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Thread: Detroit Hydrostatic Lubricator
27/03/2022 06:06:33

Hi Dave

I've used the 12mm od sight glass with sucess ( the glass available pre cut from Reeves) in the standard sight glass lubricator. And I have seen a twin feed set up using 3/8" gauge glass tube working very well on a 7 1/4" Jessie. I intend to make one for my current loco using 3/8" glass.

On the Model engineer clearing house forum Malcolm Brown describes the construction of a very neat Detroit lubricator in the thread " 99 3462 Build diary" there is also much information on thereregarding these lubricators and a reprinted article by Julan Atkins regarding construction and jet sizes etc I followed these for mine.

I have not got the articles but Roy Amsbury used smaller than usual sight glass in the design of his lubricator in M.E . Having got a sight feed on a small 3 1/2" g engine that bounces around a bit on the track, I would imagine that one of the limiting factors with regard to glass size would be the oil droplet hitting the glass wall, probably not such a problem with a larger more stable engine driven sensibly!


Thread: Myford Lever Action Tailstock Design and Build
25/03/2022 11:44:14
Posted by Hopper on 25/03/2022 10:03:11:

Lol glad to hear I am not the only carries a phone pic of his car number plate!

So are you going to finish that Miss Ten to Eight now you have it again?

Edited By Hopper on 25/03/2022 10:03:51

Afraid so hopper, was under the impression that castings and drawings would be hard to find as it's not an engine seen very much. However they are still sold by Kennions so a set of drawings and some very nice hornblock castings arrived last week, so it looks like another project joins the others. I had coated everything with Shell Ensis fluid which has done a superb job but after forty years is taking some shifting there's a very stinky soup of petrol and white spirit softening it up at present. Some of the smaller bits were in brown paper envelopes and they have rusted beyond salvation, presumably the acid in the paper,, and the original blueprints looked like the dead sea scrolls! I'll post some pictures and start a thread when it's all cleaned up, sorry if I'm hijacking yours!

Tailstock lever coming on a treat


25/03/2022 09:21:10

Very true about the memories, bit off topic but a box was recently unearthed that has been in store since my parents house was cleared years ago, in it were many parts I made at work for LBSC's Miss Ten to Eight locomotive. Part of it was a finished crank axle, loctited together and pinned,I had forgotten the box's existence and it was a real surprise when it was opened. But on seeing the axle I can now remember clearly the conversation I was having with my mentor Jim while setting it up on a surface plate for loctiting as if it were yesterday. until a month or so ago the box had been unopened since the firm closed and we were all made redundant, this was August 1979! 43 years ago.

Yet I have to have a picture of my cars licence plate on my phone as I cannot for the life of me remember it!

Or where I left the keys to it.


Edited By Dave Wootton on 25/03/2022 09:22:30

Edited By Dave Wootton on 25/03/2022 09:31:08

24/03/2022 12:59:53

Excellent tips Hopper and very well put, just about sums up all the good advice given to me by Jim who taught me bench work. The point about not scribing too deeply is one that he laboured, but I've never seen it in print before. Jim seemed about a hundred years old when I was an apprentice and I only recently realised he was younger than I am now!

Watching this build log with interest still, keep up the good work.


Thread: Original Tich
21/03/2022 10:51:12


Could be wrong about the Australia bit - I have been before! All from memory and I can't check as I got rid of all my old magazines when i moved a few years ago, but I remember the County class clearly as a club member was well on with building Don Young's version .but couldn't definitely say if it was M.E or L.L.A.S.


21/03/2022 09:00:44

This is just a memory from reading something long ago, I think Leslie Clarke ended up in Australia, I seem to remember that he built a very well detailed GWR County class 4-4-0 to his own design that was featured either in M.E or L.L.A.S years ago, there was mention of his original Tich.


Edited By Dave Wootton on 21/03/2022 09:01:55

Thread: Myford Lever Action Tailstock Design and Build
16/03/2022 10:55:26

Thanks Noel always wondered if that was a Myford part, interestingly the ones in the pictures show a replacement plain tailstock spindle, mine just clamped over the threaded part of the original ML7 tailstock quill. It was secondhand so maybe that just didn't come with it, worked fine with the standard ML7 quill.

