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Thread: Need to cut long thin strips of steel (& plastic) - e.g. with an angle grinder?
18/01/2022 21:10:57
Posted by John Smith 47 on 18/01/2022 17:51:52:

My cutting requirements are:

1. Material thickness:
My steel is generally between 0.9mm and 1.4mm.

2. Lengths:
My lengths might be say 10 to 20cm,
with a width of maybe 2 to 5mm.

Table saw, milling machine, slitting saws, angle grinders and almost anything else commonly (or uncommonly) available would struggle to cut a strip 1.4mm x 2mm.

Doable with scalpel if Balsa wood was acceptable

Ian P

Thread: Pratt No. 58 5" 3-jaw stuck backplate
13/01/2022 15:42:00
Posted by Pete Rimmer on 13/01/2022 10:39:41:

I get it moving by slacking the bolts a coils of turns and giving them a crack with a small hammer and drift. Once the gap opens loosen another turn and go again.

One thing not to do is pry the halves apart with a hard edged prybar or screwdriver. If you bruise the edge you might cause the chuck fave to run out. Use aluminium shims if you have to pry the halves apart.

As Pete says, leave the screws/bolt in but about one turn slack. Hit the head of each bolt in turn (decent wallops) with copper/ali faced hammer and the joint should separate easily.

Ian P

Thread: "Self-aligning spherical washers" for a 6in grinder with side-wobble?
11/01/2022 22:45:43
Posted by John Smith 47 on 11/01/2022 22:19:27:

To be completely honest, I only 3/4s understand all of that.
> A standard wheel spacer to match the wheel width and bore should be used.
Fine. But where would I find such a thing?

Also, to get clear, do none of you buy into this chat about "self aligning spherical washers"

Edited By John Smith 47 on 11/01/2022 22:19:48

I cannot speak for the other "you's" on here, but I dont buy in the the spherical washers at all. The soft Scotchbrite material will conform to whatever is clamping it.

If you want a non wobbling driving flange to mount a rigid grinding wheel on a cheap bench grinder then some engineering is involved. I made a custom ali flanges for mine and did the final machining by clamping the whole thing on the lathe bed so that it could be powered up and machined using its own motor.

Ian P

11/01/2022 21:34:22

I think one would have to read the manufacturers specification but the wheel you show on the spindle is not a grinding wheel in the usual sense. Its specifically made for surface finishing or surface preparation rather than for, say toolgrinding.

Whilst I dont have the same wheel I have seen that particular one on a floor standing double ended polishing machine with those wheels mounted on the tapered screwed shafts. I'm sure its acceptable (and maybe preferred) to have them clamped between the usual two flanges but as the wheel itself is not solid (as a normal carborundum) wheel then it probably does not need the normal paper washers as it crushes to some extent when its clamped.

I certainly dont think it needs spherical washers, a spacer of plastic, ali or whatever you have lying around will do.

Ian P

Thread: Digital Caliper - again, sorry
02/01/2022 20:26:17
Posted by Ian Mellors on 02/01/2022 15:29:29:

Santa brought me one of these, very handy for the lathe

But that is the only time the flip up display feature brings any benefit to an otherwise very ordinary digital caliper.

I purchased the identical item a few months ago and have never actually made use of it so its languishing in its box. Yes it can be used left handed in the lathe, but it then needs both hands if a button has to be pressed.

Ian P

Thread: Paranoid about Android
02/01/2022 20:09:32

I stopped worrying about what Google (and many other companies/organisations) know about me, it seems even if one goes 'off grid' the data is still out there. I'm not sure where my (Huawei) phone keeps its phone numbers but when I last looked at my SIM card contents on a USB reader it only had about twenty phone numbers which are a hangovers from a previous Nokia I had.

I dont think this video (link below) is taking this thread too far off-topic but its enlightened and frightened me on the subject of WiFi

WiFi visibility

Ian P

Thread: Speed Camera Flashes?
27/12/2021 11:51:30

If you do get the present it will be well deserveddevil

Thread: Skomo Tablr Saw - Brook Crompton motor wiring weirdness
23/12/2021 11:45:17
Posted by Stuart Smith 5 on 23/12/2021 11:16:10:


I would suggest you get an electrician or someone with electrical knowledge to sort this.

Some of the ‘helpful’ suggestions might be dangerous!

At the very least, the casing should be connected to the incoming earth wire.



Thread: Wire
16/12/2021 15:19:33

I have used stainless wire rope in the past but the cable in your picture does not look like any I have seen before.

Certainly the colour looks wrong for steel but also the cut ends look remarkably un-frayed.

Is the wire plated or is the colour balance wrong?

Ian P

Thread: Lathe: Crunchy noises in lower gears
11/12/2021 20:09:43

I run my M250 off a VFD and most of the time leave the headstock gear selector in the 550RPM position which is as near a straight through drive as it can be. At very slow motor revs (about 5Hz) there is a chattering noise from the gears until there is some load on the spindle when it quietens down. (same as the infamous cloth effect). If your lathe has a single phase motor, (which are not a smooth as three phase ones), then that might explain some of the noise you hear.

Ian P

Thread: Digital Caliper - again, sorry
10/12/2021 21:19:48

I'm looking to buy another pair of digital calipers but have some questions about their operation that never seem to be answered by reading the description or specifications shown in the brochures or the sellers website.

