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Thread: Perhaps not the wildlife photograph of the year......
08/08/2022 20:52:18

I think Joe has all the top trumps there, our recent visitors are a hedgehog, a grass snake and the neighbours cats. Red kites circle constantly and sometimes mistake a bread crust for something more to their liking. It always reminds me of 633 squadron when a kite tries to collect a tidbit from my tiny garden..


Thread: Well done the lionesses!
02/08/2022 09:52:09

I have never watched a football game nor do I understand what is going on but congratulations to the Lionesses on their achievement.


Thread: Tens Machine
02/08/2022 09:47:40
Posted by roy entwistle on 02/08/2022 09:35:30:

What is a Tens Machine ?

They are useful for blocking pain signals, often used by pregnant women for pain relief. Obviously they are useful for pain relief by men as well.


Thread: Coincidences
28/07/2022 19:04:33

My fathers mother passed away unexpectedly in 1943, my father was stationed in Ceylon and said he knew she had gone before the notification arrived.


Thread: Do you "still" enjoy driving?
24/07/2022 10:17:34

Sunday trading spoiled the best day of the week for a blast on the bike, even Christmas Day is surprisingly busy these days.


Thread: Primark
24/07/2022 09:50:03
Posted by larry phelan 1 on 24/07/2022 09:13:52:

Hi Peter,

I often ask myself the same question regarding jeans full of holes.

Whoever came up with that idea must indeed be laughing his head off !

Thinking back to my working days, I was a trend-setter and never knew it, since most of my jeans ended up ripped to bits or full of holes and got dumped. They would be worth a fortune now !

What do people see in them ? Am I missing something ?frown

Back in the 70’s (the 1970’s) jeans preworn by cowboys were imported to the UK at a substantial premium. I never got my head round that one as being very hard on clothing my jeans had a brief period of being distressed before final disintegration. Working on my bikes often got my jeans filthy but my mother was a laundry magician and they reappeared in my wardrobe spotless. Denim was supposed to be a robust material for working clothes but I think the stuff we buy today is far from hard wearing. The company workwear we were supplied with took a lot more abuse than modern jeans will.


Thread: Grinding brad points on long series hss drills
24/07/2022 09:34:22

Hopper you have just said exactly what I was going to say as I was reading down the thread, including how useful they are for sheet metal. I found them very useful for drilling holes for security switches in situ on a car, that was a long time ago when cars didn’t have alarms.


Thread: Primark
23/07/2022 20:05:14

You can’t win discovering that my favourite shoes were being discontinued I bought some for stock. While tucked away in my wardrobe the soles decomposed due to hydrolysis, that was a waste of money. I think they should make clothes like catering crockery that never gets discontinued. Levi’s decided that the classic Levi jacket needed extra pockets, well it didn’t and I hated the Mk II version, moved on to a leather bomber.


Thread: Which grade of steel do I need?
23/07/2022 10:20:06

Hi Nick, you could probably pound that all day with a 14lb sledgehammer without a problem, the chisel I had in mind was about 2ft long and 1/2 diameter, it was my grandfather’s who was a plumber by trade. Faced with some concrete chiselling for some new fence posts I bought a Screwfix cheapy SDS drill/ breaker, it did the job in style and if it never comes out of it’s box again it was worth every penny. Cast steel used to be the material of choice for cold chisels and was what my apprentice made chisel was made from, CrV seems to have become popular nowadays.


23/07/2022 07:59:15

The end that you strike should be soft and the business end should be hardened and tempered. A straw colour for the tempering may chip more easily than tempering down to blue. If you are hoping to heat treat the long shaft to be more resistant to bending then you have a problem, if you leave it at straw it is likely to snap but blue could be less resistant to bending and less likely to snap. Commercial cold chisels seem to often be made from a chrome vanadium steel but I think you will struggle to find that in the size and quantity you require and heat treatment is likely to be more fussy than silver steel. Cold chisels that are very long always tend to bend which may be why commercial products don’t come in long lengths. I have an odd special that was made for a particular one off job that wants to bend when you hit it. The bending tendency is always a problem with long rods, over long punches always bend as it is impossible to hit them so accurately that all the force arrives at the tip, some of the blow always tries to bend the long shaft. The optimum material with perfect heat treatment will not make a satisfactory tool with the length diameter proportion you require. You say you want round material but if hexagonal could be acceptable then buy an 8mm T style long Allen key which will be as tough as possible but may not hold an edge particularly well, cut the T handle part off.



Edited By Mike Poole on 23/07/2022 08:05:28

Thread: What would you ban and why? (Definitely tearoom!)
22/07/2022 18:01:43
Posted by duncan webster on 22/07/2022 14:25:27:

They move things around in the hope that as you search for what you want you'll impulse buy something else. I told the manager in our local Sainsbury that it wouldn't work on me, if I can't find it quickly I'll manage without, but it didn't seem to register. Click and collect was good during lock down, but they used it as a way of getting rid of scabby veg.

