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Thread: Thread heading looking weird
26/03/2020 17:21:53

If you detail your hardware, operating system and browser then if anyone is running the same and has the same problem or not then you may take a step forward, as we see from the replies many do not have a problem, someone reports a similar problem with Chrome but I do no have a problem with Chrome or Safari on an iPad running IOS 13.4


Thread: A sight for sore eyes
26/03/2020 13:29:22

I think it was the mid to late 70s when pay was equalised but all jobs had to be done by everyone, the trim manufacturing was largely a female preserve and the welding and presshop were 100% male. The night shift was also a solely male shift, some of the jobs did require a significant physical strength which was beyond most women and even slightly built men, of course some of the girls were stitched up with these jobs just to make a point. Of course it all settled down and regulations on weights to be handled levelled the playing field. The night shift opened the doors to a bit of low level prostitution for a while but that blew itself out after a while. Forty years later people think nothing of females in a factory even though it is still a strongly male profile and with robots doing most of the hard work all the workforce are getting soft, so a gym is now provided for those who don’t get enough of a workout in the job. Times change.


Thread: EMI from electric shavers etc
26/03/2020 12:57:52

I worked with a chap whose take on beards was ‘ why would you encourage on your face that which runs rampant round your a**e’


26/03/2020 09:16:51

Many years ago I was given a pacemaker as a curio, it was recovered in a routine exchange, a scope showed it was still ticking away for many years after the exchange. My mother recently had a pacemaker fitted and I accompanied her to her first checkup, it appears they are very sophisticated devices now, they are interrogated with a wireless connection and seem to transmit a log and live data, clever stuff.


Thread: VFD & Inverter questions
25/03/2020 19:22:42

I think too many people buy an inverter, attach a power cable and a motor and switch on, after a battle with the parameters the job is regarded as finished. Newton Tesla provide a ready to go package which is put together properly by the looks of things and is oven ready, just bolt the bits on your machine. The inverter is one component of a drive and the rest of the shopping list should have an enclosure, some control items and some properly specified cable, filters and a brake resistor may be required. An ideal installation will not be screwing the inverter to the wall.


Thread: Websites for the Bored
25/03/2020 18:41:13
Posted by Nick Clarke 3 on 25/03/2020 12:48:22:

One of my favourite places to visit on the annual family pilgrimages by road to the Adriatic in the 60s and 70s (father the only driver!) was the Deutsches Museum in Munich.

Deutsches Museum

Click on the Union Flag in the top right hand corner of the screen if it does not automaticall sense your location and English as a language choice.

Collections was my first stop on the site followed by Exhibitions

Edited By Nick Clarke 3 on 25/03/2020 12:50:16

+1 for the Deutsches Museum


Thread: EMI from electric shavers etc
25/03/2020 08:03:57

Avoiding EMI is difficult, failure of the components that control EMI will often not result in the device no longer working. We are surrounded by devices that have the potential to radiate, switch mode power supplies are everywhere and PV solar panels have an inverter that on a sunny day could be working hard. Properly designed devices in good working order should comply with EMI regs but unfortunately some imported equipment is not compliant. Poor installation of things like inverters for your lathe and mill can also result in unwanted emissions, arc welders are obviously a device to avoid. The inverters for spot welding transformer control all carried a pacemaker warning so I would avoid a car factory tour if you were considering one. I am surprised you promote the electric shave as a time saver, in the washroom when camping I find my wet shave is done and dusted while the electric boys are still stood there mowing away.


Thread: DIY induction motor rewind
24/03/2020 10:01:16

To remove the windings I sharpened a cold chisel so it was very sharp and at an angle that would lay flat on the end of the stator laminations, cut all the ends of the coils of at one end of the stator then lever the coils out from the other end, they will often slide out fairly easily. Take a coil and use a hammer gently to spread the end you have cut and fan out the wires to make counting the turns easier. Make sure you know how the coils are installed before you destroy the windings. If you can find the connections for the coils before you take it apart it could be useful unless you know how to connect it up. it’s a long time since I wound a motor and I expect I have forgotten more than I remember.

The wire size does not include the coating so hence the need to remove it, even a candle flame will suffice.



Edited By Mike Poole on 24/03/2020 10:26:47

Thread: Record no 1 vice jaws seized - removal?
24/03/2020 08:45:40

Don’t you wish all vices used hex bolts from the rear of the jaws? I bet they come out easily.