Please keep up the post's Hopper, always interested in a build log, there's always something to learn and an " why didn't I think of that moment". Also interested if you build one for your Drummond, I had an M type years ago that i stupidly sold to buy a Cromwell S800, lovely lathe but couldn't get on with it, one day I'll get myself another M and rebuild it along with all the mod's and accessories that I've seen for them. Eeking out my redundancy money untill I get my pension this July, so no toys at the moment!


16/03/2022 07:47:40

The type in the picture above is the one I fitted to my ML7, I bought it secondhand and was never sure if it was a Myford made item or third party. Never seen another one that I can remember, I left the operating arm loose in it's bore ( I think there was a grub screw) and it could be slid in and out to vary the leverage and keep it out of the way.

Always found it a useful addition to the lathe, would make a good project for fabrication, following this thread with great interest.


Thread: First Lathe - Colchester Triumph (1960s roundhead) vs Warco WM250v
15/03/2022 14:12:39

I did say it was a slippery slope, next you'll be sneaking things into the workshop behind her back. The appropriate comment is always " Oh that, I've had it for ages" doesn't always work though. Ibuprophen cream is very good for localised bruising!

Enjoy your new lathes, can't have too many.


15/03/2022 07:01:36
Posted by Michael Smith 26 on 14/03/2022 23:58:53:

Ha - now I'm conflicted - a local garage tools for sale FB group has listed a 240vWarco BH600G for sale near me for £1450 that looks at first glance in fairly good condition. I may end up acquiring two lathes in very short order then selling the one I like least.

Welcome to the world of lathes Michael, it's a very slippery slope, so many lathes so little time!

Great fun though, As well as the two recommended books you have, I'd second Davids recommendation of the George Thomas workshop book, there are some great accessories to make in there. Some of them such as the small boring, parting and screwcutting tools are great little projects, and I use them all constantly.

The Myford will be a great starter lathe, there will always be a bigger better one that comes along the day after you purchase anything. These days lathes are not scarce an there are lots about since the decline in industry, so no need to rush for anything. I once sold a lovely Drummond M type to buy something I thought would be much better- still regretting it decades later!


Having seen Hoppers post I had a look and L.H Sparey's A man and his lathe are still in print from Tee publishing for just over a fiver in the UK. Even available on Amazon so no need to pay the silly prices some are going for on ebay.

Edited By Dave Wootton on 15/03/2022 07:31:27

Thread: Any advance on the highlighted comment ?
13/03/2022 10:55:07
Posted by Ady1 on 13/03/2022 09:16:31:

Looks fine to me. I would hold the angle iron in my fingers to give it more stabilitydevil

Excellent comment made me spill my tea!


Thread: Loco lighting brackets
13/03/2022 10:53:12

The GWR liked to do things differently, the lamp bracket mountings are on the side of their lamps, most others were on the back.


Thread: First Lathe - Colchester Triumph (1960s roundhead) vs Warco WM250v
12/03/2022 08:28:30

Just had a good look at the Boxford on the lathes website, the one with the inverter on the front panel, What a lovely machine, lots of usefull equipment with it including collets. Just my opinion but worth travelling for, don't think you could go wrong with that.


12/03/2022 06:40:48

Hi Mike

I think you made the right decision as regards the Colchester you were looking at, and you won't go far wrong looking at a good Boxford. Regarding the Simonet in Cornwall I wouldn't disregard it just because it's not up and running, I know that Maurice Clark would not have bought anything that wasn't in good order, he may well have just been overtaken by events before he could commission it.

Malcolm that runs Pennyfarthing is very knowledgeable and straightforward to deal with, I've purchased machines from him a couple of times with complete satisfaction. Worth giving him a call if you were interested in it he is very approachable. No I'm not on commission, just a satisfied customer. Keep posting your options there is a wealth of experience available on the forum.

As for that Herbert, run away!


