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Thread: Hinckley C
03/06/2021 10:46:34

Just set catch up TV for a program I missed last night. BBC2 documentary on the building of Hinkley C.

Bill D.

Thread: Boiler Test Fitting
29/05/2021 23:01:39

I don't think Shaun said 1/2" BSP on the boiler, he was referring to the pump. Easy enough to make an adaptor, assuming you have a lathe of course.

Bill D.

Thread: Hinckley C
26/05/2021 23:07:59

Quite right John, Hinkley. Slip of the finger, my excuse is that I'm a Brummie so more familiar with the Hinckley of Leicestershire fame.

Yes did learn early on in my Somerset sojourn that Bridgwater does not have an 'e' after the 'g'.

(A sojourn that has lasted 26 years so far!)

Bill D.

25/05/2021 22:16:59

I live about 20 miles from the Hinckley C nuclear power station being constructed.

Can see Big Carl (a crane) from our house.

Went into Bridgwater last week, first time in over a year and was amazed at the development going on there.

Moral of the story for old struggling industrial towns, build a nuclear power station.!!!

Bill D.

Thread: BBC 1 now
25/05/2021 22:09:08

I was hoping it would be something like a 5" gauge steam loco!!!

Sadly not.

Bill D.

24/05/2021 19:37:35

On now Garden Rescue, bloke wants to run his model railway through it.

Bill D.

Thread: Any views on using Fairy Liquid in a concrete mix
24/05/2021 19:10:23

Not a concrete technologist but I would have thought the danger is weakening the concrete with too liberal usage causing foaming.

Bill D.

Thread: Today on Talking Pictures TV
24/05/2021 19:05:33

I think modern day diction amongst actors is dreadful. I watch some things and don't have a clue what they are saying. I know my hearing is not as sharp as it was many moons ago but my argument I never have this problem watching old movies or tv programmes. Don't modern actors have speech training anymore, they don't have to speak posh middle English either. Many well know actors have retained their regional accent and have perfectly clear diction. On the other hand I've been amazed many times to see a well know, usually older, actor speaking in their normal voice and was stunned that they were 'posh' having always thought they were Cockney, Brummie, Geordie, Yorkshire etc depending on character you were familiar with, proper actors with a broad band of talent.

Never had one single moment of not hearing actors in the Carry on films!! and all that with 'ancient' sound reproduction equipment.

Bill D.

24/05/2021 12:13:23

From this distance didn't life look wonderful then.

It probably was but then I was about 19 then which makes hell of a difference.

Bill D.

24/05/2021 09:08:07

Yes Freeview channel 81, Sky 328.

Bill D.

24/05/2021 08:50:14

Just spotted, today at 09.15,' Look at life, A car is born', from 1960.

Bill D.

Thread: Boiler stays
21/05/2021 09:24:42

PS see also my post on Oxy-Propane on this boiler subject

Bill D

21/05/2021 09:15:31

Thanks for that guys, as I said I couldn't see a problem but its nice to have confirmation.

Thanks Henry, I forgot to mention that it is your Emma Victoria that I am building, my first ever loco, just want to get this boiler done, Take your point about not taking them right back, bad choice of words on my part saying flush. it's been a love hate relationship, mostly due to my inexperience of course but I do remember in your build details you did mention silver soldering the boiler being a stressful and worrying time so I should take consolation from that I suppose.

My pressure gauge is, as yet, unused. I did have a tentative try at twisting off the the cover but it was too tight for me to risk wrecking it, no obvious sight of any retaining fixing, just a very tight machine press fit in manufacture I suppose.

Once again thank you all for the advice, sometimes on this forum you ask a question more or less knowing the answer but confirmation from others more experienced is a big help, other times it's because I haven't a clue.

Never have given up on any DIY type job but came very close to binning this boiler more than once, went away, deep breath, slept on it, few kind words from my wife and back to it.

Wouldn't say I am very close to finishing the loco, I'm not that naive but most of the million parts are made just? need all stripping down, cleaning, measuring, making things fit and work properly, remaking bits not happy with, painting, fitting, getting the whole thing to work....... Oh well maybe another 9 years.

Bill D.

Thread: Oxy Propane kit
20/05/2021 17:15:55

PS I have a 3525 cyclone burner which is about 10 kw, problem I find is that the heat is soaking away into the boiler as fast as it goes in, gets there eventually of course but still seems an awful lot of heat to put in to the whole boiler just get a few square mm up to temperature.

A friend on mine was perplexed at the logic of having to do this but he is a qualified welding engineer and has a lot of experience in the use of and the science behind methods like oxy acetylene, TIG welding etc.

Bill D.

