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Thread: Painting Brass
26/10/2012 19:05:41

Many thanks Jeff, yes it seems to be very good stuff they offer. Just hope I remember this when the need arises... wink

Greetings, Hansrudolf

26/10/2012 11:15:32
Posted by Rustkolector on 26/10/2012 05:02:40:

..... I recently tried a heat curing finish that requires #120 Alum oxide grit blasting which I normally do anyway to erase filing and machining marks. .....


Wow, wow, Jeff, and if now you would give us also the brand name of that paint and where you got it and in which country then your posting #1 would be perfect!!!

Greetings, Hansrudolf

Thread: Self adulation
18/10/2012 15:52:46

Terry, you saved my day with your comment above. I had real difficulties to read this sermon, which made me almost dizzy-dizzy or rather dazzy-dazzy. Now I know that maybe the 'one sentence = one paragraph' seems to be a wide-spread evil; just have a look at the pages from BBC we see here quite often. I believe this comes from the tabloid papers, and it goes much in this direction here also.

I was very reluctant to write a comment here, but as you started I feel in good company wink.

Dazz Dazz, read better papers and books and memorize the style! and grammar (my 2 pence). I had to do that also, 50 years ago.

Greetings, Hansrudolf (no native English speaker)

Thread: delcam help
07/10/2012 22:21:08

Thanks for the endeavour Gents.

Clive, using the browser's history is a hopeless thing, at least in Opera.

Ronan, that's not what I saw. in your link , under 'Videos', are 3 videos, two of them are 'what's new...' types, the third is about a customer. The link 'Delcam TV' has nearly the same...

Well, it's not too important for me. I tried a bit of SolidEdge in the last days, and maybe will look into Creo also.

But for all those who would like a simple CAD program (and are happy with the fact that it cannot do all...) just try Solvespace.**LINK** Many limitations as I said, but what it does in a program of less than 1 MB is simply astonishing. And it is not 'installed' , just a .exe file like in the good old times. It even produces G-Code for the CNC people...

Greetings, Hansrudolf

06/10/2012 22:02:56

While I think that Delcam would be a bit too much of a good thing for me, I'm always interested in learning a bit about these programs. So I had a look around when this thread started, and somehow, somewhere I found a couple (dunno exactly how many, but at least 6-10) short videos (1-2 min mostly) explaining the features of this program. Now I tried at least 3 times and cannot find them again. Not in the video section of Delcam/Powershape, and not on Youtube. Maybe I askked the wrong question, though...

Someone knows where these videos are hidden?

Greetings, Hansrudolf

Thread: The Cambridge Turning Trials
29/09/2012 22:14:06

Gents, maybe it is worth mentioning that CBN inserts can often be found much cheaper on the usual auction site(s).

A happy user,


Thread: Mach3
27/09/2012 23:40:44
Posted by David Clark 1 on 27/09/2012 12:53:36:

Hi Hansrudolf

Whjat is wrong with Mick Knights articles?

regards David

Well, you asked... although I am not sure if it really needs an answer here. And the first - quite long - answer i erroneously deleted before posting it sad.

So the short version:

- M.K takes too many 180 degree turns in his ramblings. Well, paid by the page - perhaps I would do it also wink.

- Too many errors in an article for beginners. I wrote about this shortly after the first installment was published. The latest one: the milling cutter on page 17, MEW 195 is not TiAlN coated, but TiN (yellow). TiAlN is grey-blueish.

So what, you may say. Publishing erroneous information in a technical magazine is not a good thing, imho. Especially when it should address the beginners, it only promotes urban myths.

Sorry for stirring around in this again, but, as I said, i was asked...

Greetings, Hansrudolf

27/09/2012 12:36:26

Oh no, not another Mick K. please!!! crying 2 crying 2 crying 2

Greetings, Hansrudolf

Thread: Anybody already tried to download Solidedge ?
24/09/2012 21:40:28

Good to know I'm not alone with this problem!

I will try again tomorrow, and when the problem persists, call the phone number given on the website.

Greetings, Hansrudolf

24/09/2012 17:30:19

Just received MEW 195 today. A most interesting article about free CAD software got my attention. First time I heard that parametric 2D programs exist in the form of Solidedge 2D from Siemens. After almost useless struggling with non-parametric programs I was hooked. I use the parametric 3D program Alibre, but for simple 2D drawings this is not very suitable or comfortable

Ok, made the registration with all the obligatory fields, but the download resulted in a (very strange) error message. I tried two browsers and several languages (for the software), but no success. To make the bucket full, the message contains an invalid email address.

So has someone successfully downloaded this prog ? if yes, how?

Greetings, Hansrudolf

Thread: Going to put companies out of business?
21/09/2012 22:05:57

Interested to read your comments about THIS latest development in 3D printing:

Greetings, Hansrudolf

Edit: trying to produce a link -ok seems to work!

