstanding domestic decorating as a kind of smokescreen!


Thread: 5C collet chuck with integral DI-3 backplate,anyone bought one?
21/04/2021 17:53:09

Hi Tony

Missing zero added, don't usualy need to worry about that many zero's after the decimal point!


21/04/2021 17:36:36

Thought I would leave some feedback on how I got on with the 5C collet chuck as members were kind enough to reply to my original question, I often wonder how some of the information requests on here play out.

The DI-3 backplate from Gloster tooling fitted perfectly out of the box, lightly bluing the spindle taper and mating face showed good contact, and some tests with a DTI showed it went back the same every time. The Collet chuck from ARC was very nicely finished and the collets fit well and it operates smoothly, fitting to the backplate with the register machined very slightly undersize allowed me to adjust until there was no runout of the internal taper indicated on my best DTI (.0005" graduations).

The collets also from Gloster also showed very little runout, I didn't have enough sizes of nicely ground bars to test all of them but all the more common sizes I tested were less than .0005" most much less. Overall I'm delighted with the setup, hope this is of use to anyone considering something similar.


Edited for the missing zero!!!!


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Thread: Locating Eccentrics
21/04/2021 06:32:12

Hi Dave

I struggled with this on my first loco Rob Roy. If you get hold of a copy of the booklet on Walshaerts and Stevensons valve gear by the late Don Ashton it details a simple jig to set each pair of eccentrics correctly in relation to each other plus instructions for valve setting. The book is I believe still available and Don Ashton's website is still maintained and well worth a look, Camden used to stock it so try their website.


Edited By Dave Wootton on 21/04/2021 06:39:49

Thread: 5C collet chuck with integral DI-3 backplate,anyone bought one?
16/04/2021 12:40:21

Decision made today, couldn't find any feedback online about the integral backplate chucks, good or bad so have gone for a separate backplate. I ordered a set of collets and a part finished backplate from Gloster Tooling and the collet chuck from ARC, both suppliers I have had very positive experiences with in the past.


Thread: Bassett-Lowke
15/04/2021 19:53:27

I agree with all the previous sentiments I'm horrified and bemused that the Bassett Lowke name has been so cheapened by attaching it to such an awful product. Have these people no sense of the history of the company they have taken the name of ?

I'm sure Mr Bassett Lowke is slowly revolving in his grave.


Thread: Myford 254 Plus toolpost type
15/04/2021 09:47:41


Even though it is in the form of a kit of materials and a casting I would still consider completing the Hemingway kit as making one, maybe not quite from scratch. I like the idea of an iron casting for the base and do not consider the kit to be unreasonably priced, I do believe in supporting our better traders of which I consider Hemingway to be one. They have spent time and effort to produce the design and pattern so I would expect to pay more than the raw material cost.

I could buy the materials and make from the solid, but don't think there would be much to be gained, I need to order one of their steady kits so that helps with postage costs.Besides I like making things!


15/04/2021 06:59:40

Hi Duncan

The rear toolpost I have at present is the GHT one and is on my ML7-R which I need to get around to selling, I did have one I made for the Bantam which was basically the GHT one scaled up but with different mountings to suit the non slotted Bantam crosslide. From memory the indexing turret was made from 3" square BMS , the whole thing was fabricated from steel at work on the night shift. Oh how I miss the big mill and surface grinder now I'm retired!

At the same time I made an one for the works Chipmaster , which was a general use machine, and very few people used the rear toolpost, some had never seen one before which surprised me. I agree it does speed things up when making multiple parts,

The Bantam rear toolpost was passed on to a good friend who had pestered me for years to make him one before the Bantam was sold. I couldn't find a photo, only the ones I took to advertise the lathe, but will look further. The Hemingway kit looks very similar, being an enlargment of GHT's design but is designed for Tee slot mounting ( Colchester provide a number of tapped holes at the rear of their cross slide). I have some large tipped boring tools that do not fit the Myford toolholder, so will make a spare indexing toolblock so I can use them in the 254 rear toolpost.


Sorry for edits, morning coffee not kicked in yet.



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Thread: Bassett-Lowke 2 1/2 inch flying scotsman
14/04/2021 18:26:55

Hello David and welcome to the forum.

