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Thread: Merry Christmas
24/12/2018 20:25:27

Merry Christmas Neil & team, thanks for another year of interesting magazines! Unfortunately my workshop is out of bounds for the next 6 weeks having just had bone fusion surgery in my right foot. That said, the new Alibre Atom 3D series couldn't have come at a better time, a very steep learning curve for me but hopefully will keep my remaining few brain cells active until I get back to work!

Merry Christmas too to all my fellow forum members & I hope the next year is peaceful & productive for you all.

regards Martin.

Thread: Cost of deliveries
12/12/2018 19:53:30
Posted by An Other on 12/12/2018 18:40:07:

To Mark Rand:

This point about lack of a public profile has come up before, and I believe Neil summed it up at the time (to paraphrase) 'its not compulsory'

Personally, I will not post a profile or any other information about myself unless I so choose on any website - I always use a false name, and would never provide an address or contact number. The reason I do not have a profile on this site is because of past abuse, and secondly because of the increasing need for internet security. If I was so inclined, you have already posted sufficient information in your own profile to make it relatively easy for a hacker to start stealing your online identity - your name, and a locality, with some indication of your occupation. I won't provide details for obvious reasons, but it wouldn't be difficult to get an address. and then many other details are easily found. I suggest a little paranoia might provide better protection.

Its easy to say 'rubbish - no-one would do that' I say wait until it happens to you.

If it concerns you so much that you do have personal information on a particular person, you can always send them a PM, and see what that gets you.

I have to say I agree with Mark although putting your location in your post is far more helpful than expecting readers to search a profile to (hopefully) glean the location information. Nobody is expecting you to give your full postal address; your country of residence (in the context of this particular thread) would be quite adequate. "Over here..." could refer to anywhere from the other side of the same room to the other side of the planet whereas "Here in Romania..." puts you nicely on the map without exciting the identity hackers.

Regards, Martin.

Edited By Martin Cottrell on 12/12/2018 19:54:51

Thread: Recommendations for rust prevention?
25/08/2018 22:32:18
Posted by Cyril Bonnett on 25/08/2018 21:10:07:

Large wooden shed, no insulation, 5 litres of wd40, no rust, no mess. Giant spiders though.

Nothing wrong with giant spiders, very effective at keeping women away from the man-cave!!


Thread: Our Wildlife and Conservation Activieties in Nambia
30/03/2018 22:15:31

Well that puts my efforts at helping our local hedgehogs to shame! Thanks for sharing this insight into your wonderful work Joseph. +1 to Mark's comment above...Most excellent!!

Regards Martin.

Thread: Hemingway Hacksaw
07/01/2018 20:22:00

Hello Mark

Welcome to the forum! Good to see your progress with your Hacksaw, I've made a few items from the Hemingway catalogue and have always found their kits to be of good quality with well detailed plans and build instructions. Hopefully you will keep posting with updates as you progress!

Regards Martin.

Thread: piston rings
03/09/2017 12:49:19

Hi Dougie, that's a lovely looking engine. What model is it and are plans available?

Regards Martin.

Thread: Economy Hit & Miss Engine Build.
21/05/2017 21:22:11

Superb Nick! Sounds and looks fabulous, just needs a nice trolley to sit it on! smiley


Thread: Globe valve as a gas regulator?
20/03/2017 14:53:10


Try these guys,, they do a selection of gas tanks & fittings that would probably suit your needs. I've used them in the past for a valve to connect to a camping type gas cylinder to run a small ceramic burner & been very happy with the quality.

Regards, Martin.

Thread: The Workshop Progress Thread (2017)
05/03/2017 20:07:05
Posted by JasonB on 05/03/2017 18:00:35:

I made a start on the part completed Root & Van Dervoort vertical, generally assesing what still had to be done and making up some of the assorted fixings and small parts.

