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Thread: Vac
01/11/2021 18:31:07

The first thing I said to my wife when we saw this on the news this morning was "I bet Vax will be pleased, free advertising"

Vacuum cleaner a misnomer? it creates a vacuum (or partial vacuum or negative pressure) to 'suck dirt out* as an industrial fan engineer I would be interested to know why it is a misnomer.

Bill D.

Thread: Oxy propane welding kit
29/10/2021 20:12:06

Hi Peter, sorry a bit late in the day but I bought an Oxy Turbo 200 kit a few months ago, was getting extremely frustrated at all the heat I was having to put in to my 5" boiler to repair a few weeps. I did it but jury still out to be honest, I put some background heat in with my Sievert propane torch and finished local area with the Oxy Turbo. A first timer with it so quickly used up the oxygen cylinder getting the flame right, not used it since but I need to have a bit more practice, Small O2 cylinders expensive unles you are good at it and its a quick in and out.

A friend of mine uses oxy acetylene but he is a qualified welding engineer as well as a good welder.

Bill D.

Thread: Guided bus lane
29/10/2021 19:45:54

Thanks for your sympathy Dave. I consider my self a law abiding citizen and I'm not one of those 'Nobody tells me what I can do and where I can go' type of people.

I would be interested to hear from anyone who is familiar with this particular car trap in St.Ives to confirm whether or not my wife's memory of it that it was full of grass and/or weeds, I can be certain of one thing I didn't see it, I did see the bus lane signage on the red tarmac strip and would have thought that I would have seen a large hole in the road ahead.

As I said though, such was the shock at what happened, like sitting in your armchair at home minding your own business and the ground explodes beneath you that my senses didn't tell me to stop and have a calm look at what caused it. As we had to stop with car once I had parked it for about 5 hours of very stressful phone calls with AA insurance services and then wait in car park for a taxi after our car was collected we dare not go back to the scene of crime to take stock.

Even when we got back home we had several days of different messages saying where our car would be repaired.

Fortunately I had struck up a good raport with the repairers where the car had been first sent to, Cooper Barnes of Linton, we were providing each other with updates neither of us were getting from the insurers. Cooper Barnes were brilliant and I opted for car to be left there for repair. Already had several updates from them.

To be fair to people at AA I think they were being let down by a totally chaotic system, must be demoralising to work there.

Bill D.

26/10/2021 21:39:21

Thanks for that Michael, from that view it looks impossibe that you would not see it but from the drivers seat it is not that visible. Amazed even more at how my Kia Niro dealt with it, I guess if the lights are on green some people would have nosedived at a greater speed.

Howard assume you are taliking about Cambridge not St.Ives, we have a similar one in Bristol and I don't think it is likely I would stray onto that one having been on the bus into Bristol most of it that I remember is a dedicated purpose built route separate from a public road, bearing in mind my wife and I were in a state of shock our recollection was that it was just a continuation of an ordinary side road in the town of St.Ives, we were aware it was a bus lane, red tarmac with bus lane writtem on road but I thought going through that bit of a few metres up to the traffic lights at the main road seemed the lesser of two evils, caught in a bus lane or go back down the wrong way of a one way street.

Bill D.

26/10/2021 19:35:23

Michael G, those traps look quite shallow not much worse that potholes these days unless it is an optical illusion, I did not see the one I went in, maybe full of grass/weeds. As I said I feel extremely annoyed with my self but angry with the council for thinking this was an acceptable deterrent, it isn't if you don't see it it cannot deter.

A google report in 2017 said that already had reports of 50 cars suffering same fate on the St. Ives one and that was 4 years ago.

It is a mystery to me, if it's not a deterrent, unless you are a local and know about it and it causes problems with buses being delayed while breakdown trucks are called to pull cars out what is the point of it. I was 'lucky' in that my car fell and hauled itself out, maybe a function of being a hybrid with electric motor and auto gearbox so possibly less easy to stall engine which I guess a conventional IC engine and manual box would have done.