You might find it better to start a new thread rather than tacking your post on to an earlier one, things get a bit lost in all the other postings.

Can I suggest you join the National 21/2" gauge Association, very reasonable subs and an excellent little magazine, you will find much help and advice available. I used to be membership secretary and old habits die hard! There is a website with details of drawings and reprints available

There are several of these loco's in the association, I believe that reprints are available from them of the original B-L construction manual, Drawings may be available from the association or Maxitrack who now have all the Greenly drawings. For inspiration have a look at John Baguley's website he has restored several 21/2" gauge engines, I regularly pinch his clever ideas! I was also posting on this forum about restoring a 21/2" loco under "Problems with another president" ( this has stopped for a while as I decided to change lathes and have temporarily destroyed my workshop)

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress and if you have any questions I'm sure someone on the forum will have an answer.


Thread: 5C collet chuck with integral DI-3 backplate,anyone bought one?
14/04/2021 12:12:49


I'd be more than pleased with that!

I did read your post on that, I think thats decided me to go with the separate backplate to give a degree of adjustment.


Thread: Myford 254 Plus toolpost type
14/04/2021 10:16:57


Interested in the Pe We tools multifix I like using those, I'll have a look on their website. I do use the Q cut, but I also have a larger Sandvik model that I would like to use, My Myford is fitted with a GHT indexing rear toolpost with the parting tool and a chamfering tool, I find it quick and easy, just a preference I suppose.

Bantam was a great lathe but it was the Bantam 2000 larger model about the same centre height as a Student, Although it was a quiet one I still found it noisy in a garage workshop with a low ceiling, after lengthy machining periods on the higher speeds I found it tiring, and wearing ear defenders or plugs inconvenient. Planning on moving fairly soon and didn't fancy moving it again, fortunately the buyer was well prepared for collection so not too much huffing and heaving to do!

My friend has a very nice Raglan and it seems to be a very capable lathe, he makes reliable injectors on it which must say something of it's capabilities.


Thread: 5C collet chuck with integral DI-3 backplate,anyone bought one?
14/04/2021 08:17:45

Hi Pete

I've used Rotagrip many times, but the P-B backplates are finish machined to suit P-B chucks, and a Bison part machined backplate was over £200! They do a TOS backplate at a more reasonable price but didn't have any stock when I enquired. The Warco ones fitted very well and were nicely finished and at a very reasonable price I'm quite happy to wait for them to restock if I decide to go down the separate backplate route.

I just like the idea of an integral backplate to reduce overhang, I've got an ER32 chuck for the lathe which is fine but find it a bit awkward , but that's probably just me. I've used 5C collets in industry and like them a lot, Mainly I only build locomotives, and will be using imported collets so not expecting miracles of accuracy.

Given the low prices for some of the imported equipment i've bought over the years ( mainly from established suppliers) I've generally been most impressed with the finish and accuracy.


Thread: Myford 254 Plus toolpost type
14/04/2021 07:42:04

Hi Chris

I've just installed the 254 and used it for the first time and am very pleased with it so far, I was a little surprised that the larger T1 toolpost can't be used on this size lathe. I've changed from a Bantam and ML7-R to just having one medium size lathe to replace both. You know who's law meant I had many more of the larger toolholders than Myford size ones, the same law required that everything in the workshop be moved at least twice to get the old out and the new in.

I think a Hemingway rear toolpost is the first project so I can use my tipped parting tool which is just too large for the Myford toolholders. Didn't realise quite the amount of upheaval just changing lathes causes I'm sure it will be worth it in the end!


Thread: 5C collet chuck with integral DI-3 backplate,anyone bought one?
13/04/2021 16:40:48

Just been looking at 5C collet chucks online and when visiting the Warco site to see about a DI-3 backplate to suit, I see they do a chuck with an integral backplate, I wondered if anyone had tried one. In principle it seems a good idea with reduced overhang, but would remove as far as I can work out the ability to tweak the chuck on its backplate. I couldn't find any reviews of the integral backplate ones online.

Having had great problems finding a decent DI-3 backplate in the past for my old Bantam, I found that Warco's were very good and fitted straight out of the box unlike some others! Sadly Warco are out of stock of separate backplates at present.

I'd be interested in anyones experiences please.



Edited By Dave Wootton on 13/04/2021 16:41:48

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