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Thread: Aircraft General Discussion
19/08/2019 11:52:30
Posted by DrDave on 19/08/2019 11:07:43:

After Andrew’s comment about watching Gransden’s gliders online, I had a look at their website & found the relevant page. Watching this morning’s activity, I saw one glider had flown westwards and was circling between Cople & Great Barford: we should be able to see that from the conservatory. Staring out in that direction, lo & behold, a glider!

Don’t you just love it when all this technology just works? Well, it tickled me.

Dr Dave, upset me even more, I live in Cople and didnt see a thing sad my eyes are always scanning the skies, a trip to the opticians me thinks.

Martin P

19/08/2019 09:49:50
Posted by Andrew Johnston on 19/08/2019 00:18:40:
Posted by DrDave on 18/08/2019 22:20:22:

I assume that was a bit of pilot training.

Interesting, but probably not. Today was the last day of the Cloud Rally at Gransden Lodge; an informal non-rated competition primarily for club members. I'm not sure what the task was, but when I looked online this afternoon there were a lot of Gransden gliders out west around the Bedford area. So it was almost certainly a **** it moment, start the engine or land in a field. Of course once the engine is started your flight is over as far as the competition is concerned. But at least you get back in time to drink beer in the clubhouse rather than sit in a field and wait for the retrieve.

I flew the number one tug at Gransden yesterday, another very windy competition day. Quite a tiring day, eleven tows one after the other for a total of two hours flying. The weather ranged from good lift wherever you went to where the hell am I going to tow to? Upwind of course; it's embarrassing if the glider lands out direct off tow. embarrassed

DrDave: You are of course welcome at any time at Gransden Lodge to fly.


I must have spent my day outside with my eyes shut, I'm east of Cardington hangers and didnt see a thing, did have a polished aluminium Dakota heading Duxford way on Saturday.

Martin P

Thread: What Did You Do Today 2019
18/08/2019 14:34:03

More what have I done this weekend, my friend and I are displaying one of my Stationary Engines at the Great Dorset Steam Fair from Thursday through to Bank Holiday Monday, we travel down on the Tuesday set our flat pack caravan up and then Wednesday we set my engine up and have a wander around ready for the Thursday morning start.

Yesterday we loaded my trailer up with all the necessary tat we think we need including the engine, put the roof box on my car and loaded my mobility scooter into the car along with all the stuff necessary for spending a week in the caravan, we then checked over the caravan and pumped up twelve tyres to towing pressure. Today I've filled the roof box with more stuff, sleeping bag and pillows ,clothes ,waterproofs and footware and tomorrow will load all of the perishable food into the fridge, it amazes me how much we take to show one engine,

Martin P

Thread: What 3 Words
15/08/2019 20:32:15

had it on my phone for nearly a year.

Martin P

Thread: Good YouTube videos
15/08/2019 18:48:26


Than you for that, I've just watched the @wrong Foo' mill and I have exactly the same mill, with some tiny differences, very interesting.

Martin P

15/08/2019 17:19:08
Posted by Graham Stoppani on 30/07/2019 16:54:11:

This Joe is new to me, thanks for the heads up. Another Joe I follow on YouTube is Cuppa Joe as he has made numerous modifications to a a round pillar mill/drill machine similar to the Warco Minor I own.

Cuppa Joe Channel

I've subscribed to the above channel but cant find video's of round pillar mill drills, can somebody help pleas.

Martin P

Thread: Home built trailer
14/08/2019 20:59:43
Posted by RMA on 14/08/2019 20:32:19:

I would suspect that this will eventually happen in the UK, Brexit or not. I've followed trailers being towed at 70 mph or more on two tiddly thin wheels carrying loads that are probably never weighed! I for one would welcome a standardised test for all vehicles.

Dont get me started, towing a trailer/caravans at 70 mph is ilegal on all roads, 60 mph is the limit on motorways and your not allowed in the third lane either, 60 mph on dual carriageways and 50 mph on single carriageways, they come past me as if I'm parked.

