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Thread: Steam generator
26/01/2018 18:58:43

I understand with terrorist threats and H & S the need to control various chemicals.

Wonder where it will all end this control as looking on the internet your supposed to be able to make explosions with house hold chemical products.

Edited By Windy on 26/01/2018 19:11:03

26/01/2018 14:38:43

Full size speed record attempt machines have always a cost involved but there are speed enthusiasts in this country and abroad that have legally obtained hydrogen peroxide of required strength.

Rocket mam Brown was using it some years ago.


Even the Nitro you use if over a certain percentage for models and drag racing you have to have a license in my drag racing, sprinting days anyone could buy the 90% nitro.


Edited By Windy on 26/01/2018 14:39:53

26/01/2018 13:56:24

Looking at various ways of controlling high temperature steam came across this steam generator it's a bit old hat now but would solve many of the problem getting enough steam for record attempt turbine powered vehicles.
The steam engine purist would probably think you should still have a fireman stoking the steam generator.
Could be a grey area for classification of steam powered record attempt machines. There are some steam jet powered drag vehicles about plus record attempt machines.


No automatic alt text available.

Edited By Windy on 26/01/2018 13:59:01

Thread: Welding en36b
25/01/2018 00:49:36

I used mild steel and it was brittle on the weld edge tried the other HT tig rod and it was a lot better

24/01/2018 13:33:35

I did some test welds with the welding rods I have the Mig mild steel test I would not trust but have tried Tig 312 and seems to be very strong on a bend test I had the 312 for welding some HT steel a while ago.

A link to what Lincoln say


The welding I'm doing is more for sealing than for a joint under much load.

Thread: Motorcycle General Discussion
22/01/2018 10:26:59

As an elderly speed nut but as enthusiastic as ever in speed record attempts and the machines created had an interesting conversation with one of my friends.

His two wheeled machine will take pride of place on the I.M.I. stand at NEC fluid power show.


All will be eventually be revealed later but on testing various things were blown away.

I think it's great that there are still people about pushing the limits of speed attempts and building the machines.

Thread: Welding en36b
21/01/2018 17:22:12

Have seen EN36B is ok to weld before heat treatment but have been looking for a suitable Tig or Mig welding rod on the web but can't seem to get a definite rod.

I have mild steel mig wire or tig 309L for dissimilar metals.

Maybe one of the forum members could suggest a suitable welding rod.

Thanks for any useful information.

Thread: R8 chuck problem
11/01/2018 13:22:36

I bought a new Warco VMC supplied with an ER32 collet chuck with no spanner flats on the chuck.

Using a carbide end mill (a good deal from Ebay) machined some flats on the chuck.

Its tough steel so an HSS cutter probably wont cut.

Accuracy is the same as before cutting the flats. .

Thread: cast iron piston rings
10/01/2018 10:58:45

In my experiments with the flash steamer have tried steel rings with a little success but found just using cast iron was best.

My rings are Dykes L section the part contacting the cylinder is 0.0625" the depth 0.050" the L section 0.025" it revs to 15,000rpm when not under load.

It lasts about 120 100metre laps before I normally replace it.

You can leave as is with no spring as gas pressure pushes it against the cylinder but I always do put some spring into them.

Thread: Reality check
10/01/2018 07:45:08
Reality check with so much to do have decided 2018 will be my last season with the model hydro even in this size the work involved in going faster is so similar to the full scale search for speed.
When every thing right has lapped at 6 mph to ? faster than my record until it became an aircraft then a submarine.
Frustrating to know it’s not reached its peak speed but like many record attempts you can have many problems to go that bit quicker than your best recorded speed.
Have videos of many attempts and documentation from when I started running the flash steamer plus spares I will put it all up for sale after the 2018 season.
Concentrating on the full size project fingers crossed no more stays in hospital as about two years behind with it.
The Guys you meet in the amateur side of model and full scale speed record attempts are so great if they can help in any way even if you are in competition with them is true sportsmanship.
A typical example in 1975 at an Elvington record attempt to try to raise the UK motorcycle record to 200mph my Jag overdrive locked in direct drive after doing a one way run of 200mph on my scrap heap special but could not back it up with a return run.
One of the record contenders who I think was a motorcycle main dealer offered to send his mechanic over to help me such are speed record attempts.
Later on a bang with a big hammer might have sorted it.
All the best to all you mechanical nuts in 2018.
Thread: Motorcycle General Discussion
22/12/2017 14:55:25
Posted by Phil Crossley 1 on 22/12/2017 14:36:12:

Few pictures of my motorcycle. Built from scratch in my sisterscellar. It's been quite competitive so far, winning the 2016 championship and 2nd this year too.

rose huges summer nats 2016.jpg



Lots more info and build stuff at **LINK**

Edited By Phil Crossley 1 on 22/12/2017 14:39:20

A great post enjoyed it things have changed since Triumph engines and 4 inch slicks keep at it all the best for 2018

08/12/2017 10:36:40
Posted by JimmieS on 07/12/2017 19:42:19:

Classic Bike (Speed Issue) Dec 2017 has an article on Pavel Malanik's replica of Will Cook's 1908 record braking NLG-JAP bike. The story can be read at:

Those who enjoy reading in their local 'free reading library' it starts on page 90.

Very interesting has given me ideas.

More bits came today Fleabay at times can be a pain but if fortunate there are bargains to be had at reasonable prices.
Just had some billets delivered for my cylinder head I bought from them and some extra ones in case of cockups.
What have I let myself in for full size is a bit different to model making.
Next material bit required is cylinder barrel then all engine big lumps acquired.
At end of the day the brain is kept active shame body is knackered pity you cant put grease nipples on your joints.
The way medical science is moving there might be time for them I know the full knee joint I had changed my life for the better (bike accident years ago).

head billets

25/11/2017 20:50:14

A bit of a Drag but eventually decided on the type of piston ring I will use instead of Dykes type so a picture of proposed setup.
Have ordered a set of 84mm diameter steel rings for 4 Honda SUV pistons think the top rings will be OK in the steam machine ductile iron piston.
This way of pressurising the ring might not be suitable for a normal petrol engine that does high mileage as carbon might block the vertical ports I should think a high rate of wear is inevitable.
Was going to make my own Dykes rings but weighing up material costs and heat treatment etc. have given it a miss.
Has any member had deaings with these vertical port presssurised rings have feelings there more to do with drag cars.

No automatic alt text available.

Edited By Windy on 25/11/2017 20:58:01

Thread: Guy Martin - WW1 Tank - Channel 4
22/11/2017 12:33:06

Posted by Tony Pratt 1 on 22/11/2017 10:26:17:

Oh so easy for 'armchair engineers' to criticise.smiley


We had them when Guy first started TV programs for the general public its not an Open University program.

Thread: Motorcycle General Discussion
01/11/2017 08:27:01

Back in the workshop I had a month of TV and computers as not allowed to use machines how boring.

Continued machining drive side crankshaft after my trip 4 weeks ago did taper and screw cut its roughly assembled with dummy bearings.
Have kilograms of metal to remove on crankcases etc. when all important dimensions done.
Am going to start on ductile iron piston next it will be similar to the BDA piston in the picture then see how much to remove from cranks for balancing.
Reckon on incorporating the fuel and water pumps in the crankcase similar to the model.
My model record steamer is loosely similar to a design in 1949 Edgar T Westbury flash steam booklet.
Using more modern materials shows how old technology can be updated to increase power by a large margin.
Know doubt the steam generator is the key to power plus plenty of headaches non lethal flash steam generator bursts can be the norm when pushing the limits for steam power.
At one model meeting 3 generators popped then an alteration of feed and had years of reliability for a while.
Safety valves on my model type of generator can be a disaster as the tubing can be evacuated fast then overheats this can happen in a fraction of a second.
Lovely making experimental machines just look at how long the British steam car record holder took hope I dont take as long.


Full steam ahead cleaned up my 90mmØ x 12" SG billet then one of my favourite jobs making pistons.
Should be easier than my model slipper pistons I always made spares just in case they had a disaster.
Over many years apart from the dykes ring and the odd time a gudgeon pin needed replacing my pistons lasted well at between 11,000 to 15,000rpm not too bad for a meehanite piston.
With high temperature steam most oils were destroyed so solid lubricants have been used for the short distances the model runs approximately 19 laps of 100 metres a lap.
I have a handy book on how to make pistons from castings to finished product mainly for old American cars.
South Bend lathes manual had many fixtures for machining pistons in the days pre war when a garage made one off pistons nowadays materials and tolerances are a lot tighter.


ductile iron blank first cut.jpg

cleaned up ductile blank.jpg


13/10/2017 23:44:05
Posted by Jeff Dayman on 13/10/2017 16:43:17:

You might try a call to a motorcycle dealer to ask if they have any stock rings for 84 mm bore. I don't know of any, but if there are some available off the shelf, it could save you a lot of work, and usually bike rings are not too expensive due to high production (at least they aren't too expensive here in North America). Just a thought.

