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Thread: Simple test to distinguish mild steel rod from silver steel rod.
16/04/2021 14:10:32

The ground finish is an easy check, if it’s not ground it’s not silver steel, the ground finish does not definitively make it silver steel as some stainless and PGMS can easily be mistaken for SS, if it hardens and measures very close to size then it is a very good chance it is SS, that will leave the problem of what the rest is. When stubs were a major SS producer they stamped their name on rods that were big enough but there are plenty of manufacturers who don’t. It’s worth having a paint or notch or dot code to Mark stuff up when it comes into the shop but if you are like me you will have a pile of unknown stuff that looked handy which can sometimes be a win and sometimes not worth the trouble.


Thread: Covid
15/04/2021 22:31:12

There seems to be a wide range of reactions to the various jabs, a friend the same age had no reaction symptoms from the AZ, I had an uncomfortable night and my arm had some discomfort for a few days also AZ, my mother in law had no reaction to her first or second Pfizer jabs, a very fit mate took to his bed for a day and my wife felt sick until lunchtime for about a week and had the chills. My wife and I have both had Covid in January which was unpleasant but bearable with paracetamol, I was near back to normal after 10-14 days but my wife had about 3 weeks of symptoms. My taste/ smell has largely returned but has some changes, the best part is when the cat has a turnout in her litter tray I don’t get the stink but luckily my wife does. I think there is going to be a long list of ongoing effects from covid, one good story I heard today was a man ravaged with cancer was left cancer free after contracting covid, I suppose it doesn’t compensate for the many thousands that didn’t survive but could be interesting if it sheds some light on curing cancer.


Edited By Mike Poole on 15/04/2021 22:32:14

15/04/2021 11:58:37

Journalists never let the truth and facts get in the way of a good story, the purpose of newspapers is to entertain their readers and make money for their owners, if accurate reporting should ever occur or objective analysis then this is probably accidental. Sit back and have a think about what we are being told and the purpose of it while independent thought is still allowed. Sadly our younger generations are reluctant to hear anything they find does not agree with their own ideas and debate their position. When I was an apprentice in the strike afflicted car industry I had some great tea break debates and some of the best were with a lapsed card carrying communist, the great thing was that although we were poles apart politically we could have a good natured debate and I would count Bill as a friend. The most awful thing is this cancel culture which wishes to stifle debate. If you believe you are right then you should be able to debate your position and if you are good then you may convince your opponent..


14/04/2021 15:22:46
Posted by roy entwistle on 18/03/2021 19:56:06:

Ady1 The weather still happens. Isn't it a good job nobody can do anything about it?


When my children were small the village vicar had an annual children’s tea party in the vicarage garden, somehow the weather was always perfect, the suspicion was he was better connected than most people.


Thread: 24mm end mill for 16mm collet?
12/04/2021 22:53:36

Tungsten carbide will machine the shank of a HSS cutter, it is a bit heavy going but it can be done.


Thread: MS 'Edge' - Points and Pitfalls?
10/04/2021 19:12:15

Unless you are prepared to work hard at privacy then staying off the internet is the only sure fire way of keeping your life private. The trouble is that the government is leading the charge to force everything on line with Covid giving them more power to their elbow. Covid is proving to be a boon to taking business online to the point that a huge amount of office space is likely to surplus to requirements in the new normal. When the dust finally settles it seems the world will be very different. Much pain has been felt in many sectors but other areas have made hay. My printer failed last year soon after lockdown and sourcing a replacement was not easy. I suspect there will not be many discounts to be found for UK hotels and restaurants this summer.


Thread: "TINKER" tool & cutter grinder
10/04/2021 18:53:21
Posted by MC Black on 10/04/2021 12:49:23:

Why doesn't Mr. Lautard appoint an agent in the United Kingdom to sell his books and drawings?

I think Camden Miniature Steam Services used to supply the books from Guy but the books seem to be out of print and so perhaps the arrangement has lapsed if there ever was one.


