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Thread: How long to receive issue in U.S.? Any other U.S. subscribers?
21/12/2021 16:53:22

I am in Canada, not the US, but I guess that shipping times are probably similar.

Since the pandemic International postage times have been completely random,. Occasionally magazines will arrive within days of posting other times it takes 6 to 8 weeks, and every now and again a later issue will arrive first e.g I received 308 two weeks after 309.

You might also want to check that your subscription starts with 310 and not 311.


Thread: French tools-of-the-trade stamps
17/12/2021 21:27:51
Posted by ega on 16/12/2021 12:30:21:

I was struck by the elegant stamp on a Christmas card from France:

There are some other trades covered in this way - worth a look online.

For a minute there, I thought that I had stumbled into the wrong forum, as stamp collecting is one of my interests, I do sometimes frequent one or two stamp related forums.

Trades and artisans often appear on stamps.

Glass blowing seems to be one of the more popular subjects, I particularly like this 1972 stamp from Sweden, part of a set of five.
The design was engraved by Czesław Słania, one of the world's finest engravers.


Another example of trades on stamps is this 1977 block of four from the US


Personally, I don't find these particularly attractive and in comparison to the Słania engraving, they seem a little amateurish.


Thread: Anyone updated to Windows11 yet ?
05/11/2021 20:16:37
Posted by Bazyle on 05/11/2021 19:37:26:
Posted by Mark Simpson 1 on 05/11/2021 10:53:3

3. There are no (nearly) no commercial users of Linux for User applications (Loads of servers)

Almost all TV Set Top Boxes and many routers/modems have a Linux base, although ARM cores get waves of popularity. Often it starts in a product because the sort of person who does the software development is also the sort of person who downloads a new version of Linux at home every week.

Having spent a good deal of my professional life developing embedded products, working on both hardware and software, from 8-bit microcontrollers without an operating system to complex products running embedded Linux, I can assure you in every single case where embedded Linux was used, it was almost always because it made solid business sense.

Despite many years of concerted effort Microsoft has failed to capture the embedded market with the various versions of embedded Windows it has released, including for ARM processors. Instead, Linux has captured the lion's share of that market because of a combination of technical and commercial merit, and not because some spotty nerd in his mother's basement enjoys playing with it.

As for the assertion by Mark that there are no commercial users of Linux for user applications, again that is not really true. One of the first applications I installed after switching to Linux some 10 years ago was Eagle CAD for PCB layout, which was a commercial product that I bought and paid for.

The main reason for a lack of commercial software on Linux has nothing to do with the expectation by Linux users that they want everything free, in my experience Windows, Mac, and Android users are no different, but instead, because the Linux desktop with a smaller market share offers less opportunity for profit-driven commercial software companies
- a bit of a catch-22, Linux market share on the desktop is hampered by a lack of commercial software, and commercial software is not being developed for Linux because of the smaller potential market.







Edited By clivel on 05/11/2021 20:17:40

04/11/2021 19:15:26
Posted by Nick Clarke 3 on 04/11/2021 14:27:59:

But Apple and Android both expect you to download software from their online stores or, in the case of Apple to register the software if bought retail.

So why all the fuss when Microsoft wish to do the same?

Actually, that is not strictly true. I am the author of a cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) open-source software package that is fairly popular in its niche market.

It is not available from the Apple store, yet users have no problem downloading and installing it from my website. Worst case is that they get a warning message that is from an unidentified developer.

The procedure on Windows prior to Win11 was not that different, however, I did first have to go to the trouble of submitting my software to the various manufacturers of anti-virus software for "whitelisting" prior to release.

To my mind, for MS to try and force users to only install software from the MS store is primarily a cash grab. MS does offer the option of distributing free software via the MS store, but only if I want to pay them for the privilege which is not going to happen.

So any user who would like to continue using my software after switching to Win 11 would first have to leave S Mode which prevents one from installing any software that does not come from the MS Store and also prevents one from running any browser but Microsoft Edge.

S mode is only available on Win 11 Home Edition. Leaving S Mode is a permanent change, once one has left there is no going back.


20/10/2021 13:55:32

A while back I was considering making a ball turner. As the Repton was no longer available one of the possibilities was to make a Repton clone.

While searching for info on the Repton I came across two videos on setting it up on the Little Machine Shop website - perhaps one of these is the video you are referring to.

The videos could be viewed by clicking on the "Chris's Tips" tab about halfway down the page, Unfortunately, all one sees now are two black boxes "with this video is unavailable" inside.

I realise that this is not particularly helpful other than perhaps to save you wasting any more time searching for the video. On a positive note, the site does still includes a link to setting up instructions in PDF form that may be useful.


Thread: Myford clutch design - ME 4322
28/09/2021 16:41:24

In 2008, ME carried a series of articles by Graham Howe entitled "Making the Most of the Myford" in which he described the construction of some well thought out accessories e.g rear toolpost, ball turning tool, knurling tool etc.

I wonder though what the point of the series was because the drawings were presented without a single dimension and often little detail, thus not really of too much use to anyone who would like to duplicate one of the designs.

