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Thread: Blackening mild steel
10/09/2015 12:18:13

Usually it's not my habit to write about something I didn't check out before myself. But in this case I make an exception. I think that I've read in another forum (possible German) that it is possible to blacken steel parts by immersing in hot vinegar. Surely a simple method when (if) it works, but as said I didn't try it. But I will do on the next occasion.

Regards, HansR.

Thread: Cheapest supplier of large peices of 6802 aluminium
06/09/2015 11:59:41

Windy, I wish you every success in finding these ally lumps for a good price (and good wishes for your leg problem also...)

Should you happen to get a good offer for some round material 12" / 300 mm in say 40-60 mm thickness, I would be interested, even if the postage would be a bit expensive. But to be honest I did not look around what this would cost locally, as it is not for an immediate project..

I'm in awe what you achieve with your flash steamer!

Kind regards, HansR.

Thread: Your recommendations to a total beginner looking to use CAD software?
16/08/2015 12:18:06

Ooh, Murray, many thanks! Yes I know I'm a slow worker... and not in any way fluent with these programs.

But as far as I know your examples are all done with parametric 3D programs. What would really interest me is how it had to be done with the non-parametric programs like DraftSight etc. What I want to prove is that for a beginner the parametric programs are much simpler to work with.

Btw I also tried FreeCad, but gave up in disgust. I did not even find (in acceptable time) a way to give a dimension to a line. This program is a horrid example of 'design by a committee', tries to do all and does nothing right.

Fusion360 looks nice, I think I will add it to my toolbox also.

Regards, HansR.

15/08/2015 23:38:54

Well the thread opener brought up a question which resurfaces every couple of weeks...

So what does the total beginner really need? In my opinion one of the most important point is how easy it is to bring an idea from paper sketch (or off one's head) to the screen. Now it is my firm believe that all these programs like Turbocad, AllyFreeware, DraftSight lack very much in this respect. So I decided to set up a little challenge and hope that some of the supporters of the above (or other similar programs) will throw the gauntlet.

I started, as usual, with a 'design'. Just some lines and data on a Post-it:

Then I tried to convert that to a CAD drawing, using 3 different 3D programs. This remark is important because these programs are usually used to create 3D items, not simple 2D drawings.

The first one is the very small SolveSpace program. This I think was the fastest do do, maybe less than 3 minutes. One of the drawbacks is that the program expects closed forms, because you can't extrude single lines. So they are marked with 'Not closed contour...'. A small nuisance only. Also there is only one line style, although you can change colours. Could be that broken lines are possible also, but I did not find that in short time.

In all cases I did a screen dump directly after drawing, so that's not exactly what you see on a print output.


Next one is from Alibre, the first version which was available for free many years ago. As I did not use this for quite a time, I needed maybe a bit longer, say 4-5 minutes:

Sorry it seems the dimensioning is not very readable.


The third example is from the new Onshape program. This I had to do twice, because I added twice the same dimension and couldn't find an easy way to telete one of them. Surely a problem of insufficient knowledge. For prospective users it could be important to know that Onshape still has no print (drawing) output, although it is promised to come.'very soon'. Time for this maybe also around 5 minutes.


The 'modus operandi' for all these programs is almost the same.

- select line tool and draw an arbitrary triangle and the horizontal line.

- constrain the latter to be horizontal

-select the measuring tool and measure the angles, then giving them the correct values

- measure the base of the triangle and giving the correct value

- if necessary tidy up the drawing by moving the dimensions around

Now I would very much like to see (in pictures and with description) how the same triangle is drawn in Turbocad and especially DraftSight!

Regards, HansR.

Thread: Arduino, Genuino ... or what Clone ?
08/08/2015 13:13:34

Last April I bought an Arduino Mega 'basic starter learning kit' from Banggood. If I can trust wha't's writen on the board, it contains a Arduine 'Made in Italy', but not marked as a a 'Genuino'.