Martin P

14/08/2019 08:47:59

In one of the caravan and camping magazines recently there was a piece where the police stated they are going to step up road side spot checks on trailers etc, if you buy an off the shelf spec plate what are you going to stamp on, my Ifor williams has the serial no and its gross weight, this includes the empty trailer weight. If you build a trailer you will still need to get it weighed because if you get pulled and it goes on a weigh bridge and its over your guessed weight who's fault is that, they will then have a field day and check everything. I'm more than happy to comply with the rules hence why I recently derated my trailer.

Martin P

13/08/2019 21:53:53
Posted by Plasma on 13/08/2019 21:38:11:

It's not just a shop, this is an accredited towing centre with facilities to undertake trailer safety checks etc. So I am confident the advice given was accurate and reliable. Especially as they could have said it's more trouble than it's worth building your own and sold me 500 quid worth of new trailer.

I'm reading through some of the links but typical of .Gov documents it's as clear as mud.

As posters have said before a well built trailer will be stronger than many ready built pressed steel ones.



I've just texted my friend, see previous thread, the following message, If I want to build a trailer from scratch would I need to get it tested, his answer was yes if you wanted it to be Legal it would need to go for an IVA check.

Martin P

13/08/2019 16:15:01
Posted by peak4 on 13/08/2019 13:49:03:

Plasma, I'd look a bit deeper into it and make sure that your latest info is correct.
I'm not entirely sure I'd trust someone in a shop for legal advice.

I think he's partially correct in that commercially built trailers are normally submitted for type approval, thus obviating the need to present each one for an IVA (Trailer)

Have a look at this guidance, but remember it is only that, as they have been known to get the finer nuances wrong.

See also This Link

From what I can make out, it's an EU directive, but don't blame the EU as it originated as a UN policy,
The EU were merely delegated as our representatives to the UN to come up with suitable harmonised legislation, rather than having to send our own civil servants there.

And another link here


Edited By peak4 on 13/08/2019 13:54:12

I agree with Bill, I have a friend who works for a company building special trailers and he sorts out the paperwork, tests etc for all of the trailers, when asked he can quote the rules off pat and all trailers, factory or home built now have to be checked over before they can be used.

Martin P

Thread: Full size "Ruston" oil engine.
11/08/2019 20:53:53

There are only two engine based museums in the uk and either one of them may know of its existence, Internal Fire Museum and The Anson Museum. **LINK** and **LINK** Both Curators are very helpful do you know the serial no's etc for the engine. 

Martin P

Edited By martin perman on 11/08/2019 21:00:06

Thread: Home built trailer
06/08/2019 16:41:07
Posted by Nigel McBurney 1 on 06/08/2019 11:44:17:

The problem with an Ifor is theft prevention.

For my IW trailer I carry a wheel clamp which is always fitted to the rear axle of my twin axle, a hitch lock even though the trailer has its own lockable hitch fitted, a healthy length of chain and a pad lock to attach the trailer to my car when at rally's and a removable trailer lights cable so that none of the lights will work.

Martin P

06/08/2019 09:53:34
Posted by Bazyle on 06/08/2019 09:45:33:

Also check your car specification. A Fiesta is only rated for 600kg unbraked but 900 braked, not the 750 one assumes. Don't like the idea of having to register trailers - guess Brexit will give the petty bureaucrats the chance to increase our 'freedom' from EU regulations.

I bought my Ifor Williams over 17 years ago second hand from my place of work and the first thing I had to do was contact IW to transfer ownership to me, when I rang them recently they asked for the serial no and asked me my details to confirm the trailer was mine, I think its a good idea as if the police find it they can quickly find its correct owner.

Martin P

06/08/2019 09:24:38
Posted by V8Eng on 06/08/2019 09:15:02:

If you plan on using a trailer for taking stuff to a council Tip Recycling Centre check if they have a size limit, our centre will only allow smallish trailers into the domestic type section. Council rules seem to vary from area to area as well.

Edited By V8Eng on 06/08/2019 09:16:27

Our local Recycling centre wont allow anthing bigger than 5' x 4', no twin axles of any size allowed so I've recently bought a small second hand one for tip runs.