Thread: Myford Super 7 spanner sizes
10/04/2021 17:02:53

In 1977 I was looking for a 3/8 drive socket set and called in to Sarjents tools in Reading, the Britool set that took my fancy was £130 so I left empty handed, an inflation calculator tells me that would be £813 today. At the other end of the scale a chap in the welders shack on the Morris Marina production floor had a sideline selling cheap tools, a Kamasa set of 1/4 and 3/8 drive sockets became mine for £27 while I considered what to do about a decent set. The Kamasa set did a hell of a lot of work without wearing or breaking and it was many years before I upgraded, Snap-On would not lose any sleep over the ratchet quality, the ratchets didn’t fail but the feel is crap. I think I spent the £103 saved on records beer and gigs and keeping a T150V Trident on the road, thinking about it the Trident consumed a hell of a lot more than £103, the path to Norman Hyde’s spares emporium was a well worn one and the bike still wears a Hyde 3-1, 850cc big bore kit, sintered iron clutch, high strength con rods and lots of other bits. Norman assured me the 3-1 was not noisy but that seems to be at odds with everyone else’s opinion, my mates would not follow me due to the noise and my sister said she could hear my bike howling down the Oxford ring road and all the way through the village. Unfortunately it also attracted the attention of the plod which led to me losing my licence twice for totting up, The Honda VF750F was much faster and very quiet with stock pipes and I never got stopped once, so much as I love the howl of noisy exhaust I concluded long ago that noise is more of a threat to your licence than speed. That’s a bit of a digression from spanners.


Thread: How do I remove this small bearing? And the one behind it.
10/04/2021 08:54:06

Obviously removing the bearings with no harm to the housing is the most desirable outcome but all is not lost with a damaged housing, bearing fit can compensate for a loose fit and if the housing is damaged beyond that then boring and fitting a tolerance ring can save the day. A correctly fitted bearing should not be excessively tight in its housing or the designed clearance of the races can be compromised, corrosion can sometimes make a bearing more difficult to remove. As an apprentice I was caught out by a wire circlip that I hadn’t spotted hiding in the grease, the hydraulic puller was struggling until I got some rag and had a wipe round to see what was going on. Lesson learned I have never been caught out since.


Thread: "TINKER" tool & cutter grinder
10/04/2021 08:09:16

If losing 30 quid would be be more than mildly annoying then sending cash in CDN dollars is easy but not very safe. I sent a chap in Czechoslovakia $25 for a minidisc titling kit, we both got what we wanted, he was an honest guy. If it had gone pear shaped then it would have been slightly annoying but I was fully prepared for it being one of those things to put down to experience.


Thread: Vehi cle Tax Scam
06/04/2021 08:33:47

I really did have the bank ring me up about a dubious transaction, being cautious I gave the lady a hard time which she was prepared for and probably hoping for, she was bona fide and cancelled the transaction so all was good.


Thread: Using two torches
06/04/2021 08:16:09

On occasions we needed temporary space heaters at work and these could freeze when the heaters were on full for long periods, interconnecting two 47kg bottles to one regulator helped. As you do not want to run into problems I would suggest running with two separate systems and have someone on standby to use Noels hot water trick to keep the gas flowing. Running out of heat in the middle of the job will spoil things so getting a reserve torch on standby could save the day. Big burners can consume a lot of gas so have the bottles as full as possible at the start and if a change is necessary do it well away from the hot job and other torches.


