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Thread: Dehumidifier project
30/07/2019 23:02:21

Hi All,

I admire your efforts with electronic gadgetry and well done. However, I have taken a different approach as follows.

They charge 19.98p a day standing charge, 15.6647p a unit or KWH. Working out total charge ÷ useage, almost 20p a unit.

Now, I cover my Super7 and hefty lump bench drill, Fobco Star, with thin plastic sheet, no heat. Only my small mill seems susceptible to condensation, even covered in thick plastic so I keep heat on under the plastic, 24/7. My home made heater is a 3-ply box made to house 4 - off 60W bulbs in batten holders fixed in round holes in the box, in line and wired in series to reduce current and cost. Opposite side of box open adjacent to top of bulbs to let the heat out. This works very effectively. Only gentle warmth, can switch off and touch a bulb and it's only a bit warm. They glow, very low light output.

I am not sure how to work out the running cost but I am certain that it's very low.

Assuming 240V and 60W, A = 1/4, so 240 ÷ 1/4 =960 ohms. Four in series. Continuing calculations resulted in such a small useage for being on for 8760 hours a year and cost apparently so low that I doubt whether I have worked it out correctly. Could somebody please advise how to do this?

The rest of the 10 × 8 feet shed unheated and covered entirely with felt for waterproofing, together with internal insulation. I do have a small humidifier which works by a moving belt and fan over a metal sheet (?) and water collects in a tank at the bottom. Dont use that very often. Tools and vice and work on bench protected by thin plastic sheet and are OK.I keep an awful lot of small tools in the house so they keep rust free with the central heating.


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Thread: Another scam
29/07/2019 22:00:05

Sussex Police are handing out notices to stick to a front window. They read:-


The residents of this property do not deal with uninvited traders

Please leave and do not return

Failure to do so is a criminal offence under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008

They are in a mix of black, white and yellow with a row of logos along the bottom ; Sussex Police, Btn & Hove City Council, East and West Sussex County Councils.

Worthing club had a speaker from the police who handed them out.

That's my physical callers "fixed" and the dodgy phone callers on the landline are dealt with by only answering recognised numbers in caller display.

Mobile always switched off but it logs numbers of callers which I only call back if I recognise the number.

Emails, "if in doubt, chuck it out" (delete.)

Any of you who need a notice like above, you can easily knock up something similar on your 'puter.



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Thread: Welsh Highland Rly
23/07/2019 23:24:01

Just got back from a few days travelling on the WHR.

What an experience. About 40+ miles each way, narrow gauge steam. One day a pin in the reverser broke just after running light to clear the points and back down on to the train at Porthmadog. By the time a diesel arrived from Boston Lodge works, towed the SAR Garratt back around the train and dumped it on a siding and came back to take the train on to Caernarvon, it was about 70 mins late leaving. Staff previously couldn't get the kitchen car generator started, so they were overheard to say what else can go wrong?

I guess the diesel may not be as powerful as the regular steamer, since it seemed to go slower than a subsequent steam hauled train. One part is around 1 in 40.

I see the concrete block gun emplacement on the track bed near the Aberglaslyn tunnels has been dumped on one side to clear the way. When I saw that many years ago before the rebuilding, I thought it was some sort of blockage to make life harder if we'd had an invasion. Never thought I would live long enough to see trains running again but they had very considerable financial help.

They used a loader at Dinas to coal - up but at Porthmadog, they humped 8 large plastic buckets of coal on to the loco.

Can thoroughly recommend the journey - well worth the effort of going. Just a satisfied customer and like a pig in muck!

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Thread: 3.5 NG Conway or Lilla
23/07/2019 22:50:28

Are you planning to make the boiler or to buy in ready made?

Could be important if buying, check commercial boiler makers to ascertain who can do it as I think Lilla is a little rare and they may not have the plate formers. Be aware that the waiting time for a new boiler could stretch to at least a year and possibly a lot longer, so ask about that as well.