Battery life does not bother me but I hate the auto-off function especially if it does not retain the reading and one has to zero the caliper every time its switched on. I have two Mititoyo calipers as well as 3 or 4 Lidl/Aldi cheap jobbies but now I am looking for a caliper with a larger display for everyday use.

Am I the only person that thinks product information and descriptions on Amazon are really poor (applies to most things they sell).

Ian P

Thread: DRO for Harrison M250 Lathe
10/12/2021 20:54:14

I have an imperial M250 so fitted a DRO to make the machine more user friendly (the graduations on the handwheels are just plain confusing). The scales I fitted were from Machine-DRO.

The longitudinal scale is optical so quite bulky but there is plenty of space at the back of the bed so is the cheaper option. For the cross slide I used magnetic scale fastened to the tailstock side of the cross slide because being only about 10mm wide has minimal effect on how close the tailstock can be to the carriage. (magnetic strip is let in to the ali extrusion visible in the picture.

I cannot recall whether I had to drill and tap any holes in the cross slide (but it would not have bothered me anyway) but I had to remove the ball oiler fitting so that the read-head mounting block could be mounted easily. I remove the head when I need lubricate the carriage.

The M250 is good machine and I'm sure it will give you good service, the main annoyance from my point of view is the need to mess about with change wheels nearly every time I do any screwcutting (and this is a machine with a screwcutting gearbox!

Ian P

cross slide dro scale .jpg

Thread: Metrotropolitan Vicker Single phase motor
06/12/2021 21:31:08

I agree the rotor mounted centrifugal switch is a neat idea but the downside is the brushes/sliprings carry current all the time.

The one picture that I thought might eleicit the most clarification is the one showing the brass plate that clearly shows the model type to be 'BA 147'.

Surely this must be in some old catalogue somewhere?

Ian P

06/12/2021 20:02:03

10.jpg9.jpg8.jpg7.jpg6.jpg5.jpg4.jpg3.jpg2.jpg1.jpgAs I mentioned earlier this motor is also being discussed on another forum. Below are some of the pictures from that thread.

Ian P0.jpg

Thread: Box Joint Pliers
01/12/2021 20:43:37

I have a vague recollection that (about 8 or 10) years ago that a patient under surgery suffered because some jointed instrument had crevices that did not fully sterilise. One of my relatives sold medical equipment to theatres and I said I was sure I could design something that dismantled for cleaning but he assured me that I needn't trouble my little self as the products in use had separatable components.

I have a pair of forceps like Michaels and I would say that because the length of the slot is long in relation to the thickness of the part that has to pass through the slot, they could be manufactured by the blacksmithing method without even needing to apply heat,

Ian P

01/12/2021 19:47:32
Posted by Tim Stevens on 01/12/2021 17:26:42:

The object of the box joint (just in case you were wondering) is to have a joint which can withstand twisting in both directions. Very useful for manipulating body parts and bending wires etc. With a conventional joint you can only twist one way without risking the joint pulling apart (and so, the blades not meeting properly).

Very popular with making jewellers, as well as the Surgeons who like the whole tool to be a) polished) and b) stainless.

Cheers, Tim

I imagine that surgeons instruments would need to be dismantled for sterilisation so unlikely to box jointed (in the blacksmith forged) manner.

Ian P

Thread: Unimat 3 lathe motor
29/11/2021 14:11:57

Its not clear from your posting whether the rattling noise is still present now you have stripped (and presumably reassembled) the motor.

Rattling sound would indicate a mechanical problem rather than electrical, maybe like a loose pulley. I am not conversant with your particular motor but it sounds like a common universal brushed motor and if the Unimat 3 does not have electronic variable speed control then fault finding is pretty straightforward.

What part (or which) country are you located? (someone nearby may be able to help)

Ian P

Thread: Metrotropolitan Vicker Single phase motor
27/11/2021 21:24:49
Posted by john fletcher 1 on 26/11/2021 17:58:48:

A friend has a Metropolitan Vicker single phase motor electric motor with TWO (2) slip rings and carbon brushes.( Not a Repulsion type) NO connection as far as he can see to the stator. The motor name plate picture which I am unable post here, says

Cat No.6001 or could be an L. Type BAL 47 Form ABL. By the name plate the motor is very old, but might have a lot of life yet. I'm in North York's, he is in Worcester. Any ideas regarding connecting the motor directly to the mains or should it have a face plate type starter. I have never seen such a motor, three slip rings and six terminals on the stator yes, is he missing some thing ? Any relevant comment / ideas will be much appreciated John

There is a thread about this motor on another forum. The first post by 'Phil' shows a picture of the motor name plate and I would say that the motor model is type 'BA147'. (it also clearly shows its single phase)

Ian P

Thread: New Dell wireless keyboards do not work.
17/11/2021 10:47:00

My wireless keyboard (Logitech) does not actually have LED indicators which I assume is because they would drain the battery. Not a problem on wired keyboards that get their power from the PC but even the most efficient LED's need some power.

I thought the Dell 5400 was a laptop not an 'all in one' desktop machine, does not affect the second keyboard requirement though.

Ian P

Thread: Lathe upgrade HELP - M300
16/11/2021 22:49:53

I would think that your Transwave unit has a secondhand value greater than the cost of a VFD to suit the motor. No disrespect to Transwave but its not exactly at the forefront of technology

I know which I would have.

Ian P

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