Thread: DIY induction motor rewind
24/03/2020 08:42:54

If you go ahead then make sure you flash the wire coating off in a flame before measuring the wire. When you wind the coils be careful to wind neatly and avoid untidy crisis crossing which will make the coil hard to insert in the slot,a neatly wound coil will slide easily into the slot and it will be easy to squash with your fingers. An untidy coil will be hard to squash and feed through the narrow slot. Getting the former for the coils right makes the job easier. If the coil is too small then it will be hard to dress the coils back to leave a clear entrance for the rotor, too big and it will be difficult to lose the excess coil in the casing. It will have a small effect on the resistance of the coil. After you have connected the coils together and before you lace it all up and shellac or resin it, give it a trial assembly and run it to check it works properly. You will have lots of ends to connect and it’s very easy to get one wrong and the motor will sound awful and not run properly, if it runs properly and the phase currents are balanced then lace it up and seal it. Getting the exact same performance as the factory build may not be achieved but may not matter. I remember being told by SEW Eurodrive not to use rewound motors in a low profile scissor lift drive that used two motors driving a common shaft paralleled from one inverter, the reason was the motors needed to be a balanced pair and a rewound motor could vary as much as 10% from a factory built item. In industry small motors are regarded as disposable, automated manufacturing has driven the cost so low that repair is not economical unless the motor is a special. I found motor winding very enjoyable for a few months when there was loads to learn but it could get a bit routine as we had a never ending pile of fan motors from steam space heaters, the heat just cooked the lube out of the bearings and bye bye motor. With most motors being squirrel cage type then winding is straightforward. I watched the proper winding guys rebuild a 600hp synchronous motor in our compressor house, lots of copper bar wrapped in empire tape in that job, very clever chaps.


Thread: What to use for New Worktop?
23/03/2020 21:49:17

Phenolic faced plywood was used in our factory as flooring on a production line, it had a patterned finish to enhance grip but it is also available with a smooth finish, it seemed to be very hard wearing and was impervious to liquids. I believe it is also used for more durable shuttering applications.


Thread: Record no 1 vice jaws seized - removal?
23/03/2020 13:17:58

I worked with an ex merchant navy man who said the way to check for a loose nut was to put your finger on the joint between nut and bolt and tap it with a hammer, a loose nut would move at the joint and be felt with your finger. He was talking about seriously big nuts for which the spanner’s would be a few feet long and be seriously heavy so just carrying a hammer rather than a load of huge spanner’s saves a lot of effort. Another of his tricks was to tighten a big nut with a hammer, while the labourer was fetching a large spanner he tapped the nut to tighten it until the big spanner arrived.


Edited By Mike Poole on 23/03/2020 13:31:21

Thread: Coronavirus
23/03/2020 13:05:28

We still get mixed messages, on one hand we are told wearing a mask is near useless and on the other that there is a shortage for NHS staff, who seem to be wearing the simple fabric mask rather than something more substantial.


23/03/2020 11:51:04

Perhaps the supermarkets should only allow a basket shop on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Thread: ventilator production coronavirus
23/03/2020 10:37:50

I would have thought the lead time to production would be a major problem. The manufacture of the tooling to make the parts required would be a major hurdle. I expect many of the parts would be proprietary so the makers would need to man up to work round the clock 24/7. I suspect that most medical equipment suppliers only work a standard week so there would be a possibility to ramp up production significantly. Even if companies have comparable machinery they will not have the jigs and tooling to make parts. I would think the crises will be over and forgotten before equipment could be reliably supplied.


Thread: Record no 1 vice jaws seized - removal?
23/03/2020 09:21:22

You will stand the best chance with a screwdriver bit that best matches the slot in the screw, full width and thickness. It can be useful if you make one to fit a socket that is only single hex and use the T bar to turn it. To prevent cam out use a piece of resilient material to prevent damage to the T bar and use the vice to apply some thrust to keep the bit in the slot. This has always resulted in a win for me. Don’t go mad with the thrust or you will be hindering rather than helping.


Thread: Digital callipers shows time not distance
22/03/2020 10:33:18

Is that Donald Trumps hand in the picture.smiley


Thread: A sight for sore eyes
21/03/2020 22:39:10

Exo skeleton

one of these could restore us to the power of our youthsmiley


Thread: vfd question
21/03/2020 10:51:05

Although many people seem to intstall VFDs by screwing them to the wall this is not a satisfactory or safe installation. They are all intended to be fitted in an enclosure to keep swarf and coolant away from some dangerous voltages and sensitive electronics. Many drives will be fan cooled and these will suck any airborne rubbish that passes, they often have no filters, relying on the cabinet to be ventilated and cooled if necessary with filtered air. Most drives will have no strain relief for the cables so snagging a flying lead will possibly damage the terminals and possibly create a hazard or damage the drive electronics. Some will have a cage clamp to terminate screens properly but this sort of fitting will be on more expensive industrial units. What we do in our workshops is of course our own business but perhaps we should aspire to achieve a more professional installation which is safer and more reliable.


Edited By Mike Poole on 21/03/2020 10:51:58

Thread: Coronavirus
21/03/2020 00:38:38

Just got home from the last night down the pub for a while, it’s not looking good for the guy running the pub, his best offer was hand the keys back. As many of us are in the happy position of being pensioners we could be in quite a good place compared to many.


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