Anyway thanks for notes of support, I await fines to arrive, will have mega whinge about that but no doubt will fall on deaf ears as they must surely have gone through this many times. It makes you feel that you should really raise this issue with some 'Ombudsam' or other but then can I be arsed, been through enough stress with insurance company which is still continuing but that's too protracted to go into on this forum.

Bill D.

25/10/2021 23:10:41

Well I don't remember seeing a car trap sign, the road I went down was nothing like the one in the vids Jason, they look like the sort of route you would not likely go down anyway, this was in a short side street in the town, the guided bit just a short bit of road about 30-50 metres long, the shock of what happened has made things a bit hazy, we had to stop with the car in the park and ride awaiting a breakdown truck and then for a taxi otherwise we would have walked back to photograph and see what it was, I think it was just a pit, wide enough to catch a car but not a bus. It certainly wasn't visible as I was driving towards the lights. Googling about this one in St.Ives will show it is quite common, a post back in 2017 said there had already been over 50 incidents and from the lady that spoke to us it is still going on.

This was done in all innocence, I was not trying to take a short cut as I don't know the road at all, I accept it was my fault but why such a contrivance, it doesn't achieve anything if you are not aware of it, and frequently holds up buses awaiting a breakdown truck to pull cars out, I was 'fortunate' in that my car, a Kia Niro, dropped in and pulled straight out.

Bill D.

25/10/2021 19:34:45

Had a weeks holiday from Somerset up to Cambridgeshire with my wife and decided on a trip to St. Ives (not the Cornwall one of course) never having been there before looked for a car park as we drove towards town centre, saw one on left but could not see entrance, decided a road that went to the left might be where the entrance was but too late realised we were in a one way street. Seeing a short length of guided bus lane with traffic lights back onto the road decided that was the best option rather than going back the wrong way. Lights on red, changed to green so moved forward and then an almighty crash bang throwing the car about, we were in total shock as we did not see anything in the road, Car still drivable so stopped in nearby park and ride car park. on turning into a space it was obvious that something was seriously wrong, the steering went into severe oversteer. inspecting underneath and there was damage to the suspension/steering arms. Also wheels and tyres badly damaged.

There followed about 7 hours of hair tearing frustratiion trying to talk to insurance company, ages to get through, four times resulting in nothing happening waiting for breakdown vehicle and a taxi to get us back to Biggleswade where we were stopping. This is a much abbreviated version of the story. Now you are probably thinking serves you right and I am annoyed with myself for getting into this situation but what also peeves me is why is such a drastic 'punishment' neccessary for going onto this bus lane, I say punishment, it can't be described as a deterrent because what you don't know can't deter. Some local people came across to see if we were ok and said it happens a lot.

Nice welcome to St Ives, ruined our holiday although we did get to go to Cambridge and Duxford (amazing) but missed Bletchly Park which is a place i have wanted to go to for some time.

Back home now, car still up in Cambridge somewhere.

Bill D.

Thread: Hi from midlands.
29/09/2021 23:25:48

Hi Dwayne, I am a Brummie now living in Somerset. Been in engineering all my working life but only got started in ME a few years ago. I can tell you there is a wealth of help on this forum from people with formidable skills, if you get the chance go to a Model Engineering exhibition to see what I mean, superb engineering and works of art. Sadly due to Covid, exhibitions have been in short supply. The Midlands one is a good one but had to be cancelled again this year, held at the Warwick exhibtion centre, a good venue.

Bill D.

Thread: Brass cleading
24/09/2021 22:00:27

Thanks for the help guys, my EKP link zapped through staright away.

Bill D.

21/09/2021 19:03:07

Hi guys, I have reached the stage on my Emma Victoria build where I need to source some sheet for boiler cleading. Henry Wood suggests 26 swg brass but having difficulty in finding the right size from all my usual suppliers, these are not big enough but metal stockists talk about industrial size sheets measured in metres and at hundreds of pounds of course.