The crank shaft was going tight a TDC so I put one end in a collet upto the web and clocked the other end, 0.018" TIRangry so out came the precision tools to try and improve matters, no lead hammers here as mentioned in another thread. It is quite surprising how much "spring" there is in a bit of EN24 but it submitted in the end to the 18" Stilsonssmile

Good to see that even the experts need to resort to some "agricultural adjustments" when chasing that last few thou' of precision!!


Thread: Economy Hit & Miss Engine Build.
04/03/2017 22:21:35
Posted by Nick_G on 03/03/2017 22:11:42:
Posted by Martin Cottrell on 03/03/2017 21:14:26:

How did you produce those lovely smooth curved corners on the crank webs?



I would 'like' to say I am a demi-god with a file. angel But I would be lying .!

The truth is they are courtesy of an ARC product in the form of :- **LINK**

If I had done them freehand they would have looked like a well chewed wine gum. blush


Ah yes, hadn't thought of using one of those! I thought maybe you had rounded them off on a belt sander but they looked too uniform to have been done like that freehand. All looking fabulous so far, will be an impressive engine when finished!


03/03/2017 21:14:26

Nice progress Nick! How did you produce those lovely smooth curved corners on the crank webs?


Thread: Workshop thermal gloves- advice please
28/02/2017 15:05:55

Sorry JimmieS, didn't mean to hijack your thread in my above reply to Geoffs comment so I'll add my own tuppence worth to get it back on track! I too suffer from cold hands (and feet) when working in my cold workshop. I use a 2Kw fan heater to provide background heating and find it helpful to place the heater close by on the bench top, angled towards me , when doing bench work. Not always an ideal compromise but it keeps me productive in the workshop and out of the armchair (sure JohnS would appreciate that sentiment!!).

Regards Martin.

28/02/2017 14:48:46
Posted by OuBallie on 27/02/2017 16:55:17:

Been a while.

Insulate, insulate, insulate........

Geoff - Just about sorted out one of those bench sandblasting cabinets.

Hi Geoff

Good to see you back! Any chance of perhaps starting a new thread on your blasting cabinet? I've been thinking of either buying or making one and it would be nice to get a few ideas kicked around by some users before taking the plunge!

Regards Martin.

Thread: Economy Hit & Miss Engine Build.
21/02/2017 21:15:38

Nice one Nick, looking forward to following your build!


Thread: The Workshop Progress Thread (2017)
09/02/2017 20:53:06
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 09/02/2017 18:44:06:

Posted by Mike Poole on 05/02/2017 21:51:28:

Looks like Dave Brock to me, if it is I saw the current version Nov. 2015 in Oxford.

Chuffed to sneak Hawkwind into the Workshop Progress Thread. I haven't seen them for about 25 years but I do like 'The Machine Stops'. I'd better shut up now!


'Silver Machine' is one of my favourites & always takes me back to my mis-spent youth!


Thread: Has anyone got any experience of Warco GH1236 lathe
30/12/2016 23:16:48

Hi Alex,

Firstly, welcome to the forum! Hopefully my reply can offer a little more relevance to your initial enquiry. I have the predecessor to the Warco GH1236, the GH1232, which I bought new about 3 years ago. It is essentially the same machine in terms of power and capacity (slightly less distance between centres on mine) and a slightly different headstock gearbox but offering broadly the same range of speeds.

I bought my lathe specifically for the ability to turn large diameters in the gap as I am building a 4" Little Samson traction engine and have successfully machined some very large iron castings including the 17.5" diameter rear wheels. In attempting to turn the rear wheels, I soon discovered that the lowest speed of 65 rpm was still uncomfortably too fast. I therefore bit the bullet & invested in a 3 phase motor & inverter kit which enabled me to slow the speed down to the appropriate speed to machine the wheel castings. That said, I was pushing the lathe to the very limits of its capacity and speed rather than any lack of torque was the issue that required the motor change. To all intents & purposes the supplied motor would be more than adequate for most turning operations encountered.