Martin P

06/08/2019 08:53:58

As a slight aside I recently found I was breaking the law with my Ifor Williams trailer, I'm on a restricted three year licence because I inject Insulin, the weight combination of car and trailer exceeded my 3.5 ton limit. I found out that IW could supply spec plates for the trailer to de rate it, I gave them a call and they asked what I required so I had a new plate supplied reducing the load from 2000kgs to 1400kgs all for the cost of £40 + vat instead of £1500 for a new trailer.

Martin P

Thread: no recoil
05/08/2019 18:57:08
Posted by David Noble on 05/08/2019 17:09:04:

As an interested spectator to this thread, do you have an update?


+1 here, I've just read the complete thread where I started out with it all whistling over my head and ending up with knowing a little about how a clock works, I recently bought a 1940's ish pendulum wall clock which quietly ticks away in the hall and I admit to watching it trying to see what makes it tick.

Martin P

Thread: Unusual Boat Propellers?
05/08/2019 18:33:10

This website of the makers might help **LINK**

Martin P

Thread: Jim Al Kahlili : Revolutions
01/08/2019 17:39:23

Re the series discussed the aeroplane program was also very good, regarding cyclists, what right do cyclists have to take over a village to run their time trials and then create when people try to drive their cars in and out of the village, thankfully they were stopped. Try driving in London and try not to knock over the suicide jockeys on two wheels as they cross red lights and ignore the rules of the road.

My rant over.

By the way I own a bike for the occasional ride around country lanes.

Martin P

Thread: double acting oscillating cylinder engine
31/07/2019 16:57:32
Posted by geoff walker 1 on 31/07/2019 10:50:11:

Hi All,

Well, it's all finished, painted, lacquered, etc. or as Jason would say "tarted up".

The base is an oak lap jointed frame with a briwax finish.

The baseplate is heavy, 150 x 100 x 10mm M.S. plate sprayed with a hycote primer and then lacquered to finish.

The frame, valve block, bearing blocks etc. are primed then two coats of halfords industrial grey enamel and again lacquered to finish.

The flywheel is hand painted with a humbrol primer and enamel.

Video of it running is on you tube, search Bobbie jones muncaster double acting oscillator. Seems to be running really well, good balance.


20190731_091827 (2).jpg

20190731_092035 (2).jpg

20190731_092003 (2).jpg


Hope it's of interest Geoff

Edited By JasonB on 31/07/2019 16:28:06


I thought you might like to see this, its a twin cylinder full size version of your engine which came from a paddle steamer, if its not done already its hoped to get it running in the near future, it can be found at the Internal Fire Museum Tan y Groes, **LINK**


Martin P

Edited By martin perman on 31/07/2019 16:58:56

Thread: What Did You Do Today 2019
28/07/2019 12:17:55
Posted by IanT on 28/07/2019 10:20:08:

No real excuse to not get on with some gardening yesterday but snuck off to the Shed later on when someone wasn't looking ...

I've had a bearing (in a blind hole) that I need to replace lying around on the bench & annoying me, so (having carefully researched on YT) I decided to try the 'grease & rag' hydraulic method. I even turned up a close fitting punch to try to improve the seal. I'm afraid all I managed to do was to completely compact the rag in the bearing and the bearing hasn't moved a micron as far as I can tell. Later today I'm going to try bread instead of cloth (having re-read the comments under the YT posting).

Not entirely wasted time however. A grateful son gifted me a Hemmingway 'Keats' kit recently - and as this is ideal shaper work, I also had the trusty Acorntools 7" roughing out the castings. Not a quick process (and more to do) but one where you can be doing other things in parallel (such as getting bearings out) - so in a strange way - shaper work can be very time efficient...

As an aside, I already had a 'Chinese' Keats I purchased some time ago and had only used once - but needing it for something a bit more challenging recently - found that it was very badly made - with clamping bolts drilled at quite an odd angle and the clamping piece with completely unequal side pieces. So that was a bit disappointing - but even so it would have been very hard to set-up the required operation with it - hence the new H/W kit... which is very well presented and an interesting project too (well done Son!)

I guess I will eventually tidy up the commercial Keats but it's an annoyance none the less...




Somewhere in the blackhole I call my workshop/garage I have a tool for removing blind bearings, it involves removing the ball retaining ring and passing two pullers through and turning them to hook on the inner or outer race and using a puller to lift the bearing out.

martin P

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