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Thread: Article on profile tooling for a lathe?
23/11/2020 20:21:53

Old Mart is correct there have been a couple of articles using the taper turning attachment with a profile template, if my memory is good one was making a fusee. I feel sure it was in MEW ???

Edit fusee link

Edited By JohnF on 23/11/2020 20:26:03

Thinking allowed-- maybe using this principle with a template tied to the TT or a suitable bracket if the TTA is not available then a spring load applied to the cross slide as Jason suggests and a suitable follower with maybe a small roller following the template. 

Edited By JohnF on 23/11/2020 20:30:46

Thread: "Clog" toolpost- replace?
30/10/2020 10:16:20

Hi William, not quite sure what you mean by "clog type" tool post unless its the triangular single clamp that was supplied originally ?

However you mention a quick change system, personally I would go for the Dickson type, I have been using these since they first appeared in the 1960's I have them on all my lathes in appropriate sizes. Now you can only purchase clones but if you buy from a well known reputable supplier, Myford, RDG, Chronos etc and continue to buy any additional holders from the same source you should be OK.

There are other designs available and one that seems to have a good reputation are those sold by Arceuro -see the ad herein.

On all of these you will need to use a smaller took bit 3/8" or 10mm square HSS is a good start.


Thread: Smart and Brown Model L
26/10/2020 11:23:28

Hi Paul, It depends on what you intend to do/make but as a plain turning lathe for small parts you will find none better but it will never replace a surfacing. sliding, screwcutting lathe i.e. a traditional lathe such as Myford or similar whether its of home origin or Far Eastern origin.

If the machine is affordable I would go for it but you will probably find the need another more versatile machine as well ?


Thread: Straight edge for checking the slide ways on my mill's knee
25/10/2020 18:24:51

Gauge plate is not guaranteed to “flat” or “straight “ over its length unless ground to be so and I think this is unlikely on commercially produced stock. Better than nothing but IMO not good enough for the job in hand.

what you really need is a camel back straight edge preferably with the facility to check the V as well.


Or start from scratch and use 3 pieces to scrap in sequence and end up with a perfectly straight tool for the job

Edited By JohnF on 25/10/2020 18:27:44

Thread: Broken Verdict DTI
24/10/2020 19:46:57

Verdict do offer a repair service but if you can get the broken piece out as Steve suggests it may well be just fine with a new stylus. Not 100% sure but i have a recollection that the thread is 8BA ?????


Thread: Car says catalyser is blocked
22/10/2020 15:50:09
Posted by Bo'sun on 21/10/2020 10:00:27:

Interesting comments, thank you. My Ford Ranger has an indicator to suggest changing up a gear, presumably for better fuel economy with reduced engine rpm. Clearly this won't do the cat much good from what I'm reading above.

As a slight aside. I get regular reports from the Essex Police "Neighbourhood Watch" scheme, and I'm alarmed at the number of catylitic converters being stolen. Presumably because of this, and associated problems. I've fitted a "Cat Loc", as the height of the Ranger makes it easier to steal the cat. I know it's probably not very neighbourly, but hopefully the Cat Loc will make the scum bags look elsewhere for their booty.

Theft is not due to the associated problems, its because they contain a considerable amount of precious metals, mainly platinum I believe, thus worth a lot as scrap and the problem is not confined to Essex !


Thread: Digital readings
22/10/2020 15:35:21
Posted by Steviegtr on 22/10/2020 11:50:33:

Yes that was why i posted , Too many 0000 etc. Scrambles my brain. Stupid thing is. I have spent my working life creating & reading drawings in both decimal & imperial. This is the instrument in question . Both imp & metric of the same value.


dti 2.jpg

dti 1.jpg

The bottom one I can visualise the size, the top only after a mental calculation to approximate an imperial size ! I do use the metric system for some carpentry -- why? well my saw bench has a metric scale so its easier to use millimetres ! For all, well 99% of engineering I use imperial because thats what I was brought up with and all my tools many from apprentice days are imperial, same with all my machines except one lathe.

I used to import a fair amount of product from Italy and of course it was all metric, often we would be discussing size, tolerance etc -- metric tolerance in microns, very confusing to me so asked them to send me a list of the terms used thus with a quick 0.03937 calculation to convert.

Metric Micron 0.001mm


1 millimetre = 0.03937"

0.1 decimo = 0.00397"

0.01 centesimo = 0.00039"

0.001 micron = 0.000039"

I found this useful, 1mm is fairly easy at 40 thou but when it get down to 1/100 or 1/1000 it is not easy to visualise.

Thread: Square block with round steel balls inside
16/10/2020 16:16:04

If my memory is good I recall a great many years ago the couple Armand & Michaela Denis had a programme showing some “indigenous people” in a far flung land using the most rudimentary tools on probability a pole lathe turning balls within balls within balls from — horror of horrors Ivory I think ? So possibly somewhere on or close to the Indian sub continent? The balls were subsequently engraved or carved on the outer surfaces.

Anyone else remember this ?


edit spelling!

