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Thread: How to machine out a metal channel by hand?
24/06/2022 22:37:45

Not really solving the problem but your woodwork looks to be to a very high standard but how did you make it without a workshop?

My thoughts on a solution to the diameter problem are that if the U channel really cannot be removed then reducing the diameter of the bent steel hoop by filing would be the best option. Even if its already painted then just file the 'sides' of the hoop so its ends up slightly oval leaving the upper paint intact.

You could use an angle grinder with a metal grinding (rather than cutting) disk to carefully widen the gap in the steel channel but it would need to be done slowly to avoid heating the metal (and therefore destroying the bond of your adhesive)

Ian P

Thread: Internet/Organisation
24/06/2022 22:23:02
Posted by Peter Greene 🇨🇦 on 24/06/2022 16:48:36:

I don't like to keep passwords on the computer on principle ... whether in text files or in the browser. Not to mention I have several computers.

I use a password book to which is compact, organised and easy to carry.

How does this password book work?

Do you have to write in invisible ink or is there some other secret?

Surely putting all your passwords in one little book which is both steal-able and lose-able is not a good idea.

Ian P

Thread: VFD Cable Supplier Recommendations
21/06/2022 12:25:17
Posted by Bountyboy on 20/06/2022 21:51:10:


I'm in the process of fitting a VFD to my lathe. The VFD manufacturer states I need to use 3.5mm2 shielded twisted pairs cable between the motor and VFD.

Does anyone know where I can purchase 2M of this special cable? I've tried RS, Farnell and general searches on the web but to no avail.

Thanks in advance

As Mike said that is an odd type of cable, so odd that it probably does not exist.

Screened twisted pairs are usually used for signal wires rather than power cables, if you say what the VFD model is and the motor size someone will be able to answer the question easily.

Ian P

Thread: 13G?
16/06/2022 16:42:55

I have a thread gauge (bought in 1959) that has 'Whitworth 55deg' stamped into the side plate. the 26 different blades (4 to 62TPI) all have 'G' after the number.

As an example 12 TPI is marked 12G 1/2 9/16 but 13 TPI just has 13G (no diameter/s) as have 19G, 22G, 25G, 26G, 28G, 30G, 62G

I'm not sure what the G means at all really

Ian P

Thread: Timing Belt
14/06/2022 13:21:05

It is possible to identify a replacement belt in a situation where the tooth profile, the pitch, the width and the length are unknown but it requires a bit of effort. (jump to last paragraph for the easy way)

There are quite a few different tooth profiles and whilst they may appear similar picking the wrong one will significantly belt life. Manufacturers catalogues might show detailed drawings of the tooth profile but if the pulleys are fitted with flanges and the tooth profile is not visible then its hard to compare and decide.

I imagine that as Vic's belt is on a sander then it will probably not have any means of adjusting the pulley to pulley centre distance, therefore its essential to get the exact length of belt. one can work out the length if one can measure the pulley centres accurately but that is not always as easy as it seems.

Measuring the belt pitch by counting the number of teeth on a sprocket which you know the diameter of is straightforward, so in conjunction with centre to centre distances you can consult catalogues and most likely identify what will fit.

Far, far easier than measuring and guessing is just to Google spares with the product model number, most likely some of the results will include the actual belt manufacturers part number which you can then use to 'shop around' to find the best value supplier.

Ian P

14/06/2022 11:42:13

Seven or so replies to Vic's question and nobody has given him the details of the belt he needs!

I wonder if its because we dont know the model number of the sander?

Since Vic already has a price for the belt then whoever quoted must have more info than we do.

Ian P

Thread: Converting inch to mm in dxf and dwg files
07/06/2022 14:58:00

If the holes are much smaller diameter than the material thickness then presumably they will at least put a centre mark/divot so you dont have to mark out the positions.

Ian P

07/06/2022 12:45:03

The laser cutting company (online quoting and ordering), I use has an online drawing editing feature that pops up if the DXF I submit contains any errors that might cause the cutting process to throw a wobbler. One can then correct small errors (or design simple parts from scratch)

The submitted DXF's must have all the cutting lines on one layer, must have no text or dimensions and all lines must be unbroken ie converted to 'polylines' (in Acad).

I send plain DXF files and do not need to state any units. When I first began using the company I put one major dimension in my drawing name but then did not bother because found that the website quoting software shows a little drawing of each part and states the X and Y sizes.

Online quoting means one can change material type, grade, thickness and other factors and immediately see the most cost effective method (where appropriate).

Ian P

Thread: Nut Making
29/05/2022 12:00:29
This is another video which I found interesting, has scant regard to safety. Shows the manufacture of cylinder liners from raw material to the finished product.

Edited By Ian P on 29/05/2022 12:02:25

29/05/2022 11:44:15
Posted by Ady1 on 29/05/2022 09:26:45:

As wealth increases a society gains more silly government drones who enforce more and more silly government regulations which strangle human endeavour

500 tears ago it was silly clergy drones forbidding human endeavour

Al these "rules" people generate zero wealth for society

After we got shot of the clergy 500 years ago (100% redundancies) we got the British Empire and the Industrial revolution

Henry was a selfish twit but the law of unintended consequences meant he changed global history


More recently we got rid of the EU drones and now we are starting to do the industrial and innovative things they wouldn't allow us to do

plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose “ – the more things change, the more they stay the same

Edited By Ady1 on 29/05/2022 09:33:51

So what are the things we can do now we dont have the EU drones?

