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Thread: For discussing the merits of alternative 3D CAD programs.
26/12/2018 22:42:36

In response to DrDave and to add to what he says viz; "Your work is stored in "the cloud", it is important to know that your work is also stored locally in a location of your choice.

The programme is also resident as 'stand-alone' on your computer and runs quite happily without an internet connection. It does require you to sync with the cloud ebery 30 days or so.

One other added value of Fusion360 is that you can choose to share any files or projects with other colleagues to the extent that they can edit/work with those projects to the extent that you as the project owner allow.

Edited By Swarf Maker on 26/12/2018 22:43:23

Thread: harrison m300, spindle run out...bearings?
19/12/2018 23:44:53

Here we go then Sebastian; Having looked at your videos I haven't seen anything that would give me cause for concern. That is it would be without knowledge of the problems that you have been experiencing. Your manipulation of the bearing cage shows nothing untoward and what I had interpreted as rollers flopping around is clearly nothing of the sort. You are having to apply some force to skew them. As that test was done with everything cold then the expected end float may well be commensurate with that degree of available movement.

What needs to happen is a re-examination of the salient facts and first amongst those is the degree of eccentricity that you identify as randomly and periodically occurs. You have described it as visible on both the work piece and the chucks I believe (too late at night to re-read the whole thread). We really need some numbers for that.

The next crucial point to examine is the running temperature in the vicinity of the front bearing. From your description and the helpful input from other forum members, it would appear that your spindle is getting much hotter than anybody elses. That heat can only be coming from the dissipation of energy. Discussion has tended toward the bearing pre-load being too low as a consequence of our interpretation of your descriptions with respect to the rear bearing, but that is inconsistent with a hot spindle which is much more likely to occur if the pre-load is too high. So do the torque tests as already identified and lets see what that tells us.

As all of the measurements that you have taken are essentially nominal we are left with only subjective assesments to deal with viz. hot spindle, visible wobble. Difficult to ensure that we are working to the same criteria on that basis as witnessed by the previous mis-understandings of the symptoms.

Perhaps the best thing is for you to put it in a large 'jiffy' bag and post it up to me for a good looking at!

19/12/2018 21:35:29

The videos certainly tell a lot more than the prior words convey as the rollers seem to be captured correctly in the bearing cage. The vision I had conjured up from your description of the rollers falling down when the cage rotates past 45 degrees was akin to the cage being non-existent. "Some of them actually drop just through gravity as they rotate past the TDC position through 45 degrees into 90 degrees rotation..." Perhaps my over active imagination! Goes to show the value of pictures cf. words.

19/12/2018 14:32:30

Tony's lathe site declares that "The spindle, which runs in Gamet Super-precision opposed-thrust roller bearings."

So adjusting the end float might well cure things although there will likely be the usual problem of the bearing not wanting to move in response to the adjustment after this amount of time. Not withstanding that, I think that there has to be some damage to that rear bearing for the rollers to have that amount, and degree of freedom, to move as they are. The bearing cage should still support the rollers in their correct place and orientation, no matter how slack the bearing adjustment is so my money is still on a broken bearing cage.

19/12/2018 13:56:26

Go no further - including running the lathe under power - until you have resolved the issue with the rear bearing - that is most clearly wrong!

Thread: Modern efficiency !!!!!!!!!
19/12/2018 13:46:27

First time in 55 years of motoring that I've been hit with that one. It was the main agents testing it, so it MUST be right.

Yes, they probably are. Brake fluid is hygroscopic and the water content that it attracts leads to internal corrosion of the hydraulic parts. It's a good and useful test to carry out and should be done fairly regularly. Surprised that you have not come across it before!

Thread: harrison m300, spindle run out...bearings?
19/12/2018 01:31:46

Following up on Mike Poole's and Phil P's responses, one of the more significant possibilities for the erratic behaviour of your spindle is that the cage of one of the spindle bearing is breaking up. The cage may well be a bronze one and the source of your oil contamination. If the cage is allowing the rollers to take up their own positions there will be occasions when they will crowd together and thus allow the spindle to divert off axis. At other times, particularly with a longitudinal load on the spindle, the forces may well cause the rollers to distribute themselves more evenly. Worth serious consideration I feel.

Thread: GEC Motor Bearings for Lathe Motor
04/11/2018 09:18:27

I tend to agree on the shaft size Michael, although I will always consider errors in measurement first. In this case I think that Andy has been consistent and accurate.The other dimensions do look rather close to imperial fraction sizes though. On other things that i have worked on that were manufactured before and through the middle of the last century, it is not unknown for mixed imperial and metric dimensions to be used for parts!

Main thing is that the problem has been resolved!

Thread: bridgeport motor bearing clearance
03/11/2018 23:39:40

I suspect that as nobody has answered this question that the question itself is not understood. Whereabouts does the clearance that you are asking about supposedly exist?

If you are able to clarify the question I won't be able to answer it myself, but someone else may be able to.

Thread: GEC Motor Bearings for Lathe Motor
03/11/2018 23:35:35

Not sure why the sizes are such a puzzle. The bush length at 0.376" measures 1 thou over 3/8". The outside diameter at 0.4218" is 2 tenths of a thou under 27/64". The shaft diameter at 0.316" is 3.5 thou over 5/16".

Your motor is nearly 50 years old and its design origins probably pre-date its manufacture to some degree. Fractional imperial sizes were still in common use at that time.

