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Thread: Entering photos into a thread
16/07/2010 11:36:15

Again something for the 'to-be' (somewhere in 2020 maybe?) FAQ thread, if you would be so kind and write how you did it!  

Greetings, Hansrudolf

Edited By Versaboss on 16/07/2010 11:38:09

Thread: MEW Archive
13/07/2010 22:58:31

Re the jpgs posted by John Stevenson (or rather tried to post):

If you have a look at the URLs (hovering your mouse pointer over the area where the pics are or are missing you will see them): again a case that d@%& automatic addition  of a nonsense string to the URL.

Whereas the correct one starts with http://image.photobucket.  etc, the invisible ones are expected to be in[IMG]

what, as you surely will agree with me, is totally wrong.

Now if the powers that be would give an explanation how this can be avoided.

I am a member in several forums, but in no other one I've seen such a mess happening.

Well I better stop here, or I'm getting angry 


Thread: Cutting a Groove - help needed
13/07/2010 12:27:07

Kwil's way is the way I would do it also. What would help with the gripping problem would be (in ascending order of benefit):

- 3-jaw chuck with soft jaws (bored out say 8 mm in that case)

- 4-jaw chuck

- 4-jaw chuck with soft jaws, as above

and tailstock support in each case.

Milling such a groove on a rotary table I would only consider if no lathe is aroundin 100 km distance. Thinking of it makes my few remaining hairs rise!

Greetings, Hansrudolf

12/07/2010 10:41:50

Hi Michael,

difficult to say something without seeing what you did. But I think that there must be a fundamental problem somewhere. Imho a 2.2 mm inserted chip parting tool at 66 rpm should work a treat. Now let me consult my tables - yes just around 20 m/min (sorry for these newfangled measurements...well you used mm too!). Thats a perfect speed for HSS tooling; with carbide I think you could double the rpm.

Could it be that your stuff is not mild steel? 


12/07/2010 10:41:49

Hi Michael,

difficult to say something without seeing what you did. But I think that there must be a fundamental problem somewhere. Imho a 2.2 mm inserted chip parting tool at 66 rpm should work a treat. Now let me consult my tables - yes just around 20 m/min (sorry for these newfangled measurements...well you used mm too!). Thats a perfect speed for HSS tooling; with carbide I think you could double the rpm.

Could it be that your stuff is not mild steel? 


Thread: The use of adjustable reamers
10/07/2010 09:26:43
Yes, that automatic logout is a nuisance, but there is an easy solution, or even more than one:
1. Tick the 'Remember me' box BEFORE log-in.
2. Use the Editor (not Word!) to write your text. What you need is a plain text file, not fancy formatting and rendering. As I did here...

This brings up an idea - sorry if i'm going very much off-topic here. It seems that the people at the head of this forum are not willing to do something towards the much asked-for 'Help'-system. So why could not we users create a thread under the title 'FAQ' where we would give the answers for the newbies?
It seems that there are always the same questions floating up:
1. the logout - see above.
2. Pictures: how to insert a picture directly in the posting? there? How to insert a picture without creating/using an album first? How to create an album and insert pictures there?
3. Links: How to handle long links? How to insert a link so it becomes clickable? Why are my links often not clickable? ( I see both cases every day)

Now you can add your specific problems here....

And then maybe we will move that into a new thread (with the friendly help of Mr. Barber? 


Thread: powerfile bands
28/06/2010 11:09:48

Deleted double posting---sorry! My mouse likes to generate double-clicks! I hope not this time...

Greetings, Hansrudolf

Edited By Versaboss on 28/06/2010 11:11:46

28/06/2010 11:09:46

Hi all,

the links given by Alan gray at 23:43 still show the same effect, 

Yes, NJH, I know that I can re-type the link or edit it in my browser's link field (over 35 years in IT business learned me that), but that's a nuisance, isn't it?

Even more strange is, iirc, that it sometimes is possible to insert a link which is not recognized by the forum software. It will not be converted to bold/blue, ant therefore not directly callable. Why this happens escapes me.

Anyway, it would be nice to know how to insert a ordinary URL without the trick mentioned by Terryd. For long links I usually convert them with TinyUrl. Many forums or mail systems can accept them without playing havoc as here, but then can't link correctly when the URL wraps to the lnext line, Hope you understand my pidgin English!

Greetings, Hansrudolf

27/06/2010 23:13:17

Hi all,

can someone explain why, when clicking one of the links given by Alan Gray, this nice forum software tries to call e.g.  ><

what naturally results in a 'Page not found' ?????


Asked otherwise: how has a URL to be given so that this does not happen???

Frustrated (again), Hansrudolf

Thread: Vice for Boxford 8" shaper
26/06/2010 15:12:53

Hi Mark,

I put a couple of pictures of the vice in my 'album'. As usual, can't remember how to give a link to the album here, so you will have to search - sorry!

It differs from your picture a bit; it has no rectangular plate beneath the vice. The vice is directly fixed to the 'cube' by a large central stud.