The one item that caught my eye is his design for a simple clutch for the ML7 as shown in ME 4322. This operates by lifting the drive belt when the belt tension is released by the belt lever.

As I am keen to fit a clutch to my ML7, I was wondering if anyone has made this or a similar device and is able to provide dimensioned drawings?

Thread: Not One but Two Odd items!
18/08/2021 00:52:15
Posted by bernard towers on 17/08/2021 20:48:57:

Hair off hides not heads

I worked in a tannery during my student years, and hair was removed by soaking the hides in lime pits which loosed the hair - it was my least favourite area in the tannery.
After soaking, the loose hair was scraped off using a large two-handled blunt knife.

Burning hair off a hide would have probably damaged the hide, been far more labour intensive, and emitted clouds of acrid smoke smelling even worse than tanneries already do.


Thread: Knurling tool
17/08/2021 22:11:26

Thanks, Gray,

That is very helpful and makes perfect sense.


17/08/2021 00:58:45

Some years ago in a posting about your calliper knurling tool you mentioned that it was specifically for diamond knurls and that you preferred a push type tool for straight knurling and explained why.

Unfortunately, not only have I been unable to find the original post but I can't recall your reasoning either.

So, for benefit of those who did not see your original post, or, as for myself, those that have forgotten the details, I would appreciate it if you could repeat your reasoning.


Thread: New Chuck won’t screw on
28/07/2021 21:24:39

I don't think that the problem is unique to RDG chucks.

My secondhand ML7 came with a Burnerd 3 jaw chuck which was mounted on the spindle, as well as a Myford catch-plate and faceplate.

A few weeks later I purchased a secondhand 4 jaw Pratt Burnerd chuck in good condition. I was horrified when I first tried it to find that it would only go on about a quarter of the way before getting stuck.

Trying the catch-plate and faceplate for the first time neither would go on all the way. I was convinced that there must be a problem with the mandrel nose. But I then spent some time with a small brass brush and some strips of brass making absolutely sure that all threads were as clean as possible. Yet, although this improved the fit, none except the 3 jaw chuck which was originally fitted would seat all the way.

In desperation, I ordered a Myford spindle tap from Chronos - shipping to Canada was more expensive than the tap.
I first tried it on the catch-plate, and although I didn't see any filings when I ran the tap through, afterwards it was a perfect fit. Same with the 4 jaw and the faceplate after receiving the same treatment.


Thread: carbide insert tooling
12/07/2021 21:51:02
Posted by brian jones 11 on 12/07/2021 14:08:55:

BTW I have no idea how PRC is able to send stuff halfway round the world and sell it on Ebay delivered to me <£2

Actually, the answer is quite simple, it is subsidised by Royal Mail to the UK or by Canada Post to Canada, etc. etc.

This is thanks to the UPU (Universal Postal Union) that has designated China as "undeveloped" and should therefore be subsidised.

This takes the form of vastly reduced "terminal dues", which is the amount payable to the receiving Post Office for actually delivering the package.

In many cases, local businesses are disadvantaged by much higher delivery costs making it difficult for them to compete with products shipped from China. As a result, a year or so back, the US was threatening to leave the UPU if the Chinese subsidy was not withdrawn - I am not sure what the eventual outcome was.


Thread: New Myford owner, have a few questions
17/06/2021 20:34:43
Posted by Sub Wooer on 13/06/2021 20:19:37:
I'll be buying the Myford oiler, I read the Wanner version works ok now, is that true? I searched in the US for a similar less expensive gun to no avail.

And now, before I completely derail the thread, getting back on topic, many Myford owners find the Press Parts PP632 oil gun works very well.

Press parts also have a US office which is where I ordered mine from - Press Parts PP632 oil gun


17/06/2021 20:26:36
Posted by peak4 on 17/06/2021 19:12:15:

Clive, is there any reason you can't log on to, rather than
Your user name and password should still be the same, and I think you could then restrict the search to UK only or EU only.
I think you could do the same with etc, but obviously the site then comes up in something other than English; maybe depending on your location in Canada and your linguistic abilities.


Bill thanks, excellent idea, I just tried and that works. One minor disadvantage is that it also shows listings that don't ship to Canada which I don't normally see, but that is relatively minor

Posted by Sandgrounder on 17/06/2021 19:44:00:That does surprise me, I thought that you would have had better search choices or at least the same as us, there is also a little window at the top right of our search results which by default says 'ending soonest' if I click on this I get various choices to list results such as, nearest, highest price, lowest price, newly listed etc.

I've just done a test search on the USA site, I don't know if this is the one you would use in Canada but there is an different option to ours at the top right of the page which reads 'best match' and clicking on this gives 'distance nearest first', but of course this wouldn't necessarily list UK first, my apologies to you if you have already tried these suggestions without success, as we say, I'm not trying to teach my Grandma how to suck eggs'


Thanks very much for taking the trouble to investigate, and absolutely no need to apologise, I really appreciate the advice.


Thread: Which *simple* mobile steam model?
17/06/2021 17:09:10

Another option is "Ellie" The Steam Tram".

This looks to be an ideal model for the beginner. To quote the publishers:

The two major attractions of this design are its suitability for beginners, including younger builders with supervised access to a model engineer's workshop and, for the more experienced builder, the design lends itself to modification both in appearance and mechanically.