Some French supermarkets are reported to have non-chat checkouts, sounds like a job for me. They need a big notice up 'arrention, you are going to have to pay, get your purse out now'

Edited By duncan webster on 22/07/2022 14:29:11

You would be lucky to get more than a hello and goodbye in Aldi and Lidl.


Thread: WD40 alternative - any good?
22/07/2022 12:22:42

I remember seeing it sprayed into the engines of the RAF Harrier’s that were used in the Falklands war, I think the engines for the navy Harriers were more tolerant of the sea environment than the RAF version so a liberal application of WD40 helped prevent corrosion problems.


Thread: What would you ban and why? (Definitely tearoom!)
22/07/2022 11:12:32

As I am blessed with the ability to count I like to return the pocket full of change that I acquire on a visit to the pub so I count out the price of a pint while waiting to be served, the pub welcome the return of their change as I believe the banks make a charge to supply change and card sales also charge. Many places are now card only which does put them at risk if their systems go down. I was recently in a branch of Starbucks which is now cashless and their electronic payment systems went down, from somewhere they produced a card machine for the old print and sign system, when did you last see one of those? Luckily I had my plastic card and could be served but the phone only customers were out of luck. I usually carry cash, card and phone so can cover most payment methods, bank transfer and PayPal if required.


Edited By Mike Poole on 22/07/2022 11:14:09

20/07/2022 18:29:26

Perversely, at one time cheese and onion crisps were unsuitable for vegetarians and beef were, I don’t know if that is still true.


20/07/2022 14:08:49

Considering that ultra processed food is widely regarded as bad for us then the concoctions that are created to imitate animal products would fall into the bad for you category. Cooking is necessary I feel for many vegetables and although I enjoy a rare steak I find it a bit of a problem when a good vet could probably get it going again. I am not in any rush to try some Asian delicacy like ants and other insects nor do song birds appeal even if the French are keen. I do feel that a Vegan diet needs care to ensure it provides everything we require to be healthy and if vitamin supplements are required then maybe more thought is required. Perhaps  the human dietary needs are meant to be satisfied with some meat content and deviation needs close attention to ensure good health.


Edited By Mike Poole on 20/07/2022 14:10:09

Thread: Scorchio!
19/07/2022 12:05:40
Posted by Samsaranda on 19/07/2022 09:32:29:

I spent 12 months in what used to be Trucial Oman but is now United Arab Emirates, stationed at a place called Sharjah, was there in 67, one day in August we recorded a temperature of 128 F which converts to 53.3 C. Looking back now I can’t believe that I worked outside all day in those temperatures servicing aircraft, we only wore a pair of shorts and desert boots, probably accounts for the skin cancer that I suffered. Temperature here on the Sussex Coast yesterday was 35 C outside and in the house we registered 28C, house faces due south so in the sun all day, my solar panels also face due south so generating about 26 kWh a day and with 12 kWh battery storage in this heatwave we are actually self sufficient on electricity not having to draw any from the Grid whilst the sun shines, wish the sun shone all year round like this and my energy bills would be zero, wouldn’t be able to stand the heat for that long though. Dave W

A couple of pics taken on April 25 or 26 1942, overnight stop en route Muharraq island to Karachi, Dad labelled them Sharjah so I suppose they were arriving or departing. If you look carefully there is another aircraft against the mountains. Pics taken from Beaufort L9894. Possibly their own shadow?


Edited By Mike Poole on 19/07/2022 12:07:49

19/07/2022 09:05:00

9.00am 38% humidity at the moment and 27° indoors. We do seem to adjust to temperature quite quickly. It is nearly warm enough for my wife to take her fleece off, I do wonder if the lizard people really exist.


Thread: online upgrades: Is it broken, a disabled feature, or customer gouging
14/07/2022 21:51:33

Pat brought a disk into the office one day, probably 3ft in diameter and 1/4” thick, he had salvaged it after a head crash had seriously damaged it and had the idea of making a garden table with it. He worked on the 1900 series but I don’t know which models, Wikipedia seems to indicate that the 1900 series covered a wide range of machines, I remember Oxford Council and the Morris factory had 1900 installations from what he said. I worked with Pat from the early 70’s when he joined the Technicians department in the car factory, he was department manager when I joined the department in 1979.


Thread: How much would you expect to pay for a litre of EOLYS Fluid?
14/07/2022 20:03:12

Main dealers charge outrageous prices for engine oil too.


Thread: online upgrades: Is it broken, a disabled feature, or customer gouging
14/07/2022 19:56:50

A friend was a service engineer for ICL, he described a service call to install a memory expansion, he moved the link to enable the memory that was installed as standard but not enabled. The customer paid much more than the cost of a service call.


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