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Thread: LG TV ... updated webOS
09/04/2021 13:53:31


Quetioned the cookie policy and lack of being able to opt out to LG and got this back?


Thank you for your query.

I have had a look into this for you and am keen to assist with this. I can confirm that this is a part of the privacy and user agreements that appear when setting up the TV. If these are not accepted, you may be unable to use the applications or certain features on the TV. This particular section relates to personalising the smart experience on the TV much like with cookies on other devices. This means that some data is collected in order to suggest recommend shows you may like, alongside syncing this to other devices using the same IP address, much like the cookies on your laptop, which shares to other devices like your handset.

These agreements are required to enjoy the features and smart features on the TV. What I can do for you today is raise your feedback today to Head Office to encourage the relevant changes to be made, if you can tell us how you would like this to be changed. For us to do this, we like to submit a report called a Voice of the Customer (VOC). If you would like for me to raise this as a suggestion for you, please can I ask that you provide us with your Contact Number, Postcode and a First Line of Address so we can process the VOC? Please note that this is an internal process and so you will only be contacted if further information is required.

08/04/2021 18:52:04


Our tv is not very well and I've been thinking of replacing it with an L&G.

Has anything changed with the privacy issue you were concerned enough to post about?

Thanks Peter

Thread: Solar panels for water heating
06/04/2021 20:55:54

Thanks for the guidance Joe. Spent some time researching what you have said and I came across this unit. Not fully sure how it operates but looks like a cross between an inverter and a buck converter?

Does this fit with your description of a MPPT Heater element controller, but seems to have charger in the title as well.


06/04/2021 13:57:33

Thanks for the reply Joseph.

I looked at various contollers but thought they did not apply to this instance as I am not charging a battery, also as I have 4 panels which are rated at 270w each it looks like I would need 4 controllers?

I suppose I need to experiment to find what the optimum resistive load is for the panel but I cannot find the restance wire I have safely stored also my clamp on meter has decided to pack in!


06/04/2021 08:32:17

Thanks for all the interesting replies. So far I havent spent much as its an ongoing experiment really rather than an investment so I'm not terribly worried on the cost.

John, my panels produce 8.69a at 31v each according to the spec. I did some testing when I first got them and I'm sure they produced something like that but I need to do more. This video goes into it and the chap also has an interesting spread sheet.


05/04/2021 13:10:59

Thanks for all the constructive replies. To give a bit more of the picture I initially bought a "piped" panel system but it proved difficult to plumb in to my system as it was then. We now use an air source heat pump to a thermal store and have underfloor heating from that, all home grown and installed. The hot water cylinder is heated by the ASHP with the supply controlled by motorised valves on demand. It's stored at 35c and the final water to taps is boosted to 50c by on demand by elec heaters.

The on demand elec heaters can take feed water at up to 80c but obviously would be switched off so I decided if I could boost the cyl temp feeding them anything would be a bonus. I have never achieved more than 60c even in the summer hence my question about better matching of my panels to an immersion heater. I'm trying to avoid batteries and grid tie and had wondered if one of the solar type inverters would accept a dc supply direct from the panels and output 240v for the immersion?


05/04/2021 10:08:01

I have 4, 270w solar panels which I have used with a dual element 24v immersion heater for a while. The panels are wired as 2 parallel pairs, I have never managed to achieve a decent loading measuring the voltage and current.

Now one element is failing looks like its time to try something else and I wonder if anyone else has better experience?

I also wonder if I need to get a 240v 1000w heater but use a 240v solar inverter rather than trying to match the panels to a lower voltage immersion heater?


panel info.jpg

Thread: Smart Meters & temperature/BA thread size relationship
24/01/2021 19:18:44

To change electricity supplier as we are often advised to do I had to have my meter replaced with a smart meter. This took my supplier at the time, EDF over a year to arrange. However it turned out the smart meter would only work with EDF so I now read my meter every month and mail the result to my new supplier.

Some friends had a smart meter installed and they were so horrified by the reading when they boiled a kettle they have never used it since and now boil a kettle on there log burning stove---takes ages!

Does anyone know if current smart meters can be transfered to a new supplier?