Thread: Learning CAD with Alibre Atom3D
29/10/2018 07:38:59

Jason, as always ever trying to be helpful on this forum! Can I suggest a better way to make videos of the use of CAD?

There are screen capture programmes that will do this for you, so no need to set up a camera to look over your shoulder. As it happens,one is available to users of Fusion 360 and is one of the ways that a F360 user is able to communicate a problem to the programme developers. It is also used to make F360 training videos. That programme is called 'Screencast' but I believe that other such programmes are available.

Thread: What did you do Today 2018
26/08/2018 00:14:06

Damn the forum, I always look forward to your gliding stories Andrew!

2 spitfires, 3 tiger moths and the Red Arrows flew past today at various times. Excellent!

Edited By Swarf Maker on 26/08/2018 00:15:35

Thread: Am I getting an irritable old git?
06/07/2018 09:21:30

I think that it is about time that this discussion moved on to an erudite analysis of the use of "git" in the context of this thread.

Thread: Milling machine operation
28/06/2018 23:38:56

One readily identifiable cause of wandering on a narrow slitting saw is if the cutting edge of the teeth are either worn or incorrectly ground, such that they are not precisely at a right angle (i.e. exactly parallel to the arbor). If there is thus a "slope" to the cutting edge there is a small resultant force vector that will cause the saw blade to move 'sideways'. I had a 1/64" fine tooth saw that had perhaps hit a hard spot and incurred slight damage this way. This saw subsequently exhibited a sideways bias, even on the horizontal mill. Close examination highlighted the problem and a re-sharpen resolved it.

Thread: How do I undo this screw?
23/06/2018 09:55:10

If these screw heads are inside the safe, then with an allen key socket (i.e. the type used with socket set accessories) and handle, use a machinist jack or other means to wedge the socket into the screw head against the roof of the safe. This stops it 'camming' out.

If you don't have a suitable allen socket then make one by cutting a length from an allen key and using the corresponding ordinary socket that will fit it.

Thread: My Digital subscription
24/05/2018 18:55:14

Hi 'Fowlers Fury'. The only reason for stating 'Plugin' as distinct from 'Extension' was as a consequence of your previous advice:- "If you're using ver 6.0, click on Help > Troubleshooting information.
Scroll down to "Extensions" and look at Flash Control to see whether "enabled" or "False".

I also use Firefox at the same version level as yourself and if I do as you suggest, for me, like Raymond Berry, there is no mention of Flash under the 'Extension' heading and thus no options to select.

I offered the alternative method using the menu as a possible route to helping him out of his problem as it seemed to be the most obvious place where a user selection can be made. I wonder if there is a difference between the 32bit and 64bit versions of Firefox? I am using the 64 bit version 60.0.1 on Windows 7 Professional.

Edited By Swarf Maker on 24/05/2018 18:57:27

24/05/2018 17:27:00

Flash is a 'Plug-In', not an 'Extension'. With Firefox open, using Ctrl, Shft A (or the menu) takes you to the 'Add Ons' page. Select 'Plugins' on that page. If Flash has installed correctly you can select whether it is activated manually or automatically, etc.

Edited By Swarf Maker on 24/05/2018 17:28:10

Thread: Phone Scam
28/04/2018 20:58:29

"Thank you for calling the Action Fraud hotline. For the purposes of security your call is being traced . . . . . Please hold the line"

Seems to avoid further calls!

Thread: Warco WM250 Lathe and Warco WM18 Milling machine (Advice please)
26/04/2018 22:52:17

Reminds me of when I went to collect a mini lathe from the Warco works. Advertised as fully checked as was their wont in those days. When I arrived the lathe was hauled out from the back somewhere, still in its unopened Asian packaging. Has it been checked then says I? "No, not yet" came the reply - "I'll do it now". Tape on box cut, lid lifted, lathe on it's side. Mains lead oiked out, plugged in, switched on speed knob twiddled, chuck rotates. "Yep, all OK - there you go." Was I impressed?

Again, at an exhibition took a mate to look at machines. One of their bigger mills - can't remember which one. Usual touchy feely things that one does and the spindle won't rotate - at all! Speak to man on stand. "Oh is it?" he says and shows no further interest in us.

Another mate ill advisedly bought a combination machine, 300 something or other. Not many weeks in, the milling spindle started rattling, wandering and then seized. Company showed no interest, warranty or otherwise. So we stripped it and replaced the bearings with decent quality ones. You should have seen the apology for bearings that had additionally been running in sand-laden grease.

No comfort to STK2008 I'm afraid and my experiences were a few or more years ago now. One would hope that things have improved?

Thread: Drawing board v CAD
21/03/2018 00:16:15


I think that there is a fundamental problem for many people that wish to get familiar with 3D CAD, and that is the lack of basic tutorials. If you are anything like me, who needs the manual!

However, this is one case where it pays dividends to get to grips with two things: One - the nomenclature - which may not be quite what you thought the words meant; and Two - the structure that the programmer expected you to put in place and follow during construction.

For F360 this is important, but contrary to the belief of some, it is entirely appropriate to start with a 2D sketch, the fag-packet equivalent. Indeed, in my case where I sometimes call upon 2D drawings made some time ago, I start by importing a dxf file.

It's not appropriate to try and do a tutorial session via the forum so I have sent you a private message.

Edited By Swarf Maker on 21/03/2018 00:17:05

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