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Thread: Storage of files
12/06/2020 10:50:42

What a tidy workshop, JasonB.

Keith and others,

When I did 'metalwork' at school, the teacher had a large board on one wall with very narrow shelves. Each shelf had a small slot to take a file. Long, very long, time ago but I think the files were in rows of slots 3 deep, thus accommodating a common size and cut together in a smallish space and protected from knocking together. He further painted the tang of each file a colour related to its cut. Remember white, I think was fine or smooth.Red was, I think for coarse and green?? for 2nd cut. System worked very well. He could also see at a glance if any missing at end of lesson. I have coped the colour codes with mine and with other things like metric taps and dies are red, brass thread yellow, etc Most drills done, except very small ones. Drills and taps painted band just above flutes. Guy Lautard suggested a carousel style of compact storage with a set of 3 round MDF type boards on a common centre post rotating on a baseboard, with slots around the edges.


Thread: Yorkshire Steam Wagon Drawings ???
03/06/2020 20:36:41

Hi Darren,

I vaguely remember photos of a Yorks. T shaped boiler being built, ME or EIM, not sure but could have been perhaps 1980 s? Cannot remember if there was a proper build series or just a series of photos with a commentary, I did this, made that like this etc.,etc. Try trawling thro' internet indexes of the mags.

Good luck,


Thread: LBSC 3.5" "Maisie"
29/05/2020 10:19:47


Thin cork sheet is often used and would probably best suited to your need. ME suppliers sell white fibrous insulation matting special for that purpose but I think min. available is 1/4" but compressible. Could be difficult to deal with on small boiler, have you grown a 3rd hand yet, ha, ha. Cereal packet cardboard usually used for a trial pattern shape. You could possibly have to make up a thin brass ring to finish off "joint" from cleading to smoke box. Hope this is helpful, good luck and come back to forum if need to.


Thread: Graham Meek’s Tailstock Dial - MEW279
23/05/2020 10:09:21


How about a separate thin knurled piece, when satisfied with result, affix it (superglue?) to the dial? I would do it like that as I wouldn't be very happy having done all the other work then bugger it up.. Have made some dials but not woth any knurling.


Thread: Macro rust spots.
21/05/2020 10:23:25

When I took a large collection of stainless to the scrap merchant, first thing he did was apply a permanent magnet to separate the good stuff containing 'no iron' which he paid me for and I had to take away the rest. The rest was attracted by the magnet and contained iron which he said was worthless. The yachting fraternity had trouble with stainless screw failure, due to being always wet in the timber hull and wet with highly corrosive seawater. Screws looked OK outside but rotted away in the wood. Gone back to Bronze screws. Back in the days when LBSC was busy loco building and construction notes, he often referred to using "Rustless" steel. I've often wondered about that and if it was Austenitic non - magnetic type.

Thread: 2" Clayton Wagon
19/05/2020 22:23:19

Hello Jon,

A now deceased Worthing club member who I was pally with, built a steam lorry, fairly certain it was a Clayton. Whe he rallied it at Guildford some years ago, other owners were astonished at its performance. He said the reason was that he considered that it lacked steam reserve, so asked Helen Verrall to build the boiler 1 1/2" taller to have better steam space.



Thread: Where do you put your chuck key?
11/05/2020 09:18:49

Keep phone in pocket, just in case...........

Thread: Stainless steel fittings on copper boiler
09/05/2020 14:06:42


Do not use/reuse brass fittings. As above, zinc dissolves due to electrolytic action, leaving copper in a spongy form, very weak. Failure likely, accident waiting to happen and a danger to you.

Normal to use ME32 and ME40 and Brass thread 26tpi. All3 are whitworth form with 55° flank angle. Do not use Cycle or any UNEF/UNF/UNC as they are all 60° flank angle and incompatible with whitworth form.

Don't use stainless, you dont know composition of the alloy and could fail in a similar fashion to brass. Blocks of zinc are actually used as sacrificial anodes on boats to prevent corrosion damage to fittings. However, dont even think about doing that for a boiler. Just stick to phos. bronze to be sure of being safe. You may see a yellow metal Bush especially large diameter dome bushes and the like. These are gunmetal, not brass. GM is Copper and Tin and is OK for use in boiler construction. Brass screws and union nuts can be used external only, like injectors, pumps and their pipe runs. Dont use steel screws, not even to say secure a dome to its GM Bush.

I have Maisie book somewhere and Model Engineers going back donkeys years so if you need info on subject, I'll see what I can do.

Good luck,


Thread: lathe and other modeling equipment
07/05/2020 12:31:36

Hi Angela,

Sorry about your loss.

Was dad a member of a local model engineering club? If so, contact the Secretary, they usually have for sale notices on their clubhouse noticeboards. I would hope that if they've just lost a member they would let you advertise. Did he have friends with a common interest? Someone could advise on values of machines and tools. Could be helpful to say where you are, vaguely, like "London area" or "Manchester district". Dont put address on here. Hope this helps and good luck.


Thread: Help needed for screws - Fishing Reel
05/05/2020 18:46:58

Not done it yet,

Sorry about typo, just checked flebay and confirm taps 7/64 x 48tpi still for sale @ $19.90 in Oz.


05/05/2020 09:52:57

EKP have the appropriate machinery to cut threads themselves. Think there was an article in ME(?) sometime ago about EKP and their machinery.

Just googled "7/32 x 48 tpi" and first item on flebay is what the OP wants, priced at AUD $19.9, seller, "C, Australia" so suspect that's "Classic Fasteners" mentioned above.