The good things with this set: for not much more than a naked board (well even less when I look at the RS price; I paid about $40 or £27) you get a box full of goodies also. To mention the most important: 2 breadboards and a handful of connector wires, an empty shield, a LCD display, a small stepper motor wih driver (no documentation unfortunately...), an infrared sender (keyboard), several 7-segment displays, a small RC servo, and bags with LEDs, resistors, switches and and and...

OK, this is it:


I'm very happy with this seller (usual disclaimer)

Regards, HansR.

Thread: What did you do today (2015)
01/08/2015 22:47:52

Neil, for us simple 'point and shoot' photographers it would be very interesting to see (just) one of the original pictures, before any treatment.

Regards, HansR.

Thread: source of 600 / 1200 grit 6" diamond grinding (cup) wheels,
25/07/2015 00:15:28

Sorry for having to play spoilsport (again), but the designation 6A2 defines the wheel shape! There is an international norm for (diamond/CBN) wheek shapes, You can find them e.g. in this Norton catalog (page 5):


Regards, HansR.

22/07/2015 12:06:02

Well it seems the link in Dave Martin's post does not show what I wanted to explain. But it seems that in the U.S. at least they use also the mesh numbering for grinding wheels, or did I overlook something? I know that the grit numbers are given in lapping plates and similar things, though...

So a bit more 'googling' (without Google in my case). There is a FEPA (European Federation of Abrasives Producers) norm for grit sizes, and here you can find the D numbering system, although with some difficulties. The best I found is on this site from a Swiss factory:


This shows clearly that in the mesh system finer grits have larger numbers, whereas in the D system finer grits have smaller numbers (because they correspond roughly with the grit size in micrometers)

Numbers are the same in almost all languages, so the German text should not present too much difficulties...

Regards, HansR.

Aargh, the link goes not to the page with the tables...

OK, you can switch to English also... Then select 
Bonded precision grinding tools in Diamond and CBN

Under 'Abrasive qualities' you can find the tables.

Edited By Versaboss on 22/07/2015 12:13:12

21/07/2015 22:41:14

Diamond wheels use their own grit size numbers, not the usual 600/800/1200 system. Your disk is D76, that's quite coarse. The ARC wheels are unfortunately not specified (at least not on the web page), but the ones I have are imho still too coarse for scrapers. But they are good for the pre-grinding; for finishing I recommend one of the D9 wheels from Eternal Tools :


But these are only 40 mm diameter, so you would need to improvise something with a small motor and spindle. Happy customer, no connection etc. etc.

Regards, HansR.

Thread: LBSC Style Ratchet Wheel Mechanical Lubricator
21/07/2015 21:47:54
Posted by John Baguley on 21/07/2015 18:24:02:

I like the Jim Ewins type where the ram goes through two O rings which seal perfectly.

As I'm thinking about building a small oil pump can someone point me to a description / plans for this Evins lubriccator? I remember vaguely having seen it long ago, but have no idea where it was.

regards, HansR.

Thread: Compound Slide Locks
10/06/2015 21:50:30

Speaking of compound slide locks - do you think al lock in vertical direction, pressing on the non-guiding part of the stationary slide, is a viable idea? Reason is on my lathe I installed a Chinese scale on the front of the topslide, and now the adjusting screws are partially hidden and there is not enough room for a lock screw between the scale and the slide. I hope this description is sufficiently clear to see what I mean.

If that's a bad idea, why?

Regards, HansR.

Thread: Speed Controller - error in Circuit
03/06/2015 20:25:47

Posted by Neil Wyatt on 20/05/2015 14:06:02:

Unfortunately the circuit drawing on page 32 of MEW 229 shows TR2 drawn as an NPN transistor.

A BC327 is in fact a PNP device and should be shown with the emitter and collector the other way round.

So finally the issue 229 landed in my postbox also, and after reading a bit diagonally through that article I'm still a bit lost.

I'm sure someone with sufficient electronics knowledge would have no problem, but I'm not among these...

