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Thread: Rotary table stepper software, anything free available?
28/06/2014 17:30:50

Just to add to the remarks made by Les about the TB6560 driver, I acquired one of these from a Chinese source for use in a Steve Ward division controller — this one:


In the outcome I used another driver in my actual unit but I did test out the TB6560 unit in my controller setup. This was with a current limit of 1 Amp per channel and a voltage of 18 Volts (max for this chip is 24V). At those settings it performed fine in all operating modes.

However, this is a single-axis driver used within fairly modest operating limits. Going by the talk on places like CNC Zone, single-PCB, multi-axis drivers based on the TB6560 have a very poor reputation. So, I'd hesitate to use this chip/board for a more demanding/complex project.


15/06/2014 03:56:03

Apologies, OMG. When joining a forum I always accept their 'system default' settings so assumed this presented the screen in the same way for everyone who does likewise. Plainly, that's not the case. Anyway, we're now looking in the same place.


14/06/2014 06:12:19

Actually the announcement of the change is in Post No 741 on Page 62 of of the CNC Zone thread (i.e. the latest post as of today's date) here:



09/06/2014 03:50:02

There are Utube videos of various versions of Steve Ward's PIC-based controller here:

Malcolm Parker-Lisberg

— and here:

Chris Raynerd






Edited By joegib on 09/06/2014 03:52:06

Thread: Workshop Practice Series on eBay: Copyright Infringement?
19/01/2014 15:33:03
Posted by blowlamp on 17/01/2014 18:10:00:


Interesting you think some on here are "scummy freeloaders".

Have you never read a book you didn't pay for?


Sorry for not replying sooner on this. Firstly, Jason Udall's answered the the book point.

As regards 'scummy freeloaders', that comment was based on the attitudes I referred to in the Yahoo newsgroup I mentioned, not aimed at anyone here. That said, these incidents don't happen without some measure of collusion from people in the 'ME community'. Who uploaded 300+ copies of MEW to the archive I referred to earlier? Who's going to the trouble of copying, formatting and uploading Workshop practice books to torrent sites? Definitely not bootleggers themselves — they're minimum effort/quick killing merchants. The culprits have got to be members of the ME community because they're the only people who'd have any interest in this material. What are their motives? Earning a few brownie points from their mates for providing these freebies? Or are they members of the property-is-theft brigade? Above all, of course, the people in the ME community sustaining this trade are those prepared to buy the bootlegger's 'warez'.


17/01/2014 16:50:31
Posted by OMG on 17/01/2014 15:39:18:

£6.95 each (£4.63 each if you buy 3) seems like a decent enough price to me. I don't see it as overcharging.

I agree. These are peppercorn prices compared with the excessive prices long charged for music and film CDs/DVDs by their producers. It's ludicrous to compare these handbook prices with the price gouging that went on in those industries.

I remember about a year ago I saw a posting on a Yahoo special interest group giving the web address of an American Web archive. On investigating rhe siteI found that over300 PdFsof full MEW magazines had been uploaded effectively covering the publication's whole history. I reported this to the ME/MEW publishers and their Lawyers must have bestirred themselves eventually to get this material taken down. What disgusted me most about this episode was the glee with which some group members greeted the posting — there was a chorus of congratulations along the lines ' great resource OP'.

the sad fact is that it's not wicked exploitative capitalist publishers that will undermine this hobby but rather the scummy freeloaders, the kind of people who no doubt view shoplifting as a ''victimless' crime.


Thread: Confused...
13/01/2014 04:11:54
Posted by OMG on 13/01/2014 04:00:37:
Posted by joegib on 13/01/2014 03:58:47:

Curiously, readership surveys have also shown that MEW readers don't like protracted multi-part series.

And yet ......

Is there a punchline?


13/01/2014 03:58:47

David Clarke has made comments about publishing policy/readership attitudes from time to time. From these it's fairly easy to see how the present position has evolved. Among the points made are:

(1) In the first instance it's the author who decides where an article judged suitable for publication appears. If someone who's a longtime subscriber to ME knocks out a toolmaking article it will be perfectly natural for him to choose ME as the channel.

(2) Reader surveys and letter page reactions have shown emphatically that MEW readers don't want model-making articles appearing there so:

"running what could become two similar magazines"

— just isn't going to happen in terms of model-making bleeding into MEW.

(3) Curiously, readership surveys have also shown that MEW readers don't like protracted multi-part series. So that creates an opening for ME to publish the more ambitious machine-making projects. Thus, something like a latterday Quorn project would be a better fit for ME than MEW.


(a) both model making and toolmaking articles may appear in ME depending on author preference or series length,

(b) model making articles will only appear in ME.



Edited By joegib on 13/01/2014 04:06:07

Thread: Reversing Switch.
28/12/2013 04:57:03

This firm is a bit cheaper:

SRK Equipment

Postage is £3 + £1 for each additional item. So a set of 4 switches would cost £16 delivered. Rep is decent given volume of business. Probably stating the obvious but watch the switch 'sense' — most control inputs to a VFD require push-to-make (NO) switches whereas the 'Stop' input commonly requires a push-to-break (NC) switch.


27/12/2013 03:08:23

Not sure what you'd class as cheap. An outfit I've considered in the past as doing 'industrial'-style buttons is:

Challon Components Ltd

They work out at around £4-5 per button.


PS — I've not actually bought their stuff so can't vouch for its quality.