Thread: Cutting a slot in a turned piece
27/04/2020 14:11:13

Hi Adam,

If you use small dia slot drills or endmills, use high speeds. Slitting saws, start at the slowest speed and change up to next one and so on. Key is to listen to the tool, loud screeches or other noises, its saying I'm in pain! In other words, something wrong like too high a speed, or work not adequately secured against vibration. Even just clamping work will dampen vibrations leading to a better finish. Be ready to experiment a bit with setups and speeds. Above all, use at least good eye protection - NHS dont do spares yet.

Good luck with job


Edited By DMB on 27/04/2020 14:14:09

Thread: Blot On The Landscape
24/04/2020 16:08:10

How to upgrade existing routes? How about widening existing trackbeds, London to Glasgow via Brum and Manchester and bring back the wider carriages on a new broad gauge? Same number of carriages but more passengers in each due to the wider bodies and could go up at the same time with double deckers, even more passengers per block section.

Just get me coat

Thread: Will cash become obsolete ?
14/04/2020 00:21:53

When I was very young, the big co-op bakery in Portland Rd., Hove, used to deliver bread with a large horse drawn van, early1950's at that age I got rushed out to front door to see 'bakers geegee' go past! Often left his 'visiting card' in road outside which my parents quickly shovelled up for the roses. Hand pushed cart, gypsy called out, "any ol rag n bone?" We used to go to a shop called "International Stores" near Portslade & West Hove Station as it was called then, now just "Portslade". Choose groceries in that shop, arrange day of delivery by motorised van rather than horse and cart, wow! Things gone full circle, shops complaining about reducing footfall but they keep quiet about their increasing online sales which must make up. Order on line and its delivered. Quicker, more efficient version of the old way. My Mother used to live in a house on Reigate Heath, as a child and remembered taking own container out to meet milkman who ladled milk out of a churn on the back of a small 2 wheeled horse drawn cart. Her Uncle was one of the early motorists in Brighton with bicycle spoke wheels. He used to complain about the price of petrol, Bob a gallon! 5p, new money now it's at least £1.06 and just a litre, about £4.74 a gallon. I remember laying awake at night listening to BR's loose coupled 4 wheel goods wagons going along the Brighton to Worthing line, about a mile away at Southwick. They seemed to rattle for ever more. Kept awake at night by the all night pile driving in Southwick for the new electric power station being built alongside Shoreham harbour. Years later they had open days, went up on flat roof, terrific view. All gone same way as the old power station which it replaced and the coal gas works went. New smaller gas fired power station in place of the enormous last coal fired one. Gas comes across the new South Downs country park, underground in twin pipes and under the 'canal' (harbour) to power station on South side next the sea. The then new larger lock to take bigger coal ships was "opened" by Prince Phillip. Now it's been made smaller for the sailing boats, so as use a lot less water. Might be seawater but it costs money to keep pumping it. How life changes. Anyone been to Pendon Museum? Origins in the 1930s when a model maker became alarmed with all the changes to the vale of the white horse, first the Kennet and Avon canal, then GWR then traction engines, then cars, buses, lorries and metalled roads. Well worth going to see Museum.

Edited By DMB on 14/04/2020 00:27:03

Thread: End mill relief
10/04/2020 14:34:56


In your opening post, you mentioned "dish angle". Can I take it that what you meant was the very cutting edge being angled from the centre to the outer, sharp corner? This is somewhere around 3/4° or so. Quite important to have that as well as the primary and secondary angles. It applies to 2 and 4 tooth end mills.


Thread: Check my sums please
05/04/2020 10:36:37

"All the wheels are a nice hand push fit on their axles".

Wondering why no one else has picked up on that remark? I really dont think that they are a tight enough fit to prevent later movement, un-doing the wheel quartering. I suppose it's possible that builder intends to loctite them.


Thread: Myford Mk1 Super 7 restoration
04/04/2020 19:05:20

Hi and welcome!

I note comment about rear toolpost. I can confirm that it is Myford - I have one.

My S7 dates from around 1971. Now got Newton - Tesla vfd drive as the old motor 'went home'.One of the best extras that can be fitted to the basic lathe, in my opinion. I have collected quite a few accessories over time. Very satisfied with my purchase many years ago.

Hope you get a lot of pleasure from using it like I have.


Thread: Machinery's Handbook
02/04/2020 22:15:19

Doc. flattening or doorstop!

Thread: A few Thou Under?
02/04/2020 22:05:14


Read a previous one under "General Questions" and "Threading and the Tables", see 'Hopper's posting on 31/3/2020@23:53:33. I think this about as good advice as any. Note that all threads should ride on the flanks and not interfere with root/crest. Soft metals will be squashed/deformed rather than cutting cleanly and some of the 'spare' metal could choke up the root/crest void, making things a bit tight, hence the 'extra' 5 thou clearance As an example,I have just turned down1/4" brass rod (all I had suitable) to 3/16" and put a 2BA die down it. Too tight, boy did it squeal! General rule of thumb, if metal makes a loud noise, something not right - investigate and correct, which of course I didn't!

Note, .6403 x Pitch applies to BSW/BSF/BRASS26T/ME32/40/60TPI, but I think ME60T is no longer in use. Metric, BA, Unified have thread depths and flank angles to different to that of the Whitworth 'group'. 



Edited By DMB on 02/04/2020 22:13:35

Thread: Model Engineers' Workshop and Coronavirus
02/04/2020 21:20:52


I think poor old PM had a bit more to cope with, like his ME offices warmed up a bit with an incendiary!


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