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Thread: Pressure as a unit of time
25/04/2018 13:17:47

Take one old beat up pressure gauge


One cheap electric clock movement


Cut the guts out of the gauge


Replace it with the movement and hey presto you have a pressure gauge clock.


Its amazing what you get up to when your bored



Thread: Perfecto Shaper Video
15/04/2018 20:31:40
Posted by the artfull-codger on 15/04/2018 19:24:37:

Nice little machine Stew,could never afford one years ago but got a 2nd hand adept & only sold it when I got a large alba, you could pick 'em up dead cheap then but they seem to be sought after now hence the higher price!, looks like a twintub washing machine motor driving it, dare I say the feeds feeding on the cutting stroke instead of the return stroke.

Hi Artfull

I think its the motor it was supplied with from the manufacturer seen pictures of other Perfecto shapers with a motors that look the same, having said that they could well have used them on twin tubs.

Thanks for putting me right on the direction of feed its such a long time since I last used a shaper that I couldn't remember which way it went, I just fiddled around with it until i got acceptable results having said that I was going easy with the feed rate, getting it going the correct way I sould be able to increase the rate.



15/04/2018 14:13:04
Video Of Perfecto Shaper
Hope you find it of interest
Thread: Perfecto Shaper
13/04/2018 08:46:59
Posted by Bazyle on 02/04/2018 10:18:27:

Looking at the drawing I see a 6.8mm hole drawn for the pivot pin. Unless the Perfecto is made differently for ease of manufacture for a hobby machine then this pivot is normally a taper pin which means clapper boxes cannot be made interchangeable. The taper is 1:48 and the hole through the lot has to be reamed together.

You might see if you club has a set of ME covering 2013 when there was a series about small shapers by Mick Knights where he mentions this.

Yes I remember Mick Knights article and the taper pin I know Mick had problems finding a source for them. On my Perfecto the pin is parallel by the look of it that's how it came out of the factory the pin is nicely blued and doesn't look home made, they must have decided that a taper pin wasn't necessary in this small shaper.

Any way I've got it fixed to the bench and I've had it running I've made a few test pieces and it cuts nice a square and parallel this is what I had to do to get it running:-

Base is a kitchen work top off cut


New tool Holder


Checked that the knee and T slots were square to the Ram



Then I squired the edges of the Knee to the base to aid set ups and drilled them so that I could use it as a clamp for larger flat plates.



Had problems getting the correct size V Belt the profile was the A type profile my pully's must be different to Johns Z Profile any way got one eventually that fits.

Made a bed plate for the motor and fitted it to the base.



The feed ratchet kept missing so stripped it down and found that the pawls were badly worn so I reprofiled them and after a bit of fiddling about got it working correctly


I've bought a nice machine vice to go on it, now I just need to use it a bit and find out how to get the best use out of it.


Thread: Spring Time Steam Up at South Cheshire MES
11/04/2018 06:20:27
Posted by Jeff Dayman on 10/04/2018 23:41:04:

You've got the Simplex running well Stew, looks great. What's the idea of the deflector in the chimney? does it help keep the exhaust blast below face height? or is it to affect the draughting somehow? Enquiring minds want to know! Cheers JD

Its for deflecting the smoke and grit away from the driver/passengers its quite effective, but we do get some complaints in the summer about oily specks on nice summer dresses:- we just tell them it adds to the authenticity of the ride and that we don't charge for them. angry.


Thanks Stew for the deflector info.

I guess if someone complains about specks on summer dresses it would not be politically correct these days to say "step into the clubhouse here Miss - we'll remove that dress immediately!" Er....


Your not the only one to ask that ? my three year old train mad grandson when he watched the video asked the same ?

We start them young in my family



10/04/2018 07:16:57
Posted by Jeff Dayman on 10/04/2018 04:37:16:

You've got the Simplex running well Stew, looks great. What's the idea of the deflector in the chimney? does it help keep the exhaust blast below face height? or is it to affect the draughting somehow? Enquiring minds want to know! Cheers JD

Its for deflecting the smoke and grit away from the driver/passengers its quite effective, but we do get some complaints in the summer about oily specks on nice summer dresses:- we just tell them it adds to the authenticity of the ride and that we don't charge for them. angry.


10/04/2018 07:10:53
Posted by Boiler Bri on 09/04/2018 21:28:48:

The weather is improving and were all getting giddy about running our beloved machines. Nice to watch, but- That's a fair turn of speed you have there. You must be confident that it's not going to de rail.


I was going easy on the regulator we have a speed limit of 7mph and I was under that, but I have been clocked at 9mph devil

The track is very good:- visiting drivers are always comment how good and level it is and on the smoothness of the ride.

Why not bring your loco along and try it out visitors, from other clubs are always welcome.


09/04/2018 20:18:02

We're holding our second public running day of the year this Sunday 15th April 11:00am to 3:00pm.

I had my Simplex in steam today and took this video.

Thread: Simplex Gremlins Strike Again
30/03/2018 15:08:35


I was concerned with ash dropping on the axle so I also made a new ash pan and fitted a brass guard to go over the axle to try and keep the axle clean of ash.

The fact that only one axle box wore led me away from entirely blaming ash, but as I'd got it in bits any way i thought I would edge my bets.