Most of my turning to date has been cast iron, mild steel & bronze but I have turned some 304 Stainless steel. approx 2.5" diameter, which the lathe coped with without any complaints. You will no doubt get some replies warning you to avoid any lathe of Chinese origin. I am purely offering my own experiences as an amateur hobby user. In my opinion my lathe is robustly built, capable of taking heavy cuts without complaint and crucially capable of repeatable accuracy to the tolerances I require for my hobby use. For instance a couple of days ago I turned a 9" long shaft of 1.5" diameter mild steel between centres, took a 0.002" finishing cut to hit required diameter & the shaft came out parallel to within 0.001" over the 9" length, well pleased was I!

Generally I'm really pleased with my lathe although I do have one minor niggle. The lead screw has a telescopic spring steel swarf protector fitted which limits the saddle travel towards the headstock. This makes faceplate work and turning between centres awkward requiring long tool overhang from the tool post to get close to the faceplate in particular. Fortunately I haven't yet needed to do much faceplate work but for between centres work I tend to turn up a centre in the 3 jaw chuck and use that to bring the end of the work within reach of a normally mounted tool in the tool post.

Hope this has helped you, any other questions, please ask away! Regards Martin.

Thread: have a good christmas
23/12/2016 21:59:29

A happy Christmas & new year to you all! Thanks for the banter, bitching, sarcasm and the enormous diversity of knowledge and skills which we all share so freely that makes this such a vibrant, entertaining and educative forum!

Kind regards Martin.

Thread: VAT criticisms?
15/12/2016 00:13:11
Posted by Michael Walters on 14/12/2016 23:29:19:

Hi Martin,

I may well have a stunted understanding of VAT but I notice you didn't care to suggest how the evidence I provide for it becoming a tax burden on poorer people is invalid. There isn't even an attempt to address it, yet alone invalidate it. You can see I've stressed many times that I fundimentally am for the idea of a tax. I am only tempted to clam up because I simply become a victim of disinformation or character assassination because I dared to speak up. I think this ought to be closed now.

You wont get another peep out of me on this matter. I would rather that than start collecting a club of silenced posters, in effect they have silenced me, but maybe they can find common ground with each other in their own posts without me to derise, clearly they'll have a whale of a time.

Michael W

Edited By Michael Walters on 14/12/2016 23:31:43


I wasn't intending to challenge your quoted figures as I have no idea as to their validity. You seemed to be suggesting that VAT registered companies were using VAT as a means to boost their bank balances at the expense of the consumer which in my opinion is not the case for the reasons I outlined, hence my reply. I was also trying to point out that most of us benefit in many ways from the services that are provided by the taxes we pay so its not all just a one way drain on our pockets.

I'm very sorry if my post offended you, that was not my intention. I will just finally say this though; if you don't want people to argue with you on this forum you shouldn't post your opinions about controversial subjects.

Regards Martin.

14/12/2016 23:18:44


You seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding of how the VAT system works. If you re-read the post by Michael Gilligan at 21:30:02 he has very succinctly outlined its aim to be a tax on goods and services produced to be paid by the end consumer of those goods and services. The VAT that you pay a supplier doesn't go to line his pockets, he collects it from you and then passes it on to HMRC who then give the money to the government who provide you with services such as healthcare, education, security through the armed forces and a very considerable social welfare budget to help the poorer people in our society & so much more besides.

Nobody likes paying taxes but most people agree that they are a necessary means to support our society in general. The arguments start when trying to decide how to divvy the proceeds up but I guess thats what we pay our politicians to sort out for us!

Regards Martin.

Thread: Outer shape of Cylinders
11/10/2016 21:41:06

Hello Johannes

Depending on the equipment you have available in your average workshop, there is an easy way and a hard way! If you have a milling machine and a rotary table it should be a fairly simple job. If not, you could turn up a couple of stepped steel plugs with the smaller diameter machined to fit the cylinder bore and the larger diameter at the size you require the outside diameter of the cylinder to be. You can then use the plugs fitted into both ends of the cylinder bore as filing buttons, grinding then filing the surplus material away until you reach the outer diameter of the plugs.

That gives you a couple of ideas, no doubt others will come up with better ones!

Regards, Martin.

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