Thread: Increasing Friction??
15/01/2021 13:53:20

Ive also put a small washer under the spring "legs" to increase the force if they are slipping. Useful if your trying to eliminate a problem.


Thread: Another Arduino-controlled pendulum clock
12/01/2021 19:52:38

Thanks for the advice.

Think it may be easier/quicker with my limited knowledge to go down the SD card route so I've ordered them also some extra nano's--seem to have run out

Any reccomendations on temp? Got some DS18B20 but think I remember reading they were very slow, also got some TC74 to hand?

Perhaps I can use the if statement where the pulse is generated as the tick after the threshold is reached?


#define THRESHOLD 10
#define PUSH_TIME 30
#define A_PIN A0

int led = 13;

void setup() {
pinMode (13,OUTPUT);


void loop() {
if (analogRead(A_PIN) > THRESHOLD) {
digitalWrite(13, HIGH);
digitalWrite(13, LOW);
delay (300);


11/01/2021 19:19:03

My pendulum seems to be happily running and its coming out at around 0.8 sec/ swing.

Not sure if I should be asking this but here goes! Its a mild steel rod and bob in free air.

If I wanted to get some simple data from it s rate would it need to beat seconds?

What would equipment would I need to do this?

Dont have a PC in the workshop.


Thread: Archdale Vertical Mill
11/01/2021 17:21:34

Thanks for the history of Archdale Mark.

I have an Archdale radial arm drill circa 1921 which I bought from a factory closure sale in Birmingham. Great machine, pleasure to use with all the controls to hand.

It was in a store room partially buried. I bought the complete room and and demolished a wall to get it out selling most of the other contents of the room. I recruited 2 scrap men with a useful Hiab lorry to get it home and as we were gently pushing the drill through the factory delicatley balanced a pallet truck we were constantly heckled by people wanting to buy it, lots had looked at it but were more cautious than me about buying it and getting it out of the room.




Thread: Another Arduino-controlled pendulum clock
05/01/2021 15:49:12

John, Yes I have a similar arrangement but also enabled pin 13 on and off to flash as the Arduino is remote from the pendulum, can see its working---very much work in progress! I thought of simple amplitude adjustment by using selective resistor if needed. The original sketch is a very neat arrangement, would have liked to sample something to give amplititude control as on my other clock but cannot think of a way at the moment without adding another sensor which I dont want to do.

I deliberatly left the rod length short for a 1 sec beat as I was going to use the compound part to adjust it to 1 sec or more, think its about 0.75 secs now but needs reworking to make a double suspension spring arrangement to give it enough stability .

05/01/2021 12:58:33

Inspired by John's clock I eventually got round to trying the simple Arduino based driver which is described earlier in the other thread on a simple pendulum left hanging from a previous failed compound pendulum experiment. It has a an ironless wound core and the pendulum rod swinging over it has a small powerful magnet attached to the end. Pic below shows it swinging, nothing connected all as per the pic in the original article.

jw-1 4-1-21.jpg

I used the sketch intact from the link and the pendulum worked first time, swinging away nicley, very pleasing. However after leaving it for a while when I went passed I could hear knocking with the pendulum swinging wildly. The knocking turned out to be the top suspension rod hitting the suspension bracket, not good.

Put the scope on again and I could see multiple actuations from the coil. The pulse width was set at 30ms but I could see 5 x 30ms = 150ms, no wonder it was going a bit wild.

simple -3 5-1-21.jpg

Tried various settings on the sketch also playing with the limiting resistor which improved things. I realised that the multiple pulses were caused by the threshold voltage being seen on the rising part of all the cycle so modified the sketch slightly and its now on got one 30ms pulse and seems very happy. The pendulum duration is around 3/4 secs.


simple -1 5-1-21.jpg

Thread: Arduino Pendulum Clock Design - Comments Welcome
10/12/2020 21:14:51

Dave, Good to get the report on your clock., that TCXO looks a challenge.

I'm interested in seeing how you get on with the Nano Every. I bought a couple last year but I've never managed to get them to run anything more than Blink.