Good luck

Thread: Surplus subjects learnt at school.
23/07/2019 22:41:07

I actually wanted to make good use of my English and earn what I thought was good money - become a Compositor but failed to get into the print trade due to the closed shop system run by the unions. So did engineering for a while to Mothers disgust as she hated the metallic smell that I brought home. Done all sorts of things since; Rhine Army soldering, so learnt a few German words. Debt collecting, Security,as fill in job after redundancy til retirement. Previously, done various office jobs including bank - type work for a Simulator company. Having gained experience of handling currencies, I can say that the UK missed a trick. The Dutch Guilder notes had small triangles and circles filled with embossed? pimples to enable the blind to know the value of the note that they held.

Basic engineering training at school is not so relevant today so computer useage and programming is now more important in preparing youngsters for the big job search.

23/07/2019 22:18:54

School (any type) is but a launch pad of learning for later life. Rather like the relay races (which I hated together with all other forms of sport), it's a case of grab the baton and run! I went to a Secondary Modern, having failed the 11+ and learnt useful things like simple plumbing and house wiring as well as woodwork and metalwork.Metalwork was simple lathe turning on a Boxford, hand work like marking out, hackswing and filing, some soft soldering and brazing. I continued to increase my metalworking knowledge with my first job, operating one of several shapers that the firm had. I moved on and used a drill and surface grinder. I bought an old flat bed Drummond and made some loco parts with it and lost them in a house move. A local club member bought the Drummond as his first lathe and I bought a brand new Super 7 from a toolshop in Brighton. I bought a new Sharp brand mill at an ME Exhibition and completely self - taught how to use it.

Point is, you never stop learning after leaving school, it being much easier if you have an avid interest in the subject.

Model engineering needs a certain maths ability, same as if you earn a living in engineering. I am reasonably proficient with maths and at spelling so I cringe every time that I read "arbor" incorrectly spelt with a spare "u" in it. That's only one example of bad spelling all too frequently.

Just wish journalists would stop using rarely used words to show off how clever that they think they are, e.g., "Abrogate" instead of "Stop." There are quite a few examples in the papers. So annoying to have to look up the rarities.

Many years ago I used to read the Sunday Telegraph, which I thought was quite a good quality paper, rather than the red top rags. Imagine the shock at reading that the Editor said todays youth are only interested in the 3 'd's- football, fighting and f***ing in that order and the last word was spelt in full.I nearly dropped the paper. Today, the world has moved on and one hears this used in common conversation, even by young teenage girls. Trouble is, I'm getting old and left behind.


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Thread: Milling Problems
17/07/2019 23:45:52

I have several new iron castings to take to next club wrinklies day, when we have a BBQ.

17/07/2019 23:43:30

I have in the past, used angle grinder to put small 45° angle cut along the edge to be 'hit' first by a carbide single point tool, to break thro the skin. It worked OK.

I wouldn't use a shell mill on such a flimsy set up as Rodney/Myford. No substitute for a proper mill and as hefty a type as possible.

Suggest you join a club with a decent workshop and if needed, a fellow member will advise / teach use of a big mill.

As said above, cook it in the ashes of a hot BBQ. Or solid fuel stove. Leave overnight to cool slowly, buried in hot ash.

Thread: moore and wright internal micrometer
17/07/2019 23:30:14

Google for M&W manual - its in 5 languages incl English by owners of M&W

Edited By DMB on 17/07/2019 23:30:49

Thread: Crystal Ball Gazing
17/07/2019 15:37:44

Consider from a slightly different angle; many species are tottering on the point of extinction. Humans are reverse of that, the current number of over 7 billion of us is, I think, ridiculously unsustainable in the long term. The rate of increase in numbers, soon to exceed 8 billion, is also way beyond sustainability. 

Edited By DMB on 17/07/2019 15:54:50

Thread: Advice please
01/07/2019 15:28:08

If you win small claims/county court and still no payment you can up it to the high court who send bailiffs round to demand entry to property and make inventory of possessions to remove for auction and debt recovery including clamping owners vehicles. All this as last resort if debtor really cannot /will not pay.

