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Thread: Printing from Digital Editions
15/11/2014 07:24:02

Sorry, Finger trouble or is it eye trouble. The print option now appears at the top of the page being viewed

15/11/2014 07:00:48

Just noticed when looking at the latest edition of MEW that there is no icon for printing from the digital pages. I tried going into the computer system but when I look at the print preview it contains only a few tightly packed lines at the top of the page.

I have recently changed my computer and now run Windows 8.1 but would not have expected this system to stop the printing. Anyone else suffering from the missing printing access.

Thread: A plea for prices!
22/10/2014 09:57:04

About 3 years ago, I bought a "Multitool" from Aldi for £30. I used it when laying new oak floors in the downstairs rooms and found it really useful. Recently, I gave my neighbour a demonstration of its versatility and he was impressed. Went over to his workshop last week to find he had bought a Ryobi battery version of this tool. He was a bit shy about the price but from what I could gather about £100 for the tool and a further £100 for the battery. My reaction was one of disbelief mainly because of the battery price but since looking at the Screwfix catalogue it appears some batteries do cost a lot of money.

Anyway, I guess it is the old saying, you pays your money and takes your choice

Thread: Myford 3 phase motor upgrade
09/10/2014 17:11:19

Perhaps working on small machines, I did not take into account the possibility of an accident by the motor starting unannounced although when using the mill I always switch off because the main switch is alongside the controller. On the Myford, not had a problem yet but you never know, when I go into the shed tonight, will ensure that the supply is switched off.

For many years I had a big old Southbend lathe. It was about 9" centre height and 5ft between centres, driven by a 11/2 hp motor using flat belts. I look back and now believe that this was the best lathe I have owned. That was a great metal cutter but a house move meant that because of space restrictions it had to go and was eventually replaced by a Warco BG600. What a contrast, there were no safety features on the Southbend where as the Warco has micro switches which cut the power to prevent accidents.

Going back to the inverters, I plan to fit one to the Warco and wish to retain the safety features and plan to wire in the inverter to the motor terminals on the existing loom. I will then be able to power up using the existing starting lever, making adjustments for speed etc., on the inverter remote. This will mean that when ever the lever is put into the stop position or any of the guards opened, power will be cut to the inverter. Hopefully, this will not be frequent since I would normally use the inverter control to stop for measuring but can anyone tell me if cutting the power to the inverter will do any harm.

08/10/2014 10:44:50

Sorry for the finger trouble. Should have read 10K ohm.


08/10/2014 07:29:06

Brian, yes you can buy cheap and get away with it. The motor on my Myford began to rumble so I looked at replacement by conversion to 3Phase. At first I bought a 1HP inverter from Drives Direct and then managed to pick up a 3/4 HP motor at an auction for £1. This combination worked well and I was so pleased that the decision was taken to fit a 1 HP motor obtained as a bargain package from Drives Direct. While preparing to set this modification up, I found an inverter on EBay for £7 so I installed this with the 1 HP motor and it has worked for many years now. The new inverter I used on my shaper which also works well.

Perhaps the best of all is the conversion of the mill/drill. This was fitted with a 1 HP single phase motor which has been replaced with a 11/2 HP 3ph given to me by a neighbour as he was about to send it to the local dump. I bought an inverter from Gavin Oseman, second hand, which has been trouble free for at least 10 years. Present project is to fit a 2 HP 3ph motor to my Warco BH600 lathe. The controller was bought from Gavin Oseman and the motor,brand new, was bought from a bottled water company which was closing at a cost of £25. The controller cost about £100. This is now rigged up on the bench for testing and hopefully will be fitted this winter.

In case you are wondering what happened to the 3/4 hp motor, well, this is being lined up to replace the 1/2hp 1ph on my pedestal drill.

I hope this gives you encouragement to look around and see what is available. After all, if a £7 inverter goes wrong, you can just write it off to experience and buy another, not as cheap perhaps buy less than the expensive packages on offer.

One thing I forgot to mention is the remote controller. This needs wiring (all low voltage) and fitting in a box near to the lathe controls. These consist of small switches and a 10ohm pot, which can be found at Maplin or CPC.

02/10/2014 06:52:45

I have found that if the belts are left under tension when the lathe is not in use they take up a "set" which causes vibration until the machine settles down again. I always relax the belts after use to avoid this problem and so far it works.