Thread: LG TV ... updated webOS
05/04/2021 23:12:14

Switching equipment off puts it through a stress test every time you apply power, we had a manager who decided that it would be good to save some energy by shutting down the 550 robots in the body shop, it didn’t surprise any of the engineering staff that a very significant number of robots did not restart. Some of the failures just exposed parts that had probably failed over time but had not caused immediate failure, hard drives were one item that could fail after startup and not cause an immediate problem but would not start the machine again. The high power electronics of the drives were another item that didn’t take kindly to being switched off and on. To be fair a robot in good health will not have a problem with a power cycle but after a few years some components will no longer be at their full specification, particularly capacitors do not age well in high voltage applications and repair shops replaced all the power caps as a matter of course when repairing and refurbishment. The failures did become less as the weak parts were replaced after the first few power saving exercises but the paltry amount of power saved was probably dwarfed by the thousands of pounds spent on spares and the time spent rectifying the failures. The policy was dropped after a while much to everyone relief as it used a lot of manpower to restart everything even if nothing failed.


Thread: Milling Vice Location
05/04/2021 22:39:12

I thought about this the other day as it occurred to me that positioning the vice in the centre and as many jobs are likely to be small then the wear will be concentrated in the centre. On the other hand there are stories of tables left with the overhang all at one end having sagged slightly. Some people keep a vice and a rotary table mounted all the time and some have two vices which if they are a matched pair could be handy for long jobs. I certainly think there is some value in moving the vice around each time it is refitted and as most vice work is smallish then this will help to even wear to the screws and slide ways. I would avoid positioning it at the extremes as I would feel I had to park the table back in the centre just in case table sag is a possibility. I think the table sag legend may have come from Bridgeport’s extra length table being parked at one extreme for a lengthy period and as mills go the Bridgeport is not massively built although it may seem substantial compared to many hobby mills.


Thread: Replacment oil can spout
05/04/2021 22:19:09

I would think you could turn up a replacement from nylon or delrin, the ferrules for the tube are available from classic bike spares outlets but you need to fashion a crimper. The tube can also be replaced as it tends to go brittle after long service, certainly when used for petrol it does.


Thread: Are we being listened to on the phone
03/04/2021 11:36:07

I would be fairly confident that when the battery is flat the phone is dead but switched off it is more of a standby mode but what is still functional would need investigation.


03/04/2021 10:12:08

As distasteful as we find it, surveillance is a useful tool to keep us safe from the activities of those that would do us harm. To me what is unacceptable is the intrusion just to send us junk advertising which I rarely read and even more rarely find useful. My wife is paranoid that the computer web cams are watching even when unplugged and she drapes paper over them, these days a camera is unlikely to find anything exciting going on in our house unless the antics of my sons cat that he has lumbered with are entertaining, feline indoor Parkour is quite fun unless you become part of the course, she certainly uses her claws for maximum traction and can execute some extremely sharp turns, rather like hydroplane racing.


Thread: Electric Smart Meters
02/04/2021 14:24:55

The Civil Service has probably earned its poor reputation in the past. It provided benefits that the private sector could only dream of, a number of my mothers neighbours were employed in admin. roles at Harwell, a bus took them to work which I am fairly sure was free and on top of holidays they could claim sick days with no actual requirement to be sick, this was topped off with a very good pension. Salaries may not have been competitive with the best of the private sector but probably not too much pressure from above either. I suspect it is rather different these days. The government has a poor reputation for running anything, I struggle to think of anything that runs well or projects that complete on time and on budget that the government has a hand in. Local government are equally useless.


Thread: Advice acquiring single phase motor for Elliott Pillar Drill
01/04/2021 15:55:01

A centrifugal switch will be an irritation as the motor will need to coast to a low enough speed for the switch to reclose before the motor can be reversed. It would be worth using an inverter if the star point can be split as the motor can be made to reverse very quickly if suitable ramps are programmed. There is a limit to how fast an inverter can slow the motor as power is pushed back into the inverter and if the DC link voltage rises too high it will fault. Some inverters can use an external resistor to dump the power and implement some very sharp stops. If you are interested in power tapping then I suspect you may have lots of threads to make and notice should be taken of the number of starts per hour recommended for the motor.


Thread: Think you have trouble losing your chuck key?
01/04/2021 15:31:30

That chuck looks a bit heavy for a Myforddevil


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