Good luck in resolving problem and next time pay by cr card so you can pass the buck to the card issuer.


Edited By DMB on 01/07/2019 15:29:10

Thread: What are you using for Lathe Way Oil?
02/06/2019 18:02:20

"Guy Lautards Gunk" - made up of 3 diff oils in diff proportions. Seems to work OK. One is STP or equivalent to make it stick in place another graphite, molyslip to fill any minute gaps with graphite particles and third, EP oil. It's in one of his excellent books.

(He also had another concoction to aid drilling which I have found to be very good.)

Thread: Brede Pumping Station
30/05/2019 21:41:33

Well worth a visit even though only running on compressed air supplied by very noisy diesel pumps usually used to drive pneumatic drills to dig up roads. It's a little inland, North of Hastings.

Beekeeper Clive Hartland could be interested in this; I have a photo of the front of the building which has a dark patch near the top. When picky is enlarged, it looks like an enormous bees nest under the eaves. There is another much smaller lump next to it, this one is black and white stripes like a giant humbug - wasps nest? Date on pic is 2nd Sept. 2017.

I cannot work out how to copy the pic from my mob to here, on my tablet or I would include it.


Thread: Electrics for a battery locomotive
19/05/2019 20:39:46

Based on what I have seen go wrong recently,

1 Dont copy road vehicles with their chassis earth return.

2 Keep wiring runs neatly tied up with cable ties and well away from moving parts like wheel flanges.

3 Always have main fuse or isolator.

4 Consider keeping an on board battery nut spanner

5 Watch out for horns, some are 2 wire, OK, but some are 1 wire, NOT OK, since this type relies on a chassis return.

6 Make sure control board is not directly beneath a roof top ventilator fan mesh, because when it rains...........

Good luck, hope it all pans out successfully.


Thread: London to Brighton Run
12/05/2019 15:58:21

Just got back from admiring the competitors arriving on Brighton seafront. Usual collection of old and not all that old lorries, buses, fire engines, cars, vans etc and 3 steamers. A Foden steam lorry, a Burrell and a Leeds built traction engine intended for the military but 1sr WW ended too soon for it so went to a private buyer. Makes one realise how time is passing by when vehicles in regular daily use when one was younger now shown off as museum pieces! Lovely sunny day, lots of crowds, good time had by all.

Thread: NME&MEX Doncaster
12/05/2019 15:42:18

My first trip to Donny, on Friday and thought it was a very good xbn. Well worth long road flog from Sunny Sussex. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Some excellent models,tools, clocks.


Thread: Cylinder mounting.
12/05/2019 15:24:51


It seems like I'm not the only one not understanding "Carrot bolts". Come on, spill the beans!


Thread: E.stop wiring
09/05/2019 16:49:49


I asked the forum for advice on the above, some months ago. One reply gave me Axminsters wiring which did not work. I did not buy mine from Axminster, got it from Hong Kong, identical appearance and eve same part no. Another reply gave me a different circuit which did work and has done ever since. Description follows.

Mains Live in to terminal 1 on emergency button. Live out terminal 2 from button to terminal 13 on stop /start. Live out terminal 14 to motor.

Mains Neutral in to start/ stop terminal23. Terminal 24 out to motor.

Whilst it works, have I got it wired correctly?


Thread: Lathe Light
05/05/2019 21:39:26

Dont use that filfy 'B' word!

Thread: EKP
25/04/2019 21:01:09

I ordered on line some BA Steel nuts and Hex. HD. screws of a length not sold by the other suppliers that I checked. The order was on Bank Hol. weekend, Sunday 21st, so no chance to process order until Tuesday morning, 23rd. They arrived mid morning Wedesday 24th. Royal Mail on the ball as well. Well done the pair of you.

Fit of nuts on the screws OK and finish of both very good and I thought they were a good price. Well satisfied.


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