I too have a S7 which I fitted with a 3ph 1HP motor. The change is a huge step in performance in the speed control, power and smooth running. I very rarely change the belt position because with the power and speed control, even thread cutting can be undertaken without back gear but at low speeds, the motor temperature has to be watched

Thread: Material Supplies
16/09/2014 18:08:39

Over the weekend, I went into my Homebase store intending to buy a couple of lengths of 8mm alloy only to discover that they no longer stock that line.

Although expensive, I found them handy for the odd piece of strip metal and sheeting material. I wonder if this policy applies throughout the UK or only to my area. I eventually tracked down the pieces of alloy in B&Q but I don't think they have as wide a stock as Homebase.

Thread: ALDI multipurpose saw
05/09/2014 09:56:04

I have had one of these saws for some time and would recommend using full protective gear when using because the shrapnel gets everywhere. Full face mask and gloves at least.

I think I have become an ALDI/LIDL addict. My reliable and ancient VAX lost a wheel, not a disaster but enough of an excuse so a few weeks ago, I bought a wet/dry vacuum cleaner from LIDL. This has all the fittings for the shop/car. I like the additional power socket for power tools and when used, flick the switch over and the vacuum responds to the power tool use. I used it on Wednesday on my thickness planer and when finished, the drum was full to overflow, enough for a half fill large plastic bag. From now on I think it will be used more in the workshop than the home.

Having acquired so much shavings/sawdust which has a limited recycling value, I saw that ALDI were selling one of those waste paper log makers and yesterday, I bought one. I thought that perhaps a mixture of wood shavings and shredded paper would make useful fuel for a wood burner. The next job will be to get a woodburner for the shed.

With winter coming on, I wonder if ALDI or LIDL will put a workshop stove on their specials.

Thread: Issue 220
28/08/2014 19:06:51
Recd my printed copy of the latest magazine. I have not had time to read it all yet but on a glance through and the initial reading, this is a winner. Well done Neil, something for everyone.
Thread: Drill sharpening
28/08/2014 18:57:00
Thanks for the comments. Did not go over again so was not tempted. Saw a demo on You Tube for hand sharpening drills. Looks easy and with practice could well be the best way to go. Thanks to all for your replies.

28/08/2014 11:24:36
Called at LiDL this morning and saw another drill sharpening device. I have a couple of similar devices whick are of little use. Anyone had any thoughts about this new offering.
Don't want another useless bit if kit taking up space under the bench but very tempted since my Lidl is only across the road.
Thread: Bristol Model Engineering & Hobbies Exhibition
24/08/2014 20:12:40

My usual day for visiting is Friday, staying overnight and visiting Bristol on the Saturday. in recent years, we have stopped overnight in Cardiff to do some shopping and browsing on the Saturday but this year we were forced to go to the exhibition on Saturday and making the round trip in one day. My Number 1 son, Jim now comes with me, I think it is to stop me buying too much and overfilling the already packed garage. We were surprised how quite it was and like so many, disappointed by the absence of machine tool traders especially Warco but then over the years we have seen so many leave, Proops, ArcEurotrade, Chronos and Myford. It is never the less an enjoyable show with lots of exhibitors only too happy to talk and discuss their models and after all, that is what it is all about.

I don't talk much mainly because of a hearing problem and a slight stroke a few years ago has given me a problem with some words, so I usually look,admire and take photos while Jim can talk for hours. At about 4.30, I found him putting some goodies he had bought into the car boot, intending to go back in when I pointed out that the doors closed at 5PM on Saturday. he was disappointed, we wondered if it was worth the 256 mile round trip, especially with the prospect of joining the F1 car drivers in the usual traffic jam at the Newport tunnel. As it turned out, the traffic flowed smoothly and we we got home in 21/2 hours.

If there is a next time, (age and health permitting.) we will go on Saturday again and stay over for Sunday. Jim was so busy talking that he did not get as far as hall 4, although I took some video to show him what he missed.