So please Neil, do you mean that the emitter of BC327 should point upwards to the BC337 (and the arrow changed naturally), or stays as drawn and just the arrow drawn correctly?

A corrected drawing in the next issue is good, but a clear description even better...

Regards. HansR.

Thread: Polyurethane belts, green (or red, orange...)
30/03/2015 20:05:43

Many thanks for your help, I just sent my order to Stationary Engineparts . Their prices are very reasonable imho.

Kind regards, HansR.

30/03/2015 14:14:32

Not sure where to put this question, but as it has to do with workshop tooling I pot it here!

I was trying to buy some of the afore mentioned round belts (4 and 5 mm), but Ebay was of no help, a bit to my surprise. Now I found it on RS components, but received an email stating they do sell only to registered businesses. (Btw is that so in England also? I remember having seen the name of that firm quite often here...)

So does someone know where to get this stuff without hassle? And if someone can tell the differences between the colors? I would think the softer the better the grip?

Kind regards, HansR.

Thread: Allegro Razor Blade Sharpener
25/03/2015 12:48:31


I remember my father used exactly the same apparatus and I was very fascinated about how it worked.

Say around 1950 that was...

Unfortunately I have no idea what happened with it later when my father bought an electric Philips shaver.

Regards, HansR.

Thread: Onshape CAD
17/03/2015 00:07:37

That was a very short test with Firefox!

I got the message "It seems your browser doesn't have WebGL enabled', but when I check it it IS enabled!!! angry

Continuing with Opera tomorrow.

Re. the webinar: when I check what EST means, I see they have DST now. So what's it in Greenwich time???

Regards, HansR.

16/03/2015 23:03:29

Well I got my invitation also and tried to do something... As I supposed not so easy unfortunately.


- during load, several (say +/- 10) javascript errors, and then the buttons/tools or whatever they are called are invisible. Difficult to work that way!

- Then it is incredibly slow, and I also had the endless loop when trying to download the examples. I can't imagine how they can sell such a product to a professional user (and my i'net connection is usually quite fast; just now 8.4 Mbits/sec.)

- what I miss is a general introduction. It seems that the tutorials jump directly 'in medias res'.

- And what I feared when I saw the screen shots at the start of this thread: the font is at the limit to be unreadable (I have a ~ 20" monitor). It gets a bit better when I enlarge the picture with the + key, but then not enough is visible.

This was with Opera. First short try with Firefox was not better, but I will now try that a bit longer.

Regards, HansR.

13/03/2015 22:57:46

Can someone please explain how the 'invitation' works?

On my screen the texts are almost totally unreadable (too weak) and/or outside the usual display limits. It starts with the page after 'Request beta invite' which is not totally viewable, I have to make it smaller with the '-' key. Next, I saw a single input field and supposed they want my email address. Did this and immediately got a field 'Sign In', and the email address still in the input field, Clicking the 'Sign in' produced an error message (invalid password I guess).

If the interface of this program is as bad as these login screens (and if I can trust the examples I see above and in the video it is so) then I'm afraid it is unusable for me.

OK, while typing this I received an email, they will send me the 'Invite' asap,

Let's see how that goes on then...

Regards, HansR.

Thread: An efficient slot method
25/02/2015 19:18:12

Mr pgk, I would strongly advise you to invest in a good roughing (ripper or however you call it) endmill of say 10 or 12 mm. With this you should be able to plow at least 4-5 mm deep through your steel bar. Leave say half a mm stock and take this out with a (also good quality !) endmill.

I have one of these Chinese sets also, looks as they are even TiN coated...Best used as paper weight!

Regards, HansR.

Thread: Workshop visitors
18/02/2015 20:13:46

Well this was not exactly in the workshop, but not too far away...

Bloody cats always want to present their prey!

img_20150216_184841 (medium).jpg

Oh, and thanks for the tip about chocolate, worked perfectly!

Regards, HansR.

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