Edited By joegib on 27/12/2013 03:19:22

Thread: How to use a turning tool
20/12/2013 08:17:30

Posted by Novice on 19/12/2013 17:21:06:

What can I do with it?

(1) Place it in a finely-carved rosewood box, velvet lined.

(2) Apply inscription — "In loving memory of Western mass manufacturing".

(3) Secure item in your bank deposit box together with your Faberge eggs and whatnot..

It's obviously a precious jewel, not a rather mundane engineering artefact.wink


Edited By joegib on 20/12/2013 08:25:09

Thread: Do suppliers ACTUALLY read their own web sites
10/12/2013 13:39:45

Talking of typo's, the spelling of Australia in the Eccentric Engineering advert s a bit eccentric.


Edited By JasonB on 10/12/2013 19:43:01

Thread: This website and windows 8.1
30/11/2013 07:13:24

I've been having an occasional 'play' with Linux since 1995 and have been amazed at the strides it's made in capability/usability in that time. But for me one severe limitation it has is its handling of scanners. I need to use a scanner occasionally for copying documents and capturing bitmapped drawings for vectorisation. Linux handles communication with scanners using a protocol called SANE and over the years SANE developers have developed drivers for hundreds of scanners. Even so, there are big holes in its driver coverage — for instance Epson models are well covered whereas modern Canon models are not. To be fair that's because some manufacturers have co-operated with Linux developers to create drivers whereas others have withheld the technical information needed to do that. The upshot for me has been that whenever I've formed the intention over the years to switch to Linux it just happens that the scanner I have at the time has not been supported!

So, the moral is if you want to move to Linux and scanning capability is important to you, first check that your scanner is supported.


Thread: 3.5" Railway Gauge Association
04/11/2013 07:44:47


Isn't this post a bit premature? I've examined your Association's site in detail and a number of features disturb me:

1. You:

(a) Offer a monthly E-Mag but provide no specimen contents or editorial pages to allow prospective members to judge its usefulness.

(b) Offer special discounts at your "Store and from selected suppliers" but name no existing/prospective products or suppliers.

(c) Promise invitations to members to attend "Social" (sic) across the UK but mention no arranged events.

(d) Offer all the above services and yet, per your "Vacancies" page, seem to be seeking people to perform these functions, people who must first be members (already paid-up?).

2. It's customary when asking people for money to provide some 'terms and conditions'. In this case that would be the Association's "Rules" or "Constitution". Where are those documents?

3. People also need reassurance about the bona fides of your Association. As I say, I've been through the site and there is absolutely no information about the history/origins of the Association, its founding members, its current officers, how it's constituted and its business address or registered office if as company. Indeed, despite the paucity of identifying/locational information it's disturbing that the only area that's constructively functional is the Paypal facility.

Sorry if my remarks come across as critical and hard-nosed but I think you and your founding members need to put a lot more "meat on the bones" before you start asking the wider public for money.


Edited By joegib on 04/11/2013 07:46:06

Thread: Inverter Wiring
12/10/2013 11:24:06

If this multi-wire cable is to be connected to a remote control box here's a neat circuit diagram posted by David Thomas 6 some years ago:


Points to note:

(1) The switch sensing is critical. In the diagram the Start/Reverse/Jog functions are controlled by 'Normally Open' (Push-to-Make) switches wheres the Stop function requires a 'Normally Closed' (Push-to-Break) switch. As it happens both my VFDs (Telemecanique and Allen Bradley) conform to this pattern but you should check the particular requirements of each control line per your manual before adopting this pattern.

(2) I'd echo Rick Parry's caution about using a single cable carrying both 'power' and 'signal' lines. Apart from all else, light gauge signal wire will suffice for the signal lines whereas you'll need heavier gauge mains wire for the power connections to the motor.


Edit — argh, too late.

Edited By joegib on 12/10/2013 11:27:00

Thread: 3D Printer On sale in Currys for under 1,200
02/10/2013 15:10:46
Posted by OuBallie on 02/10/2013 14:31:41:

They will progress in the same way that laser printers have.

Hmm, more probably like the inkjets. The printers will be sold as loss leaders for £200 and the cartridges will cost £250 a pop and be 'chipped' so they register 'empty' when they're still half full!


Thread: Spline spanners
06/08/2013 14:32:48

ArcEuro sells a wide range of collet nut spanners — see here:



Thread: Sony RDR-HXD890 Hdd & DVD player
21/07/2013 09:00:40

Lengthy thread on this on 'Digital Spy':

Digital Spy

Post No 45 (Page 2) provides a 'how-to' fix that claims to restore both channels and EPG pending official fix from Sony. Word is that recorded material has not been lost. Don't have this machine myself so can't vouch for this info.


Thread: De-Magnatizing digital callipers
09/07/2013 10:17:27

Hi Michael,

The striations visible in the above photo are perhaps misleading — they're slightly curved so are either grinding marks (Blanchard ground?) or sawing marks (diamond sawn?). The short sides of the blocks are smooth with no machining marks — diecast or sintered maybe? Testing with a compass indicates that the poles are located across the broad sides of each block.

Here's a diagram of the construction:



08/07/2013 18:00:52

Yes, I made the mistake of theorising based on recollection of the device rather than rooting it out and examining it. I've since done that and a photo of the unit is here:


— and its innards here:


I'll not theorise further but let the assembled company pick the bones!


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