20/05/2021 16:51:42

Hi Peter, I posted a similar question not long ago, some of your replies seem less anti oxy propane than mine. The reason for my question was that my boiler (5" gauge, 4" diameter x about 11" long) was pretty much finished but a low pressure soap bubble test revealed a few leaks. Making the boiler I used a 2943 burner (43kw) eventually, having started off with one about 7kw I think, seemed to take all day to reach temperature by which time the flux was shot. Now a big burner seems like a sledgehammer to crack a nut for sealing up a small leak inside the firebox so wondered about using the propane burner to get some heat into the boiler but oxy propane for localised heat build up quickly around the bit to be re-soldered.

I don't have an oxy propane set but looking at the oxyturbo 200 one, about £220 including oxygen, propane, valves, gauges, hose and burners. Oxygen won't last long but I was hoping with a bit of practice that the operation would only take a couple of minutes. Still wavering on whether to go for it or not, have another test to do, this is about three reheats, so if i still have a leak somewhere I will take the plunge and give it a try.

Bill D.

Thread: Boiler stays
20/05/2021 16:16:03

Hi all, made a schoolboy error silver soldering stays inside firebox, hadn't noticed boiler was resting on stays already done and they popped up, still soldered in but rivet heads not flush against wall. Can they be left, just cutting off flush as you would do on the outside or is there some reason that escapes me that says you must have heads on the rivets. My logic is pressure is acting equally on inner and outer firebox and the outside will not have heads on, in fact would the force on the outer wall be slightly more as it will be a bigger area.

Another question, is it easy to remove glass on pressure gauge to put a max pressure mark on the actual gauge face.

And lastly, how do I stop the spring retainer on my safety valves unscrewing, Loctite ok? in fact any boiler fittings come to that, seem to remember reading somewhere that PTFE tape not a good idea, is that because it is not suitable or just the danger of loose bits floating around.

Thanks guys.

Bill D.

Thread: Painting staircase spindles
12/05/2021 19:22:28

Agree with all the above re water based paints, tried them to save the planet but they are a waste of time in my opinion. We too have a staircase with a million spindles, takes an age but oil based paint lasts well for us oldies anyway, no kids or dogs/cats to wear them out.

Bill D.

Thread: NEW SCAM
09/05/2021 10:49:52

A call from BT Openreach is another one, it's one or the other as far as I am aware.

Recently advertised a car for sale, one of the messages I had started 'is car still for sale, said it was and they replied 'consider it sold, I am more than happy with details, can't fetch it myself as I am wheelchair bound so will send courier, will have to pay by Paypal as having technical problems with my bank account'

I can't believe that people actually fall for this, mention of Paypal was enough to put me off.

Bill D

Thread: Rothenberger Oxy Propane
08/05/2021 15:20:26

If this lark ended in a school report it would say 'can do better, must do better, see me'

In red pen of course, not permitted these days I understand, too traumatising for the little chaps.

As a matter of interest how long would you normally expect to get up to temperature to melt 455 solder on a 5" boiler, assuming well insulated and using the 2943 (43kw) burner Henry Wood used in his article. I started off making the boiler with a Sievert kit that had a 2941 burner (7.7kw) upgraded to a 3525 cyclone burner (10.3kw) but found both were taking forever to get up to temperature.

I use aerated building blocks and have some ceramic wool but it's gradually becoming just a heap of bits. I do have some spare Rockwool lying around but think that would not stand up to the heat, the binder in it I think rather than the Rockwool itself.

On this subject of insulation one of the things I have found frustrating watching various youtube videos is so often I have seen people getting results apparently not working to 'the rules', an example is a couple of blokes soldering up quite a large boiler, 71/4" possible, just standing on end, no insulation, a couple of burners, these fellas apparently impervious to the the radiated heat, this annoys me as I think well I'm doing it all correctly and it turns out to be a cock up.

Never mind, will press on and see if I get it sorted.

Thanks for advice guys.

Bill D.

08/05/2021 13:42:22

OK guys thanks, you are really confirming my thoughts because deep down I know it must be me as so many of you guys seem to rattle out boilers using propane like shelling peas.

I've found it frustrating because I thought I have been careful to get everything right. I always do loads of research on most things I do so read all the books, watched videos etc, at the end of the day I appreciate it's practice makes perfect. I find all this embarrassing really as I have spent all my working life in engineering, did engineering apprenticeship including a few years on shop floor but after that all office based on drawing office, tech sales and finally as engineering manager but not spent a lot of years on the workshop side so limited practical skills in model engineering terms, relatively new to ME but I do realise that many people have no engineering background at all and make superb models.

Bill I think you are correct, it's me that's the problem even though I think I have taken great care over everything.

Interesting what you say about the cyclone burner John, tried that at first inside firebox but seemed to take forever to get up to temperature, maybe try it again and make sure it's all well insulated.

So watch this space for the next exciting episode on my saga.

Bill D.

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