The book is available in either digital or hardcopy versions from Camden Miniature Steam along with some laser cut parts to speed up construction.


Thread: New Myford owner, have a few questions
17/06/2021 16:59:51
Posted by Sandgrounder on 15/06/2021 19:58:48:
Posted by clivel on 14/06/2021 06:23:58:

eBay, is also a great source for Myford parts and accessories. I have found most of what I need there - sometimes it just requires a little patience. Unfortunately, with search set to worldwide, one has to wade through hundreds of listings of cheap and poor quality accessories out of India - dozens of sellers touting the exact same products which really swamp the results - it is a pity that eBay doesn't offer a way of excluding certain locations.Edited By clivel on 14/06/2021 06:27:06

When your eBay search results are listed can't you just scroll down the filters on the left hand side of the eBay listings and set the location? It will default to worldwide on your next search but it's many times quicker than wading through everything, I can set mine to only list items to within 2 miles of my address if I want but normally use UK only.


Unfortunately not, as I am in Canada and not the UK. The options I can choose from for location are: Canada only, North America only, or worldwide.

So, if I want to find Myford items which for the most part come from UK based sellers then I have to choose worldwide which unfortunately includes hundreds and hundreds of items out of India, many of these are identical items from different sellers which makes scrolling through the results very difficult.


14/06/2021 06:23:58
Posted by Sub Wooer on 13/06/2021 20:19:37:I've already found that it appears they use some weird metric sized hex, maybe half sizes, in places.

If you are referring to the hex headed nuts and bolts, then they are British Standard Whitworth:
Spanners (wrenches) are marked BSW or WW. To add to the confusion some are dual marked in BSF as well as BSW - enough to drive anyone to metric!

As far as I know Myford uses four size:

3/16 WW (1/4 BSF) = 11.3 mm AF

1/4 WW (5/16 BSF) = 13.3 mm AF

5/16 WW (3/8" BSF) = 15.2 mm AF

3/8 WW (7/16" BSF) = 18.0 mm AF


You can mill smaller SAE or metric spanners to size or do like I did (I am in Canada) and search on eBay - make sure to set your search to worldwide to get UK results with search terms like "spanner bsw" or "wrench bsw" some full sets come up, but the four sizes listed above should be sufficient. I found these fairly reasonably priced, shipping from the UK to North America can be a little high, although, don't be put off by the shipping price on the listing as it is often incorrect, so it is worthwhile contacting the seller to confirm the shipping before committing to buy.


eBay, is also a great source for Myford parts and accessories. I have found most of what I need there - sometimes it just requires a little patience. Unfortunately, with search set to worldwide, one has to wade through hundreds of listings of cheap and poor quality accessories out of India - dozens of sellers touting the exact same products which really swamp the results - it is a pity that eBay doesn't offer a way of excluding certain locations.


Myford itself, although as mentioned elsewhere in this thread are now owned by RDG, still offer some useful parts and accessories. They also supply manuals, although these do seem a bit expensive

**LINK** PDF versions can be found on the web, but I no longer have the link.


And lastly, if you would like to know how old your lathe is, Myford list age ranges by serial number: **LINK**



Edited By clivel on 14/06/2021 06:27:06

Thread: 33T & 34T Myford Gears
08/06/2021 23:11:54

Somebody else asked in this thread two days ago.

Pete Rimmer replied that he still had a few 33 & 34T Myford gears. You could try sending him a message.


Thread: Ballaarat construction series
21/05/2021 21:55:27

Fascinating video.
Interesting to hear that Ballaarat is based on Dolgoch, especially as Dolgoch was renamed Pretoria from 1900 to 1914 in celebration of the taking of Pretoria by Lord Roberts during the Second Boer war.

I doubt though, that this was a factor in your choice of prototype.


Thread: Have You considered getting a 3D printer
21/05/2021 04:14:18
Posted by Martin Kyte on 20/05/2021 21:41:48:
Posted by Ady1 on 19/04/2021 09:42:19:

Downside to this industry are muppets who print weaponry which could bring in regulation like what happened with drone technology

There are a lot of muppets out there

Spain dismantles workshop making 3D-printed weapons

So are you saying that could not be done with a lathe and a mill?

Not really seeing the problem here.

regards Martin

3D printers can be purchased for a fraction of the price of either a lathe or mill, the raw plastic is far cheaper than the metal used in traditional weapons, and, unlike a machine tool, once the design files have been downloaded from the internet a 3d printer requires minimal skill and almost no training to operate.

So the problem is that for very little outlay any thug or potential terrorist with enough intelligence to drive a car has the ability to produce a continual supply of lethal weapons in the comfort of their own home,


Thread: Delay to Issue 299
01/03/2021 19:13:04

Don't despair New Zealanders, they will arrive.
I am also on the West Coast of Canada and received 299 last week Thursday, followed up by #300 the following day. The last ME I received was also 4655 which arrived on Jan 15th,

What is amazing, however, is that I also received a letter from the UK on Friday, only four days after posting, it is many years since I have experienced this kind of postal service.


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