Edited By JohnF on 16/10/2020 16:17:26

Thread: Tanking slurry
15/10/2020 12:30:16

Have a look at Sovereign Chemicals at Barrow-in-Furness they do all kinds of products for damp proofing, whether they have something suitable I don't know but well worth an ask. I do know they make and supply chemicals for injection damp coarse and it works vey well, daughters old farm house was done and very successful.


Thread: Chinese BS0 Dividing Head
10/10/2020 19:49:34

Same as Tony, the one i purchased from Chronos was a Vertex version -- no complaints

Thread: FC3 'disposable' cutters in ER Collet?
10/10/2020 18:39:58

Might be worth looking on ArcEuro site here **LINK**


Edit Jason beat me to it !

Edited By JohnF on 10/10/2020 18:41:06

10/10/2020 14:31:51

Ian P -- pretty much everything has been said, I too adopted Ramon & Mike's method some 50 plus years back when FC3 cutters appeared, I used 5/8" Silver Steel bored and reamed to size with a 4BA grub screw to lock the cutter. Still have them and use regularly.

The only other way you could consider is purchase and ER11 or ER16 chuck with a parallel shank to suit you largest ER25 collet and use this for the FC3 cutters.

Regards John

Thread: Whitening
07/10/2020 12:01:49

Whitening was used extensively to paint ceilings when mixed with water, whats the purpose of painting the piston rings with whitening mixed with meths ? To de-grease maybe?


Thread: Another scam
27/09/2020 20:45:51

You can report such scams here --- -- its a government site collating cyber scams, whether it does any good or not I don't know but if more people send things in it may well help ?

Link to HMG site


Thread: Restoring a wooden tool box, help needed
27/09/2020 20:31:23
Posted by Circlip on 27/09/2020 12:23:15:

" Anyone found a way of getting old (machine) oil out of the wooden parts of a well used toolbox "

Recent "Salvage Hunters The Restorers" think they poured Meths onto an oil soaked panel and ignited the Meths, it drew the oil out.


Regards Ian.

They also use Meths and fine wire wool for cleaning existing varnish before refinishing.

Edited By Circlip on 27/09/2020 12:25:01

You can use Oxalic acid to remove oil and stains from wood, use liberally and allow to dry then wash off and rub on lime or borax to help neutralise the acid and wash off. Allow plenty of time to dry naturally -- don't dry with heat. However gently heat will bring oil to the surface and you can wipe it off but I have found the acid works better ,at least on gun stocks !

Please do wear suitable protective gear, Oxalic acid is not really nasty like say Nitric acid but still treat with v=care and respect.


edit - forgot to say you mix the acid crystals with water to apply to the wood

Edited By JohnF on 27/09/2020 20:32:10

Edited By JohnF on 27/09/2020 20:32:28

Thread: which older mill to complement a ML7?
20/09/2020 20:42:51

Pablo, penny farthing tools currently have an Emco FB2 for sale - had mine for many years and never regretted the purchase **LINK**

Regards John

Thread: Stuck SDS drill bit
20/09/2020 20:26:07

Here is an article about SDS shanks **LINK** it may be useful ? I guess you are talking about SDS & SDS plus shanks ?

Material for the drill shanks will be some form of alloy steel capable of being heat treated, never had a reason to try but it probably is not too hard and more likely made tough and shock and wear resistant.

Looking at the article it seems it may be possible to insert standard bits into a plus holder ? but not the other way around ? Have you tried running the machine in reverse with hammer action on for a short time to see if it releases the bit ? Did you grease the bit before inserting into the holder/chuck ? [not trying to teach Grandpa to suck eggs etc ]


Thread: Steel stock for newbie ???
12/09/2020 23:46:14

Ian, one other thing I would recommend is mark your steel or alloy materials so that you know whats what, I use paint which is a pretty standard way of doing it, however as far as I'm aware there is no standard colour range used? so just used whatever I had and made a "chart" A dab of colour on the end of the bar is all thats needed

Where I worked all Silver steel and gauge plate were marked so but the store man. colour was blue so I use the same for this.


My "Chart" !!!

Steel colour chart

Thread: Emco 8.6 - Tumble Reverse Position for Screwcutting?
03/09/2020 20:32:31

Hi Avery, there is an Emco section on but seems to be little regarding the 8 series but I would suggest you join and ask the question.

However if you terminology is the same as this side of the pond the tumbler reverse normally only changes the direction of travel of the carriage and thus whether you are cutting left or right hand threads. There is more detail but thats the basics.


Thread: varifocals
31/08/2020 19:34:18

Hi Gary, I have not read all the posts so apologies if I repeat etc, I too have worn varifocals for many years and no real issues however I would say make sure you get a top of the range lens -- not "mum's own" brand - there is a big difference in user performance at least that's been my experience [Wife's experience also] I have had Seiko, Zeiss, Nikon and all have been excellent. The first pair I had were an unknown brand and pretty much put me off varifocals but was persuaded to try a "better" brand by the optician -- as different as night & day !

As with all spectacles they are great but not so good as mother nature's originals !


edit -spelling

Edited By JohnF on 31/08/2020 19:38:08

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