Yesterdays announcement about imperial measurements is really going to make a difference, not!

Ian P

Thread: Again - another whatsit
28/05/2022 11:57:24

A few observations based on the one picture.

It has an odd combination of features. Obviously the indicator and the part spherical objects are high precision but the chassis or frame of the thing do not seem to be in keeping. The indexable handle looks to be a budget diecast/painted item and the single visible hex--headed bolt looks to be the only fastening holding the narrowest ends of the slotted plates to the part carrying the handle, so the bolt would need to be very tight to prevent rotation.

I wonder what the 'tyres' of the two wheels are made from? they look more like mother of pearl than some engineering material!

How many of the part spheres are there and do their bores tie up with anything on the device (like thread or bore size)

Ian P

Thread: Finnish on Test Piece
26/05/2022 20:48:31

I suspect the most likely cause of the chattering/rough finish is most likely due to the chuck not gripping the workpiece firmly enough. The slightest amount of bell-mouthing (or the reverse) of the chuck jaws would have the effect of only gripping firmly at one narrow axial position along the bar rather than over, say, 30mm of its length.

Ian P

Thread: Anyone know what these are called?
11/05/2022 17:15:03

For anyone with Sky catch-up (or whatever it would be called) I can recommend a programme I saw yesterday evening on Sky Arts, Channel 11 on Freeview.

Programme was called 'Journey into Infinity' and its about MC Escher who must be the worlds master on tesellation.

Ian P

Thread: Supplier of 7/32" Dowel Pins Please?
22/04/2022 23:06:47
Posted by Martin Kyte on 22/04/2022 22:14:38:

If you use silver steel and harden ,just be aware that the diameter will get bigger. Some reduction will be found on tempering but don't just assume that the pins will remain the same size.

regards Martin

How does hardening silver steel increase its diameter?

Ian P

Thread: 400mm V band clamp, how to make?
10/04/2022 21:54:13
Posted by Circlip on 10/04/2022 12:28:33:

You're looking for "Vee clamps", used to make thousands at 'Smith & Johnson' taken over by 'Eminox'. These people may be able to help :-

Easy to make if you have a ring roller with shaped compression rolls.

Regards Ian.

I dont have any way of rolling my own rings (or any way of milling a 400mm diameter ring!) so will make enquiries at the two companies suggested.

Ian P

09/04/2022 22:48:36

I have some blue plastic storage barrels that use these V band type clamps but nobody seems to make them in stainless steel. A pity, as they would otherwise be ideal.

Ian P

09/04/2022 22:02:01

Well spotted and thanks Keith.

I've had few Googling sessions over several days and completely missed that company. I will contact them on Monday and enquire what their minimum order value is as I only want two or three of these clamps.

Ian P

09/04/2022 21:38:56

I want to hold two large disks of plastic (acrylic and Delrin) one of which has an O-ring set into its mating face. Whilst its possible to have an array of fixings around the periphery my preferred method would be to use a custom V band clamp.

I say custom because I cannot find any supplier of a non rusting clamp about 400mm diameter. They only seem available up to about 150mm.

V band clamps usually have sloping internal faces to axially compress the two flanges together but in my application the O-ring is very soft and a ring rolled out of extruded 'U' shaped aluminium channel (say in four separate quadrants) would be perfect.

I can fine tune the thicknesses of the two disks to use a channel section about 20mm internal width and about 10mm deep but I'm looking for a method I could I use to 'roll' or bend into a circle?

Image shows a typical V band clamp (On mine if the joint faces are all parallel then there is no need for any great tension to hold it closed).

Sorry for the long description, I'm looking for ideas really

Ian PV band clamp.jpg.

Thread: how to make it stay in ?
29/03/2022 20:47:46

Assuming the axle is hollow (has a hole all the way through) and the end caps or whatever are purely decorative then my suggestion would be to have an internal tension spring stretched between the (loose fit) caps to hold them in place.

To remove or install just ensure the spring has enough stretch so you can pull one cap out to access its hook.

Ian P

Thread: (Another) Mini Lathe Speed Controller Problem
12/03/2022 18:45:10
Posted by John Haine on 12/03/2022 09:22:31:

Lots of industrial speed controller aren't mains isolated - for example the KBE one I have. Pots designed to provide isolation between the wiper & track and the shaft/housing, and often the shaft is nylon. Replacing a Hall controller with a pot probably isn't straightforward.

Big big difference between industrial speed controllers and these sewing machine motors!

Its a while since I have used one but a system component like the KBE motor drivers comes complete with a detailed user manual with probably pages of installation information with more than a few carrying safety warnings. KBE driver units are intended to be installed in full accordance with KBE's documentation. I do know that KB sell a piggy back PCB that gives Galvanic isolation to the i/o signals.

Whilst there is s CE logo on this sewing machine motor there is none on the controller itself and I very much doubt it could ever be made to comply.

Ian P

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