If I would have to mount another vice I would make such an intermediate plate. This should give a very rigid mounting, but needs a bit of height.

Dimensions of the vice (in mm, if you don't mind):

width 105 mm

depth of jaws: 26 mm

max. opening 107 mm

total height above cube: 60 mm

diameter of the round foot with the degree scale: 110 mm

I would like to have that rotating  type of cube on my shaper; i think this is very rare in that size!

Greetings, Hansrudolf

23/06/2010 23:24:30

Mark, if that would help you, I could measure the principal dimensions of the Boxford vice. I am sure that a simple commercial vice could be adapted for the shaper. I would think that finding an original one (without a shaper attached to it  ) could be a bit difficult.

Greetings, Hansrudolf

Thread: mock up materials
23/06/2010 23:12:52

Sam Stones wrote:

>In the plastics industry, a simple bench test for determining the type of plastic is to burn a small sample and smell the fumes.


Why? Polyacetal consists of carbon, hydrogene and oxygene. Certainly not more harmful than a wax candle.


in German, sorry

Greetings, Hnasrudolf

Thread: Slotting Tool Design
22/06/2010 23:04:20

Jan, afaik slotting tools usually look a bit similar as parting off tools for a lathe, but with a strong shaft further up. As in shapers tools with inserts from square HSS work well, I don't see why that should not work in your case. Bur the toolbit should protrude not more than necessary!

I made some small keyways in the lathe with such tooling (reciprocating the screw-less topslide with a lever, as described in umpteen classical ME books.

Greetings, Hansrudolf

Thread: Forum Posts Obscured by Advertisments
07/06/2010 22:38:41
Posted by Kelvin Barber on 07/06/2010 14:53:42:
Hi John
If there was an easy fix for the logging out problem we would have sorted it by now. I have asked and was given the same advice I gave you! 

 But I think the 'Remember me' tick box in the login field works, isn't it?

I even have the impression that sometimes I'm remembered so hard that I cannot logout!!!

Greetings, Hansrudolf

Btw, having some 'sticky' postings would be VERY nice. Also explaining the trick how to insert a picture directly in a posting (without putting it in an 'album' first).

Thread: Disassembling of Minimill / X2-clone / XJ-12 Ballbearings
06/06/2010 22:36:37

Thanks Peter, so it seems  I am not alone. Hmm, wonder if I did something wrong, but I seem to remember that late in last night I wrote a plea to use Tinyurl instead of such long and error-prone URLs. 

Possibly that posting ended in the big bit-bucket somewhere....

Greetings, Hansrudolf

03/06/2010 22:38:23

In my experience there is always the danger of cutters slipping (and be pulled doewnwards) in this type of collet. I never liked e.g. the Deckel collets or the W20 as cutter holders. I would not bother to get a 5/8" collet, as possibly with such a cutter you could only take very small cuts. Been there... as they say.

Greetings, Hansrudolf

Thread: Minnie Cylinder block
03/06/2010 00:14:47

Yes, Keith, there is something called 'drawn phos. bronze'. Mostly in the smaller dimensions, but I would not dare to give a limiting number.

Although I admit that I sometimes also have troubles in distinguishing brass and bronze, I think when you would use a clean, blank piece of real brass and compares this with the stuff in the shop, you would see the difference. But naturally this means to have something first..

Maybe you can convince one of the local trumpet players (there is one in every Romanian village I believe) to bring his instrument in the shop, and you give it then (the instrument I mean) a good Brasso treatment before making the comparison  ! (just joking)

Greetings, Hansrudolf

Thread: Copyright issues
28/05/2010 22:52:39

An amazingly sassy story !!!

Bogstandard, I am fully on your site about what you wrote in your last post.

Greetings, and keep your more-than-bog standard!

(Just realizing that this post will disappear in 69 minutes... )


Thread: Seig C1 Lathe
21/05/2010 10:11:45

Hi Terryd,

I cannot help much with your question, but I would like to take this opportunity to drop a little stone off my heart - especially so after reading your posting about arbors.

Why, oh why, insist some (many!) Brits and also Americans to call a Sieg a Seig, but never, never call a Myford a Mofyrd or a Southbend a Seuthbond??? 

G, d&r, Hansrudolf

Thread: How to drill hardened and ground steel
17/05/2010 00:24:38

John, get a 1/2" SDS drill as used in hammer drills and grind the (blunt) point to a sharp form similar to an ordinary drill. A 'green grit' wheel could possibly be good enough for that, better is a cheap Chinese diamond wheel e.g. from ARC Euro trade. 

I could drill out a solid hardened collet holder to 16 mm+ dia. to get clearance for holding longer stufff in it.

Btw TiN coated and 'cobalt' drills are not - or at least not much - harder than ordinary HSS.

This is a widely  held but wrong belief. The TiN is very hard; true, but it is only a very very thin layer. Touching a hard surface crushes that layer easily.

The 'cobalt' type is afaik only a higher quality of HSS.

Good luck! 


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