30/03/2018 08:58:54
Posted by Speedy Builder5 on 30/03/2018 06:35:07:

All this begs a couple of questions. What is the track like that you run on and have any other club members had similar problems. With simple bearings like these, both axle boxes must move up and down at the same rate, however the track will have small deviations from side to side. Others have said that the front end of SIMPLEX is heavier than the rear end, so in effect the rear axle boxes have to play 'hop scotch' as they travel over the track. David W identified this as a problem and changed the rating of the hanger springs to suit. Perhaps use 'softer' springs to more evenly distribute the weight ?
Just some ideas to try.

Hi Bob

The track is a very good one visitors often comment on how good it is, and no one at the club has had this problem before so I doubt its the track.

Interesting comment about the Simplex being front heavy I preloaded the springs with the no weight on the wheels this suggest that I should have lighter loaded springs at the front. I know some people set their springs with each axle in turn sitting on scales so that each axle carries the same weight but we don't have this bit of kit at our club.

Thanks for you useful input.



30/03/2018 08:48:44
Posted by David Wasson on 29/03/2018 22:40:55:

Hi Stewart,

Looks great! Sorry you had to make a new axle. Were there quartered key ways in the axle? Was it damaged by the worn axle block?

Also, out of curiosity, was the "good" axle block discovered to be fairly round when you clocked it in?

Will you do anything different in an attempt to prevent this from happening again? I have a Super Simplex and am wondering if there is anything I might do to prevent this.


Hi Dave

To answer you ?.

The axles had worn about 1 mm undersize, they are fixed to the wheel with loctite and a grub screw along the joint of the wheel I when I replaced the wheels I put in a bigger M4 grub screw, in the same location.

The good axle box had about 0.1 mm ovality when I clocked it that was the movement of the clock that I got so I figured that would be acceptable.

I secured the thread hanger studs in the axle boxes with thread lock and used nylock nuts that shouldn't come undone, but I will keep a close eye on them.

I'll be running the loco this Sunday so I'll let you know how she goes.


Edited By Stewart Hart on 30/03/2018 09:00:12

Edited By Stewart Hart on 30/03/2018 09:17:14

Thread: Boiler Identity ?.
29/03/2018 07:35:58

I've been in touch with another club member and he remembers Glyn building the boiler with another member Ron Maddocks:- its an experimental boiler for Juliet with a deeper fire box to try and increase the efficiency. Glyn was the clubs boiler inspector for many years and I'm sure they would have the fundamentals of the design correct by the looks of it they tested it as well but the boiler was never stamped up, the years caught up with these two wonderful model engineers before they could complete the project.

I'll give the boiler a good check over to ensure that they got the design parameters correct and give it a shell test and stamp it up with a number and offer it to another club member who I know who is building a Juliet, if they don't want it would any of you guys be interested ?.


28/03/2018 09:46:40

A club member recently passed away, and the club was asked by his relatives to disposing of the content of his workshop. Among the effects we found a completed 3 1/2 gauge boiler that looks well made but no one can identify the locomotive it was intended for so can any of you Guys identify it?.







Edited By Stewart Hart on 28/03/2018 09:50:10

Thread: Perfecto Shaper
27/03/2018 08:06:51

Thanks for the book links chaps I've down loaded some usefull information


27/03/2018 07:31:15
Posted by Tractor man on 25/03/2018 19:35:26:
What size is the tool holder bore? I have one from a scrap Royal shaper that might suit...
Best regards Mick

Hi Mick

I think its the lantern type holder as you showed on you photo.


Thanks for the offer


Thread: Simplex Gremlins Strike Again
26/03/2018 08:51:25

Just to keep you updated on this.

I've repaired the worn bearing by pressing in a oilite bearing I did both journals just to keep that axle the same.

This is how.

First made a new axle.


Then centred the mill on the unworn axle block using a co-axle clock.


Zeroed the DRO and locked the slides and with a vice stop

Bored out the worn axle box.


Then bored the unworn bearing out.

The Oilite bearing were over size on the OD so made an expandable mandrel.



Turned the bearing down for a tight fit in the axle box


Pressed the bearing in with a spot of Loctite for good measure

Job Done


Edited By Stewart Hart on 26/03/2018 08:53:34

Thread: Perfecto Shaper
26/03/2018 08:20:21


Thanks for your replies.

John:- I've taken note of the belt code, but could I trouble you for the motor HP and speed just to check that its the correct one.

Mick:- I'll measure the tool holder up and will post a drawing when I've showered and shaved. a picture of your other tool holders would be useful.

I used a shaper when I was an apprentice a lot of years ago so I've got a bit of a learning curve to climb, so could any one recommend a book.

Thanks Again



Edited By Stewart Hart on 26/03/2018 08:22:16

25/03/2018 16:38:49

I've just acquired a Perfecto Shaper I think its a no 3 the 5" stroke model, its complete except for the tool holder and drive belt and the motor needs mounting and wiring up and the drive pulley needs re-bushing, but all sortable issues.

I've emailed for information/manual.

But has any one got any info on it, particularly regarding the size of V belt

Her's a few pictures of it hot off the press.







Thread: South Cheshire ME Society 2018 Events
10/03/2018 07:07:15

This year is the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the club so helps us celebrate by attending one of our events.

church choir benefit concert flyer (3).jpg

Look forward to seeing you


Thread: Flywheel help please
04/03/2018 12:20:06
Posted by Linda Thompson on 13/02/2018 17:11:48:
Hi, can anyone tell me where I can get a 5 spoked alloy flywheel with a diameter of between 10in & 11.5in

You can try getting one laser cut there's plenty of jobbing shops with laser cutters around all you need to do is send them a drawing and ask for a quote

This is one I had done.


And the completed fly wheel



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