Seems Dykes rings were used a lot on two stroke motorcycles but have not found any two strokes of my bore size.

Modern IC top rings have change a lot for modern engines the Dykes are still used in V8 full size Nitro fuelled dragsters but according to what I have read wear can be rapid due by the pressure exerted by gas pressure pushing the Dykes ring against the cylinder.

For my application would only be run for a short time so not too worried by wear.

My model steamer dykes ring 1.214"Ø 0.0625" wide worked well but modern full size compression rings rings are as thin as 0.039" with fancy coatings and some made of steel 9254 apart from the various cast irons.

More I read the more I wonder what to use for home made parts how technology has moved on with materials and engineering.

13/10/2017 15:42:02

Have not been on the forum much this year due to health and now feeling armless in more ways than one falling is not good for you as you get older I don't bounce now.

Anyway apart from another 3 weeks before getting back to machine knob twiddling was on final stages of my en24t crankshaft then oops fell 2 weeks ago.

A PEEMS club member kindly picked up a 90mmØ piece of ductile iron for my pistons from M-Machine and another member brought it to my workshop.

I got a price for an 84mm Dykes piston ring today £40.63 I will be making my own now.

I have many articles on making model rings by various model engineers I wonder making an 84mØ Dykes if there is anything I should be careful about when heat treating a large ring using model ring methods?

Will order a blank from Westwood Liners they have centrifugal grey and ductile iron castings.

This will be used for rings and cylinder I saw Allen Millard using a Westwood blank for his replica 347cc 6 cylinder Honda.

Here is a link to his motorcycle creations.

The last Top Speed meeting of 2017 at Elvington is on 17th October just hope the fast Lady Becci Ellis 264mph has still air as winds have been a bitch this year and had to abort runs doing 245mph plus due to air disturbances .

A picture of Allens Westwood lump and partly machined liner.







Edited By Windy on 13/10/2017 15:44:34

Edited By Windy on 13/10/2017 15:47:58

Edited By Windy on 13/10/2017 15:53:00


Edited By Windy on 13/10/2017 16:06:01

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Thread: Don't open that Screwfix/Electricfix invoice you were not expecting
04/10/2017 21:17:21
Being a member of AEA for many years before I became ancient myself I will not say why I joined as it’s very personal.
When vulnerable elderly are trusting others and how that trust can be broken makes me sick.
Then to see the violence done to pensioners words can’t describe how a person can sink so low.
Sorry going off email topic but despite how with it you think you are some criminals are very clever at manipulation.
04/10/2017 16:52:57

I know this is fairly common Emails and get these so called ladies with all sorts of reasons want to talk to me.

They are in my junk folder and automatically returned to them.

Apart from the serious side of what might be hidden in them I laugh every time one is received.

Unfortunately some of the grey haired surfers on there own might be conned by these #####.

Sadly the elderly can be vulnerable not just to the web scams but so called tradesmen doing repairs.

Am fortunate despite some peoples opinion of my hobbies and speed sports interest at my age I've still got my marbles.

Thread: Ideas for Beginners' Articles
01/10/2017 15:27:51

As far as beginners just bear in mind the largest group of model engineers seem to be of the elder generation.

Some of their workshops are heaven to behold but many starters to this hobby have old and basic machines.

To some a worn out lathe and maybe a drill is all they have.

I think beginner’s articles should be based on using these basic tools many of the younger enthusiasts don’t have the spare money to spend on milling machines etc. yet.

I think of Professor Chaddock and how he started.

Professor D.H. Chaddock, C.B.E., M.Sc. Eng, F.I.Mech.E. (July 28, 1908—September 18, 1992) was considerably more than a simple model engineer. Given a treadle driven lathe in 1922 for his 14th birthday, he set about constructing a model IC engine using material at hand and castings made in the kitchen coal-fired stove. The engine may have been fitful and uncertain in operation, but it did run, establishing a life-long passion for things mechanical and their design and construction.

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