Edited By Versaboss on 21/09/2012 22:09:40

Thread: IXL lathe change wheels
19/09/2012 21:44:35

Hi Keith, while I cannot help you with the gears, I would advise you - in case you decide to make the gears from aluminium - to replace the gearing for the power feeds with simple vee pulleys. I did that with my lathe a long time ago; until now I broke only one of the small Bando Polyurethane v-belts. It will be a joy for your ears when the hissing sound from fast running metal gears changes to almost absolute silence

Second thought: not only for Aluminium gears, the benefit is there for steel/iron ones too!

Greetings, Hansrudolf

Edited By Versaboss on 19/09/2012 21:45:09

Thread: Small honing tools
19/09/2012 18:15:18

For such an application lapping is much easier than (real) honing. Small honing tools are available, but at a price driving water into your eyes!!! Google pemamo.

A lapping tool can even made from hard wood, and Chinese diamond pastes are cheap.

Greetings, Hansrudolf

Thread: Drawing Projections
19/09/2012 11:59:29

The all important words 'position / positioning' were mentioned first by TerryD (17.9./13:24), then by Keith Long (17.9./15:01), then Michael Gilligan (17.9./19:34).

Words with similar meaning (e,g, Stub Mandrel: arranged) even much earlier.

Sometimes it needs a long time to sink the simplest things into our brains,

Greetings, Hansrudolf

Edited By Versaboss on 19/09/2012 11:59:48

(name correction)

Edited By Versaboss on 19/09/2012 12:00:48

16/09/2012 12:41:32

Oh well, let me try my definition.

We have two drawings of the same thingie, one to the left, the other to the right.

First angle: the picture on the right side shows the item as seen looking from left.

Third angle: the picture on the right side shows the item as seen looking from right.

In the case of that truncated cone it does not make much difference, but this also serves only to show which type of drawing it is. As was already told, in drawings of more complex nature it can make all the difference.

By the way, all drawings I get in my semi-professional work are in first angle.

Greetings, Hansrudolf

Thread: soldering copper to steel
14/09/2012 21:59:53

It is not widely known - it seems - that an oxy-acetylene burner takes a lot of oxygen from the surrounding air. So I would be among these thinking that's a bad idea with the soldering of the tubes.

Our club has a loco with expanded tubes. For this I made already two roller expanders (the first reached the end of its travel), and although the rolling was not too easy in the confined space, all went well and the loco doing fine again.

For this tool I found a sketch in an old M.Eng; if there is interest I can dig out the issue. Maybe it's in Dias Costa's index?. There are no measures; you have to adapt the dimensions for your case. But it's not too difficult; I built it in about 4 hours (thanks to the Stevenson indexing blocks!).

Greeting, Hansrudolf

Thread: Machining graphite?
13/09/2012 12:04:10

Almost on topic question Jack: where did you buy that graphite, and in which diameter(s)? There are some sellers in the U.S., but postage is often much more than the material.

Greetings, Hansrudolf

Thread: Cylinder Boring Techniques for Steam Engines
05/09/2012 19:37:22

Well, if you understand it THAT way what Clive wrote... he did not tell anything about fittings imho. Naturally you can use any thread you like, but you need more 'meat' in the fittings because the coarse threads are much deeper, and finally you have maybe only 3 or 4 turns in those short lengths. So take your choice. For a model with scale appearance the fittings should not be too clumsy.

The boring tool size 1 would be best for the dimensions you gave.

Greetings, Hansrudolf

Thread: metric fine grub screws
05/09/2012 11:41:52
Posted by SLOTDRILLER on 05/09/2012 05:49:10:

Hi Garry.

I had a dig around on the net and you can get M10x 50 Socket head set screws but none state the thread pitch and it seems only in stainless .

A note for all the metrically challenged around here:

Whenever you see a thread designated Mxx it is ALWAYS the standard (coarse) pitch for that diameter. All other (fine) pitches are correctly called MFxx.

You can see that in the table above, posted by Michael.

Greetings, Hansrudolf

Thread: Cylinder Boring Techniques for Steam Engines
04/09/2012 23:13:09
Posted by Clive Hartland on 04/09/2012 22:17:43:

Will, I only use the standard series of Metric threads though I have a set of fine threads. As far as I can see there is no need to use the fine series for model work.

First thanks for the nice words Will and Clive blush !

Clive, what you write might be correct for fasteners, but not for steam fittings. Remember that the ME threads (as used on Imperial fittings) are also much finer than Whitworth!!!.

I could insert a page from the Imech Catalog, but you know it's a nuisance to insert a screenshot here sad

Greetings, Hansrudolf

(P.S.: Will, I have a 20 mm reamer...)

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