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Thread: HSS
06/01/2015 15:40:29

Hi Neil, agree entirely but when you have to cool it, to save singed fingers, "plunge" from the cold end, so there is far less thermal shock to the hot bit. Added bonus, cools the fingers too.


Thread: Vertical Shear Lathe Tooling
06/01/2015 15:33:42

Hi Mr Editor, I first saw the round shearing tool in a mid fifties ME, so your esteemed mag can take the credit, perhaps not, as some Victorian probably came up with it first. I have used one ever since I read about them and they are pretty damn good at making very fine wire wool, oh, and a fine finish too.

Re that American video chap, can't help but feel he thinks he is still talking to school children, instead of second childhood children! He is far too dogmatic for my taste but to be fair you can learn a few basics learn from him.


Thread: Help on key for 4-jaw chuck needed
31/12/2014 19:05:21

Hi Guys, all this chat about hardening and tempering, are you lot looking for extra work? Plain old 303 rustless steel in as supplied state is more than adequate. I say 303 because I don't much like rust, if I have bothered to make something I want it to stay pretty for life. Also, I say adequate because the one I made about 7-10 years ago is still unmarked, despite regular use. The only proviso is don't make the square too long and avoid sharp corners where the square meets the round, but do make the square as close a fit as possible to prevent wear.

Happy new year folks


Thread: What did you do today? (2014)
30/12/2014 15:55:17

Re Morning coffee, oh how I wish it would actually work instead of being a self delusional placebo, but then if it did I would be boring you all with inane comments and suggestions.


PS Does three heap teaspoons of Kenco's finest in a mug count as strong, or indeed, coffee? Maybe that's where I'm going wrong, 'cos it has no effect on my sleepy head.

PPS now to fit in with the title of this thread, what I did, or rather shall do in a moment, is go out to the Engineerium and get early stage frostbite. This old bear wonders why we don't hibernate in winter?

25/12/2014 18:56:00

Today I did the only sensible thing to do if you are a miserable old Scrooge, I hibernated!

Bah Humbug

Thread: Diamond tool holder.??
21/12/2014 15:12:55

Hi Paul, with the flank feed (off set top slide) method, if you set the top slide to exactly half the thread angle all you need to do is align the leading edge of the tool with your thread gauge, the trailing flank is taken care of by the in-feed. It would help a little if you grind the tool slightly under thread angle to give some small amount of clearance. It also helps to not take very deep cuts to reduce any "steps" in the trailing flank. A final pass or two straight in only really works with a form tool type tool.

Hi Vic, how about getting a cross slide stop, it would help with your understandable aversion. I have an Eccentric style tangential type threading tool on a swing up tool, amongst many others including a copy of the Victorian original, which again works well. I seem to recall demo-ing it on the SMEE stand at Ally-Pally a few years ago, some of you might remember as it seemed to draw quite a crowd.


20/12/2014 23:47:14

Hi Martin, might I suggest you get the later version that allows you to keep the tool post square to the work, so you don't have to keep re-squaring it when, for instance, parting.

The original has to be kept angle, a compromise for threading, which is something not discussed under this title so far. For starters a tangential threading tool does cut very freely and cleanly especially with flank feed threading, if that happens to be your preferred method. Anyone else tried this tool for threading?


Thread: What did you do today? (2014)
20/12/2014 23:34:58

Hi Coalburner, that would be Pete Moss, a very helpful and patient young man.


Thread: Diamond tool holder.??
12/12/2014 16:31:12

Hi Murray, I also have a Bantam and agree about the forces involved, When people talk about lifting and tool post bending etc they tend to forget the weakest part of the set up that is the parting tool itself, which is going to bend long before the tool post. On a Bantam parting is no problem in the conventional manner but some top rake helps with the peel effect.

Have you tried a tangential parting tool? They have a limited depth of cut, depending upon design, but within its range they work great.


11/12/2014 14:27:06

Hi Neil, bet you a cup of tea it isn't.wink 2 Someone, somewhere, almost always got there first..



