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Thread: don young piston valves
25/06/2022 18:31:48

Hello all.

I have often seen reference to a description by Don Young of sealing slide valves by drifting them through the bores. Can anyone please tell me which engine this relates to and where I might get copies of the articles please. Was it in ME in which case I possibly have a copy or in LLAS Dons own publication.

I want to try out his method and would like to read it through fully including the port machining and finish

Many thanks

Thread: Here's an interesting one
17/02/2022 21:25:53

just beat me to it !! I saw the costco thing and assumed it was some type of screen dump the scammers have used.

Thread: boxford dol starter
18/12/2021 17:37:24

Hi All.

Theb Danfoss type C10 220v coil starter and T 16 overload has finally given up the ghost after 40+ years of use. However it seems as though a replacement analogue unit is no longer available. can someone point me in the direction of an alternative please. preferably one that will involve the minimum of cable alts. I dont mind redoing the front panel and buttons but would like to keep the original door , guard and back gear safety switches.

Many thanks


Thread: Holbrook lathe on Ebay
28/10/2021 23:22:21

If you look through back copies of ME in the mid 80's you will find adverts for these lathes. They were not cheap even then and I believe very few were actually ever sold. Mine is serial no 18, I know of ser no 24 and I have e.mailed the seller to see if he will let me know the serial no of this one.

28/10/2021 23:18:08

Cracking lathe, had mine ten years or more now. and like mine the one advertised appears to have most of the original accessories , taper turning attachment , steadies, vertical slide etc. Badge engineered yes, but poor quality- most certainly not!

Thread: They see you coming
09/09/2021 18:52:18

I broke down in a 5.5 mtr long 3.5 mtr high motorhome on the roundabout above one of the busy M5 or M6 junctions( not sure which.!) Put out two warning triangles about 30 & 60 ft away from what was a large visible vehicle.

I waited off the road, by the barrier wearing a Hi vis jacket between the nearer triangle and the van.

The further triangle went down within about 3 minutes, and in the 40 minutes I waited for the recovery man, the second triangle was hit 4 times, and one driver went through both triangles and nearly hit the back of the van. He then got out of his car and started to lay into me about how stupid I was to park my van there to just to look out at the traffic passing below on the motorway. I passed his number on to the police non emergency number, wonder if he ever got a call ?

Thread: RAF to give up flying planes.
07/09/2021 12:47:42

living close to the flight training path from RAF Valley, we lost the Hawk trainers a few years ago when they were replaced with I think a combination of the Tocano and the Beechcraft texan, propellor aircraft. One thing for sure the new ones are a damn sight noisier than the jets ever were!

We do still get the Red Arrows training overhead occasionally and they still come to Valley occasionally as a temporary base when they are exhibiting up north.

The most amazing pilot training however is when the big transports come overhead , just a few hundred feet up above the valley floor, banking and turning, precisely following the course of the river; doing low level radar avoidance exercise I believe, and you hardly hear them until they are almost overhead. great skill.

Thread: Filling the boiler
16/08/2021 22:04:24

On my 3 inch burrell I have fitted a small 1/8 bsp 1/4 turn the water pump by pass line between the bypass valve and the pump body. the other side of the valve is fitted with a 6mm air line connector. This way I can use my test pump to fill the boiler, through a length of 6mm airline pipe and also use the set up to fill the water tank, by opening the bypass. This fitting can also be used to do the 1.5 times hydraulic test and as you are firing up for the first time this gives you the ability to put water into the boiler at full pressure any time you want to, should you experience any teething problems with the pump or injector .

Thread: Hinckley C
09/06/2021 15:04:41

For as long as there are short term, greed driven profiteers who can cheaply install a gas turbine on top of a newly fracked gas well, then Nuclear power will always be on the back foot. Also, what private sector organisation in their right mind would take on the liabaility of a nuclear waste legacy when the government has no stake in the enterprise and could make draconian laws about the liability for dealing with legacy waste at any point in the future generation lifecycle.

Untill government buys into a stake in Nuclear power stations nothing will move forward. Witness the failure of perfectly good and feasible replacement plants at both Wylfa and Trawsfynydd, both of which in general had strong local public support; but failed due to lack of Political support and Government stakeholder funding.

Solar, Hydro and Wind are doing great things to alleviate fossil fuel reliance, and we are beginning to see some benefit from tidal power but they can never be a total solution.

How would you feel when you are undergoing a heart transplant operation, about having your life support system supplied only by hydro,wind and solar? As the operation is happening on a winters day, dry with overcast high pressure and no wind and the upland moor streams feeding the hydro reservoir are frozen over; not too happy would be my response!