Not wanting to add to your dilemma but Project Machinery have a Colchester Bantam, Warco GH1322 ( I used one of these in industry and got to like and respect it) and a Warco 250V all at reasonable pricesand very well equipped, you do have to factor VAT in though. I bought my Myford 254+ from Project last year and was very happy with the machine, service and the pricing. Again Richard the owner is very approachable and knowledgeable. They have a website, my lathe was delivered by Richard, but he may arrange transport for longer distances.


Edited By Dave Wootton on 12/03/2022 06:56:26

11/03/2022 09:53:53

Just a thinking out of the box suggestion, if you are in Cornwall theres a Simonet Atlantic lathe fully equipped in the Pennyfarthing tools website for two grand, from the late Maurice Clark's workshop. Also two very nice Boxfords on the Lathes UK website for the same money, Old Colchesters are great if you can get a good one......

The Simonet are lovely lathes to use. I'd love it but couldn't stand the upheaval of another machine change.


Edited By Dave Wootton on 11/03/2022 09:54:25

Thread: Pacemakers
10/03/2022 16:46:00

Blimey, I hope they made the pacemakers better than some of the 60's motorcycle electrics!

( light hearted comment not intended to start a huge thread about motorcycle electrics, after all Joe Lucas was known as the prince of darkness!)


Thread: Is this distasteful
10/03/2022 15:55:39

As regards blank rounds I used to drive round with a cable spiking tool and a box of blank rounds in the back of my work car,( the blank rounds fire a chisel through a HV cable). The only requirement I can remember was a company one to carry the certificate to prove you had completed the training to safely use the tool, nothing as regards any legal requirements for having the blanks in your possession.

The last HV course I did was just before lockdown and the rules hadn't changed then. Great fun cable spiking particularly live ones!


10/03/2022 10:47:33

I'm not at all political and like most people am horrified and saddened by what's happening in Ukraine, I did proudly take part in the Flashmob Orchestra that played in Trafalgar Square on Sunday, which I think is the only remotely political thing I've ever done. So I think it's safe to say I'm very anti the current war.

But I have no problem with any of the subjects that have been raised by members of the forum, I didn't read the one on bullets as I don't knopw much about guns, or the one about tomato plants as I'm not a gardener, but obviously from the number of replies others found the subject interesting. So as it's the tea room my own opinion is post away, as long as it's not inflammatory, abusive or derogatory to other members.

The option is always there not to read it, so carry on br, I did enjoy the thread on philosophical maxims.

Look what's happening in Russia to see what happens when censorship means there is only one viewpoint on offer. One tearful Russian lady married to a Ukranian told us in Trafalgar Square " I phone my parents in Russia to tell them they are shelling our family in Kyiv and they say, nonsense its your own soldiers doing it because they are Nazi's, we are saving you"



Edited By Dave Wootton on 10/03/2022 10:51:20

Thread: Lever operated tailstock attachment Myford
09/03/2022 11:45:27

I had an ML7 for years fitted with the basic type lever attachment and never found the need to ever change back to the screw feed. I didn't find it any harder to judge the pre load on a dead centre with the lever than with a screw, I have managed to get it wrong using either system! I always found the ML7 handwheel with two handlesand the thread of the tailstock barrel sticking out to be very knuckle grazing and awkward, which is the original reason for fitting it, The S7 tailstock handwheel seemed a definite improvement.

My 254 has the rack feed still sold by Myford ( fits 254 and S7) and I use that for everything, I have the very small chuck on a spindle sensitive drilling attachment sold by ARC, just drilled some lubricator jets No 78 with no problems, and I'm a bit ham fisted. When I was working I made an attachment similar to the one shown by Hopper above 3mt to fit our works lathes, worked so well someone pinched it!

Both of the Myford ones had stops, the ML7 a rod and the 254/S7 one has a collar, very useful for repetition jobs.


Edited By Dave Wootton on 09/03/2022 11:46:03

Thread: Financial surnames
09/03/2022 07:55:23

Hi Anthony

I went to primary school with a Teresa Green, Orpington , Kent, about 1963-68, obviously her maiden name!

There was a Dental practice there and two of the dentists nameson the brass plate outside were Dr Puller and Dr Blood.


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