07/12/2014 17:56:13

Hi Tony, and I beg to differ, as I stated for home user, for in industry HSS doesn't even show on the radar any more. I must assume that you have not yet tried a tangential tool as if you had you would not have dismissed my statement in such a cavalier manner. One tool really can do for just about any metal or plastic, save for those where HSS is inappropriate as stated in earlier post. As for getting the best out of your lathe, I tend to think you might have that backwards. I really do urge you to have a go with one, they are NOT all hype, and, as anyone who knows me will doubtless attest, I do have a "modicum of mechanical aptitude". I also have an enquiring mind and am willing to try anything new, old or different to improve my turning, not quote the same old guff that has been passed down the line since who knows when, at least not without proving it for myself first.

What I hope we can agree on is that there are numerous ways of doing just about anything and if you get the results you set out to achieve, then that is all that matters. I have watched some very experienced proffesional turners who turn things down to a couple of thou oversize and then file and emery to size, I seem to be able to turn to the size I want and get a good finish, though in truth I might polish with grey scotchbright to finesse the surface slightly. Some methods are better than others for sure, and not all of us have the same equipment or experience, so we have to make the best of what we have. My mantra is the more I know, the more options I have. That goes for tooling too.



07/12/2014 02:01:06

Hi Russell, it is a myth that you need different rake/clearance angles for different materials, well it is for the average home user where a few seconds less between sharpenings is of little or no importance. Metal should be cut the way she likes to be cut and that usually means a fair amount of rake, where different rake angles come in the equation is in making the edge stronger hence last longer. It was in industry, where seconds saved might mean profit instead of loss, that all those rake/clearance angles came in but industry gave up on HSS decades ago so feel free to ignore the outmoded, but oft repeated, information.

A single Tangential tool will do most turning and facing jobs, and without having to swivel the tool post between those operations, except for jobs where HSS is less than ideal like abrasive cast iron skins or case hardened steels etc. Unless of course you put a piece of solid carbide in instead of HSS but that is another matter.

As for being a Luddite not at all, it makes you more modern than you thought you were, Tangential tooling goes back to mid Victorian times before HSS came about and high carbon steels were the in thing for cutting tools, and by the way another reason for various rake/clearance angles to protect the cutting edge.

Perhaps Neil could commission an article on the history of lathe tools, it might prove interesting to the self taught homeshoppist and give them food for thought for reinventing lost but still, potentially, useful ideas.


Thread: Grinding lathe chuck jaws
07/11/2014 02:28:52

Hi Martin, I have a Bantam and trued up the 3 jaw with just a boring bar and a large washer. Grip the washer (about 1" OD) as far in the chuck as possible, doing the tightening with the master keyhole(very important to do this), then using a quality insert boring bar, bore till all the jaws are cleaned up. You should now have true jaws except where the washer was, this can be diamond filed or ground away.


Thread: Todays update from Bodgers Lodge
24/10/2014 00:30:48

I say John, have you been teaching the Germans bodging techniques? Try looking at the below you tube video, a bit long but you can safely jump in five minute chunks and miss nothing.

Repairing a Set of Spline Gears from a Tractor ( Kegelrad Verzahnung Deutz )


Thread: What did you do today? (2014)
10/10/2014 17:55:15

Dear Sir,

I wish to complain about the attached image, which encourages acceleration, speed and dangerous driving.

Mr. Angry


I too wish to complain, this photograph encourages owners to polish instead of being a hooligan.

I also wish to complain that I am not the owner.

Still Disgusted of Pinner

10/10/2014 17:49:10

Hi Bill, £235K, must be the cheap end of town.

Broke and disgusted of Pinner

Thread: Myford 3 phase motor upgrade
09/10/2014 19:51:37

Hi Ray, if you haven't watched it yet a YT video from Shadon HKW called "2 speed motor VFD application" might help you to show how to safely keep your safety interlocks, just ignore to part where discusses two speed. and drum switches.


09/10/2014 12:15:01

Someone is going to say it so it might as well be me, the inverter makers recommend direct connections between VFD and motor, contactors are not recommended between the two.

Thread: What did you do today? (2014)
08/10/2014 21:25:43

Hi Norman, so not only are they copying the nanny syndrome, they even copied someone else's initials, what a loads of t*****s.

Still, disgusted of Pinner

08/10/2014 15:54:17

Hi MichaelG,

Oh dearie, dearie me what has become of the world. The ASA has no sense of humour or as the actor implied a sharp wit. All "hazards"/"risks" are implied not factual. It's as bad as SMEE closing it's workshop (temporarily we hope) on safety grounds.

RIP common sense.

Disgusted of Pinner

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