Thread: Oilite bush cylinder
09/03/2021 19:42:02

Thank you all for the informed responses. It was for a simple mill engine type cylinder and as much as anything to consider uses for the bushes rather than have them go to the scrap man. I felt that the housing inside a solid bore would alleviate any porosity to exterior, and the Alloy block gives a much easier means to produce external architectural features. It also makes it very easy to achieve the interference fit due to the different expansion ratios,

I was wondering whether using steam oil with its very high viscosity would partially block the pores in the oilite and thus reduce or eliminate end to end transfer. I think Nigel G2 has got the best sloution, - try it and if not replace with a bronze or GM liner.

Thanks again for acces to the wonderful encyclopedia of knowledge.

07/03/2021 20:13:27

Hi all.

As I have a number of new old stock Oilite bushes, I was wondering about mounting one inside a suitable block , Ali possibly, by interference fit to create a suitable free running steam cylinder bore. I cant believe it hasn't already been tried by someone, so any info on pitfalls or problems encountered would be greatly appreciated .

Many thanks

Thread: Bernard Towers' Lantern Chuck
09/02/2021 19:01:17

Hi Neil.

If you are not a subscriber and your local newsagent / WHS doesnt stock MEW, is there a way to buy individual copies by post please?

Thread: 1/2'' scale drawing sources
10/01/2021 20:26:25

Hi Brainspark. You dont say if you are US or Europe/UK based. Have a look at the website Or put in National 2 1/2 gauge Association where there is a good selection of drawings for UK and American outline locos along with castings for many of them,

you may also find the Gauge 3 society at of interest although this tends to be more for completed locos.

hope this helps

Thread: Electric vehicles
18/11/2020 23:40:24

Fully in agreement re aircraft again because of pollution as much as the fuel quantity, but that is an immense international problem. Lets at least start with bites that we can chew and that will have a direct effect on us here. If we could make this happen in the UK and reduce our HGV journeys by say 70 - 80% which would be achievable by better rail infrastructure and improved stock delivery lines, storage and warehousing, at least the rest of the world may take some notice. But as I say, as long as you have got big business and its hangars on lining their pockets with the profits, nothing will happen. You only need to look at the current PPE scandal to see where the money goes! Planning again should not allow any supermarket or retail outlet to be built without ensuring say a weeks storage of full stock on the premises, and put in planning restrictions about the number of delivery vehicles allowed in and out daily/ weekly.

18/11/2020 23:15:19

Whilst I am fully in favour of electric cars as they make sense on health grounds and the savings to the NHS from exhaust pollution health illness alone, they are a long way from being anywhere near practical for use in hilly rural Wales, Border counties or Scotland. But the issue here is nothing more than government sound bites ( bytes?)

If they were serious about cutting fuel usage AND emissions they would be targeting commercial vehicles. One 38 ton wagon emits the same pollution as 5 or 6 cars and uses 5 -6 times more fossil fuel . A sensible rail freight infrastructure that is not overloaded with profit hungry companies running passenger carriages and preventing slower freight trains from baulking their timetables; is vital. And that does not mean hs2 which is not intended for freight at all as far as I understand.

Until a government has the B***s to tackle the likes of supermarkets and fashion / homeware / furniture retailers and insist that they cannot have planning for a new store unless it is within25/ 30 miles of a rail fed distribution centre; with the exception of these very rural areas; then we will still have huge diesel burning HGV's trundling thousands of unnecessary miles daily. On that basis, tinkering around with banning private cars is a complete waste of time.

The huge advantage for a government though is that private individuals don't have the massive political support lobby of the road hauliers and supermarkets so as individuals, we are very simple, quiet and submissive easy pickings.

Thread: Tender locos for a beginner?
11/11/2020 22:18:04

Ayesha would be a much simpler build than Elaine, probably about the same complexity as Eagle. Big advantage is wide firebox. If you go down the Eagle route be aware that there is a dimension problem on the main frames depending on which drawing set you get. Cant remember what it is at the moment, but contact me if you do decide to go for Eagle and I will check it out.

Again I would agree with the tender first philosophy. Minimal initial castings outlay and a good way to gain experience.

Good luck

11/11/2020 13:17:36

I have a couple of questions and I think then I'll be well on the way to making a decision.