Just plugged it in to remind me of what the problem is and got a message saying I needed a download into the library for the Every etc. Did this but still no good after configuring boards in tools etc. Gave one to a very knowledgable friend but he gave up as well so I'm looking forward to finding out what I've got wrong when yours works!


Thread: Mini lathe blowing fuse - time to change motor?
06/12/2020 17:14:25

I'm with SOD on this one and I'd be a bit suspicious of the 100R and cap in series,. Think its called a snubber and Iv'e come across a few of them over the years which have broken down in a spectacular way and left traces of burning in the process.

Occasionally on things like this Ive connected them ito the mains in series with a high wattage bulb or 1 bar electric fire to limit the current which has allowed me to see whats going on without too many distractions from blowing fuses and other dramas.


Thread: Display for Arduino
28/11/2020 09:18:36

May thanks for all the help and suggestions.

Tried them without success, however after reading the other thread on Arduino displays and following the suggestion from SOD I felt inspired enough to start looking up what I had on the 7219 which gave limited success due to my lack of knowledge before being abandoned 2 years ago.

This time around from what I have learned I managed to work out what I was doing wrong and ended up with a working 7219 display on my weighing scale. This is my code below.

The Adafruit display worked immediatly and its nice and large and bright so good suggestion.

Next challenge is to explore storing and then retrieving a float value, can anyone reccomend an easy way or good tutorial etc?

I keep hearing about wearing out eproms, is it best to store things like that on an SD card?


#include <HX711_ADC.h>
#include <Wire.h>
HX711_ADC LoadCell(4, 5);
#include <HCMAX7219.h>
#include "SPI.h"
#define LOAD 10

const int Reset = 3;
float weight;

void setup() {


pinMode( Reset,INPUT_PULLUP );
void loop() {
float i = LoadCell.getData();


HCMAX7219.Clear(); /* Clear the output buffer */

HCMAX7219.print7Seg(i,1,4,4); /* Write some text to the output buffer */

HCMAX7219.Refresh(); /* Send the output buffer to the display */

if ((digitalRead(Reset) == LOW)) { //Tare

//delay (1000);




24/11/2020 19:24:30

Thanks for the help Dave. Tried all the 3 alternatives but still got the same result I'm afraid. Also tried another display just in case this one is a dud or not what it's marked with identical results.

Think its time to put this display aside and wait until the ones arrive that were suggested earlier in the thread, sure they will bring new problems to the surface and then more learning.


23/11/2020 18:46:57

Thanks for the suggestions.

Tried thems in many combinations including baud rate but didnt make any difference,

When read i instead of weight got the display to do something, see attached reading a 1kg weight , no weight just flashes the decimal places.

Put the lcd back as it doesnt seem to be the culprit.

Tried another display with identical results, perhaps its time to give up and wait for the I2c display and other to arrive!


max display.jpg

#include <MD_Parola.h>
#include <HX711_ADC.h>
#include <Wire.h>
#include // LiquidCrystal_I2C library
HX711_ADC LoadCell(4, 5); // parameters: dt pin, sck pin
LiquidCrystal_I2C lcd(0x27, 2, 1, 0, 4, 5, 6, 7, 3, POSITIVE); // 0x27 is the i2c address of the LCM1602 IIC v1 module (might differ)
#define MAX_DEVICES 4
#define CLK_PIN 13
#define DATA_PIN 11
#define CS_PIN 10

const int Reset = 3;
//float weight;

String J;

void setup() {
lcd.begin(16, 2);
lcd.print(" Starting ";
lcd.print(" 20/11/20 ";
LoadCell.setCalFactor(851.58); // calibration factor for load cell => strongly dependent on your individual setup Higher for less
pinMode( Reset,INPUT_PULLUP );// Pin3 pull up

void loop() {
float i = LoadCell.getData();
lcd.setCursor(6, 1);



P1.print( J.c_str() );
lcd.print (" ";

if ((digitalRead(Reset) == LOW)) {
lcd.setCursor(0, 1);
lcd.print(" Tare ";
//delay (1000);

Edited By Peter Bell on 23/11/2020 18:47:21

Edited By Peter Bell on 23/11/2020 18:48:13

23/11/2020 11:57:16

Sorry forgot to say---yes working fine

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