Yes we all miss the traders but it is a model show after all and in my book, one of the best

Thread: Issue 218 will be a bit special...
26/06/2014 07:02:24
When I was a teenager and into my early 20s I was into motorbikes and subscribed to motorcycle magzines. Later after buying my first car the subscription was changed to a motor magazine for almost 50 years. I stopped taking that when getting out from under the car became too difficult and anyway cars became too complicated for the home mechanic.
I bought Model Engineer from the time of leaving school and only stopped my subscription when MEW began publishing on a regular basis so why would I now want to go back to cars and motorcycles. Continue at this rate and new title will evolve, perhaps Hobbies Magazine.
Thread: Bandsaw blades
11/06/2014 19:39:30
Neil, had a look at that link and now think my saw is due for a tune up. Bought the saw in 1985 and at the time, also bought a 100ft coil of Sarrett blade (cost about ?35). This is about 18 blades worth when made up and I make the join using silver solder with a fine propane torch. I made a little jig which holds the scarfed ends together and the solder is about the size of 20amp fuse wire. Three little pieces is usually enough for a good joint. Admittly, I don't use the saw every day but checking today, I guess there is enough left for about 4 more blades. Not bad for almost 30 years of sawing. The description on the label says 1/2" x14 tpi hard points with tempered back. Don't know how ths compares with bi-metal blades but I think this blade gives excellent service.
Thread: Myford Paint (Grey)
24/03/2014 17:09:30

I had two tins of coach paint, one black and the other ivory, left over from painting a motor caravan. Offered it to another doing up his van but he turned it down because it did not quite match. Left on the shelf until the day came to paint a Myford. I 3/4 filled a small jar with ivory and then added the black a little at a time until the correct colour was found. Filled all the blemishes with car filler, rubbed it down and then applied the paint with a soft artist's brush. Looked as good as new when finished.

Thread: Cutting gears on a lathe
16/03/2014 17:38:09

Search for "Hobbynut" on Youtube. Here is a practical engineer who gives an excellent demonstration on gear cutting using the lathe and milling machine. The methods he describes could easily be adapted for making in the lathe with a suitable dividing attachment.

Thread: Wills and workshops
24/02/2014 06:53:01

Been thinking on this subject overnight and have decided it is time to start selling and stop hoarding. At least that way, hopefully it will go to someone who loves workshops.

I recently sold a Myford ML7 to a model engineer. I had upgraded to a Super7 with gearbox etc., and the ML7 was in the back of the garage. I did't advertise but my son heard of this fellow who was looking for a lathe so he could build a steam engine so he rang me to ask if it was still in the garage and when I heard that it was for a fellow modeller, I quoted a reasonable price. The expression on this guy's face was a treat, he was like a kid with a new toy. Seeing this, i also threw in some cutting tools to get him started and a new copy of Ian Bradleys ML7 manual.

Although I guess the deal left me about £100 short of the market price the sheer joy I got from seeing this chap carefully placing the lathe in his trailer and covering it in protective padding before carefully strapping it down made my day. I can only hope that he makes that steam engine.

The next thing is, listing all that has to go, Could well end up with a bigger list to keep than the sale items.

Thread: Evolution Sawblades
23/02/2014 21:31:44

I have been facinated by the adverts for Evolution mitre saws and the ease with which metal can be cut but since I already have two mitre saws for wood and an abrasive saw for metal, I have little room and could not justify buying another saw (questions would be asked in the house). Can anyone tell me if it ok to fit an Evolution blade to a standard mitre saw. I see in the Machine Mart catalogue they state that the blades are only for fitting to the Rage saw. I have a feeling that the speed of the woodwork saw may be a bit too high but if this can be overcome, is there any other reason not to use these blades.

Thread: Wills and workshops
23/02/2014 21:15:41

What a depressing subject, it has made me think on this miserable Sunday evening. Now fast closing on the big 80, I think it is best to leave someone else to worry about it but aware of my experience with the scrappy, it would be nice to see a young engineer enjoy it rather than end up in some foreign scrap yard.

I recall about 30 years ago when shutting down a works, all the stores were auctioned off and were sold on the basis of rack contents. The day following the auction, I was passing the stores where a scrap man had two skips at the entrance, one for steel and the other for brass etc. Two guys were throwing boxes tools into the steel skip which included new lathe and milling cutters. To the scrappy, these were low value and he checked with a magnet to make sure he did not throw out "valuable" non ferrous scrap with the rubbish. That also was a depressing day.

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