On the face of it in 2-1/2" Gauge the Don Young "Elaine" seems like it could be a winner - straight boiler and firebox, castings and drawings available from Reeves, etc. - similarly for Eagle. I think my main concern is running it. My (for now) local club has a 2.5" gauge track but I don't know of any others in Sussex/Kent. I'm going to assume at 15' minimum radius running the loco so potentially could have a home track, but I would be mostly dependent on get togethers. How achievable is a coal-fired Elaine or Eagle in 2-1/2" for a first loco? While this is possible, it still seems the least feasible of the options..

Eagle is a straightforward locomotive and all castings are available from the Association at

Elaine is a bit more complex and has some unusual main horns which can be awkward to machine. It also doesn't have an axle pump but two injectors instead, which puts some people off. Drawings and castings are available from Reeves. Don Youngs write up for this is available from the 2 1/2 G Association and is based entirely on using only a lathe and .vertical slide. I am currently building an Elaine but mainly fabricated and intending to incorporate different horns, an axle pump and using todays metric material for frames which requires minor dimension changes. Elaine also gives the option of 6 or 8 wheel tenders and two cab types Urie or Maunsell. If you are considering this option then feel free to PM me.

For 2 1/2 gauge have you considered Ayesha? it is a proven straightforward design with lots of successful builds running around the world, with again the option of 3 different mainline loco designs..It also has a wide firebox which is generally easier to fire than the narrow fireboxes of Elaine and Eagle.

09/11/2020 13:03:31

You mentioned in the first post that this is your first loco. One big advantage of a tender engine is that you can build the tender first which gives you a feel for how you like to work and to what degree of accuracy / realism.

It also normally gives you a ready made boiler test facility with the pump and tank for when you make the boiler.

I suggest that a rough timescale of 1/4 tender , 1/4 boiler and fittings, 1/4 loco chassis and running gear and 1/4 platework, finishing, painting etc is realistic for a tender engine. For a tank engine your plate work will be a bit more but you still have to make the pump, valves and pipework, along with any additional trailing truck and mountings, so its probably realistic to say 1/3 of the total time each for chassis, boiler and platework.

08/11/2020 00:25:09

As Ian T has mentioned there are a number of options in 2 1/2 gauge, Many will pull the driver with ease but very few that will " pull a few people. This is as much due to the additional weight and friction of passenger trolleys and adhesive weight as anything. Also part of the reason why 3 1/2 gauge is less popular I personally believe.

If you want to just enjoy driving and pull yourself 2 1/2 is cheaper and lighter than 3 1/2. with the added ability to run on G3 rails if made to the correct specification.

If you want to pull passengers, then people tend to go for 5" as there is relatively speaking little difference in time, materials or costing between 3 1/2 and 5" and the latter will pull significantly more. I feel that is more the case rather than any particular decline in 3 1/2 Gauge

The majority of 2 1/2 gauge designs have construction notes available from the Association and you also have a wealth of experience in members of both the Gauge 3 Association and the 2 1/2 gauge Association.

With regard to Silver soldering the boiler, it does need some reasonable investment in the right equipment propane or oxy propane with the relevant torches, regulators and hoses/ blowback arrestors. Also a decent hearth or insulated working area. which ideally needs to be separate from your indoor workshop. It also needs a good deal of practice to get right and puts many people off because of the high cost of material for a copper boiler which has an element of total write off if you get it wrong. That said once you understand the principles of silver soldering and position the heat correctly to promote the necessary capillary action it is a straightforward process.

At a rough estimate, any tender engine in any gauge has say 800 to 1000 individual parts in it not including nuts bolts and rivets. If you make a part a day, every day of the year that's still over two years work. So getting your choice right at this stage is a very wise move. Also the workshop equipment needed for 2 1/2 or G3 is significantly smaller/ lighter than required for 5" or a larger 3 1/2 Gauge engine.

As both a member of G3A and the National 2 /12 gauge Association I have always found help and information in this gauge as plentiful as in any other.

Hope this helps your decision making

Thread: New Covid Rules
11/09/2020 00:26:41

+1 for SOD's common sense approach. I suspect the majority of us on this forum are at or close to the older end of the age spectrum and have the ability and experience to understand and dynamically risk assess our own particular situations pretty well and sensibly.

Relying entirely on government advice has some serious drawbacks

A It will always be behind the game line.

B Guidance and regulations will of necessity be a blunt instrument intended to work by creating a degree of fear in law abiding citizens

C There are plenty of people who will ignore the guidance and regulation because as in many other walks of life they don't believe the law applies to them

D Politicians ( of any colour) have two conflicting priorities, people and the economy. No brainer as to which one they will prioritise and it has everything to do with keeping their own bank balances well topped up.

Stay well stay safe and stay apart.

Best wishes all.

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