What do you guys use brass or steel and any pointers to suppliers.

Bill D.

Thread: Back to Imperial
18/09/2021 21:22:04

Peter, I came across an old impeller drawing a few years back, one of my souvenirs from my DO days back in the 60s, in fact it was a 'blue print' so may have pre-dated the 60s and it most certainly had dimensions in 64ths.

I also have a couple of catalogues of Alldays & Onions products dating back to the 1800s, everything in there seemed to be described as 'new improved' or 'patent'.

I wonder if we will ever convert from mpg to km/litre, strange most of us, including the younger generation as far as I can see, still refer to mpg even even though we have bought fuel in litres for years now.

Bill D.

17/09/2021 21:43:29

I'm 79, 80 in a couple of months, doing model engineering has made me think back to my apprentice days on the shop floor and drawing office and realise now how ridiculous trying to use dimensions such as 37/64" was. Nostalgia apart, metric is far more logical.

I do however after so many years have the ability to be able to quickly convert in my head approximations of imperial to metric and vice versa. The industrial fan industry I (still) work in deals with markets all over the world and mechanical, chemical, electrical engineers etc. all with favourite units such as cubic feet per minute, m3/hr, inches water gauge, pascal, millibar ad infinitum. There are times however when the metric system falls down, I can readily convert all these but I have always said the bloke that invented inches water gauge new what he was doing, you can see a column of water, how do you visualize a pascal? Easy, convert it to inches water gauge!!

Bill D

Thread: A stark reminder to leisure cyclists !
05/09/2021 10:53:11

I think my scariest moment was on the M42 many years ago. Two sections of steel ducting fell off a truck in front of me, they were irregular shape as well so every time they hit the deck they bounced off in a different direction. Never know to this day how I missed them.

As it happens my car at the time was a Mini Metro so very responsive compared to a large car, on the other hand if they had hit me.....

Bill D.

Thread: Taper reaming
17/08/2021 11:45:02

Yes excellent video, concise and precise.

Agree about many modern equivalents, not all to be fair, amateur ones usually more to the point. USA ones can be awful, many I have watched have been like a QVC programme, waffling on a and on about the same thing ad nauseum. Guess it is to do with sponsorship.

I hasten to add I don't spend hours watching people selling tacky jewellery on QVC, honest.

Bill D.

Thread: Issue 4670
05/08/2021 21:49:25

Not had my issue 4670 yet, anyone know if there is a delay on publication.

Bill D.

Thread: Talking Pictures
10/07/2021 22:03:14

I can't believe it, thought I had set to record but didn't so did not see it after all.

Bill D.

08/07/2021 08:50:14

Another quirky little film, '1958 -SG Iron, Hull'. Tomorrow at 3.40am, one to record unless you are a night owl.

Bill D.

Thread: GigaFactory
15/06/2021 19:05:18

Yes makes me laugh ( a hollow one) when I see the green brigade banging on about green energy, emission free vehicles etc. I wish the media would really spell out the bigger picture, i.e. end to end pollution not just the end result.

Bill D.

Thread: Statfold Barns
14/06/2021 19:25:38

Went to Statfold on Saturday, enthusiasts event cancelled from last year.

What a superb place, aided by perfect weather had a really enjoyable day.

Very impressed by the whole layout and a lovely site.

Loads of locos in steam and many more on display in the museum.

Excellent machine shop which was open for pretty much unrestricted browsing.

Highly recommended for anyone that has not been before.

My congratulations to all the staff involved.

Bill D.

Thread: Into the darkness
09/06/2021 19:12:33

I have a bucket full of halogen GU10 lamps (got told off by sparks for calling them bulbs, you plant them in the garden he said) a result of replacing with LED. My dimmer switch for LED (you need dimmable lamps as well) was from Screwfix, a Varilight leading edge dimmer if I remember right, about £15.

All my LED, including an outside light fitting are lasting well, couple of years or more so far.

Bill D.

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